The First Heir Chapter 3451-3461

Chapter 3451
”How is it possible? How can you still move freely?” The woman looked at Philip in disbelief.

She had used this method no less than dozens of times and had never missed.

Why did she fail now?

She had stolen a lot of good stuff with this method and escaped unscathed every time. That was why she could wear branded clothes as a thief.

They were easy pickings!

“Nothing is impossible. Your mistake was bumping into me. And now I’m curious. Why did you take this token?” Philip asked, puzzled.

He had many good things on him, so why did this woman take this token given by Sophie?

Was there anything special about it?

“Cut the crap and kill me if you want! I won’t tell you anything!” The woman looked at Philip and said coldly, looking as if she was resigned to her death.

But Philip was in no rush upon seeing this. He struck the woman on her chest, and energy poured into the latter’s body in an instant.

The woman promptly realized that she could not utilize her elemental power now.


“Don’t be surprised. I just need you to behave,” Philip said blandly and was about to drag the woman back to the cabin when he was stopped by someone.

“Hey, don’t you dare to run away! I‘m going to kill you today!” The young man whose arm was broken by Philip said viciously.

He had scrambled up from the floor and got a dagger from somewhere. The dagger glowed with a green light as it stabbed Philip’s back.

Philip frowned slightly and without looking back. He threw a toothpick, which pierced through the other party’s head in an instant, freezing him in place.

A few seconds later, he fell to the ground with a thud, as dead as a doornail.

The onlookers trembled and looked at Philip’s back with fear in their eyes.

Many people were shocked by Philip’s decisive killing.

“Will you be in trouble for killing that guy?” Laurie walked up to Philip and asked.

She was obviously a little worried about Philip’s safety. After all, she was not a fool and could tell that the young man had some background.

“He kept messing with me time and again. He asked for it. As for trouble, there’s no problem.” Philip said lightly, obviously unconcerned.

If there was trouble, he just had to kill again.

“Uh…” Laurie was dumbfounded.

It seemed that her worry for this guy was unnecessary.

Seeing Philip’s indifferent attitude, she could not say much either. She looked curiously at the woman being dragged away by Philip and felt at a loss.

After all, she was woken up from her sleep just now and had no idea what happened.

However, she believed in Philip’s character even though they just met not long ago. He would not do anything outrageous or kill for no reason.

Philip came to his seat and discussed with a passenger to change seats. He wanted the thief to sit next to him, which was safest.

The passenger nodded obligingly, and Philip started to rest.

Although the poison was not very toxic, it still affected him to a certain extent. The Heroes Conference would be held soon, so Philip had to make sure he was in perfect shape.

Chapter 3452
At this time, the little white cat looked at Philip curiously before it jumped from his shoulder to his hand.

It looked at the wound and shook its head, and a puzzled look crossed its eyes. It stuck out its tongue and tentatively licked the wound. In the next second, its eyes lit up as if it had eaten something delicious. It started to frantically lick Philip’s palm.

Philip looked down at the strange touch and was confused by the little white cat’s action.

What was that little thing doing, eating poison?

“What the heck? Don’t poison yourself to death!” Philip exclaimed and tried to push the cat aside, but he was stunned the next second.

He found that his wound had healed and the poison had disappeared completely as if nothing had ever happened before.

“Did the little thing do this?” Philip looked at the little white cat that was still unsatisfied and felt doubtful.

This was his first encounter. After all, even if there was an antidote, it was impossible to recover so quickly.

Philip asked the female thief next to him for some poison. Of course, the other party refused to give it to him, but Philip found it and poured it into the little white cat’s mouth.

The cat licked its lips after eating and jumped onto Philip’s shoulder, purring loudly.

Philip was taken aback before he realized that he seemed to have picked up a treasure.

‘This little guy is amazing. It eats poison like it’s a snack…‘ Philip mumbled under his breath, not paying any attention to the shocked look on the thief’s face.

After observing for a while, Philip found that the cat was tired, so he stopped and started dozing off instead. However, he did not fall asleep.

Firstly, it was not safe here, and secondly, he was afraid that the thief would run away.

He did not know what the function of the token Sophie gave him was or what it represented, but the thief seemed aware, so he had to keep her with him for now.

In another private room, two young men looked at the body of the rich young man on the side and scowled darkly as if they were worried about their fate.

