The First Heir Chapter 3481-3492

Chapter 3481
It was the swordsman’s turn to be dumbfounded. His mind exploded as his body shook violently.

He seemed to have thought of something and asked hoarsely, “Are you saying that the Heroes Conference hasn’t started yet? Are you a new batch of participants?”

Laurie nodded. Of course, she was in the new batch of participants.

“Impossible. This can’t be real. Have I been living in an illusion for so many years?”

The swordsman dropped his sword to the ground and put his head in his hands, unable to believe what he had just heard.

At this time, Philip drifted back.

He whispered into Laurie’s ear, “You’re really amazing to have subdued this man with just a few words.”

Laurie naturally heard the irony in Philip’s tone, but she frowned. “Be serious! This person is probably a participant in the previous Heroes Conference and never came out.”

Then, the swordsman told the two about the Heroes Conference.

Hearing his story, Philip became more and more shocked.

It was very likely that many people had been trapped here and never went out at all. This was no longer some shady business behind the scenes of the Heroes Conference.

A place like this should be considered a deadly peril!

“Alas!” The swordsman sighed and said, “Pitiful me has survived the illusion. But after fighting so many times, I didn’t expect that everything was fake…”

There was an aloof look on his face, but Philip knew that this swordsman was most like ruined for good.

After experiencing this predicament and suffering such a blow, his mindset was already unstable. It was impossible for him to advance in his practice.

In the end, Philip said to Laurie, “Everything is because of that tower. We must be careful.”

After stopping for a while in the Devil’s Courtyard, Philip was ready to go out. Laurie naturally followed.

However, before the two of them could go out, the swordsman said, “The Heroes Conference is just a place to deceive people. This isn’t the real Heroes Conference at all. You’ve fallen into a trap!”

His voice soared into the sky with a trace of sadness and dejection.

Philip knew that the people who held the Heroes Conference must have some purpose behind them, but he had to come because only the Multidew Herb could save his wife.

Laurie looked thoughtful when she heard the swordsman’s words. She also seemed to have some reasons for being here, but since she was unwilling to talk about it, Philip did not ask either.

After they left the Devil’s Courtyard, they realized that many people crowded the exit.

Their purpose was to observe the Devil’s Courtyard, the most difficult venue, but no one dared to enter yet.

When they saw Philip and Laurie walking out with serious expressions on their faces, they asked, “What’s up, you guys? Is the most difficult venue of the Heroes Conference, the Devil’s Courtyard, extremely dangerous?”

“As I said before, those two will be scared out of their wits. What do you think?”

Some people mocked, and some wanted to inquire about the situation, but no one asked what happened to them inside.

Philip looked up at them and said with a smile, “If you want to know whether the Devil’s Courtyard is dangerous or not, why don’t you go in and see for yourself? Don’t you even have the guts?”

Philip left after saying that, but he knew that the Heroes Conference this time might not be that simple.

Chapter 3482
Before the two of them got too far, Philip suddenly heard a man’s voice.


Philip turned back and found a man standing behind him. The man’s face was fleshy and ferocious looking with no trace of friendliness at all.

He stared at Philip and said, “Everyone is asking you about the situation in the Devil’s Courtyard, but you’re acting all high and mighty. We’re asking you because we think highly of you. Do you have to be so pretentious?”

He was not polite at all, and Philip narrowed his eyes as a chill flashed across his face.

The Heroes Conference had not even started yet, and this place was already packed with a mix of people. However, the more this happened, the more confused Philip felt.

He wondered why the people who held the Heroes Conference gathered all these people here.

At this moment, a voice suddenly rang out. “Everyone, please calm down and listen to me…”

It was an old man with a kind face who looked at everyone with a smile.

“I’m the manager of the Heroes Conference. Although the Heroes Conference has not started yet, it’s my fault for not taking good care of everyone.”

After saying this, he waved his hand, and the originally grand arena began to change.

The ground suddenly split open, and a towering building emerged. This building glowed with many lights, but Philip could see clearly that these were all high-tech products that were combined into the magic circle.

“Let me talk about the rules of the Heroes Conference now. This is just the first audition… No matter which level of difficulty you’re assigned to, you must pass the final test before you can participate in the actual Heroes Conference.”

Hearing that, everyone was taken aback for a moment. No one expected such a complicated procedure to participate in the Heroes Conference.

