The God Of Medicine Son-in-law Chapter 585

Xiao Chen looked at the dead Huangfu family in front of her eyes. It seemed that the people of the ten surnames had started.

Give yourself little time.

What role does Mayor Liang play in this?

Right now.

The white shadow flashed, and Bai Ling appeared in front of him.

“Young Lord, I’ll deal with this person.”

Xiao Chen nodded and turned to walk out of the alley.

“Arrange for me. I’m going to see Liang Youcai.”

Bai Ling said yes.

She took out a white jade porcelain vase from her sleeve.

Open the cork wrapped in red cloth.

A turquoise liquid was poured out.

The liquid fell on the Huangfu family.


A cloud of white smoke rose. The body of the Huangfu family was quickly corroded by this drop of liquid in less than a minute. This person seems to have never appeared in the world.

After Bai Ling finished these, she twisted her body and jumped to the wall beside her.

This is a high wall four or five meters high without special training. It’s not that you have unique martial arts skills in body method. It’s absolutely difficult to do it.

Bai Ling was like a gust of wind. With a cry, she disappeared on the top of the wall.

As if nothing had happened in this alley just now.

Just ten minutes later.

Xiao Chen’s side is not far away.

There are already more than a dozen pairs of sharp eyes.

These people are as light as a cunning rabbit.

Just flying over the roof like a swallow.

Leave no trace.

They don’t see any weapons on them, but they give people a sense of killing.

Everyone is like a weapon.


In an attic.

A little girl just opened the window.

Then he saw the man in black flying past his eyes.


She let out a cry of surprise.

But immediately in front of her window.

A pair of cold eyes appeared in front of her.


The other party just made a silent gesture to her.

Then he threw a red handkerchief in his hand at her face.


A mass of pink powder in the handkerchief floated onto the girl’s face.


The girl choked on the pink powder and sprayed paint.

Next second.

Her eyes turned slightly.

Then he fell to the ground.

“Old seven, what’s the situation?”

The man in black over there looked this way and asked.

The man in black jumped to another eaves.

“It’s a little girl. I’m afraid she broke the little Lord.”


At this point.

These people in black continued to fly away in the direction of Xiao Chen quietly.

In the dark.

If you count carefully, you will find that this is actually a group of slender figures with faint fragrance.


They are all members of the red shoes Association.

Under their black clothes, everyone is wearing a pair of red shoes.

The pattern embroidered on it. They are also different flowers and animals, which represent different identities.

Xiao Chen already knew the thirteen people who appeared behind him.

Xiao Chen was quite satisfied with Bai Ling’s arrangement.

Turn around the corner.

The house with a high gate building in front of him stopped Xiao Chen. In the dark, he saw the red light hanging high in front of the gate building.

Four or five were wearing black suits. Strong men with sunglasses are standing in front of the door, one by one embracing their hands in front of their chest.

Xiao Chen was sure that these people’s hands were actually holding pistols under their armpits.

It seems that Mayor Liang is well prepared.

I don’t know if I’m guilty of being a thief with so many guns? Or timid and afraid of death?


Not far away, thirteen people in black fell to the ground.

The first is a man with red shoes embroidered with chrysanthemums.

She took a few tight steps. Kneel down on one knee in front of Xiao Chen.

“My subordinate, ah Ju, meet the little Lord.”

“Ah Ju?”

Xiao Chen looked at him, nodded slightly and said, “it’s hard.”

“For the little Lord.”

The twelve red shoes in the back. They all knelt down and said in unison, “after death.”

Although the voices of these people are not loud, they are indeed neat and uniform, as if they had been trained.

Xiao Chen waved his hand.

“Don’t say that. Everyone is a father and a mother. Why do you want to die for an ordinary person like me?”

His words stunned the dozen people. Ah Ju, the leader, looked up and said, “we have made a poison oath long before joining the club. We are only loyal to the little Lord.”


Xiao Chen had to admire Bai Ling’s arrangement.

“In a word, you should remember not to do such a foolish thing as a last resort.”

Ah Ju arched her hands and said, “yes, please obey the order of the little Lord.”


Xiao Chen turned and looked at Liang Fu not far away.

“Is there any way to get in?”

Ah Ju got up and said, “solve them for ten seconds, but Liang Youcai seems to have been prepared long ago. Don’t look at the house looks ordinary. But the security system inside is extremely tight, which can be said to have achieved 360 degree all-round control.”

“Oh, did this guy know that one day?”

Ah Ju sneered, “don’t worry, young Lord. We have installed our own people in Liang’s house. As long as I send her a message, you can walk into Liang Youcai’s bedroom.”


Xiao Chen nodded.

“Then do it.”

Ah Ju bowed and bowed down.

She whispered a few words in front of the dozen people in black.


These people disappeared into the night again.

Xiao Chen looked at the time.

Ten seconds will pass.

When he looked at the main gate of Liang mansion again.

I saw that the four or five strong men had been disposed of by these people in black.

Xiao Chen swaggered to the door of Liang’s house.

Ah Ju looked at the front door.

“Please wait.”

She just dropped her voice.

The bronze door opened slowly.

From inside came a beautiful woman in light green clothes.

She nodded slightly to ah Ju, and then her eyes fell on Xiao Chen.

Her expression was frozen.

Then he bowed to Xiao Chen.

“My subordinates welcome the young Lord.”

Xiao Chen waved his hand.

“Don’t be polite.”

“Little Lord, please.”

The woman turned and opened the gate.

Xiao Chen nodded and walked into Liang’s house.

The dark forest corridor shows that Liang’s house covers a large area and can plant so many trees in the yard. It seems that Liang Youcai is really a leisurely man.

Xiao Chen looked around.

In the light, in the dark.

A lot of monitoring and alarm equipment have been installed.

As ah Ju said.

The security of Liang mansion is really comprehensive and strict.


A stronger security system.

It is also difficult to resist the destruction from people.

Without thinking about it, Xiao Chen can also know that those who are responsible for watching the security system have been solved by this weak little woman.

“Don’t worry, young Lord. Now, in addition to those who have fallen asleep, a dog guarding the house has been solved by us.”

Xiao Chen had to admire the means of ah Ju and others.

Surrounded by the crowd, he came to Liang Youcai’s residence.


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