The First Heir Chapter 3462-3470

Chapter 3462
The old man bowed to Philip and refused to get up no matter what Philip said, and Philip could do nothing about it.

“My lord, you don’t have to compensate me. It’d be my honor if you can visit my shop more often in the future!” The old man explained, and Philip nodded upon hearing this.

It seemed that the old man was frightened out of his wits today, so Philip threw the check on the counter without a word and left with the ladies.

They were just out for dinner, and no one expected things to turn out this way, but it did not matter since Philip would not be here for long.

Any trouble he caused was fine. As long as he got the Multidew Herb, nothing else mattered to Philip!

Philip and the others did not return to the hotel but wandered on the streets instead, buying some things and relaxing.

“Say, did you have any idea what happened just now?” Laurie could not help asking.

Philip nodded upon hearing that as answer, not intending to hide it from them.

”I did, but I was curious about your ability, so I took that opportunity to observe you. I didn’t expect to frighten you, so I’m really sorry and hope you don‘t blame me,” Philip explained.

Laurie shook her head, not blaming Philip at all.

At the same time, she was a little interested in Philip’s honesty. After all, few people told the truth in front of her.

“It’s best if you don’t mind. If you’re unhappy, let me buy you a drink.”

Seeing that Laurie did not look too good, Philip spoke up.

Although Philip was strong, he was not proficient at dealing with a relationship with the opposite gender, so he said the first thing that came to his mind.

“Pfft!” Laurie could not help laughing.

She did not expect Philip to be so bad at picking up girls. He showed no subtlety whatsoever.

Philip felt a little embarrassed. He had no idea what to say, so he simply shut up.

Seeing this, Laurie stopped laughing and said, “You don’t often chat with girls, do you?”

Laurie asked with a smile, and Philip nodded upon hearing that.

“You’re right. I don’t have many friends of the opposite sex, and I’m always busy with other things, so I’m not very good at chatting with girls,” Philip explained frankly.

“Haha, I can’t believe you have such an embarrassing side to you!” Dion could not help saying.

Philip scowled, ‘Why was this embarrassing?’

“Cut it out!” Laurie reprimanded Dion before smiling at Philip

There was a trace of pity in her smile.

Why was there pity?

“Okay, let’s change the subject. My friend told me that the Heroes Conference will be starting soon, but the event this year has changed a lot compared to the past. Are you ready for it?”

Laurie changed the subject, and Philip was taken aback when he heard that.

Changes in the Heroes Conference?

He did not know about that. After all, he did not know many people, so that was not unusuaL

However, Philip was a little curious about Laurie’s background now.

Before this, she said it was her first time going down the mountain, but this time, she said she met a friend, which simply did not add up.

Chapter 3463
However, Philip did not call Laurie out on it. After all, this matter had nothing to do with him.

If Philip tried to get to the bottom of it, he probably would not find anything out and would be mocked by Dion on top of that.

“Okay, I don’t know much about these things, so I hope you can help me out by then,” Philip smiled and said to Laurie, who nodded.

For some reason, Philip felt that the other party seemed to be blushing!

“Is it an illusion?” Philip muttered.

It was not convenient to verify it, so he passed it off as an illusion. However, he had to admit that Laurie’s blushing face made Philip’s heart flutter a little, but just for a heartbeat.

He promptly put aside this idea and continued to chat with Laurie. Very soon, they returned to the hotel, and Philip lay on his bed, thinking about something.

At this time, the thief looked at Philip with a puzzled look on her face.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Philip asked curiously.

The thief was a little awkward, apparently at a loss after being caught by Philip.

“I’m just curious about what kind of person you are. You give me a special feeling,” The female thief explained, and Philip nodded.

She was not the only person who had said this.

“As for your doubts, I can only say that I’m an ordinary person, nothing else,” Philip explained, and the female thief nodded without further comment.

Philip was merciful enough not to kill her this time, so she dared not ask for more. As for what would happen next and who Philip was, these were not things she should consider.