Philip suddenly felt sorry for the swordsman. He had been trapped in the Devil’s Courtyard all his life and had not even participated in the actual Heroes Conference yet. He had been trapped in that illusion for so long.

Thinking of this, Philip suddenly felt chills up his spine. He knew that the so-called reward after getting the ranking would definitely not be easy to obtain.

The old man continued to say, “I know that everyone is a great talent. If you have to fight for whatever reasons, we can provide a life-and-death arena for you to fight, but if you want to disturb the order here, we won’t let the matter slide so easily.”

Hearing that, the ferocious-looking man just now was startled. He knew very well who the old man was talking about.

Philip remained silent. He knew the old man was afraid that someone would disrupt the venue here.

The changes in the venue just now, including the towering building that emerged out of the ground, showed that everything here was a conspiracy.

However, at this moment, the man with a ferocious face suddenly said loudly, “What if I don’t want to go to the life-and-death arena?”

Chapter 3483
Everyone heard his question clearly.

The old man waved his hand lightly, and all the kindness on his face was wiped away in an instant. “That’s not too difficult to handle.”

The old man snapped his fingers. A ray of lightning flashed from the towering building and struck the man with a ferocious face.

The man screamed.

The electric current stuck to his body and pulled him into the clouds.

The old man looked at everyone and said, “If there’s anyone else like him, I don’t mind inviting you to be guests in the prison of the Heroes Conference. But don’t blame me for not reminding you. If you enter the prison, don’t dream of ever leaving for the rest of your life.”

Hearing that, everyone fell silent.

With such an iron-handed method, no one dared to pose any objections. Besides, some smart people had discovered many people lying in ambush around. If any uncontrollable factors appeared, they would definitely come out immediately.

The old man’s eyes fell on Philip again.

Seeing this, Philip remained silent.

He was about to leave when the old man suddenly stopped Philip and said, “Sir, we have prepared a room for everyone at the Heroes Conference. Why don’t you have a rest here?”

That kind smile on his face appeared again, but everyone knew that this old man was not to be messed with.

No one dared to disobey this old man. He was not just targeting Philip but also everyone here.

“Okay, let’s see what sort of rooms the Heroes Conference has prepared for us.”

As Philip spoke, he followed the old man to the so-called prepared room.

In the current situation, even if Philip wanted to refuse, he had no way of doing so. He was on the other party’s territory, after all. An outsider like him could hardly do anything.

Knowing that, Philip simply waited for the Heroes Conference to start.

He entered the room and began to practice his technique. There was nothing special about the room, but there was an unfamiliar message in his communicator.

When he saw this message, Philip’s expression changed slightly. This message was sent by the organizer of the Heroes Conference to all participants.

They were not allowed to disclose even the tiniest detail here, and all their communicators were monitored by the Heroes Conference. There was no privacy at all.

Philip was not bothered about this. However, just when he sat cross-legged on the bed to practice, the bed that was still in good condition suddenly cracked open with a big hole.

Philip fell into an endless abyss. However, he did not panic. Instead, he steadied himself and observed his surroundings. It was a dark passage. Although narrow, the slope was not steep and did not cause him any injury.

Soon, he saw light and found himself in a special place.

The place was brightly lit with many robots and machines wandering around. Judging from their appearance, they seemed to be wary of something.

Chapter 3484
Philip finally realized that this place was already full of people, but unlike the wandering warriors outside, the people here were far superior in terms of demeanor, presence, and practice level.

He frowned as he looked around. There was no sign of Laurie.

As he wondered, he heard someone saying, “Everyone present here today is about to enter the Devil’s Courtyard. This will be your battle arena.”

Philip jolted slightly. He observed the others and found that their practice level was relatively high, and only these people were selected to enter the Devil’s Courtyard.

Was this done intentionally by the people behind the scenes?

After hearing that the Devil’s Courtyard was their battle arena, these arrogant people felt smug about it because in their opinion, this was a symbol of status and advanced practice level.

However, Philip shook his head. He knew that the Devil’s Courtyard was not an easy place to handle. Moreover, they were given special attention, which already indicated a problem.

“You have five minutes to get ready before you enter the Devil’s Courtyard.”

What could anyone do in five minutes?

