The First Heir Chapter 3471-3480

Chapter 3471
However, Laurie’s attention was attracted by the giant, and she did not notice Philip’s action at all.

Philip felt helpless and had no choice but to rush up with Caelum Sword, planning to strike first.

“Damn you! You forced me to use my real body. No one can stop me today!” the giant roared angrily.

In the next second, he slapped Philip. In his eyes, Philip was nothing more than an ant without any threat at all.

The female thief who was watching the show frowned when she saw this. Of course, she knew what this real body represented.

In their organization, everyone had two bodies, one with a normal human appearance, and the other was their real body. However, the real body was unstable. It could have any appearance and anything could happen.

Some people even had a limit to the number of times they could use their real body, and they could die if they exceeded that. However, they would be stronger when using their real body. Danger coexisted with benefit, which was a fair trade off.

Philip was able to force this guy to use his real body, so it seemed that she had underestimated Philip.

“I hope Philip can hang on, but the odds are slim…” The female thief muttered and felt a mix of emotions.

After all, Philip could be regarded as her enemy.

Why did she pray that the enemy would survive?

“Alas, my thoughts are a mess.”

The woman muttered without thinking too much. She instinctively backed away and distanced herself from the battlefield to avoid being implicated.

Philip and Laurie did not notice this but rushed to the giant.

He dodged several attacks from the opponent, but Laurie was almost injured.

“Back off! Leave this to me!” Philip shouted, but it was useless.

He could not hear anything, and Laurie could not hear him either. He could only gesture with his hands, but Laurie was confused.

“Okay, my sign language isn’t the best.”

Seeing Laurie’s pitied gaze at him, Philip was speechless. He promptly slashed at Laurie with a sword and left a mark on the ground in front of Laurie.

“Is he trying to stop me?” Laurie was taken aback.

She was not a fool and quickly backed away.

Although she wanted to help Philip, she knew she would only drag him down with her strength, so she did not act recklessly.

Seeing this, Philip breathed a sigh of relief. Then, he slashed mercilessly at the giant without holding back at all, and even the air was distorted for a moment.

A piercing sound whizzed through the air and slashed on the giant’s claws. A huge cut was made in the giant’s arm, and black liquid gushed out endlessly.

“Argh! How dare you?!” The giant screamed in obvious pain.

He swung the hook at Philip, who rolled away and counterattacked with his sword.

With a bang, flames burst out everywhere. Caelum Sword burst with sparks upon the collision, and the opponent’s hook also cracked in an instant.

”What a mighty force!” Philip felt numb in one hand, but fortunately, the strength was within his tolerance limit.

Seeing that Philip had blocked his attack, the giant looked as if he had seen a ghost.

Was this guy human?

Their difference in their body size was huge, yet this guy actually withstood his attack!

It was like an ant resisting a cow, something one could never imagine, but it really happened.

“The next slash will cut off your hand!” Philip drew Caelum Sword back, took a deep breath, and slashed at the giant again!

Chapter 3472
Seeing Philip rush over again, the giant was startled and panicked.

The other party cut his arm with a sword just now. Although it was not severed, it nearly was, and he wanted to do it again.

Seeing this, the giant retreated a few steps instinctively before he stomped on Philip. He was confident that he could crush the ant-like Philip to death with one stomp.

However, reality turned out differently.

A cold light flashed, and Philip reversed the situation with a sword!

A stream of sword energy pierced through the other party’s body, and black liquid sprayed all overthe sky like raindrops.

Where it landed, the vegetation was corroded by the black liquid in an instant, showing the toxicity of the liquid.

Philip retreated instinctively, dodging the black liquid.

“Argh!” The giant fell to the ground, and his screams were mind-numbing, but he could only scream.

With a few moves, Philip almost killed this guy. Although he screamed fiercely, his deterrence had disappeared without a trace.

Seeing this, Philip slowly walked toward the giant, planning to behead the guy and and everything.

“You can’t kill me. If you do, you’ll be trapped in the illusion until you die!”

The giant saw Philip approaching and panicked. He was really scared this time and quickly threatened him.

“Although I can’t leave the illusion now, it doesn’t mean I can’t find a way to do so. I’ll definitely kill you today!” Philip rubbed the Caelum Sword in his hand and said lightly.

He turned the sword in his hand and slashed the other party’s head.

“Since you’re so merciless, don’t blame me for dragging you down with me!” The giant roared angrily and frantically.

