The First Heir Chapter 3441-3450

Chapter 3441
“What do you want to talk about? Let’s be frank. I have other things to do here,” Philip said blandly, and the other party chuckled lightly upon hearing this.

“I’m just curious how you got involved with that woman. The woman who tried to imprison you with runes isn’t a good person.” The woman said with a smile, and Philip was taken aback by her words.

He briefly told her what happened, and the woman nodded thoughtfully.

“So you don’t know each other at all, do you?” The woman asked, and Philip nodded, feeling a little depressed.

‘Damn it, why did I feel like a criminal now?’ Philip sighed.

“Cut the crap. Who are you, and why are you after me time and again? I’ve never messed with you,” Philip said coldly, and the woman nodded upon hearing that.

“Indeed, you’ve never messed with me, but I have to be cautious because that woman is not an ordinary person. A huge organization with terrifying strength stands behind her. We’ve been trying to track down their whereabouts,” The woman explained, and Philip was startled.

It seemed that he had encountered a big incident unknowingly. However, he did not want to get involved!

He had other things to do!

“I’m not interested in this. As I told you before, I met that woman by chance. I just killed her younger brother, and she wants revenge. I don’t know anything else. Stop bothering me!” Philip reminded, obviously impatient.

The woman nodded upon hearing this and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t pester you. l was just asking.”

“I told you everything I know, so I have nothing else to say. If that’s all, I shall take my leave now!” Philip said and turned to leave.

As he turned around, there was a whistling sound through the air.

Philip instinctively dodged sideways, and two cold rays swept past him and pierced through the tree trunk beside him. In an instant, the tree was reduced to ashes, exuding heat waves.

‘Two elements?’ Philip was shocked at this sight.

He did not expect to meet a practitioner with dual elements here, and these two elements were used to the extreme!

One was ice and the other was fire. The ashes on the ground were covered with frost, but strangely enough, a scorching heat covered the frost, seemingly a contrast between the north and south poles!

However, such a strong contrast integrated seamlessly, which surprised Philip. It was not the first time he encountered dual elements, but this situation was the first!

“Do you refuse to let me go?”

Philip did not think too much about it. He looked at the woman in exasperation. His aura suddenly surged as he struck her with a palm.

Seeing this, the woman smiled. In fact, she had nothing much to ask, but she was very curious about Philip, which drove her to fight Philip.

Since Philip had made his move, the woman was not to be outdone. This time, she did not use any long-range attacks but decided to fight Philip at close range.

“Have all the women gone mad? A mage has decided to become a warrior?”

Philip realized the opponent’s attack pattern and was stunned. He struck the woman’s chest, and she did the same.

With a loud bang, Philip and the woman were knocked back more than a dozen steps. The trees in the surrounding forest shattered from the impact, and the silent forest exploded with activity.

“Your hand is unruly. Sure enough, men are always up to no good!” The woman looked at Philip and teased, and Philip could not help his lips from twitching.

Chapter 3442
Hearing the woman’s words and seeing her teasing expression, Philip realized that he had met his match.

He was already shameless enough, but this woman was even more shameless, and her strength was not weak either.

She resisted one blow from him, but nothing happened to her, and she could even joke about it, which Philip never expected!

Without further ado, Philip took out Caelum Sword. Flames spread all over the sword in an instant, and Philip stabbed the sword into the ground.

Flames poured into the ground along the sword, and the ground began to crack. Hot waves of heat gushed out and spread rapidly toward that woman.

Seeing this, her teasing expression disappeared. She slammed the ground with her palm, and a cold light exploded.

A gust of frost burst out from the woman’s hand, spreading to the surroundings at a speed visible to the naked eye, turning everything into ice sculptures.

On Philip’s side, it was just the opposite. Everything touched by the heat wave was reduced to ashes. A few seconds later, the two opposing energies collided, and the whole forest fell silent for a moment.

In the next second, a burst of explosion resounded through the sky and spread in all directions. With a strong impact, the ground surface was overturned, razing everything within a radius of a few miles!

In an open space, Philip’s tattered clothes were completely gone, rendering him naked and embarrassed. The woman’s neat clothes were also wrecked, and neither of them felt any better.

“Do you want to get dressed first?” At this time, the woman looked at Philip’s bare appearance, and her face flushed red as she spoke.

Philip also blushed at her words.

‘Damn it! This is really embarrassing!’

Philip quickly changed into some clothes while the woman panted for breath. Obviously, the fight just now had wiped her out.

“I’ve underestimated you. How about being friends?”