Of course, Philip knew that the other party was intentionally trying to invoke a tense atmosphere.

The spokesperson stepped aside, and a door appeared behind him.

He said, “This is the entrance to the Devil’s Courtyard. Everyone, please go ahead.”

This person spoke flatly as if he was sending people to their deaths.

Philip noticed a problem with this person’s face but said nothing. Although he followed everyone inside, he was already on high alert.

Stepping into the Devil’s Courtyard again, it was no longer the gloomy scene from before, but the tower that Philip saw earlier was still there.

With the help of his rules of space, Philip knew that this was an individual space created separately.

Philip also realized that only the tower was the unique entity in this place. No matter how many individual spaces were created, as long as one did not leave the influence of the strange tower, it was futile.

When Philip walked through the door, he found a token on his waist.

After glancing at the words on the token, Philip finally understood the rules of the Devil’s Courtyard event.

Competitors who lost their tokens would be considered eliminated. Anyone who obtained three tokens would advance. This was the content on the token. When he saw this, Philip knew that there would be a bloodbath in the Devil’s Courtyard.

At this moment, there was a roar of wild beasts.

Philip was puzzled by this sound. He did not see any wild beasts in the Devil’s Courtyard earlier.

Why was he hearing the roars of wild beasts now?

As he wondered, someone suddenly shouted, ”It’s a beast stampede! Run for your lives!”

Chapter 3485
As soon as the words were spoken, there was the sound of wild animals approaching from a distance.

When Philip saw this scene, he knew very well that the purpose was to separate the contestants and prevent them from joining forces.

However, these beasts were unable to stop talent practitioners. Sure enough, elemental practitioners immediately confronted the tens of thousands of beasts.

Metal, wood, water, fire, and earth…

All the practitioners with different elemental powers launched their strongest attacks. However, Philip chose to dodge. While these people were attacking, he took this opportunity to run far away.

“Some people are scared sh*tless by a few beasts and chose to run away. You guys are a disgrace to practitioners!” At this moment, someone still had the time to mock people like Philip who chose to run.

However, he regretted it in the next second because those beasts actually swallowed them without any regard.

Of course, they were not swallowed literally but lost in the endless beast stampede. There was not even a commotion.

It was not that easy to take on the Devil’s Courtyard. Philip realized this long ago and chose to step away.

Although a few scattered beasts approached him, Philip used his Caelum Sword and quickly got rid of them. Others did not take much effort to get rid of the beasts either.

This situation continued for a long time. Finally, those beasts seemed to have carved out their individual territories and remained there without further movements.

At this time, Philip and others also discovered that among these wild beasts, there was always one who was like the leader who was stronger than the others. They had a taken on them too.

He promptly thought of the sandmen he met before and guessed that these beasts were probably transformed from the previous contestants of the Heroes Conference.

Thinking of this, he looked up at the tower in the distance.

Sure enough, waves of energy fluctuations emitted from that tower. No one else noticed this problem. Philip planned to head to that tower.

He knew that the secrets of the Devil’s Courtyard were contained in that tower. However, before he could leave, the ground started shaking. One after another, hands emerged from the ground, followed by dry and rotting corpses as if they were controlled by something.

As soon as they appeared, they fought with the beasts. They seemed to be fighting for territory and also the tokens.

This confirmed Philip’s guess, so he made no move.

However, some people could not hold back at the sight of the tokens and joined the battle.

Once they participated in the fight, it would be endless because no matter who joined in, they would disappear from the Devil’s Courtyard after being killed.

Following their deaths, more creatures would appear in the Devil’s Courtyard. A cycle of life and death seemed to be going on here. The dead would appear here as a brand new species and continue to fight.

Philip suddenly had a strange thought.

Was the test in the Devil’s Courtyard not about how many tokens one would get but a test of humanity?

Although he could not be certain, at least Philip had this idea in mind and was already planning his next step. However, he was not aware that he had become someone else’s prey at this moment.

Chapter 3486
It was someone who entered this place with him and seemed very powerful. He attacked Philip with a deadly move. And, he left no chance at all.

Seeing this person’s approach, Philip moved abruptly.

Flames raged all over his body, and Caelum Sword appeared in his hand. The flaming Caelum Sword stabbed that man.