“Hey, what should we do? If we tell the patriarch, can we still live?”

“What else can we do? If we don’t tell the patriarch, what should we say when they ask us about it once we arrive?”

“Can we say he went missing?”

“Bullsh*t! Even an idiot wouldn’t believe that. You’re amazing for thinking that up. How could a living person go missing?”

The two pondered and finally reached an agreement to put all the blame on Philip. They were seriously injured too, so if they played this right, they might still survive.

“Now that the young master is dead, the patriarch must have received the news. After all, he has a life card linked to him, so we can only follow the plan,” a young man spoke and the other nodded.

They quickly contacted the family.

Far away in a luxurious manor on the first continent, an old man received the news of the rich young man’s death. He promptly opened his eyes, and strong energy pressure permeated the air instantly.

Chapter 3453
“Who dares to kill my grandson? They’ll pay for this!” The old man said coldly, and a murderous aura made everyone around him breathless.

“Send someone to keep an eye on the major ports and find the murderer. Find the two useless men too and feed them to the dogs!” The old man said angrily, and a group of people left the manor.

Philip had no idea about this. He was still chatting with Dion and Laurie leisurely.

Dion was not interested in Philip but rather in Philip’s little white cat, and Philip had a flash of inspiration.

“Why don’t I appoint you as a poop-shoveling officer and you can help me raise this cat?” Philip spoke, and Dion was taken aback when she heard that.

“What post is a poop-shoveling officer?”

As Dion had never set foot in the mundane world since she was a child, she was not familiar with modern popular terminology.

She asked Laurie beside her, but she had no idea as well.

“Uh, don’t worry about such details. This cat is yours now, but I have a request. You need to feed it some poison every day,” Philip reminded them, and Dion and Laurie were startled.

”P-Poison?” Dion did not know that the little white cat was resistant to poison, so she asked in surprise, but Philip nodded with certainty.

“Feed it to the cat like it’s a snack. It’s not an ordinary kitten, so don’t worry.”

As Philip explained, the two were relieved, but they were more interested in the purring little white cat now.

They chatted idly, and after some time, they found that it was dawn and the ship had docked, so they began to disembark.

Looking at the vast land in front of him, Philip took a deep breath. This was the first continent.

‘I hope things will go well…‘ Philip muttered, but as soon as he finished speaking, he felt several eyes locked on him.

He looked around instinctively and found many people in the crowd looking at him.

“Are that guy’s people here already? That’s fast.” Philip muttered but paid no heed.

He chatted with Laurie and Dion, only to learn that they had nowhere to go. Thus, the three of them found a hotel and checked into a room. After all, they did not know anyone else here, so it was safer for the three of them to be together. As for the thief, Philip took her along, and those who did not know would think she was a follower.

“Say, just kill me or let me go!” The thief looked at Philip and said angrily, and Philip responded with a smile.

“You want to kill me, but I’m not angry, so why should you be angry instead? As long as you answer my questions, I’ll make it quick for you. What do you think?” Philip sat in the room and said to the thief with a smile.

The latter pursed her lips when she heard the words but said nothing.

Philip was in no hurry to interrogate her and simply left her in the room. After all, her strength had been locked by Philip and she could not do anything.

Now, Philip had to deal with those eyes in the dark. He felt uncomfortable being stared at all the time. No one enjoyed prying eyes, so it was better to deal with this first.

He left the hotel and headed to a remote area.

Not long after, Philip stopped. More than a dozen people followed not far behind him, and their strength was not bad.

“Is that all?” Seeing this, Philip muttered under his breath and was curious about the identity of that young man.

It seemed that the other party targeted him as soon as he got off the ship, so they should not be underestimated.

“Young man, come with us.” The leader of the group stepped forward and said coldly to Philip, implying that Philip would die if he refused!

Chapter 3454
”I’m curious to know who you are. Why did you follow me as soon as I got off the ship? If you want me to go with you, shouldn’t you announce yourself first?” Philip asked lightly, and his calm demeanor startled them.

“Kid, you should know the answer. You killed the young master of our family. Of course, we’ll keep an eye on you. As for who we are, you’ll know after you come with us. Don’t worry, we won’t kill you!” The leader said, and a slender whip with sharp barbs appeared in his hand.