In the next second, bursts of black smoke exuded from his body.

In an instant, smoke covered the whole mountain forest, and an explosion centered on the giant occurred. The ground shook violently. The area within a radius of more than ten miles was razed to the ground, and all the vegetation disappeared in an instant.

Philip, who was in the center of the explosion, was startled. He did not expect that this guy would dare to fight back with his last dying breath. He promptly dodged, but the power was too great.

This explosion practically detonated the giant’s soul and all the essence contained in his body. Philip was impacted and lost consciousness in an instant.

The female thief and Laurie were in no better condition either. They were sent flying by the shock wave for hundreds of meters before stopping and passing out.

Soon, the smoke cleared. The forest was in a wreck, and the giant was reduced to ashes due to the explosion. The outcomes of Philip, Laurie, and the female thief were unknown.

After some time, Philip gradually woke up. He had no idea if it was because the guy died or because the impact of the explosion shattered the illusion he was trapped in, but Philip was not happy at all.

Chapter 3473
Philip was seriously injured. Although the explosion just now did not kill him, it nearly did. It was impossible to survive such an explosion without injuries.

“That son of a b*tch almost killed me!” Philip muttered and looked at the golden token that fell aside.

He was peeved. Everything happened because of this token, damn it. However, he kept it instead of throwing it away. Then, he got up and looked around.

He finally saw Laurie collapsed in the ashes. He was startled and quickly ran over.

After checking, he found that Laurie was just injured and unconscious, but it was nothing serious. He breathed a sigh of relief. The female thief was also fine.

“Fortunately, nothing happened. There’s a silver lining in every cloud.”

As Philip spoke, he moved the two to the side. He sat cross-legged in one spot and started to recover from his physical injuries.

Fortunately, he had reached the second level of his Three Phase God-Demon Technique, and it was not that difficult for him to recover, so Philip was relieved. Otherwise, if he were to participate in the Heroes Conference with unhealed serious injuries, not to mention the top ranking, it was uncertain if he could even make it to the ranks.

Philip did not let his thoughts run wild.

After his injury was stabilized, he started treating Laurie and the female thief. If not for Laurie, he had no idea what would have happened.

“I owe you a favor. By the way, what exactly did I touch just now?” Philip muttered to himself and pondered.

After comparing the size and feel of his palm, Philip was embarrassed.

”It can’t be that, right? Damn it, I touched her by mistake the first time we met, and this time…”

As Philip thought, the corner of his mouth twitched violently. If he guessed correctly, Laurie must be aware of it.

“How should I explain this?” Philip muttered in embarrassment, wishing he could hide in a hole.

He could say the first time was an accident, but what about the second time?

Although it was an accident indeed, it did not feel right.

“Let’s forget it,” Philip said.

Seeing that the two women would not be waking up for a while, he carried them out of the forest and returned to the hotel. Fortunately, it was not that far.

Soon, the three of them returned to the hotel. Philip took a shower and lay down for a rest.

Dion kept asking him about what happened, and Philip just replied briefly, not in the mood to answer seriously.

Seeing that, combined with the three people’s disheveled state, Dion did not dwell on it but went after the cat instead.

Philip fell asleep. When he opened his eyes again, it was already late at night.

Laurie and the female thief were awake too. Philip checked them and was relieved to find that they were alright. However, he was still a little embarrassed facing Laurie.

Likewise, Laurie was also acting a little unnaturally as if she had thought of something.

”Laurie, you don’t look very good. Are you unwell?” Dion noticed something and could not help asking, but Laurie quickly shook her head.

“It’s nothing. l’m just a little hungry. Why don’t you go buy something for us?” Laurie said.

Dion nodded and stretched out her hand to Philip.

“Money!” Dion seemed like she took it for granted, and Philip had no choice but to give her some money.

After Dion left, the room fell into an awkward silence. Philip and Laurie looked at each other but no one spoke, mainly because they had no idea what to say.

Chapter 3474
“Um, thanks for just now.” Philip broke the awkward silence and said to Laurie, who nodded upon hearing this.

“It’s nothing. What’s important is that you’re fine. We’re friends, after all,” Laurie replied and smiled.

The atmosphere became awkward again. Philip was exasperated but did not know what to say. After all, things were quite embarrassing earlier.

Fortunately, Dion returned soon, and everyone ate before returning to their rooms.