That person was not to be outdone either. Countless patterns suddenly appeared on his face, and his energy seemed to increase several times. Although his energy surged, his movements attracted countless monsters around him.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Philip rushed forward in front of that person.

Caelum Sword was stabbed forcefully into the other party’s stomach before Philip disappeared in a flash again. He did not want to be the target of so many monsters.

Meanwhile, the surrounding battles were in a tragic state. Many participants of the Heroes Conference fell.

As more and more people died, more and more monsters appeared in the Devil’s Courtyard. This seemed to be a place where various species gathered in this Starfall Continent.

There were lizardmen, giants, and modified cyborgs among others. Those people who turned into monsters after their deaths appeared delirious now. Just like the swordsman earlier, they seemed lost.

Philip got closer to the tower.

As he approached, the tower’s resistance toward him got stronger. Moreover, this tower seemed to have a defense mechanism, which was to control the various newly-created creatures on the battlefield.

Philip’s mind raced.

If he destroyed this tower, would that mean that everything here would be wiped out?

Although he had this thought, before he put it into action, he vaguely saw some unidentified creatures flying out of the tower.

Bat people!

Philip’s expression changed slightly. They were similar to that bloodsucker he met before.

However, judging from their energy fluctuations, they were far stronger than that vampire. Moreover, their goal was very clear. They were aimed right at him.

Seeing this, Philip gripped Caelum Sword in his hand. With a sudden force under his feet, the soil exploded instantly.

His strength had greatly improved with the Three Phase God-Demon Technique.

He jumped three feet high with one leap. Those bat people flapped their wings and sent out soundwaves. Although the soundwaves were not strong attacks, they could disturb people’s minds.

However, under Caelum Sword’s energy, Philip easily killed one batman with one strike.

Although Philip knew they were probably past participants of the Heroes Conference, he could not care less now.

If the tower was not destroyed, there might be no other way to save them.

Chapter 3487
Philip watched helplessly at these manipulated puppets.

Cruelty seemed to be the only concept in the Devil’s Courtyard. No one knew exactly how many people were buried in the Devil’s Courtyard, but judging from the current scale, it was probably not only the participants of the Heroes Conference who were turned into puppets.

As Philip got closer, the bat people‘s attacks became more savage. While attacking with soundwaves, they slashed Philip with sharp blades. However, they were no match for Philip.

Caelum Sword’s sword energy was as overwhelming as the sun and stars. Every time its sword energy surged, a burst of light flashed like lightning.

The fierce sword energy tore those bat people apart.

One by one, the bat people fell and turned into puddles of blood before disappearing into the ground. At the same time, the devastating battles continued.

However, everyone realized by now that they could not fight these creatures individually. They had to join forces.

Small teams started putting up a fight without delay.

At this time, no one cared if they could get tokens or anything else. This swarming attack rendered them unable to think at all.

There were many tokens on the ground. As long as they could hang on, they would definitely pass. However, seeing this endless attack, no one had any confidence now because their energy was constantly being drained.

No one even bothered to look at Philip as he approached the tower.

Suddenly, a loud trumpet sounded. It was a sound from the tower.

Everyone felt a wave of dizziness at this sound. Other scenes appeared before their eyes in sudden.

Some people saw their relatives. Some people saw an unrivaled technique. Others saw treasures and riches.

Philip also felt dizzy, but he saw a vast amount of Multidew Herbs.

He returned to his senses at this moment. The Multidew Herb was no ordinary herb. It was simply impossible to see so many Multidew Herb at once. Thus, he immediately realized that this was an illusion.

The horn continued, but it could no longer influence Philip.

Other people were still immersed in the illusion.

Seeing this, Philip suddenly yelled, “Break the spell!”

Philip’s shout overwhelmed the sound of the horn.

His shout could practically break stones apart.

Everyone jolted back to their senses and noticed that Philip was approaching the tower.

“Look at that man. What is he going to do?”

“Maybe he has already seen through this place and knows that the tower is the key to the Devil’s Courtyard.”

Everyone discussed incessantly, but Philip was very anxious because he noticed a group of resurrected warriors from the tower approaching this side fervently.

The warriors looked disheveled, and the weapons in their hands and the armor on their bodies were already stained with rust. However, their eyes glowed red.

With the power surging from them, Philip knew that each of them had the strength of seven stars. Such a strong team with strict discipline would be disastrous for the participants of the Heroes Conference.