The woman looked at Philip as he got dressed in a hurry and could not help but smile. To be honest, she held no grudge against Philip but had a rather good impression of him.

“Were we getting acquainted through a fight?” Philip fastened his belt and said with a pout.

“I’m not in the mood to make friends. We made such a big commotion here, so I need to leave. I have no other shortcomings, but I’m afraid of trouble,” Philip said as he turned to leave, but the woman stopped him.

“Don’t worry, this area is within a hundred miles of our organization’s territory. No one will cause you any trouble. You have helped us this time, so from now on, you can be considered a friend of mine. I’m Sophie. This is for you.” As the woman spoke, she threw a token to Philip, and Philip took it instinctively.

After taking a closer look, he found that the token was actually made of gold with complicated runes on it, making it look very grand.

Chapter 3443
“This is the token of my organization. If you need help in the future or if you meet someone like that woman again, you can contact us through this token. We’re very powerful and can help you with many problems,” The woman explained, and Philip nodded upon hearing that.

He took out the token that he got when he killed the woman’s younger brother and tossed it to the woman.

”This is the token I got from that woman’s younger brother. It may be useful to you.” Philip explained before he turned and left.

The woman looked at the token given by Philip before she turned around and left the forest without saying anything.

Very soon, the mountain forest calmed down again, but it had become a wreck.

Philip was on his way back. To be honest, he was a little stumped at this moment because he remembered what the woman said just now.

A radius of a hundred miles was their organization’s territory, which meant that he was still at least a hundred miles away from the previous city.

“Damn it, this is really…”

Philip could not help cursing as he rubbed his head, feeling a little confused. He thought for a long time about what to do next and finally decided to take one step at a time.

‘I need to hurry up with the Heroes Conference and special herbs,’ Philip mumbled before putting the matter aside.

After walking for some time, he came to a small stream. He then washed his face and took out Caelum Sword to trim his hair.

Philip dealt with his beard and hair and looked a lot more refreshed. He could be considered a young chap now, rather than being addressed as ‘Sir’ before, which was quite embarrassing.


As Philip spaced out, he heard a sound. Philip followed the sound and saw some fish in the stream. He was delighted.

After observing for a while, he put his hand into the stream and quickly caught two big fish.

“I’m hungry now, so I’ll fill my stomach with you guys.” Philip chuckled and built a fire to grill the fish.

Very quickly, the smell of meat wafted. Many beasts were attracted by the scent and approached but were quickly deterred by Philip’s presence.

“Seriously, I can’t even eat fish in peace without these guys thinking of snatching them from me,” Philip mumbled to himself before digging in.

He quickly finished one fish, but when he stopped, he still heard the sound of chewing. He followed the sound and found that a little white cat was gnawing on his fish frantically.

Seeing this, Philip was stunned. He did not notice the existence of this cat.

Was he careless or was it something else?

Philip picked up the little white cat the size of his palm with one hand and looked at it carefully.

The cat did not even look at Philip, still gnawing on the grilled fish that was in huge contrast with its size. It was totally immersed in eating.

“Little thing, do you think this is appropriate?” Philip tapped the little guy’s head and asked.

The latter stretched out its paw and slapped Philip’s hand away as if to say not to bother it from eating.

Philip was taken aback but did not do anything. He put it aside and let it eat slowly, while he took a break before he walked into the distance.

He had many things to handle, so he could not waste time here. Now that his belly was filled, he should hurry on his way as soon as possible.

Before Philip walked far, he felt a weight on his shoulder. He looked over and found that the little white cat that stole his fish was squatting on his shoulder.

At this time, the little white cat was licking its paws with a look of enjoyment as if it was reminiscing about the fish earlier.

Chapter 3444
“Hey, where did you come from?” Philip could not help but exclaim.

He was shocked by this little guy. It was so elusive that he did not even notice it.

Maybe he was careless the first time, but not noticing it the second time meant the problem lay with this little guy. It did not seem to be an ordinary cat!

With that thought in mind, Philip grabbed the cat and looked at it carefully. The cat did not resist and allowed Philip’s touch. After watching for a long time, Philip found that the cat was indeed a little different.

Its whole body was white, but gray patterns could be seen vaguely. It looked like a tabby cat, but its claws and teeth did not look like it.

For a while, Philip could not figure out its breed either. Since he could not discover anything, he simply ignored it. The cat was cute, so he would keep it as a pet. It would probably not eat much, and he could pass time with it.