The female thief stopped talking while Philip lay on the bed, lost in thoughts.

Before he knew it, a day passed, and Philip woke up the next morning.

Noisy voices were heard outside the room. Philip was not sure what happened, so he got up and went out to have a look. It turned out that it was the first audition for the Heroes Conference.

“The first audition?” Philip muttered, feeling a little excited.

Was the Heroes Conference finally here?

‘Thanks heavens…’

He had waited for so long, and fortunately, it was not in vain.

Philip pondered for a moment before he bought some breakfast and went back to the hotel. After distributing breakfast to everyone, he started eating.

“What do you think of the Heroes Conference this time?” Laurie was eating the breakfast bought by Philip and could not help asking.

“Not much, but I feel that this Heroes Conference will be quite unusual. Of course, it’s just a guess. I don’t know the specifics.”

Philip replied, and Laurie nodded.

Indeed, the Heroes Conference was a bit strange this time. Based on past experience, it would not be so noisy.

The Heroes Conference should be only attended by heroes, but it looked quite messy now, and people could not help second-guessing it.

“It’s my first time participating, so let’s wait and see,” Philip added, and Laurie nodded.

It was her first time participating too, so she would not think too much about it.

“If that’s the case, we can be teammates before it begins. Once it begins, we can help each other out too. As for the ranking, it doesn’t matter as long as we get what we need,” Laurie said.

Chapter 3464
“That’s right. Everyone is here for the prizes, so we should unite. If we meet each other in the competition, we can hold back a little, as long as it doesn’t affect the ranking,” Philip said.

Everyone nodded upon hearing that.

Humans were creatures of emotions, after all. No matter how grand an event was, everything was rigged behind the scenes. As long as people were present, there must be something behind the scenes, so this was nothing unusual.

“In that case, we can be considered allies, but others are probably doing the same too,” Laurie said

Philip nodded as he agreed with her words.

The Heroes Conference this time had probably attracted many powerful people, and there would be many cliques among them. Whatever they could think of, the other party could definitely think of it too, so they had to take advanced precautions!

“Let’s not worry about others. After all, many people have not arrived yet. We don’t need to plan ahead. Let’s just take one step at a time and act accordingly,” Laurie said.

Philip was startled upon hearing that. Indeed, since the other party had not arrived, there was no need for such precautions, so he nodded.

“I think Laurie has a point. What do you think?” Philip said.

Dion had no objections. As for the female thief, she had not spoken a word so far, so she had no objection either.

“That’s settled, then. You don’t have to worry too much. The Heroes Conference is only a few days away. The exact timing hasn’t been revealed, but it should be within these two days. Everyone should take a good break,” Laurie said.

Everyone was taken aback hearing that.

“Within the next two days? Laurie, are you sure?” Philip could not help asking.

Although they were already here, he did not know much about the Heroes Conference.

“That’s right. I met an old friend, and his words can be trusted,” Laurie replied.

Philip made no comment and simply nodded.

“Since it’s Laurie’s friend, it can’t be too far from the truth. However, it still doesn’t feel right. How can ordinary people know about this Heroes Conference?” Philip muttered inwardly and pondered.

However, as for what was wrong, Philip could not figure it out.

After thinking about it, he gave up. He just had to take one step at a time and not worry about such things. If anyone was really up to something, he had many ways to deal with it.

With that thought in mind, Philip put aside his worries and invited everyone for drinks. They would worry about those things later! Everyone got drunk and was carried back.

As for Philip, he looked at the empty bar counter and fell into deep thought.

After a long time, he finally realized that a person had appeared in front of him at some point.

Chapter 3465
This person’s face was obscured by black strips of cloth, which made him look very strange, but from his figure and general appearance, he was most likely local.

“Who are you?” Philip asked coldly.

The other party did not reply but drank his wine, looking at Philip with a contemptuous smile at the same time.