“This tower is the key. If you want to pass the test, came and destroy this tower with me!” Philip’s voice reached everyone’s ears.

By now, everyone knew that if the tower was not destroyed, they would be lost here forever.

“Charge into the tower and kill them!”

“Complete the test!”

Everyone’s fighting spirit was aroused by Philip’s voice. However, they overlooked one point. No one was nearly as strong as Philip.

At this time, those warriors suddenly moved. They shouted in unison, but they did not make a sound.

At this moment, a gust of wind blew toward them. With this gust of wind, these warriors floated up.

Seeing this scene, Philip frowned. He had no confidence in fighting against so many seven-star warriors either.

Following this soundless shout, the warriors controlled by the tower rushed toward Philip, their first target.

Chapter 3488
Flames exploded from Philip’s body, and the scorching temperature spread to all directions. He knew that now was not the time to conceal his strength.

Everyone had to work as one for a chance to destroy the tower. However, just because he thought this way did not mean everyone shared his thoughts.

Some people dared to rush forward while others stood by to watch the progress, simply waiting to reap the rewards. Of course, Philip noticed them.

However, it did not occur to Philip that some people would sneak an attack. Moreover, the target was not the warriors controlled by the tower.

They wanted to make a move against the participants of the Heroes Conference.

“There’s a sneak attack!” The moment they clashed with those warriors, someone discovered this issue and quickly shouted for others to watch out.

However, the warriors were too strong. Even if the elemental practitioners fought with all their might, they could not fight the warriors that came at them like a tide. This was even more brutal than the earlier beast stampede.

Philip noticed this too, so he abandoned the tower and turned back. He must first eliminate these unstable factors. After all, they might sneak up on him without his knowing.

“Philip Clarke, we’ve heard about you. We know that you’re very strong, but this has nothing to do with you. We just want to get rich!”

These few people had joined forces due to the resistance by participants of the Heroes Conference.

Seeing Philip approaching them, the leader stepped forward immediately. However, Philip merely snorted at his words.

One of his arms turned into a chimera claw and swiped through that person. After Philip’s claw pierced through that man’s body, he also grabbed the man behind him. Flames engulfed them instantly.

Everyone was dumbfounded at this scene.

Only a powerful elemental ability could achieve such a deadly force.

Philip remained silent. Although he did not want to reveal his trump card, he had to do so now in consideration of the overall situation.

What followed was these people’s counterattack. These people who wanted to make a fortune by sneaking attacks on others had some means too.

”Frost for a Thousand Miles!”

Suddenly, a thin layer of frost covered the ground, and the air temperature plummeted.

Another two water elemental practitioners made use of the frost to attack Philip.

“Rain over the Sky!”

This was not a deadly technique at all, but with the effect of Frost for a Thousand Miles, the water droplets falling from the sky turned into ice spikes.

With nowhere to hide, Philip twirled the Caelum Sword around him and created a vortex.

“How dare you use such a method?” Philip’s voice was cold, but his movements were quick, and Caelum Sword left his hand.

Chapter 3489
The fire element gathered on Caelum Sword, which rushed toward those people like a fire dragon. Even the ice spikes in the sky had evaporated. After all, Philip’s fire element was level 5S.

This was not something ordinary people could possess, but the other party still wanted to resist Philip’s attack at this time.

Walls made of earth emerged from the ground, but Caelum Sword destroyed them.

With devastating power, Caelum Sword engulfed those people. When Caelum Sword returned to Philip, those people who wanted to make a fortune had been turned into ashes.

Others who were fighting against the warriors now had a certain understanding of Philip’s strength. The evil in their nature sprouted again.

If Philip was really allowed to destroy the tower and enter the real Heroes Conference, the first place would never be theirs.

Almost instantly, everyone made a decision. No matter what, Philip must not walk out of the Devil’s Courtyard alive.

In fact, this was the true test of the Devil’s Courtyard. The human nature that surfaced in the face of absolute desperation, or the root of evil that surfaced when one saw hope.

These people glanced at each other. Although they struggled to fight the warriors now, everyone had reached a tacit understanding.

After Philip took care of that tower, they would work together to get rid of him. However, their thinking was too simple. Even with all their combined efforts, they were no match for those resurrected warriors.