If he hit someone, he could definitely tear off a piece of flesh from the other party.

“Okay then, I’ll go with you,” Philip replied indifferently.

He was quickly surrounded and led in one direction. He got into a car that finally stopped after a long time.

Philip got out of the car and looked around. It was a modern manor with a stone signboard at the door with the words ’The Finn family’. It was very grand but nothing more than that.

‘The Finn family… Is the person I killed a member of the Firm family? Well, I’ve never heard of them.‘ Philip mumbled and followed those people inside.

He came to the main hall where an old man was drinking tea.

Seeing Philip being brought in, a murderous aura exploded from him.

Philip frowned slightly, glanced at the old man, and asked, “Are you that kid’s family member? Why did you ask me to come here?”

Seeing Philip asked lightly, the old man snorted coldly as reply.

“Are you the one who killed my grandson? You’re very bold and gutsy, but you shouldn’t have killed my grandson. Don’t even think about leaving here today!” The old man snorted coldly and waved his hand.

In an instant, two figures rushed toward Philip.

Philip took a step back and punched the figures.

The two figures were knocked away, and Philip finally saw that they were two women in black dresses.

“I think it’s better for you to take action in person. After all, your grandson is quite lonely down here. Should I send you down to accompany him?” Philip asked.

The old man almost died of anger upon hearing that.

He roared angrily, “Kill him!”

At his command, the two women in dresses rushed at Philip again with two short sticks in their hands.

Fiery red auras glowed on the black sticks, revealing that these women were also of the fire element.

Seeing this, Philip dared not let his guard down. Caelum Sword came out of its sheath in an instant and fought with the four short sticks.

With a bang, a flame flashed in the hall, and the ground under Philip’s feet exploded.

“What mighty strength!” Philip frowned.

He had underestimated these two women. Philip’s arm was slightly numb from the impact, but that was all.

Philip retracted Caelum Sword and kicked one of them. The latter raised a short stick in a block.

Again, with a bang, Philip sent her flying with a kick.

Before Philip pulled his leg back, another woman at the side threw a whip kick directly at Philip, which carried a strong fire elemental aura on it.

Philip raised his arm in a block.

Chapter 3455
Another bang, and Philip was kicked out of the hall and staggered a dozen steps back before he steadied himself.

At this time, the clothes on his arms had long been burned to ashes.

“Another shirt is ruined. You have to pay for this!” Philip looked at his clothes and muttered ruefully.

Philip disappeared with the Caelum Sword in hand and reappeared behind the woman who kicked him in the next second, his sword dripping with blood.

The woman looked at her chest in disbelief. Blood was gushing from a wound the size of a palm, but she could do nothing about it.

A few seconds later, she fell to the ground, lifeless.

“Elder Sister!” At this time, the other woman rushed out of the hall. Seeing the woman who fell on the ground, she exclaimed and threw two short sticks at Philip.

Philip swung Caelum Sword around to cut the two short sticks, which exploded and engulfed Philip in flames.

The flames disappeared quickly, and Philip dusted the ashes off his body, looking a little disheveled. His eyes fell on the woman holding the corpse.

“I’m going to kill you today!” Looking at the lifeless woman in her arms, she gnashed her teeth and yelled to Philip.

“Right back at you. The Finn family has offended me. Since you’re willing to work for them, you can only die!” Philip said coldly and put away the Caelum Sword.

After that, waves of energy flowed around his hands.

“Back off. I’ll handle this myself!” At this time, the old man sitting in the hall could no longer hold back.

In his opinion, if the fight continued, the woman would die in Philip’s hands, so he had no choice but to take care of this matter himself.

“Oh? An old man like you should just stay on the sidelines. Why do you want to join in? Are you tired of living?” Philip said lightly.

The old man scowled upon hearing this, and a long green stick appeared in his hand.

”I’ll definitely beat you to death today!” The old man said coldly as bursts of green aura swirled around his body.

He struck at Philip through the air, and a green shadow of the stick attacked Philip.

Philip blocked the attack with a palm. A huge explosion resounded throughout the manor and rumbled for a while. He stood steadily in place, but a deep hole had been blasted around him.

That old man’s attack was very powerful, and Philip frowned as he stood in the hole.