“So it’s you. This is really not worth my time, but since I’m here, let me tell you that you’re too weak to even be called trash!” The man in black said lightly before his figure disappeared in a flash.

“You want to leave? How can it be so easy? How dare you leave after putting on a show like that?” Philip snorted coldly.

He did not say anything before because he wanted this guy to say his piece.

Who knew that this guy would run after saying that?

Philip chased after him without further ado and struck him. The latter quickly dodged but still got hit.

With a bang, the latter fell from the air and disappeared, not even leaving behind a speck of dust.

“This is the outcome of being pretentious,” Philip said flatly and looked around, making sure no one was there before he got up and left.

“This is boring, being ridiculed as soon as I get here. But since nothing happened, everything should be fine, right?”

Philip mumbled before he returned to the hotel.

The others were practicing at this time.

Seeing this, Philip returned to his room and slept.

Philip’s sleep lasted until the next day. When he woke up groggily, everyone had disappeared, and he was the only one in the room at this time.

‘What the heck! How long have I been asleep?’ Philip was a little taken aback.

He got up and checked his body.

After seeing that he was fine, he looked around. However, he did not find anything, not even a single person, which made him very puzzled.

After a short break, he got up and went outside. He was stunned for a moment.

In front of Philip, the entire city was almost destroyed. Smoke billowed everywhere, and bodies were scattered all over the ground. Gravel and broken walls littered the streets, showing the extent of this tragedy.

“What the hell is going on here?” Philip was confused.

He looked around and found no living thing within his scope of detection.

“Damn it, even Laurie and Dion are gone. What the hell is going on?”

Philip could not help cursing and felt troubled. He had no idea what happened.

“This is weird. How did this happen after just one night of sleep? What happened?” Philip muttered.

He could not figure out what was going on after thinking for a long time, so he simply stopped thinking about it.

He got up and went outside the hotel. As soon as he walked out, a pungent smell washed over him, making Philip cough for a long time.

“Damn it. That smell is so choking!”

Philip cursed and continued to explore the surroundings without paying any heed.

To be honest, he refused to believe that he had traveled through time after waking up, so there was only one possibility, he was probably confounded by something!

”Philip, why aren’t you moving?” As Philip pondered, a clear female voice rang out.

Philip followed the voice and saw Dion.

Philip looked at Dion with the little white cat in her arms, making a cute sight. However, Philip did not think the other party was cute at this time because he was not sure if he could survive.

It was fine if that was really Dion, but if she was fake, probably no one would know even if he died!

“Philip, come on. Why are you standing there?” As Philip pondered, that voice rang again.

Philip was stunned and wondered where he was.

“Damn it, no matter where this place is, I need to leave!” Philip muttered and started thinking.

Chapter 3466
While thinking, Philip looked for the voice in front and walked over to see if it was Dion.

However, after walking for a long time, he found that the sound was still far away from him, and he seemed to be walking on the same spot. This shocked Philip.

What was wrong with him?

After walking for a while longer, Philip decided to stay put. There was no point in walking further, and Philip felt as if he was trapped in an illusion at this time, but he did not encounter any strange things.

How did he enter the illusion in the first place?

Who did this to him?

Could it be that strange guy in cloth strips?

Had Philip not killed him?

“You guessed it right, but there’s no reward,” A familiar voice sounded.

The surrounding environment became clear, and a figure appeared not far from Philip in the next second.

He was none other than the guy who was drinking and taunting Philip earlier, and as expected, this guy was still alive.

“You had already cast the illusion when l attacked you, hadn’t you?” Philip could not help asking, and the latter nodded.

“Indeed. I didn’t expect you to figure it out so quickly. Unfortunately, it’s useless. You can’t leave this place. Many people like you have ended up being trapped to death here,” The person replied.

He crossed his arms and sized Philip up.

He then smiled and continued, “I’m really looking forward to seeing how long you can last. After all, how can you survive without any food and resources?”

“I’m not sure either, but I’m sure I can leave if I kill you,” Philip said with a smile.

