The God Of Medicine Son-in-law Chapter 584

Bai Ling left.

Xiao Chen looked at the Deyue building across the street. The three members of Qi Da Pao’s family came out of the house, but only Qi Da Pao got on the bus.

That childe Qi seems to have disdained to ride with his father.

Xiao Chen watched childe Qi walk forward along the street accompanied by his mother.

Right now.

A man hiding in the corner attracted Xiao Chen’s attention. He looked like a thief. His eyes have been on childe Qi.

Until they passed the corner of the street.

The man came out of the darkness and waved his hand behind him. It turned out to be more than a dozen burly men.

In front of Xiao Chen, these people chased in the direction of Childe Qi and their mother and daughter.

Xiao Chen didn’t want to meddle in this affair, but the dress of one of them made him give up the idea.

It was a pair of leather boots covered with mud. Such boots are mostly worn by people who walk outside all year round.

There is a profession that meets such requirements.


The escort of Zhenyuan escort agency?

Xiao Chen thought of this possibility. It seems that Qi Da Pao didn’t intend to poison the childe before.

Why did Zhenyuan escort agency poison Qi Da Pao’s son?

Think about what the Qi artillery family said in the hospital, Xiao Chen seems to have found some clues.

Maybe it’s between Qi Da Pao’s son and the daughter of the leader of Zhenyuan escort agency.

Although this kind of thing really has nothing to do with himself, Xiao Chen is still very interested. He really wants to know why Qi Da Pao’s son was poisoned by someone he likes?

At this time.

It’s getting late.

Street lights have been lit on the roadside.

In the dark alley.

Few pedestrians.

It’s convenient for Xiao Chen to follow the people in Zhenyuan escort agency.


A cry of surprise.

Interrupted Xiao Chen’s attention.

He looked in front of his eyes. It turned out that those escort agents dressed as passers-by had attacked the mother and son.

Childe Qi was caught in a van that came later.

Qi Da Pao’s wife screamed, but was pushed down by two people in black on the roadside.

“Help me!”

Childe Qi still has one hand outside the door. But the van has sped forward.

Xiao Chen looked at the car and could only look at each other in the distance. However, he already had a goal in his heart.

Turn around.

He walked into an alley on one side.

This road can be relatively close to the 18 scenic spots.

When he only took a few steps.

I felt as if a pair of eyes were staring at me in the dark.

It was the feeling of a beast staring at its prey.

Xiao Chen is like a mountain on his back.

He stopped and looked in the direction that made him feel.

“Come out!”

There seemed to be nothing in the dark. But after Xiao Chen spoke, a cold hum came out of it.

“Good ear power, it seems that your should be condensed into true Qi?”

Words fall.

From the darkness, I saw a young man in a long white shirt. He looked handsome. He is thin and sick.

If it weren’t for the chilling sharpness in his eyes, I’m afraid it would really make people feel that he was a patient who had just walked out of the hospital.


Xiao Chen also felt the faint flow of true Qi on the other side.

The day after tomorrow.

As long as you can cultivate true Qi, it will be difficult to be in front of martial artists with the same accomplishments. Hide your strength.

Just like this man in a long shirt just said frankly about Xiao Chen’s cultivation.

“Have you been following me?”



“I’m curious. Why are you so curious about Zhenyuan escort agency and knife club when you work in a medical school?”

“That’s all?”

Xiao Chen looked and asked again.

“You mean the woman in white, I see. Although I dare not be too close to you, I don’t know what I’m talking about. But I’m sure. Your identity is not simple.”

Xiao Chen seemed relieved.

It seems that this man doesn’t know much.

“Then tell me about you?”

Xiao Chen looked at the man and asked.


The man in white giggled.

“You don’t deserve to know who I am.”

Xiao Chen sneered: “how can it be regarded as a match?”

“Beat me.”

The man said, put the white shirt in front, gently lifted it with his feet, and then tucked it in his waist.

“Are you sure you can beat me?”

Xiao Chen just asked.

“A fool of the Xia family, what if you cultivate genuine Qi? Martial arts are not invincible in the world just because of genuine Qi. Martial arts people should master all kinds of martial arts.”

The man in White said and pointed to Xiao Chen.

“Do you understand?”

Xiao Chen sneered.

“You don’t deserve to know until you hit.”

Seeing that he said so, the man in white shirt turned his palm forward, leaned his body and jumped at Xiao Chen.

But he didn’t wait for his palm to touch Xiao Chen.

The body of the man in white shirt suddenly shook.


He let out a scream.

The man immediately knelt on the ground.

“Now I know. Why do I say you don’t deserve it?”

Xiao Chen went to the chest of the man in white.

I saw that the white shirt slowly exuded a little blood red, and then the blood red became bigger and bigger.


The white shirt man’s body seems to be sucked dry by something. It collapsed in an instant, and he covered the place where there was a little blood red.

The whole person was lying on the ground, and the breath became extremely weak.

His face was even more iron blue, and he couldn’t see any blood.

“You, you mean!”

Xiao Chen smiled and shook his head.

“Do the Huangfu family deserve to say mean to me?”

The man’s face was even more ugly when he heard Xiao Chen’s white shirt.

“How do you know my surname is Huangfu?”

“It’s not hard to guess.”

Xiao Chen stood up with a smile.

“Among the faces of Binjiang students, I have basically met the people of the five factions. Therefore, your appearance naturally reminds me of the Huangfu family who went to find Mayor Liang.”

“You! It’s really you!”

Xiao Chen smiled and looked at the man.

“Yes, I killed Liu Xiang of the poisonous dragon sect, and I beat director Zhao. As for other things, most of them are related to me.”

The man in white was surprised beyond words.

“Xiao, Xiao Chen, no, you are from the Xiao family. It turns out that the Xiao family is really here.”

Xiao Chen nodded.

“Also let you die to understand that I am the only descendant of the Xiao family you want to catch.”


When the man in white heard the news, a mouthful of blood gushed out of his mouth.

His face was like gold paper.

Xiao Chen stood up and picked up his fingers slightly. The white man lying on the ground suddenly straightened up. Then, a silver needle appeared at the tip of Xiao Chen’s finger.

That’s why this person lost blood.

The silver needle was taken.

The white shirt man’s chest was bleeding more and more, and soon others passed out.

Xiao Chen watched him lie motionless on the ground.

“Liang Youcai, it seems that we should meet.”


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