Those warriors were tireless and consumed no energy. Here, they were practically undead. Moreover, they regarded the various beasts, modified cyborgs, and other creatures in the Devil’s Courtyard as their food.

After fighting for a while, they would simply devour the creatures around them.

Seeing this scene, Philip realized that these warriors were not without energy consumption, but the energy they consumed should be the same as the energy used by the tower to resist him. In that case, he should take a risk.

With that thought in mind, Philip rushed toward a warrior, but he did not use the Caelum Sword this time.

He jumped over this warrior nimbly and stepped on his shoulders with two feet, causing the warrior to sink.

Philip’s right hand became a claw and grabbed the warrior’s head. Surges of life energy poured into the warrior’s head from his hand.

Philip wanted to drive out that strange force from the warrior’s body.

Soon, the warrior under his feet crashed to the ground and turned into a pile of bones. It looked as if Philip had killed that warrior.

Seeing this, everyone still putting up a fight looked surprised. They had been fighting these warriors for the longest time and knew exactly how difficult it was to deal with them. Now, one was simply killed under Philip’s hands.

Philip looked up at them at this time and said, “You don’t need to look at me. Their weakness lies in their heads. Use your life energy to drive away the strange power in their heads and you can kill them.”

With Philip’s explanation, everyone came to a realization.

It turned out that the warriors’ weakness lay in their heads. In that case, they had to change their attack methods.

Chapter 3490
Sure enough, following Philip’s method, everyone quickly wiped out these warriors.

With this threat, other creatures in the Devil’s Courtyard dared not approach them either.

Philip said softly, “Everyone, if my guess is correct, as long as we destroy the tower now, we should be considered to have completed the test!”

Philip did not elaborate further, but everyone understood that after passing the Devil’s Courtyard, they would be eligible to participate in the real Heroes Conference

“Do we still have to get the tokens per the instructions?” Someone started to take the tokens on the ground, and upon hearing that, everyone followed suit.

Philip was no exception. However, just when he bent down to get the tokens, he felt a sense of foreboding behind him.

With Caelum Sword in his hand, Philip turned sharply.


With a muffled sound, Philip’s Caelum Sword blocked the other party’s blade.

“What are you doing?” Philip frowned and asked.

However, that person narrowed his eyes at Philip, and the people around him also had the same expression.

“Philip Clarke, blame yourself for being too strong. We’re not sure we can beat you in the real Heroes Conference, so you‘re better off dead!”

With that said, everyone around saw the opportunity to attack Philip.

Philip had the kind intention to destroy the tower and let everyone participate in the real Heroes Conference, but these people had evil intentions.

His outstanding strength made everyone regard him as an imaginary enemy.

Seeing this, Philip lamented that the evil of human nature was the same no matter where he went.

Since the other party had made their intentions clear, there was no need for him to hold back.

Philip then moved. This time, he used two elements.

“Come on, aren’t you going to kill me?” One of Philip’s arms burned with flames, but vines crept over the other.

Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked.

Dual elemental practitioners were rare, especially since the two elements displayed by Philip were not weak.

“He’s all alone. So what if he has two elements?”

“Yes. With so many of us, it’s not difficult to kill him!”

Hearing that, Philip merely smiled.

When he dealt with those warriors just now, although the situation was quite critical, Philip did not use all his strength. Rather, it was just the tip of the iceberg, and his strength was all focused on one point.

Suddenly, the ground under his feet began to collapse. An earth elemental practitioner had made the first move.

Seeing this, others started moving. In their opinion, even if Philip was a practitioner with dual elements, they were not afraid. After all, they had the advantage in numbers.

Chapter 3491
To their surprise, when the earth elemental practitioner made his move, gusts of winds blew toward Philip.

A wind elemental practitioner had made a move too.

Many strong contenders could be found among these people. After all, it was not so easy to survive those warriors with the strength equivalent to a seven-star powerhouse.

Although it was Philip who discovered the weakness of these warriors, the short fight allowed them to recognize their gap in strength. They consumed a lot of energy too.

Philip’s arms suddenly grew bigger and longer, his body swelled, and the chimera’s claws appeared again.

However, he was not aiming for a precise attack this time. He swiped out with his chimera claws. He wanted to disrupt their formation.

Vines promptly grew out of the ground.

The vines crept over those people as soon as they appeared, obviously done by Philip too.