Philip had underestimated this old man. If not for the Three Phase God-Demon Technique he had been practicing, he would have suffered internal injuries from the shock!

“But that’s nothing to shout about. I’ll use you to hone my skills today?” Philip snorted coldly.

He had been busy and had not improved his Three Phase God-Demon Technique to the second level, so he would use this old man to practice his skill today.

Who knew if it might succeed?

Philip activated the Three Phase God-Demon Technique, and his aura changed in an instant, exuding chills.

He frowned slightly, a little puzzled. It was not like this when he practiced before, so why did it change today?

However, he had no time to think about it. The Three Phase God-Demon Technique was a self-practice method with no attack effects, but it could enhance other techniques. Thus, Philip rushed at the old man after activating this technique.

Chapter 3456
“You think too highly of yourself!” The old man sneered as if he could already see Philip’s death.

“I’ll beat you to death today to avenge my grandson!”

As the old man said that, green rays of light burst out from his eyes, and bursts of lightning flowed on the long stick in his hand.

In a flash, the old man appeared in front of Philip.

Seeing this, Philip struck out without reservation as the old man swung his stick at Philip.

In an instant, a dazzling light burst into the sky above the manor. A few seconds later, the light dissipated. Philip and the old man took a few steps back, both looking a little disheveled.

Philip was still okay, but his clothes were unsightly after the fight, and the old man was bleeding from all his orifices, looking a little pathetic.

“How is it possible? Who are you? Why do you have such strong star-level talent?” The old man looked at Philip in shock.

He thought Philip was just an overconfident kid and did not expect him to be so strong. He was at the peak of seven stars, but he lost after just a few exchanges.

Was this kid eight stars?

“It’s because you’re too weak and you’re throwing your weight around just because of your age. Don’t you know your grandson’s personality? Since you want to kill me without finding the truth, this is what you deserve!” Philip said coldly.

At the same time, a strange feeling welled up in his heart. Philip felt that the second level of his Three Phase God-Demon Technique seemed more accessible now. He could not pinpoint the exact reason, but it must have something to do with this fight.

‘The first phase of the Three Phase God-Demon Technique is to practice energy, so it must be related to it. Is there some energy in this old man that helped me improve my skills?‘ Philip made a guess.

Although he was not sure, it should not be too far from the truth. After all, skills would not improve for no reason. There must be something about it.

The old man did not know what Philip was thinking, but when he heard what Philip said, he became angrier and rushed at Philip without further ado.

Seeing this, Philip took a deep breath. He raised his hand in the old man’s direction, and energy began to gather in Philip’s palm.

“Damn, what is this kid going to do?!” The old man saw Philip’s movements and felt an unprecedented sense of crisis.

He cursed his luck and was about to dodge when a violent wave of energy rushed toward him in the next second.

Almost instantly, the old man was engulfed by that energy. In the next second, his body turned into ash and disappeared. Philip withdrew his hands upon seeing this.

Without a word, Philip looked at the woman with the corpse in her arms but ignored her.

He just had a grudge against the Finn family, but it was not enough for him to destroy everything in sight.

Just as Philip was about to leave, he suddenly felt a fluctuation from the place where the old man disappeared, and he stopped to observe. In the next second, Philip saw a green elemental aura rushing at him.

Soon, the green elemental aura appeared in Philip’s hands. The aura was not strong, but it carried a strong elemental power, which felt quite special.

Philip simply opened his mouth and absorbed it. In the next second, the elemental aura around him surged, and streaks of green elemental aura flowed all over his body.

He quickly absorbed the energy and expelled all residues from his body. At this time, he had successfully entered the second level of the Three Phase God-Demon Technique’s energy practice phase.

“A blessing in disguise? Not bad…” Philip chuckled and left the Finn family.

No one dared to stop him now, nor were they in the mood to do so.

Chapter 3457
The head of the Finn family was killed, and not even a corpse remained, so who would want to mess with Philip now?

If they stopped Philip now, they would not be messing with him but seeking death!

However, Philip was unaware that after he left, the woman holding her sister’s body looked at his departing back and the murderous intent in her eyes increased instead of diminished.

“I’ll definitely kill you and avenge my sister!” The woman mumbled under her breath and left with her sister’s body in her arms.

As for where she went, no one knew.