Philip put it on his shoulder. The cat was well-behaved and did not move around. Philip walked in one direction and finally got out of the forest after a long time. A huge river lay in front of him.

Philip frowned at the river. He looked around and found no buildings, only a port with many big boats. They were seemingly prepared for crossing the river.

“Where is this place? Why is there a port?” Philip mumbled and walked to the port.

Many people were waiting to board the boat at the port. Among them, a pair of twin sisters was particularly conspicuous, mainly because they were so beautiful and caught many people’s attention.

“What are you looking at, you shameless guy? How dare you look at other girls when I’m here?”

“Hey, what are you looking at? I won’t let you into my bed if you keep looking!”

“Oh, you’re looking too. I’m heartbroken.”

At this time, many couples were reprimanded by their girlfriends, and some violent girls even took action, which went to show that this port was quite crowded.

“Sister, these people are so interesting. Didn’t our teacher say that the people at the bottom of the mountain are scary? I don’t think they’re scary but rather cute.” The younger twin chuckled to the girl beside her.

“I don’t think the teacher is talking about these people. The world is a dangerous place, and we can’t afford to be careless, but these people are very cute indeed,” The woman nodded when she heard the words and said as a smile formed on her lips.

Her smile could light up the world, and many people could not help admiring it, which caused a commotion for a while.

Philip arrived at this time. He looked at the noisy crowd and did not know what was going on, so he nudged the person beside him.

“Excuse me, where does this port lead to?” Philip asked.

Due to the noisy crowd, he did not pay attention to who was beside him. He just thought it was an ordinary person.

When he finished speaking, the people in the port stopped for a moment and looked at Philip strangely.

Philip was taken aback when he saw this.

What did he do wrong?

He looked around and saw two beauties standing beside him. His hand was still on the shoulder of one of the beauties, and it felt rather good to the touch.

“Hey, what are you doing?” The other woman exclaimed, and Philip quickly retracted his hand.

“Uh, I’m sorry I didn’t notice it just now. Sorry, it wasn’t intentional.” Philip apologized repeatedly, feeling embarrassed at the thought of being treated as a hooligan.

Sure enough, after Philip finished speaking, the other woman who spoke ran over frantically and pulled the other woman behind her.

Chapter 3445
“Huh, don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to. Do you think we’re weak women and you can bully us at will? Do you think an apology is enough for touching my sister?” The woman pursed her lips and said.

She looked very angry, and her chest heaved, making the hearts of the onlookers beat erratically.

“Uh, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean it. I just wanted to ask for directions. If I’ve offended you, please forgive me, or you can say the word if you need any compensation…”

Philip knew he was in the wrong, so he was quite apologetic and was not angry at the woman’s words. After all, he did touch her by mistake. Alas, he should have looked carefully before doing anything next time.

“Hmph, you make it seem like we’re blackmailing you. What the hell is this?”

The woman pursed her lips when she heard Philip’s words and did not know how to respond. Finally, the woman Philip touched spoke up.

“It’s fine. I don’t think you did it on purpose. Since you were asking so anxiously, where do you want to go?” the woman asked.

Compared to the other one, this woman was more steady and dignified.

Philip smiled and quickly asked where this place was. However, after the woman answered, Philip was a little stunned.

The woman said that this port led to the first continent.

Philip frowned slightly. Unknowingly, he had arrived at the right place. Since he wanted to attend the Heroes Conference, this was the right place to be.

“Are you two going to participate in the Heroes Conference on the first continent too?” Philip asked curiously.

The woman who chastised Philip earlier pursed her lips and did not say anything.

The woman whose shoulder was touched by Philip nodded and said, “That’s right. There are many prizes at the Heroes Conference, one of which I need. Are you heading there too?”

“Well, like you, I want to get one of the prizes too.” Philip explained.

The woman nodded without further comment.

As the two chatted, the other woman looked around idly, and her eyes soon stopped on Philip. To be precise, she was looking at the little white cat on Philip’s shoulder.

“What a cute little thing!” The woman exclaimed, but since it belonged to Philip and she did not have a good impression of him, she held back.

“Um, do you like it? You can play with it.” He heard her words and smiled as he handed the little white cat to the other party.

She took it carefully and smiled.

‘Sure enough, cute things like this are certainly popular with the girls,’ Philip mocked inwardly before he started to wait.

After some time, it was noon. The cabin of the big ship finally opened, and an old man walked out.

When the people in the cabin saw this old man, they became serious.

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Philip thought that this old man might be someone unusual. Otherwise, they would not be so concerned, so he started observing.