Lying on the bed, Philip looked at the ceiling and was lost in thought. After today’s incident, Philip realized that he still had many shortcomings. An illusion almost killed him, which was not a good sign.

“If this happens again, what should I do? I don’t even know when I entered the illusion…” Philip pondered.

After thinking about it, it should be the moment when he attacked the man.

However, he did not notice anything at all. Was it because the illusion was too special or that he was too careless?

Philip had a long list of questions with no way of verifying them. He could only wait for the female thief to wake up before asking her. Thus, Philip sat on the bed and began to practice.

A night passed.

Early the next morning, Philip exhaled and opened his eyes, which contained a sharp glint in them.

A night of practice allowed his body to fully recover.

“It’s time to eat!” At this time, Dion’s voice sounded outside the door.

Philip responded and walked out.

After a simple meal, Laurie dragged him out of the hotel.

As such, Philip did not even have time to talk to the female thief who had just woken up.

Philip was dumbfounded, not knowing what Laurie was up to.

“I’m taking you to look at the venue of the Heroes Conference. It’s divided into several venues with different levels of difficulty,” Seeing Philip’s puzzled expression, Laurie quickly explained.

“Different venues? Is there a purpose behind this?” Philip could not help asking, and Laurie nodded.

”Of course there is. To put it plainly, if you have background and influence, you’ll be given a venue that’s neither difficult nor easy. If you’re extremely powerful, you’ll be given a venue so easy that you can pass without lifting a finger,” Laurie explained.

Philip nodded. So many shady businesses were going on behind the Heroes Conference.

“Don’t worry too much about it. The rules are not for show, but such things are unavoidable. After all, people of great power hope that their younger generation can become heroes as it can elevate their reputation…”

“Thus, such things are not uncommon. Of course, if they come across any talents who are not pleasing to the eye and have no background, or those who refuse to join any major forces, they’ll generally be given the worst venues,” Laurie added with a trace of fear in her eyes.

Philip was taken aback upon hearing this.

What the hell was this the Heroes Conference?

It was nothing more than a place to get rid of opposition!

Talents who refused to join any major forces had to be killed?

What logic was this?

”This sounds interesting. Is there no one to stop these people?” Philip fumed under his breath, and Laurie shook her head.

“You should know that those in power have the final say in this world. Without power, you’ll always be the weaker party. Don’t try to reason with the powerful, because what they say is the law,” Laurie said flatly, and Philip nodded.

”That’s right, the word of the powerful is the law!”

Chapter 3475
Philip muttered as if savoring the meaning of Laurie’s words.

”Let’s put this aside. I‘ll take you to the harshest place. That may be our destination soon,” Laurie said at this time, and Philip nodded.

“Uh, why don’t you let go of me first? It’s been a while now.” Philip could not help mumbling at this time.

Laurie was startled before she realized that she had been holding Philip’s arm.

Hearing Philip’s words, Laurie’s face turned red instantly, and she quickly let go of Philip’s hand.

Philip was taken aback and wanted to slap himself.

Damn it, why did he allow his mouth to run wild?

Was it not good to hold hands with a beautiful woman?

“Ahem, um, you can grab it now. I simply felt an itch just now.” Philip chuckled, and Laurie was briefly speechless.

“Creep!” Laurie muttered and walked away, ignoring him, and Philip quickly chased after her.

Soon, they arrived at a rather strange place. It was a large courtyard full of magic circles. Many people crowded around watching something.

“This is a place for training. It allows participants to get familiar with the venue before the competition starts, so anyone can choose a venue and observe at random,” Laurie explained.

Philip nodded. This was quite considerate. Of course, if Philip did not know the things mentioned during the earlier conversation, he would think this place was more for demonstration.

Anyone who bowed down and obeyed would not suffer. Otherwise, survival was not guaranteed!

Philip did not comment on this and started queuing up with Laurie.

Very soon, it was their turn.

“Which level do you plan to go to?” An old man making records with a pen and paper asked at this moment.

“The most difficult one,” Laurie said without thinking.

The old man was stunned, and the pen in his hand stopped.

“You want to go to the Devil’s Courtyard? Kids, that’s not a good place. Why do you want to go there? I don’t think you’d be so unlucky to be given that place!” the old man could not help saying.

”l’m just curious about the level of difficulty of the Heroes Conference this time. I hope you can grant our wish,” Laurie said.

The old man shook his head helplessly and jotted it on the paper.

After asking Philip and Laurie for their names, the old man instructed his people to activate the magic circle.