Meanwhile, Philip returned to the hotel. Laurie and Dion were practicing, so Philip did not disturb them. He returned to the room and found that the female thief was writing something.

He approached her and could not help his mouth from twitching after taking a look. This thief was actually writing a diary, full of thoughts on how to kill him. The entries were very detailed with many methods and backup plans.

“This person is a genius…” Philip could not help praising before ignoring her.

“Are you looking down on me? I’m telling you, if you don’t let me go, I’ll definitely kill you! You’ll regret your decision!” The woman put away her diary and said coldly to Philip.

Philip shrugged and said indifferently, “As long as you tell me why you want to take that token, maybe I can consider your suggestion.”

”Who knows if you’re telling the truth? Once I say it, you might still kill me. I won’t fall for your tricks. If you want to know, why don’t you just use that token?” the female thief said angrily.

Philip was startled.

When Sophie gave him the token before, she had told him how to use it, but what should he use it for?

Look for someone to play cards with him?

Play games maybe?

Should he get someone to drink with him when there was no one else?

After thinking about it, Philip forgot about the token and looked at the female thief instead. He was very curious about this woman, so he started asking.

“What’s your name? Why do you want to be a thief?”

“It has nothing to do with you. Just kill me if you want!” The female thief answered angrily, but in the next second, a sharp longsword was on her neck.

“Are you sure you want me to kill you?” Philip held the sword and looked at the woman.

The woman was obviously taken aback and swallowed nervously. “It’s better if you don’t…”

The female thief backed down promptly. Philip put away the longsword.

He said, “It’s getting late. Let’s go out for dinner.”

Philip got up and left the room, and the female thief followed. She was hungry too.

He also called Laurie and Dion along. They had just finished practicing and were a little hungry. The group of four and a little white cat walked to a tavern.

“We don’t have any money now, so it looks like we have to freeload off you again.” As they had known each other for quite some time, Laurie joked with Philip.

Philip shrugged and said, “It’s okay, I can still afford to support you.”

“Tsk, who needs your support? Don’t put it so strangely as if we’re your kept women,” Dion said in a huff.

Philip pursed his lips upon hearing that. ‘Okay, that did sound a little strange…’

Chapter 3458
While talking and joking, the group of four arrived at a restaurant with many people inside, seemingly very lively.

Philip sat in a remote corner and ordered some food. After all, they were not here to enjoy but for the Heroes Conference, so no one minded. Moreover, he was here for another reason, which was to investigate the situation.

People from different walks of life mingled in the restaurant, so maybe he could get some information.

“Isn’t the food you ordered a bit too simple? It’s all vegetables. Do you think we’re rabbits?” Dion asked in a huff, and Philip was speechless.

“Uh, if you’re a rabbit, am I a wolf? You should watch your words around a wolf,” Philip teased.

Laurie could not help laughing when she heard that, and Dion pouted.

“You, a wolf? You look more like a creep,” Dion said angrily as she petted the cat.

The food was served soon, but Philip had no intention of eating. Instead, he was listening to the voices from a private room next door.

“I believe all of you have some plans for the Heroes Conference this time.”

“Haha, it’s not bad if we can enter the top ten. We dare not think about the first spot.”

“That’s right. That spot is definitely yours, so it’s good enough for us to get into the top ten and brag about it.”

“Haha, that’s good to hear. Don’t worry, I won’t forget you guys if I win first place. But there are a few powerful opponents that I need your help to hold back a little.”

“Don’t worry about it!”

Philip frowned slightly when he heard this. It seemed that such a situation could not be avoided no matter where he went. This Heroes Conference seemed quite complicated.

“Hey, why aren’t you eating?” Seeing Philip spacing out, Dion could not help asking.

Philip jolted back to his senses and nodded before he started eating.

Very soon, everyone was ready to leave after eating their fill.

When Philip was about to pay the bill, he was stopped by a few uninvited guests.

”Hey, buddy, can you take care of these three beauties by yourself? Why don’t we help you out?” A person walked up to Philip, stopped him from paying, and said.

“Oh? How do you plan to help me out?” Philip was not anxious but asked curiously instead.

The other party smiled and several people appeared behind him, seemingly his followers.

“My name is Marty, and I’ve taken a fancy to the three ladies beside you, so I hope you’ll give them to me.” The young man said with a smile, and Philip was taken aback by his words.

