The God Of Medicine Son-in-law Chapter 583

Xiao Chen sat in the car. Qi cannon beside him was talking and laughing. What he said was nothing more than how powerful his knife would be.

as for.

His son flew together and sat quietly in the corner, glancing at his father from time to time.

But there was unspeakable boredom in his eyes.

As for Qi Da Pao’s wife, she was beside Qi Fei. Soft words persuaded Xiao Chen that it was actually about the relationship between men and women.

“I’m a loser!”

Qi cannon glared at his son.

“Doctor Xiao. In fact, there are different sects in these 18 scenes. Among them, the escort agency named Zhenyuan is the opponent of my knife.”

Xiao Chen went to this escort agency. Before, an escort of the escort agency was injured. Come to XIAJIA Medical Center for treatment.

In fact, an escort agency is a Jianghu force with an escort agency.

Most of the activities they do are smuggling and transporting prohibited goods. They call themselves green forest people. In the final analysis, they just exploit this loophole by relying on the invisible domestic things of the North Korean authorities.


A touch of malice flashed in the eyes of Qi cannon.

“As long as this time, my brother-in-law has finished helping Mayor Liang. Zhenyuan escort agency, I will let them be completely removed from Binjiang city.”

Looking at Qi cannon’s vows, it seems that director Zhao is really doing something very important to Mayor Liang.


Xiao Chen learned about one or two early at Bai Ling.

Mayor Liang should also be in order to stop bleeding and even involve people of Huangfu family.

I don’t know the result of this five City martial arts show.

Xiao Chen can only operate secretly now. It’s not the time to make a statement. Although Bai Ling once said that they also have the power of the Xiao family in Binjiang City, the later they open this kind of thing, the more lethal it will be.

The car stopped at this time.

The driver ran to open the door.

“Please.” Qi Da Pao got out of the car first. He smiled and took Xiao Chen’s hand and said, “doctor Xiao. Come on, I wrapped the third floor of Deyue building today.”

His appearance immediately attracted the attention of the guests in front of Deyue building. Two beautiful women in cheongsam walked forward with a smile.

“Master Qi, you’re here. Come on. Please come inside.”

Led by two beautiful welcoming ladies, Xiao Chen and Qi cannon walked into Deyue building.

Xiao Chen still wondered a little.

Come to the moon building so many times.

The treatment of this Qi cannon is the highest.

Maybe it’s each other’s identity relationship?

After all.

The eighteen sceneries in Binjiang represent one word – black.

Heart black, hands black.

Dignitaries are rich and powerful, but in the final analysis. They won’t provoke you or come to provoke you.

But people like Qi cannon.

Even if you’re avoiding him.

As long as he wants, just looking at him may be regarded as a reason to provoke him.

This is why the people of the eighteen scenes are notorious.

Binjiang city.

All three-year-old children know that they would rather provoke the patrol room than meet 18 scenes.

Just as Qi Da Pao and Xiao Chen just walked into Deyue building.

Behind you. Several harsh brake sounds, and several black cars outside the door stopped in front of the door.

Then the door was kicked open. Black figures jumped out of them. These people were wearing black suits. Everyone wore black masks on their faces.

Each one seems to be ferocious. The most chilling thing is the short knives with cold light in their hands.

In the light of the plaque light box in Deyue tower, the blade was shining, and the first person pointed to Xiao Chen.

“Kill him!”

Xiao Chen was also stunned.

Seeing the man in black rush into the lobby of Deyue building.

The Qi cannon beside him pulled his wife and children and hid in a corner.

Xiao Chen saw a man in black cut his knife at himself. He knew he couldn’t hide, but he just showed the strange performance of Qi cannon. It made him feel strange.

Qi Da Pao just showed so much respect to himself, but when these people in black appeared, why didn’t he see a little panic.

Even a little surprise is normal.

But he did know in advance that this would happen, the moment these people in Black got off the bus. He had already taken his wife and children to hide.

Do you?

Xiao Chen thought of another possibility the moment before he shot.

Test me?

Since Qi Da Pao appeared in Xia family medical school, it seems that everything is so coincidental.

If the Xia family medical school has anything special about the Qi cannon from the 18 scenes.

That may be director Zhao.

Did Qi Da Pao come to Xia family medical school to investigate this matter?

When Xiao Chen thought of this, he already had an idea in his heart. He suddenly turned and ran to Qi cannon.

“Help me!”

His face was extremely shocked and panicked, as if those people in black really cut him with a knife.

“Doctor Xiao, don’t come here!”

Qi cannon looked at Xiao Chen. He waved his hand again and again, but his eyes betrayed himself.

Xiao Chen could not see a trace of panic.

Sure enough, there was fraud.

Xiao Chen simply pulled Qi cannon and pulled him to his face.


The man in black, the leader, suddenly stopped while his men were cutting down on the Qi cannon.

The machete stopped only one foot from the Qi cannon.

The three machetes were collected in unison.

The men in black also retreated behind the man in black.

“Xiao Chen, if you are a man, stand up!”

The man pointed to Xiao Chen and shouted.

Xiao Chen already knew that this time it was under the guidance of the Qi cannon.

He didn’t say a word, but stood behind the cannon.

“Get out of here quickly. If you don’t go, you won’t have any good fruit at that time.”

Seeing Qi cannon say so, the man in black waved his hand.

Actually left with his men.

“Doctor Xiao, it’s all right.”

Qi cannon smiled and turned to look at Xiao Chen.

“It was too dangerous just now.”

Xiao Chen pretended to be frightened.

On one side, the son of Qi cannon looked down on him and squinted at Xiao Chen.

“What miracle doctor, I think it’s waste.”

“Shut up!”

Qi cannon stared at his son.

“Mr. Qi, why don’t we stop here today? I’d better go back to the hospital first.”

Something unexpected happened.

Qi’s wife and son also nodded, especially when his wife pulled him

“Yes, doctor Xiao was also frightened just now. Why don’t we thank him another day?”

“All right.”

The Qi cannon actually achieved its goal.

He nodded.

“I’ll ask the driver to see you off?”

Xiao Chen shook his head.

“I’ll just go myself.”

He said goodbye to the Qi artillery family and left Deyue building.

When he walks into the side alley.

A white shadow jumped down from the wall.

“Young Lord, are you all right?”

“I really didn’t think of the move of Qi cannon. It seems that he still doubts me.”

Bai Ling nodded.

“He also went to Yanhong building before.”

“Oh, by the way, you can also investigate the matter of Zhenyuan escort agency to see how their relationship with the knife club is?”


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