Philip and Laurie then walked into the magic circle, which exploded with a bloodthirsty vibe in the next second. In addition, many phantom skeletons appeared in the air. They had pale teeth and a gloomy aura. Although they were projections, many onlookers got a fright.

“So this is the Devil’s Courtyard, rumored to be the most difficult venue of the Heroes Conference?”

“Whoa, I can already feel the chills up my spine just looking at it from a distance! I can’t expect what the real thing will be like!”

“Is there something wrong with these two people? Why did they choose to go there? Are they so bored that they want to look for some excitement?”

Chapter 3476
“Who cares? When they get frightened out of their wits later and run out in a hurry, that’ll be fun to watch!”

Many onlookers discussed among themselves, obviously horrified by the situation at the Devil’s Courtyard. They were also unimpressed by Philip and Laurie.

Laurie and Philip paid no heed to these people. A white light flashed before them. When they opened their eyes again, they had arrived in another place.

The sky, ground, and scenery around them were blood-red at a glance. A strong smell of blood lingered in the air, and many aimless skeletons drifted around like clouds.

“It’s rumored that these skeletons are transformed by the souls of people who died here, and they can take away one’s soul, so we need to be careful. Although we’re here to observe, we may be affected too,” Laurie reminded Philip.

“Let’s be careful then. By the way, what are we observing? Is it the surrounding environment or something else?” Philip could not help asking, and Laurie shook her head.

“The environment is important but not the most important thing. We need to find out the special features of this place, such as who those skeletons will attack, what traps they have here, and other things,” Laurie explained.

”In this way, if we‘re assigned to this place, we’ll have a slight chance of winning. From what I know, this place is full of danger and not just the ones you can see,” Laurie added.

Hearing this, Philip perked up and looked around but did not notice anything. Except for the bloody smell which was very strange, there was no danger.

“Let’s walk around. We only have one chance, so we must cherish it,” Laurie reminded him and walked into the distance, while Philip frowned as he looked at her back.

He felt that Laurie was a bit unusual as if she knew everything, but he did not know her background, so he pretended not to notice and followed her.

After walking for a while, Philip suddenly felt that the surrounding weather had changed. The wind roared and dust billowed, and the visibility was reduced by more than ten meters in an instant.

“What’s going on? Are there ghosts?” Philip joked.

He was not afraid of such things, of course. He was just making fun because it was quite boring.

“Ghosts? Can you stop scaring me?” Laurie shuddered and fumed at Philip.

She even pouted and looked very cute.

“Hehe, I was just joking. Don’t mind me,” Philip said and started looking around.

He quickly discovered several figures in the distance. Their figures did not look very clear, but they definitely looked like people.

“There are people over there. Is this the so-called training?” Philip reminded, and Laurie shook her head.

“I’m not sure. To be honest, it’s my first time here too, but I heard that they won’t pose a threat to the trainees, so let’s just make way for them,” Laurie said as she pulled Philip back, making way for those figures.

Chapter 3477
Philip was taken aback.

Why should they make way for the other party?

There was no one else here. Would those people fight them on the spot and make them a laughingstock?

“Don’t think too much. This training isn’t as simple as you think. This place will restore the image of those who participated in the previous competitions, as well as the battle scenes, for our reference,” Laurie explained.

Philip was taken aback upon hearing that.

They could restore it?

This made it a lot easier. It was similar to a video recording, and Philip watched it with Laurie.

The sandstorm had died down by now. Not far away, a stone platform appeared at some point. It looked very large with a radius of hundreds of meters.

Three people made of sand stood on the platform. They had no faces and held weapons made of sand in their hands, giving off a strange feeling.

Several people appeared out of thin air opposite those three sandmen. They looked vague as if they were previous participants of the competition.

As soon as they met, they immediately launched an attack on the sandmen. Both parties fought desperately, and the battle soon reached its peak.

The sandmen were not injured, but those people were seriously injured. One was kneeling on the ground, obviously unable to fight anymore.

”Oh?” Philip was a little surprised.

This fight was over too quickly. He had not even reacted yet, and one participant was already down.

Were the sandmen really that strong?

“No, there’s a problem!” Philip frowned as he recalled the fighting scenes, and he soon locked on to an image.

When one of the sandmen slashed at a person just now, a phantom appeared beside the sandman, which could not be discovered if one did not look carefully.

“It doesn’t look that simple, after all!” Philip muttered.