He inwardly thought that it was indeed a problem to bring beautiful women out for dinner!

“Hey, buddy, to be honest, they’re all my friends. Only the cat belongs to me. If you want to chat them up, I won’t stop you. Just don’t hurt my cat,” Philip said with a chuckle.

The young man was taken aback and looked at Philip with ‘appreciation’. Then, he nodded and gave Philip a check with ten million star dollars written on it.

“Oh? An unexpected windfall? If I bump into such a situation once too many times, will I become the richest man someday?” Philip mumbled and put it away happily, while the young man walked over to Laurie.

Chapter 3459
Laurie and the others were waiting for Philip to settle the bill before leaving.

Unexpectedly, several strangers walked over, and one of them stared at them with a creepy expression on his face.

It immediately made the three women a little disgusted, but they did not say anything because they did not know what these people were doing.

“Hey pretty lady, I saw you just now and think we can be good friends. How about it?” The young man looked at Laurie and said with a smile, trying his best to look like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Laurie frowned seeing the other party’s manner.

“Sorry, we don’t know each other, and I’m not interested in getting to know you,” Laurie said lightly.

The young man’s face changed when he heard the words. Laurie had obviously insulted him.

“Why don’t we get to know each other first? You have nothing to do anyway,” the young man said with a forced smile, and there was a hint of chill in his words.

Laurie frowned and slapped the other party.

The latter staggered back, which went to show how heavy the slap was.

“Damn it! How dare you slap me, b*tch?! Take them down. I want to have a foursome tonight!” The young man cursed loudly, and those men beside him rushed toward Laurie and the others in an instant.

”How dare you?!”

Laurie snorted coldly as cold air burst from her body.

The entire restaurant was covered in cold air, and frost formed on the ground and walls, which displayed Laurie’s strength.

“Damn it, this b*tch is so strong!” The young man was very shocked.

He thought she was a pretty woman and wanted to hook up with her, but she was actually so powerful.

“Blame yourselves for courting death!” Laurie said coldly.

In the last incident, Philip was around, so it was not convenient for her to take action, but now that Philip was not here, there was no holding back!

Dion looked at her sister and could not help feeling helpless. After all, she knew her sister too well. She was apprehensive at her tendency to strike at the slightest disagreement!

‘I wonder what these guys are thinking. They deserve this for messing with us, but if Laurie kills them, will there be a problem? After all, the Heroes Conference will be held soon!‘ Dion mumbled worriedly, not sure if she should dissuade Laurie or help her.

“Forget it, there’s no point in dissuading her. Besides, those guys are the ones who started it, so it doesn’t matter if they die. But I think this is a little strange. Where’s Philip?” Dion mumbled.

She began to look for Philip everywhere and quickly found him.

That guy was eating some snacks in the corner, looking as if he was watching a show while eating popcorn, which was infuriating.

“Damn it, my sister is over here fighting. It’s fine if you don’t help, but how can you sit there and watch the show? This is too much!” Dion could not help but say as she walked over to Philip.

“Oh? Why do I feel a murderous intent? Am I wearing too little?” Philip muttered but did not think too much.

He then nodded as Laurie fought with the young man, thinking that this matter had nothing to do with him.

He should just watch on the sidelines and observe Laurie’s strength.

Chapter 3460
Laurie’s strength was really impressive.

She was able to take on the young man and his followers, and her skills were more than adept, which showed that she was not using her full strength at all!

‘I underestimated this woman. She’s so powerful, and I never realized it before. What a shame!‘ Philip muttered and continued watching the show while snacking.

Someone soon appeared beside Philip, twisted his ear, and cursed aloud.

“Are you a man? How can you watch my sister fight alone? What if she gets hurt?”

“But this matter has nothing to do with me!” Philip shrugged as if he knew nothing about this.

Dion gritted her teeth in anger, wishing she could eat Philip alive.

Everything was fine if she did not know about it before, but seeing Philip’s expression now, she was absolutely sure that this matter must have something to do with Philip!

“Bullsh*t! How does it have nothing to do with you? Even if that’s true, you brought us here, so my sister being harassed does have something to do with you!” Dion fumed.

Philip was speechless.

It seemed that he could not get out of it, so he simply got up and walked over with his snacks in hand.