The other party reacted quickly, leaping high with a light jump, avoiding the vines and chimera’s claws. Although the scorching temperature made them feel a little uncomfortable, there was no harm.

At this moment, their counter-attack also began.

One after another, elemental attacks were launched at Philip. Wooden stakes emerged from the ground to trap him.

Of course, Philip knew that this was done by a wood elemental practitioner. If he allowed these wooden stakes to surround him, countless vines would follow to trap him in this space.

If that happened, there would be no escape. However, Philip did not leave the area. Under Philip’s control, a raging fire burned this area.

The temperature soared with a hint of a scorching smell.

One after another, flaming chimeras formed by Philip crashed into the surroundings. But, in everyone’s opinion, this was merely the last desperate attempt of a trapped animal.

Frost and wind attacks raged in this area. Raindrops fell from the sky in torrents.

Seeing this, Philip merely smiled.

He had taken into consideration these people’s various attack patterns. He had one hand on the ground, which he never lifted. It was the hand creeping with vines.

Finally, the fire gradually died down.

Sensing the fire element in this area weakening, everyone outside began to shout.

“That kid can’t take it anymore. Let’s go for it!”

As soon as the words were spoken, the body of the speaker was pierced through.

It was the Caelum Sword.

Philip was like a shadow attached to this person’s back. The Caelum Sword went through the man and ripped him apart with a slight force of Philip’s hand.

“Urgh!” The man wanted to say something to remind everyone, but it was too late.

“How did you do that?”

The man’s voice was so soft that only Philip could hear him.

“Do you really think I’m just a dual-element practitioner?” Philip whispered in his ear.

He pulled out the Caelum Sword, and the man fell to the ground.

At this moment, a huge chimera suddenly appeared in Philip’s hand. This chimera was covered with scorching flames.

Following Philip’s movement, the flame chimera rushed to the area formed by the wood elemental practitioner just now.

Chapter 3492
At this moment, everyone suddenly turned around and realized that Philip had laid down a larger area full of wood elements outside.

He had gathered everyone together and trapped them in this area.

“That guy has escaped!”

Everyone wanted to turn around and attack Philip, but it was too late. The protruding spikes on the ground bulged up, and loose stones were shrouded by earth elements in the shape of cannonballs.

Amid everyone’s surprised exclamations, the stones flew up. No matter how quickly a person could react, there was no chance of survival under such an indiscriminate attack.

Philip moved swiftly and left no one any chance once the attack began.

His attack was a devastating blow to them because no one expected Philip to still have such strength, and he was not just a dual-element practitioner. His mastery over the earth element was very good too. Besides, everyone also realized how Philip got out of the trap.

The rules of space!

People who did not understand the rules of space would be unable to use this method to escape from such intensive attacks. Although they realized this, there was nothing they could do.

They felt that Philip was even more difficult to deal with than the various creatures in the Devil’s Courtyard.

However, something surprising happened at this moment.

“Well then, let me give you a chance…”

Although no one could see Philip, they heard his voice.

“If you kill the person next to you, I’ll give you a chance to continue participating in the Heroes Conference… If you kill three people who attacked me, you can get one spot.”

”The number of spots is limited, and everything will end once everyone is killed!”

Since they were ruthless in the first place, Philip simply used this ruthless method to deal with them.

Everyone’s ruthless nature was aroused.

However, under Philip’s careful observation, he found that the identities of these people were not that simple.

“The White Marsh royal family, the ancient dragon royal family…”

Unexpectedly, those who survived were all members of various royal families.

Philip counted silently and made a plan. Since he had offended these royal families today, he might as well kill them. He did not want to leave any problems for the future.

With that thought in mind, Philip began to use the vines summoned by his wood element to attack the various creatures that belonged to the Devil’s Courtyard.

However, his purpose was not to kill these creatures but to bring them together.

It was better to make use of others to do the killing for him. After all, if his identity was exposed, these members of the royal families would paint a target on his back, so it was very necessary to kill them.

By taking advantage of these creatures in the Devil’s Courtyard, he could also avoid drawing attention to himself.

Seeing that several members of the royal family had already started to fight, Philip frowned slightly.

Maintaining such a huge area of wood elements was very draining for him.

As the battle reached its peak, Philip promptly disabled his wood element.


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