The God Of Medicine Son-in-law Chapter 581

“The family surnamed Liang, send me more people to watch. Also, see if there are any strangers in Binjiang these days.”

Yu Yanhong confessed to the border town again.

“I see.”

The border town arched its hands in response.

He said and looked at Bai Ling’s room upstairs.

“Sister Hong, that room…?”

“As usual, don’t let anyone approach. Remember, the red shoes in this will be very important to me, you know?”

Border town is the first time. I’ve seen Yanhong so nervous.

“Sister Hong, is something big going to happen in Binjiang city?”

The border town lowered its voice and asked.

Yu Yanhong looked at Yanbian City in surprise.

“Why do you ask?”

“I just feel that I haven’t seen so many outsiders in the past 18 scenes.”

“Let’s leave it alone. Just do what I told you.”

The border town was busy and bowed its head and said yes.

At this time.

Qi cannon sat in the shop opposite Yanhong building. He looked at it for a long time and murmured, “no, Yu Yanhong must know something?”

“Brother Pao, you mean this woman is lying to you?”

“Keep an eye on me. I have a feeling that the person who hit my brother-in-law must have something to do with this gorgeous red building.”


Xiajia medical center.

Zhao Youzhen looked at Xiao Chen and asked angrily, “tell me, what’s going on?”

Xiao Chen has no head when asked.

“Mom, what are you asking me?”

“Lao Xia, see? I’m still pretending to be confused here. What did you say? I invited director Zhao and his wife that day. You ran away with anger. Why did you turn around and come back to apologize to us?”

Xiao Chen smiled and shook his head.

“How do I know? Maybe it’s their conscience?”

“Bah me!”

Zhao Youzhen spit hard at Xiao Chen.

“You’re tough with me, aren’t you? I think if the Xia family keeps you, sooner or later you’ll cause us great trouble.”

She said and looked at Xia yunshang beside her.

“Yunshang, go get the paper and pen. Break off the relationship with this fool and drive him out of our Xia family!”

“Mom, can you calm down? Xiao Chen didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t say that it was director Zhao who went to the old house that day and embarrassed Xiao Chen everywhere.”

“You came to speak for him again, didn’t you?”

Zhao Youzhen angrily pointed to Xia yunshang and didn’t know what to do.

I only heard someone shouting outside the hospital: “is doctor Xiao there? Please save my son!”

“Are you doctor Xiao?”

Xiao Chen looked at the woman standing in front of him, in her forties. Beside her, supported by her hands, was a 17-year-old boy.

The woman wore jewels, and the boy also wore gold and silver. It can be seen that these two people should be family members of rich families.

“I’m Xiao Chen.”

“It’s said that you have excellent medical skills and are like God’s help. Come on, show my son. When he went to school today for physical education class, he felt the pain in his lower abdomen like being twisted with a knife after just a few steps. Now it hasn’t alleviated.”

Xiao Chen had already seen that the boy’s mouth was blue all around, which must be a pain in his body.

“Let him lie down.”

Xiao Chen let the woman hold the boy to lie on the hospital bed.

He was going to get the silver needle.

“I said you’re getting unruly now, aren’t you?”

Zhao Youzhen walked out of the inner hall at this time.

She stared at Xiao Chen and said, “when did the medical school become your main doctor? What do people call you? Doctor Xiao. Bah! Don’t point your face. This is our Xia family medical school. What kind of doctor do you pretend to be here? Even if there is one, it should be my cloud clothes.”

Xia yunshang followed.

“Mom, Xiao Chen’s medical skill is really above me. He cured several difficult diseases. Just…”

“Shut up!”

Zhao Youzhen stared at Xia yunshang.

Then he went to the woman.

“Madam, he’s the handyman of our medical school. If you see a doctor, come and let my daughter. The owner of the Xia family medical school show the child.”

Zhao Youzhen said and waved to Xia yunshang.

“What are you talking about? He’s a busboy?”

The woman looked at Xiao Chen.

“But I heard that there is a miracle doctor Xiao in the Xia family medical school. Did I hear wrong?”

“No, this is the Xia family medical school. Where did the doctor Xiao come from? It’s the doctor Xia.”

Zhao Youzhen pushed Xiao Chen away, but pulled Xia yunshang to the hospital bed.

“Cloud clothes, please show the child.”

But Xia yunshang obviously didn’t want to steal the limelight from Xiao Chen. He just lowered his hands, but didn’t mean to treat the boy.

Zhao Youzhen glared at her fiercely.

“Cloud clothes, show the child!”

Xia yunshang saw that Zhao Youzhen was a little angry. After all, she was her mother. She didn’t really come against her, so she had to lower her body and press on the boy’s stomach.

“It’s intestinal Guasha.”


Women hear this. The whole face was white with fear.

This disease can be fatal.

Xia yunshang thought for a moment and said, “I’d better send it to western medicine. I’m a traditional Chinese Medicine Museum and can’t see this disease.”

She just dropped her voice.

The boy in the hospital bed suddenly screamed, then covered his stomach and rolled back and forth on the bed.

If it weren’t for Xia yunshang holding by the bed. I’m afraid he has rolled to the ground.

“Son, what’s the matter with you?”

“Mom, I, I’m dying of pain. Help me, help me!”

At this point.

The boy’s face was livid and his body was dripping with sweat.

Xia yunshang frowned.

“It’s broken. It’s a symptom of Deyang.”


The woman was even more worried when she heard Xia yunshang say so. She pushed Xia yunshang away, pointed to Zhao Youzhen and said, “what kind of medical school are you? Look at the patients suffering here.”

She said and looked at Xiao Chen standing aside.

“Miracle doctor, aren’t you a miracle doctor? I don’t care what she says, I’ll believe you. Come and save my son? Please.”

The woman came forward and pulled Xiao Chen to the bedside.

Xiao Chen looked at the boy.

He took out the silver needle he had just held in his hand and was about to apply the needle to the boy’s forehead.


Zhao Youzhen shouted behind him.

“What if you go on with this needle and cure the child?”

The woman was frightened by Zhao Youzhen’s words and grabbed Xiao Chen’s hand.

“Xiao, doctor Xiao, you, can you do it or not?”

“He’s just a handyman. Do you think so?”

Zhao Youzhen pointed to Xiao Chen. Her face had been red with anger and turned into goose liver color.

The woman was persuaded.


She pushed Xiao Chen away.

“Xia family medical school, I think you are a group of liars!”

Right now.

I saw a man coming out of the door of the medical school and entering in a hurry.

The visitor came in and saw the woman pointing to Xia yunshang and others talking about liars.

He came forward and grabbed Xiao Chen.

“Wife, who lied to you?”


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