“Hehe, I think you can forget about it, dude. This pretty lady doesn’t seem interested in you. Wouldn’t it be an insult to you if this went on?” Philip said to the young man.

He had no choice. The other party had given him some money, so he could not take action now.

“Hmph, this has nothing to do with you, so get lost. I’m going to take these three ladies away today. Hey, is one missing?” The young man said coldly and realized that only two women remained.

The young man could not help asking. After all, he was fighting just now and did not notice anything else.

Philip chuckled and took out his snack.

“Buddy, let’s wager on one kernel of popcorn. If you can eat this, these women will leave with you. What do you think?” Philip asked with a smile, and everyone was taken aback.

“Is this kid the person in charge of these three girls?”

“If that’s the case, they’re doomed! These three ladies have been sold out!”

“I think so too. This guy actually dares to put a wager on popcorn. What a joke. How could anyone not be able to eat a popcorn?”

Many onlookers discussed this incessantly.

Of course, the voices were not low, and Philip heard every word clearly. However, he only smiled.


How about they try it too?

Philip did not comment and kept staring at the young man, who had no idea what Philip was up to. Hence, he did not respond either.

”Is that young man afraid of this guy?”

”Maybe not. I think that guy’s a little odd, so it’s not impossible to be afraid.”

“I think the other party is up to something. With his strength, I’m sure he can’t be afraid of that guy!”

“I don’t know, but I think something is up with that guy’s popcorn. After all, if you think about it, how would a normal person have so many beauties around him? That’s obviously impossible.”

Everyone had all sorts of ideas.

Chapter 3461
Philip did not comment but kept staring that the young man who was frowning at Philip while lost in thought.

After a long time, the young man finally said, “What are you trying to do? What’s up with the popcorn?”

“Nothing’s up. I just want everyone to have some popcorn. Won’t you oblige?” Philip asked evenly.

There was no emotion in his words, and everyone was taken aback.

“Someone wants to take his women away, and he wants to offer them some popcorn?”

“Yeah, is he right in the head?”

“Uh, I don’t think so. What if he has some tricks up his sleeves?”

Many people started talking again, but Philip ignored them.

That young man felt that something was wrong.

That guy did not seem afraid of him at all!

Did he really have a strong background?

He had his suspicion about this, but he dared not deny this suspicion. If the other party really had some background, could he handle it?

With that thought in mind, the young man unconsciously picked up a kernel of popcorn from Philip’s hand and put it into his mouth. Before he could say anything, his head exploded in an instant, killing him on the spot!


“What the hell?”

“How did he explode all of a sudden?”

“Stop thinking about it and run!”

Everyone whispered, and many of them were too scared to walk.

“There’s a lot of popcorn here. Why are you guys in such a hurry to leave?” Philip looked at everyone and said with a smile.

But when the others heard Philip’s words, they immediately ran faster.

He must be joking.

Was that really popcorn?

That was the Grim Reaper’s summon!

That guy’s head exploded after eating popcorn.

Who else would dare to eat it?

“What do you guys think?”

Philip did not stop the crowd from leaving. After all, they had nothing to do with him. Instead, he turned to the thugs whose legs had turned to jelly and asked curiously.

“Uh, no, young sir, we’re just servants. You don’t have to bother about us. We’ll take care of ourselves.”

The three said in unison, and Philip nodded upon hearing that.

“Okay then, you can go. And take his body with you too. It‘ll affect the business if you leave it here,” Philip said.

The three scrambled away as if they had received the royal pardon. As for that young man’s body, they simply dragged it away. After all, he was dead, so what else could they do?

Soon, everyone left, and the once noisy restaurant suddenly became empty and deserted.

Philip found the boss.

The boss was an old man with gray hair. He thought Philip was about to rob him, so he went on his knees.

“My lord, we really don’t have much money in this small restaurant, and the total isn’t even enough to buy you one set of clothes. Please have mercy!” the old man begged.

Philip was taken aback. He had not said a word yet.

Looking at the old man’s appearance, Philip seemed to have frightened him, so he took out a check and handed it to the old man.

“I’m not after anything. I just want you to estimate the losses I’ve caused you today, so you don’t need to be afraid,” Philip explained.

The old man was stunned when he heard the words, and it took him a long time to react.


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