Chapter 3446
After the old man walked out and looked around, he cleared his throat and started talking.

“As there are many participants in the Heroes Conference this time, the cabins are limited. According to the past practice, each person only has to pay 1,000 star dollars, but times are different now. Anyone who wants to board the ship has to pay 10,000 star dollars, and it’s non-negotiable!”

”What? That’s an increase of ten times!”

“Damn it, this old man is just trying to make a fortune, isn’t he?”

“Shush, don’t talk nonsense. This person isn’t to be messed with.”

“10,000 star dollars isn’t that much. We can eliminate some unqualified people too.”

Many people talked softly, some happy and some sad.

Philip was not bothered about it. It was just 10,000 star dollars, and he did not lack it.

The woman who was touched by Philip looked a little unhappy because she and her sister had just come down from the mountain and did not have much money with them.

“Are you still in the mood to play with the cat? We won’t be able to board the ship now.”

The woman looked at her younger sister who was playing with the cat and felt exasperated. The latter was taken aback and realized that they had no money to buy a ticket.

”Um, what should we do, then?” the woman said in embarrassment and anxiety.

“I have some money with me. Should I pay for the two of you?” Philip quickly said upon hearing their conversation.

After all, he was in the wrong just now, so he wanted to make up for it.

“Is that really okay?” The older woman was taken aback when she heard Philip and felt a little embarrassed.

She thought it was irreverent since they only met by chance.

”Tsk, do you want to buy normal tickets for two pretty ladies? What a shame.”

At this time, an uncanny voice rang from the side and caught Philip’s attention.

Three well-dressed youths appeared in Philip’s sight. The one in the lead held a folding fan in his hand and looked like a rich young kid. He was the one who spoke just now.

“I’m talking about you, buddy. If you don’t have money, don’t try to make a fool of yourself. How dare you invite these two beauties with ordinary tickets? Shame on you.” The youth said mockingly as if he was the overlord.

“I don’t feel any shame. What other solution do you have?” Philip was not angry but asked lightly instead.

The latter chuckled lightly, looked at Philip in disdain, and approached the twin sisters.

He said, ”Two pretty ladies, I know the owner of this ship. There are good private rooms inside with all sorts of facilities. They’re quiet and comfortable too. Why don’t I invite you for a seat inside?”

The young man said with a smile, looking like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Many people showed looks of contempt at this scene, but no one dared to say anything. After all, their outfits did not seem affordable for ordinary people, so they were obviously not from ordinary families.

Many people sighed at this, lamenting that the flower would soon be tainted by soil. Even female practitioners could hardly resist the temptation of wealth, and such things were not uncommon.

“Thank you, kind Sir, but we’re not interested in your offer.” The woman who was touched by Philip said with a smile, refusing outright without beating about the bush.

Chapter 3447
The other woman nodded and said in a huff, “So what if you‘re rich? That arrogant look of yours is really annoying. Compared to you, I prefer that little hooligan.”

‘Little Hooligan?’ Philip was speechless.

Sure enough, he was branded a hooligan now, but that was okay.

”Ahem, buddy, as you can see, money is not always useful. Alas, you should go back and take a good look at yourself in the mirror.” As Philip said that, he turned around and led the two sisters toward the cabin.

The rich kid was dumbfounded for a while. After thinking about it, he felt that something was wrong and asked the two people beside him.

“What did that kid mean just now? Why should I look in the mirror?”

“Um, Young Master, he seems to be implying that you’re ugly…” A young man spoke, and the one in the lead immediately scowled darkly.

”Damn it! How dare a rotten punk like him insult me? I’m going to kill that guy and make that two women crawl onto my bed obediently!”

The young man gritted his teeth and spoke but was quickly stopped by a young man beside him.

“Young Master, this is no ordinary place. We should keep a low profile. If something happens and causes trouble for the family, it’d be bad.”

“I’ll let those three live a little longer, then. Let’s board the ship!” the young man said angrily and walked up the ship.

Philip quickly forgot about that guy. He lost all interest at the sight of his strength. He was probably just going to the first continent to watch the fun. He did not have a good impression of rich young kids like these.

“This place is a little shabby. I hope you don’t mind.” Having found the location, Philip said to the two sisters, and they shook their heads.

“Don’t worry, this is good enough. We’re here to participate in the competition, not enjoy ourselves. I have to thank you for today too. May I know your name?” The woman asked with a smile, and Philip nodded upon hearing that.

The three of them started chatting, and through the conversation, Philip learned that the elder sister’s name was Laurie and the younger sister’s name was Dion. They just came down the mountain.