The other party shook his head hearing Philip’s words.

“This isn’t my real body. You can’t kill anyone in the illusion. If I were you, I’d choose to conserve some strength,” the man said evenly.

The man promptly disappeared, and Philip was the only one around with no trace of other people.

‘Damn it, who is this guy? Why did he do this to me? Was he sent by that family I encountered earlier?’ Philip frowned and analyzed, unable to figure things out for a moment.

In addition, Philip realized that as the other party said, everything was cut off here. Even the air was extremely scarce, let alone other things.

A practitioner would not be able to last long here. After all, practitioners were human too, not gods. No one could last without food and oxygen.

”Am I really trapped here for good?”

Philip felt indignant and gathered all his strength before smashing the ground. Since he did not know the way out, it was no big deal to create a way out. After all, his strength was comparable to ten people!

There was a loud bang.

After Philip struck the ground, it exploded, and the surface within a radius of several hundred meters was overturned in an instant. Philip had blasted out a deep pit just like that.

Chapter 3467
However, that was all, and nothing else happened. Not to mention a way out, but there was not even a ripple.

“Damn it!” Philip could not help swearing at this sight.

He crossed his arms and started thinking. It seemed that he could not rely on his strength now and could only wait.

Meanwhile, in a mountain forest outside, Philip stood quietly in an open space. There was a handprint on the ground, which was obviously done by him.

“Are you still resisting? But what else can you do to a surreal illusion like this?” The man with cloth strips looked at Philip and sneered as he held a golden token in hand.

This token was obviously the one given to Philip by Sophie earlier, and the man was very interested in it.

“The lad who can make that woman take the initiative to give him the token is nothing to shout about,” The man muttered as he fidgeted with the token before putting it away.

He was about to leave. He had lost interest in Philip because, in his opinion, Philip was already a dead man.

“Are you leaving already?” Just as the man was about to leave, a woman’s voice sounded.

In the next second, the female thief caught by Philip suddenly appeared in the forest.

“What else should I do? Stay here for caring him?”

The man looked at the other party and said lightly. Obviously, they knew each other.

“You trapped him in the illusion. If he doesn’t come out, the consequences will be very serious,” The female thief looked at Philip’s condition and said to the man, her tone more like a reminder.

“Oh? Do you want to save this guy? Or are you afraid of that woman’s revenge?” The man asked with a frown, and the female thief shook her head.

“No, I’m afraid of this guy’s revenge. I have a feeling that the illusion can’t trap him. Just think about it. People stronger than you have died in his hands, not to mention your unorthodox methods,” the female thief reminded.

The man scowled upon hearing that. Of course, he knew the stronger person the woman was talking about. It was none other than the elder sister of the man in white who Philip killed earlier.

“At this point, it’s useless to say anymore. If you want to let him go, go right ahead. I don’t intend to fool around with you anymore. If not on the account that we belong to the same guild, I wouldn’t have come here to save you,” The man answered flatly and turned around to leave.

However, a cold light suddenly appeared in the sky and knocked him aside.

“You can’t go.” Laurie appeared not far away, and the cold light in her hand dissipated slightly.

Her face was full of murderous intent, obviously driven to kill.

“Let Philip go and I may consider sparing your life!” Laurie said coldly.

With her strength, if she really wanted to keep the other party from leaving, it would not be a problem.

When the man saw Laurie and felt her strength, his face turned grave. He did not expect someone to find this place.

Thinking of this, the man’s eyes fell on the female thief.

“Did you expose this location?” The man could not help asking, and the other party nodded upon hearing this.

“Why did you do this? I came to save you, but you betrayed me? You little turncoat!” The man yelled with gritted teeth.

He did not expect to be betrayed by his teammate.

Did he just serve his head on a silver platter?

“I thought you were here for the token. I didn’t expect you to kill, and since you were exposed, there’s no way out,” The female thief explained helplessly, and the other party’s mouth twitched upon hearing that.

