The God Of Medicine Son-in-law Chapter 582

When the woman saw the visitor, she immediately cried, “cannon, why did you come here? Our son is dying of pain!”

The man grabbed Xiao Chen’s collar and looked at the boy rolling around in pain on the hospital bed.

“Son, are you okay?”

“Help me, I’m dying of pain. Help me!”

“You. Which of you is a doctor? Stop the pain for my son!”

Xiao Chen looked at the man who grabbed his collar lightly.

“You let go of your hand, I can make him not hurt.”

The man quickly let go. He pulled Xiao Chen to the bed.

“Cannon, he is the handyman of this medical school. Don’t believe him.”

The man was stunned.

“Can you f*cking do it?”

He grabbed Xiao Chen’s collar again and asked.

“He can.”

Xia yunshang said and came forward and said, “I’m the owner of the medical school. You should believe my words?”

“Cloud clothes you!”

Zhao Youzhen saw her say so. Angrily, he came forward and grabbed Xia yunshang.

“Mom, it’s important to save people. At this time, don’t worry about who is a miracle doctor.”

Xia Guowei also came forward and said, “wife, yunshang is right. I’d better save people first.”

Zhao Youzhen stared at them, then pointed to Xiao Chen and said, “can he save people?”

When the man saw Xia yunshang say so, he loosened Xiao Chen, pointed to the boy on the bed and said, “please stop the pain for my son quickly. If you can’t cure it, I won’t peel off your skin!”

Xiao Chen looked at him and shook his head gently.

He pulled out a silver needle, pressed it on the Tianchong point on the boy’s forehead, and then the silver needle pierced obliquely.

After twisting a few times, Xiao Chen immediately pulled it out.

Black blood immediately flowed out of the pinhole.


The woman pulled the man painfully.

“Shit, are you treating the disease or bleeding my son?”

The man said he was going to catch Xiao Chen.

But right now.

I saw the boy who was still crying in bed. It seems to have lightened a lot, but there is still a soft groan in my mouth, but I don’t want to feel the severe pain just now.

“Cannon, look at our son. He seems to be well?”

When the woman said so, the man wanted to catch Xiao Chen’s hand and stopped in the air.

The man was stunned and looked at his son lying on the eye bed.

“Yes, don’t say yet. How are you, son?”

“I, I don’t seem to hurt so much.”

Xiao Chen waved to the boy.

“Don’t talk yet.”

He then took out a silver needle again.

This time I opened the boy’s eyes.

I saw the silver needle stabbing the boy’s eye.

“What are you doing!”

The man came forward and pushed Xiao Chen away.

“Are you trying to kill my son?”

Xiao Chen, who was pushed away, looked at the man and said, “this is Qingming acupoint, which can prevent children from entering the liver meridian.”

“Poison? You mean someone poisoned my son?”

The man’s face suddenly became ugly. He squinted at the woman and said, “it’s all your good deeds.”

Women have some grievances, but they dare not say anything in front of men. They can only be submissive on one side. “I, I didn’t expect such a result,” he said

After Xiao Chen took the needle on the boy’s eye, he put away the silver needle and looked at the man and said, “it’s all right now. I’ll prescribe a soup for you next time. Take it on time every day, and the poison on him will be completely removed in seven days.”

The man nodded to Xiao Chen with gratitude.

The woman came forward, and the boy was lying on the bed smoothly.

“Son, do you have any discomfort?”

The boy shook his head.

“What did she give you?”

The woman’s words made the boy’s face coagulate slightly. After thinking about it, he whispered, “she just gave me a piece of rice cake, mom. Isn’t it the poison she gave me?”

“Still stubborn?”

The man came forward and said to the boy very sternly.

“But, but she…”

“Who doesn’t know about shibajing? Your father and I are sworn enemies.”

“Yes, son, you’d better listen to your father. In the future, stay away from this girl.”

Xiao Chen had finished the prescription at this time. He went to the man and handed it to him.

“The person who poisoned may not want to hurt him. If he really wants his life, I don’t think even I can save him.”

Xiao Chen’s words made the man turn his head and look at him. He was surprised and asked, “this poison has been poisoned. What else do you want to do?”

Seeing the man say so, Xiao Chen shook his head. I know I can’t understand it with this person.

He didn’t say much.

“Come on, doctor Xiao is really a miracle doctor. This money is the medical fee this time.”

The man said and took out two pass tickets from his arms.

Before Xiao Chen reached out, Zhao Youzhen grabbed the pass.

“Xiao Chen, don’t forget that you are from the Xia family medical school. The money is naturally collected by the medical school.”

The man stared at Zhao Youzhen and was about to say something to her.

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “Mom, you’re right.”

The man was stunned.

“Is this your mother?”

Zhao Youzhen smiled, nodded and said, “yes, yes, I’m his mother-in-law. In the future, if there’s anything, just come to our Xia family hospital and cure all diseases here.”

The man nodded.

“I’m a Qi cannon with 18 scenes.”

He said and arched his hand at Xiao Chen.

Xia Guowei was stunned when he heard the name. Then he came forward and said, “is director Zhao your brother-in-law?”

“Ah, how do you know him?”

Xia Guowei smiled and said, “of course, director Zhao is my immediate boss. We had dinner together yesterday.”


Qi Da Pao glanced at Xia Guowei and said, “yesterday, my brother-in-law was beaten. Why, is that what I ate with you?”

Xia Guowei glanced awkwardly at Zhao Youzhen.

“No, no, it has nothing to do with us. We finished our meal and director Zhao left before he was beaten.”

“Yes, yes.”

Qi cannon’s face sank.

“You don’t dare to treat my brother-in-law like this. By the way, did you see any suspicious person yesterday?”

Xia Guowei and his wife looked at each other and shook their heads like rattles.

Seeing their appearance, Qi cannon waved his hand and said, “forget it, it’s useless to ask.”

At this time.

His wife came forward and pulled the Lazi cannon.

“Don’t stay here and talk about your business. When do you think it’s time? Why don’t we invite doctor Xiao to have dinner in Deyue building to thank the doctor.”

Hearing this, Qi cannon looked at Xiao Chen with a smile and said, “doctor Xiao, do you think you can enjoy it?”

Xiao Chen looked at Xia yunshang.

“Doctor Xiao, what do you think they are doing? I’ll invite you together. Does anyone dare to say no?”

He said and glanced at the three members of Xia Guowei’s family.

“Yes, yes, Xiao Chen, go. The medical school will be fine today.”

Xia Guowei smiled and waved to Xiao Chen.

Seeing this, Xiao Chen nodded.

The Qi cannon pulled up Xiao Chen and said:



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