This time, they were headed to the Heroes Conference in the first continent for something. Upon inquiry, Philip learned that it was a vessel, but he did not ask for the details.

Very soon, the ship set off. Philip rested on the chair leisurely, hoping inwardly that he could get the Multidew Herb this time.

The two sisters stayed there quietly. The younger sister kept teasing the little white cat, but the cat obviously disliked her. It did not even look at her.

Instead, the cat kept looking at Philip with a look of admiration in its eyes.

If Philip saw it, he would probably be very confused.

It was not just the little white cat that was looking at Philip but also the elder sister among the twins. She glanced at Philip from time to time, seemingly very curious about Philip.

In addition, three other people had their eyes on Philip too. They were none other than the three youths from earlier.

The young man in the lead watched Philip sitting with the two sisters, one on the left and the other on the right. He was extremely envious, which increased his resentment toward Philip.

“I’m going to kill you once we get off the ship!” The young man said viciously, but in the next second, a toothpick swept past his cheek and pierced into the plank of the ship, making him scream in fright.

Chapter 3448
The toothpick brushed past the young man’s cheek and pierced into the ship’s plank with a crisp sound.

A small hole was pierced through the metal, which still exuded heat.

The young man was so frightened that he almost peed in his pants. He had always been pampered and had never encountered such a thing before. He touched his cheek and found a trace of blood on his hand, obviously injured by the toothpick.

“Damn it!” The young man could hardly control himself and was about to rush at Philip but was held back by the two young men beside him.

“Forget it, it’s not convenient for us to make a move here. Let’s talk about it after we disembark tomorrow.” A young man comforted him, but his hidden meaning was mocking the other party for being ignorant of his strength.

If that toothpick was a little off, it would have gone through his head, but he still did not realize it.

If the other two were not worried about being implicated in his death, they would not care if he died.

“I’m so angry. I’ll definitely kill you!” The young man looked at Philip and said.

He then left the deck and walked into a private cabin.

Philip put down another toothpick slowly.

If that kid had not run fast, he would have given him another toothpick, but it would not be as simple as a scratch on his face this time.

Philip hated such annoying flies the most. He wanted to ignore him at first, but he was so persistent, so who was to blame?

Laurie watched as Philip put down the toothpick calmly, and her curiosity increased.

‘Who’s this person? He looks ordinary, but he’s decisive and has a good personality too.’ Laurie wondered but did not think too much about it.

As the voyage would take a while, Philip started dozing off.

He slowly woke up after a while and found that the sky had darkened.

There were fewer people in the cabin at this time. They were probably up on the deck for some fresh air. Laurie and Dion were still resting, but Dion still held the cat in her arms.

The little white cat looked pitiful. Seeing that Philip had woken up, it immediately struggled to crawl out of Dion’s arms. It ran to Philip’s shoulder and started purring.

”Why do you look so disgruntled when you were being hugged by a beautiful woman?” Philip knocked the little guy on the head.

He got up and left the cabin. He came to the deck for some air.

There were many people on the deck. Some were chatting in a group, while others were spacing out. However, everyone had something to do.

Sure enough, rivals always crossed paths.

When Philip arrived, he saw the three young men from earlier drinking and chatting. They were having a great time with two beauties beside them.

Philip ignored them and stood with his arms crossed, looking at the vast sea with a smile in his eyes.

Chapter 3449
Recent events made Philip amused.

At first, he had not decided whether to go to the Multiherb Guild of the white tiger royal family on the third continent to find the Multidew Herb or go to the Heroes Conference of the fire phoenix royal family on the first continent, but the decision was made for him.

‘Since that’s the case, I’ll just go with the flow,’ Philip muttered.

As Philip pondered, a slightly drunk woman walked by and bumped into Philip inadvertently as she passed by.

To outsiders, it was just a girl’s unintentional behavior after drinking too much. It was nothing to fuss about, but Philip frowned slightly and put a hand on the other party’s shoulder.

“Lady, it’s not good to take things from other people…” Philip said lightly.

That was right.

When this woman passed by him, he felt something was wrong because the woman did not seem drunk at all. Besides, when the woman bumped into him, he felt like he lost something. Although he was not sure, it was true that something was missing, so he took action.

“What’s wrong with you? I just bumped into you by accident. Why are you accusing me of being a thief?”

The woman’s face changed rapidly as she yelled angrily, which instantly attracted the attention of many people.