”Cut the crap and do your worst!” The man snorted coldly and struck Laurie through the air with strong flaming energy.

Chapter 3468
“Unrepentant fool!” Laurie snorted coldly and slashed the cold light in her hand at the opponent.

In an instant, the whole mountain forest was filled with killing intent.

Meanwhile, in Philip’s illusion, the sky suddenly changed drastically. The cold wind howled as if welcoming a brewing storm, which made Philip a little confused.

“Why is the weather in this illusion so unstable? What’s happening?” Philip muttered.

He was wondering where to find a place to shelter from the rain, but after searching for a long time, he could not find one, so he simply stopped.

”It seems that the change in the weather is related to the outside world. If l’m in an illusion, where is my real body now?” Philip thought.

He felt that his consciousness should be trapped in an illusion, not his body. However, if that were true, it would be dangerous because even a passerby could kill him!

Thinking of this, Philip could not calm down anymore. If he did not die in the hands of the strong but was slaughtered by passersby instead, he would die in utter shame. No way, he had to get out as soon as possible.

He took out Caelum Sword and slashed the air with his sword. The air was torn apart in an instant but repaired quickly. It was useless.

Of course, that was only in Philip’s opinion, because at this time outside, everyone saw Philip take out his sword and slash at the air. The sky was shrouded in sword energy, and the clouds scattered.

“Oh?” Laurie frowned at this scene, wondering how Philip was doing.

She guessed he was trapped in a magic circle, but he could still move his body. If she could contact him, it was not impossible to break the spell, but how could she contact him?

Thinking of this, Laurie knocked the man back with a strike of her palm and rushed to Philip in several flashes.

However, how could the man allow that?

It was already quite difficult for him to deal with her. If Philip really got out, there was no need to fight anymore. He could just commit suicide. Hence, the man took out his weapon without further ado. It was a sharp hook with barbs, and he threw it at Laurie.

Laurie sensed the danger behind her and instinctively dodged. The hook scraped past her body and pierced into a tree, which shattered in an instant.

“So close!” Laurie was startled as the tree turned black in the blink of an eye.

Laurie frowned. This thing was poisonous!

“I should have brought that little white cat if I knew earlier.” Laurie muttered, but she did not stop.

She came to Philip and put her hand on his shoulder.

“Philip, are you alright?”

Laurie asked anxiously, but Philip did not respond. He did not hear Laurie’s words at all, but he felt something touching him.

“Damn it, has someone found me?”

Chapter 3469
Philip felt as if someone touched him and immediately touched his shoulder. He felt a delicate hand as if it belonged to a woman.

“Did a woman find me? What if she thinks that I’m handsome and has thoughts about me?” Philip could not help his thoughts running wild.

In the next second, his body was pulled violently, and he fell to the ground in an unsteady heap. There seemed something strange under his body. It was soft and comfortable.

“Isn’t this going a little too fast?” Philip was a little stunned.

What he did not know was that the man was about to attack him just now, and Laurie pulled him, resulting in his unsteady balance and causing him to pin Laurie on the ground.

“Philip!” Laurie looked at Philip on top of her and could not help blushing.

A strange feeling came over her, but before she could think about it, there was another gust of wind.

Laurie quickly pulled Philip and dodged it. The hook gouged a deep pit in the ground, still exuding a trace of heat.

“That’s close. This guy is no weaker than me, but why is he after Philip?” Laurie looked at the deep ditch and felt a lingering fear.

After thinking about it, she wanted to leave with Philip. After all, Philip was not in a good condition now. If this went on, it would be bad if he was injured. However, thinking of the man’s purpose, Laurie hesitated.

The man seemed like he was about to leave just now as if he had achieved his goal.

If she took Philip away, Philip would definitely lose something, so Laurie did not know what to do for a while.

At this time, Philip could not help moving his body a little, feeling that there was something strange with it. As his mind was trapped in the illusion, Philip did not know what was going on in the outside world.