At this time, those figures seemed to have noticed something was wrong. They quickly stood back-to-back and observed their surroundings.

However, it was futile. There was another wave of fighting, and only two figures were left on the stone platform in the end, seriously injured. The other figures had disappeared, most probably dead.

“These sandmen are really strong. Those figures are definitely not weaker than me, and some are even much stronger, but they still died in the end!” Laurie could not help but sigh, and Philip shook his head.

“Not necessarily. Keep watching. It’s not that simple,” Philip reminded.

Laurie was taken aback. She had no idea what Philip meant, but she did not ask and kept watching.

The fight ended soon. The three sandmen killed all the figures, announcing the end of the match. No one survived, which made Philip and Laurie unhappy.

Laurie seemed to have thought of something and could not help but exclaim, “I know, there are invisible things! Their opponents are not those three sandmen at all. Those three are just a cover!”

“Keep your voice down!” Philip was startled and quickly reminded Laurie, but it was still too late.

At this time, the three sandmen turned their heads, attracted by Laurie’s shout.

Philip cursed inwardly and pulled Laurie to run away.

He was surprised because in the fight just now, he had already noticed that something was wrong. Those sandmen kept looking in their direction inadvertently, and he wondered if the sandmen could see them.

Chapter 3478
Obviously, Philip guessed it right.

The three sandmen could see them, so he ran away with Laurie without delay.

Who knew if the sandmen would do anything to them?

After all, anything could happen here, so it was better to practice caution!

However, things still went south. Before Philip and Laurie ran far, three figures blocked their path.

They were none other than the three sandmen, who formed a triangle surrounding them and slowly approached. At the same time, Philip also felt many other things around him, but they did not feel very real. It was like they were an illusion.

“No wonder those figures were looking around when they first appeared. They seemed to have noticed something, but they thought it was an illusion, so they ignored it…” Philip muttered and pulled Laurie behind him.

He looked at the three sand men and struck out so quickly that the sandman he aimed at had no time to react at all. It was blown away by Philip’s strike and turned into flying sand.


The other two sandmen roared like beasts upon seeing this and rushed at Philip with a blade made of sand, looking as if they could swallow Philip alive.

“What?” Philip frowned and knocked one of them back while kicking the head of the other.

The other sandman turned into sand in an instant. However, after Philip finished off the two sandmen, he obviously felt the body of the only remaining sandman tremble.

The arm holding the blade began to tremble slightly as if it was in great pain.

“Die!” The sandman finally gritted a word out and startled Philip.

As the sandman rushed over, Philip struck it again.

He was extremely confused by now.

Why did the invisible things not help out when he killed the two sandmen?

Was it really just his illusion?

Was there a problem somewhere?

Thinking of this, Philip did not kill the sandman but planned to interrogate it instead. After all, this guy seemed able to talk, albeit with a little difficulty.

With that thought in mind, Philip struck the opponent’s blade and knocked the sandman back a dozen steps. Seeing this opportunity, he rushed forth.

He grabbed the sandman’s arm and twisted it violently. With a bang, Philip broke one of the sandman’s arms, and sand scattered everywhere.


Philip grabbed the sandman’s other arm, pinned it on the ground, and knocked away the blade made of sand in his hand.


The sandman roared, but Philip could not understand it, so he ignored it. After taking it down, the guy stopped struggling after a while, and Philip started talking.

“Tell me about this place, and what are those invisible things?” Philip asked coldly.

The sandman was silent for a long time. It looked at the sand blown away by the wind and actually started shedding tears.

”Hmm?” Philip frowned.

Chapter 3479
Philip’s mind went blank at this sight.

Was the sandman actually crying?

How was this possible?

It was something made of sand. How could it have feelings?

“This is weird. Why do I have the feeling that I’ve killed the wrong person?” Philip muttered before he shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

When he was about to ask another question, Philip suddenly found some changes coming over the sandman.

The sand on the sandman’s body started falling off, exposing some clothes, followed by his body. Very soon, the sandman taken down by Philip had turned into a living person.

“Run quickly!” The man said to Philip before looking at the ground at his feet.

Philip followed the other party’s gaze and found that the two sandmen he blasted apart just now had turned into two corpses. They were two females, one older and one younger, seemingly mother and daughter. The girl looked very similar to the man in Philip’s hands, and Philip’s heart jolted.

Were they a family of three?

“W-What the hell is going on here?” Philip realized that the people he killed just now were not sandmen and felt mixed emotions.