”Are you trying to bully me? Don’t think you can have your way just because I’m a girl!” The woman yelled, trying to make a commotion.

Philip frowned seeing the action the other party took.

“What’s going on?”

“I don’t know. It seems that the woman bumped into the man, and the man is refusing to let her go.”

“It can’t be. Didn’t the man say that this woman is a thief?”

“Just look at the girl’s expensive clothes. How could she be a thief? Can a thief afford that?”

“That’s true.”

Many onlookers whispered incessantly.

Some were curious, some were skeptical, and some thought Philip was a bully.

Philip was unperturbed. He stared at the woman intently with a frown, obviously unhappy.

“You’d better return the thing to me or I don’t know what I’ll do, even if you’re a woman.” Philip said emotionlessly, but those who knew Philip would realize that he was angry this time.

“What? Do you want to hit a woman?” When the two were at a stalemate, a familiar voice came into Philip’s ears.

Philip followed the voice and saw the rich kid from before.

The three approached Philip. The guy pulled the girl behind him and said righteously, ”Miss, don’t be afraid. With me around, he won’t dare to do anything.”

“Thank you…” The woman looked at the young man with tears in her eyes and said weakly, appearing pitiful.

”Dude, I won’t blame you for ruining my plan just now, but why are you bullying another girl now? You look like a beggar. What can she steal from you?” the young man looked at Philip and said with disdain.

That was right. Philip’s clothes looked normal, no different from those sold on the street. The young man looked down on him.

“If you don’t want to be humiliated, get out of here quickly. How dare you bully a weak woman?” The young man pursed his lips as if he wanted nothing to do with Philip.

Philip frowned.

“This has nothing to do with you. I’ll say this again, will you return it to me or not?” Philip spoke again, but before the woman could speak, the young man could hold back no longer and punched Philip.

”Do you really think I don’t dare to hit you?”

The young man was already angry from the earlier incident, so he could no longer hold back and threw a punch, but Philip promptly caught his arm.

Chapter 3450
The young man obviously did not expect Philip to grab his arm so quickly.

Before he could pull his arm back, it was deformed under Philip’s grasp!

“Argh!” The young howled in pain.

Philip crushed the bones in his arm in an instant, and he was down in just one exchange.

Everyone gasped at this scene, thinking that Philip looked like a gentleman but fought like a savage.

The two followers were startled when they saw this and rushed at Philip, but Philip kicked them and broke their ribs in just one blow.

The triumphant trio from before fell to the ground groaning in agony, but no one spoke up for them because their earlier attitudes had offended many people.

Some people even praised Philip inwardly because he did something no one dared to do.

“Are you sure you won’t give it back to me?” At this time, Philip stared at the woman, whose pitiful look had disappeared and was replaced by a cold demeanor.

“Oh? That young lady looked quite weak and gentle before. How did she change in the blink of an eye?”

“That’s right. She doesn’t look drunk at all. Is that young man telling the truth, then? Is that woman up to something?”

“That’s most likely it. Let’s continue watching the show.”

”Young man, I don’t want to get angry, so you’d better not mess with me. Although some things are valuable, they’re far less important than your life!” The woman said at this time, the intimidation in her words expressed clearly.

“Oh? Is that all you have to say?” Philip looked at the woman and said calmly.

He appeared in front of the woman in a flash and struck her on her head.

The latter frowned slightly and instinctively raised her arms to block the attack.

In the next second, there was a bang, and a burst of energy exploded between the two.

The sound woke everyone up.

The woman staggered back from Philip’s strike, but she was not hurt.

Philip frowned as he looked at his palm.

A small dot appeared on Philip’s palm, and it was bleeding, but the blood was black.

“Did you use poison?”

Philip’s eyes fell on the woman’s hands and found that her nails were black, glowing an eerie green under the moonlight.

They were obviously poisonous. Moreover, her nails were very sharp, not like human nails. They gave him a creepy feeling.

“Young man, you can’t save yourself now. You’d better not move around or the poison will spread even faster and you’ll die in a few minutes. Hehe, I’ll be taking this token, then.”

As the woman spoke, she took out a golden token from her pocket and shook it in the air.

At this time, no matter how foolish the onlookers were, they could tell that this woman was a thief. However, this matter had nothing to do with them, so no one interfered.

When Philip saw the gradually blackening wound on his palm, he appeared in front of the woman in a flash and strangled her neck.

“Do you really think this little poison can do anything to me?” Philip looked at the panicked woman and sneered.

Not to mention this poison, but even if it was a thousand times more lethal, Philip could just ignore it.


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