He reached out and groped around, trying to see if he could control his body. Unexpectedly, he touched something soft, which felt good to the touch.

Philip muttered under his breath, but Laurie’s face in the outside world was as red as a tomato.

‘Huff, I don’t think he’s doing this on purpose. That’s right…’

“How interesting. Are you still in the mood to flirt with each other at this time? Hey, why don’t you follow me instead? It’s not a bad idea for you to fool around a little with me. I’m better than this piece of trash who can’t even break free from the illusion.”

At the sight of Laurie and Philip, the man could not help saying. He had to admit that Laurie was very beautiful, so much so that he was reluctant to take action against her. It would be a waste if she died.

“Dream on!” Laurie snorted coldly and picked Philip up, drawing a distance in a few flashes.

She put Philip behind a tree before rushing back to that man. She wanted to get him!

Philip felt that the touch on his hand was gone, and he was a little confused. He reached out again and touched something that felt like tree bark.

His mind raced. It seemed that he could control solid matter. In that case, Philip activated his rules of the space.

In an instant, the world in Philip’s eyes changed. Although he was still in an illusion, Philip could already explore some things in the real world with his ability. It seemed that he was in a mountain forest.

“Isn’t this the place where I killed that man with a blow? Have I been here the whole time?” Philip muttered.

He promptly found three figures around him. He could not see clearly, but through observation, he could tell that one was the female thief, one was Laurie, and the other was the man.

“Why is Laurie here?” Philip was startled but did not dwell on it.

With Caelum Sword in his hand, he aimed at the man who was fighting Laurie and slashed.

Chapter 3470
A mighty sword energy with scorching flames overturned the ground and slashed the man.

The man looked as if he had seen a ghost, and his face was full of disbelief.

“Impossible. How could this kid break my illusion?!” The man could not help yelling, but Philip could not hear him.

“Great, Philip didn’t disappoint me!”

Although Laurie was a little surprised, she was even more delighted. After all, if Philip could move freely, the pressure on her would be much less.

“Oh, I think I lost something. Right, it’s that token. What the hell did Sophie give me? Why do so many people want it? It was the female thief before and the man this time.” Philip muttered before his eyes lit up.

‘Were the female thief and the man in the same gang?’

‘However, why were they after this token? Was it related to Sophie?’

‘The identities of these people…’ Philip pondered, and all his thoughts suddenly connected.

‘Was it possible that these people were related to that man-made woman covered in runes?’

‘Were they from the same organization?’

“If that’s the case, many things can be explained,” Philip muttered.

The Caelum Sword in his hand pierced into the ground in an instant, and cracks appeared, gushing with scorching heat.

“Damn it!”

Seeing Philip attacking him again, the man was startled. Knowing that it was impossible to kill this guy today, he turned to run.

However, Laurie would not allow him to escape so easily. She knocked him back with one palm, and the scorching heat approached, engulfing the man in an instant.

”Argh!” Screams of anguish from the man resounded throughout the mountain forest and startled flocks of birds.

“Still alive? Is he a cockroach?” Philip frowned.

Although Philip could not hear, he could tell whether the other party was alive or not.

The other party’s breathing was a little sluggish, he was not dead yet.

“Kid, if you piss me off, I’m going to kill you!” At this time, the man’s screams had stopped, and his hoarse roar resounded through the mountain forest like a thunderstorm.

After the smoke dispersed, a giant with a height of nearly ten meters appeared in front of everyone.

This person was covered in scorched black soil and had a black hook in his hand, looking like a death god with murderous intent.

“A mutant? Or was he modified?” Although Philip could not hear the other party, he was sure he was not saying anything nice, so Philip frowned.

This guy gave Philip a sense of oppression. Although it was not strong, it did exist. Very few people could make Philip feel oppressed, and each one was a formidable opponent.

”He doesn’t seem easy to deal with. With Laurie’s strength, I’m afraid she’ll be injured.”

As Philip pondered, he waved to Laurie, wanting to call her back.


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