As he was about to ask more questions, the man exploded and scattered into sand all over the air.

“What the hell?” Philip frowned at this sight.

It was the first time he had encountered such a strange thing.

He looked at the two corpses on the ground and found that they had also turned into yellow sand, blown away by the wind.

“Philip, something is wrong here. Let’s go first,” Laurie walked over and reminded him, and Philip nodded.

He pulled Laurie along with him and walked in the direction they came. After all, the magic circle was predefined and could only be activated when they returned to the original position.

Along the way, Philip thought about what happened. After some time, Philip suddenly froze. He seemed to have seen those three people somewhere before.

He could remember they were among the figures on the stone platform. Although their faces were not very clear, their clothes were exactly the same.

Thinking of this, Philip was startled as if he had guessed something.

“Laurie, do you think there’s a switch of identities in the ring? Those we think are the good guys are actually the bad guys, and those we think are the bad guys are actually the good guys?” Philip asked abruptly.

Laurie was taken aback, obviously confused by Philip’s remark.

After thinking about it, she suddenly jolted in realization.

”Are you saying that those three sandmen are actually the previous participants who got turned into sandmen? Someone wanted us to mistake them as the enemy and let us kill each other?” Laurie asked.

Philip nodded. This was one possibility. Otherwise, it would be impossible to explain the situation just now, but this was no time to think about it.

Philip wanted to take Laurie away first. However, a sense of crisis suddenly struck, and he instinctively pulled Laurie to roll onto the ground.

In the next second, an invisible sword energy brushed past them and slashed the ground, causing an explosion.

“Damn it, it doesn’t look like an illusion. Those invisible things really exist!”

Philip patted the dust off his body and looked at the ground. Even a fool could tell what was going on.

“Damn it, I didn’t expect this training ground to be so dangerous. Even if the organizer is shady, they shouldn’t be so irresponsiblel” Laurie was a little angry, but now was not the time for it.

That was because another invisible sword energy slashed at them again!

Chapter 3480
This sword energy separated the two apart.

Philip narrowed his eyes and looked in the direction of the sword energy. Although he could not see what was there, the other party must have regarded him as the enemy.

As he pondered, Laurie had made a move. Although her methods were not direct and forthcoming, the power of her movements was not lacking, and she actually blocked the attack of the sword energy.

Philip was more curious about Laurie’s identity now because not only did she know a little about everything, but she was also very skilled.

An idea popped into his mind. He wanted to see how powerful Laurie actually was.

“Let’s act separately and see if we can catch this thing.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Philip jumped high into the air. He looked like a big eagle with its wings spread wide open, and his purpose was to have an overview of the entire Devil’s Courtyard.

Although the Devil’s Courtyard was surrounded by gloomy vibes, he could vaguely see a tower-like building in the distance. It also exuded a strange vibe from time to time.

Philip immediately realized that the three people earlier were probably affected by the strange power in the tower and turned into sandmen.

The sword energy that attacked the two of them just now probably produced this effect due to the different latitudes of space.

If Philip guessed correctly, it should also be due to the influence of this tower.

With that thought in mind, Philip flew to the tower.

Seeing this scene, Laurie felt a little unhappy. She knew that Philip was strong, but he was so lacking in grace.

It was so ungentlemanly of him to leave her here alone to face that sword energy.

However, when she saw Philip using his life energy to fight against the vaguely solid power, she realized that the person standing in front of her constantly launching sword energies had slowly revealed his true colors.

At this time, she suddenly realized that Philip had seen through the problem in this place and found its weakness.

Fortunately, she immediately figured out something was wrong because it should not be so easy to crack the secrets of the Devil’s Courtyard.

Even so, the approaching person did not allow her to think too much. The man in front of her looked like a swordsman.

When he saw Laurie clearly, he was also taken aback for a moment.

“Are you also here for the Heroes Conference?” the swordsman asked Laurie.

Seeing him stop, Laurie halted too.

She pursed her lips and said, “Of course, I am. Why else would I be here?”

Although Laurie’s tone was not very polite, the swordsman did not take it to heart and swung his sword into the sheath.

“I can’t be bothered to argue with a young girl like you. Forget it. It’s your luck for us to bump into each other. Hand over your token!”

Laurie was startled by the swordsman’s remarks.

She asked in puzzlement, ”What token? The Heroes Conference hasn’t started yet, has it?”


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