The First Heir Chapter 3431-3440

Chapter 3431
Without further ado, the snake rushed at Philip at an extremely fast speed. It arrived in front of Philip in an instant and bit his head.

“Have you brushed your teeth?”

Philip could not help scowling. He slapped the snake on the forehead, and a burst of energy burst out from the snake’s body in an instant.

The figure that was more than 30 feet long flew away and smashed several trees before barely coming to a stop. It was covered all over in blood, obviously seriously injured.

“How dare you come out and eat people with your skills? I’m speechless.” Philip could not help mocking.

Compared to the wolfman earlier, this snake was worse off.

With that thought in mind, Philip rushed forward, intending to kill the snake quickly. However, in the next second, there was a whistling sound through the air, and Philip dodged sideways.

The next moment, an arrow pierced into the ground beside Philip.

“Who’s there?” Philip asked coldly as his eyes swept in the direction of the arrow with killing intent.

He hated people who attacked sneakily like this the most.

“Buddy, our guild members discovered this snake first, but it escaped. Thanks for your help.”

At this time, someone came from not far away. Although he did not seem to be walking fast, every step could span a range of hundreds of yards, which was mind-boggling.

Many people followed that person. Their faces were obscured, and their figures looked vague, giving a sense of weird illusion.

”Who are you?” Philip asked coldly with a scowl, obviously angry.

He did not care about the snake, but the other party gave him a bad feeling.

“As I said, we belong to a guild. I’m taking this snake today, and I won’t waste my breath with you. What do you think?” The man in the lead said lightly, but his tone allowed no negotiation.

“I don’t think so. I discovered this snake, and I’ve injured it seriously. Do you think I’ll agree if you want to snatch it from me now?” Philip said lightly, not taking the other party seriously at all.

“Oh? You won’t let go of it? I think you’re being stupid. I’ll give you another chance to reconsider.” At this time, the leader said lightly with a hint of coldness in his eyes.

No one had ever dared to refuse him before. It was the first time today, and it made him a little angry. Even if Philip really gave them the snake now, he would not let this go.

“What a joke. Fight if you want to. Stop being so wishy-washy like a girl. You even attack others from the back. How shameful.” Philip taunted the other party relentlessly, and the latter scowled darkly.

“Young man, you really don’t know what’s good for you. Since you’re looking for death, don’t blame me! Boys, cut his limbs off. Remember to keep him alive!” The man said coldly, and the figures around him disappeared in an instant.

When they reappeared again, they had surrounded Philip. Everyone held a black dagger in their hands, stabbing Philip with cold flashes.

These people stabbed indiscriminately without order, but there was also one point in common. They all stabbed the vital areas.

Seeing this, Philip frowned slightly. A gush of energy burst out from him, knocking everyone back. Taking this opportunity, Philip escaped from the siege.

Caelum Sword appeared in his hands and slashed at one of the shadows. The shadow screamed and turned into a pool of black water, disappearing in an instant.

“Is it the water element?” Philip frowned.

He was familiar with the fire element, but the water element was not easy to deal with. Water was ever-changing, and that was only one of its features.

For example, these so-called shadows were not the man’s bodyguards but something that man conjured with his elemental power. To put it simply, they were made of water.

Chapter 3432
“You do have some moves, but even if you can kill one, how many more can you kill? I can make countless of these things!”

The man noticed that Philip had seen through the nature of those things and said with a sneer.

Philip frowned slightly. He disliked such mass attacks the most, so he did not expect to encounter such a situation today.

He had wasted some energy fighting the wolfman earlier, and now he had to deal with this guy. Although it was not a big problem, Philip still felt a little annoyed.

“Cut the crap. I’m going to kill you today!” Philip said lightly and turned the Caelum Sword in his hand.

Scorching streaks of light burst from the sword and spread to the surroundings.

As those figures were thwarted, Philip rushed at the man with his Caelum Sword in hand. As long as Philip killed the man, those figures would disappear automatically!

The man seemed to have expected this. Black water droplets appeared out of thin air in his hand and attacked Philip. These water droplets whistled through the air like bullets. The sound was ear-piercing, and there were countless of them.

Philip quickly raised his Caelum Sword to resist.

Very soon, Philip was wet from the water droplets. Although nothing happened to his body, his clothes were ripped and full of holes, which made him a little annoyed.

“Your physique is not bad, but you’re still a little too weak.” The man frowned slightly when he saw this, obviously amazed when he realized that nothing had happened to Philip.

Even so, he still gritted his teeth and said pretentiously.

The man waved his hand, and water droplets appeared again. The temperature dropped in an instant. Cold air emerged from the water droplets. Very quickly, the water droplets turned into sharp ice crystals, dazzling under the sun.

Seeing this, Philip frowned slightly. He felt some threat from these things. Although only a bit, it still startled him a little. Since he had been here, very few people made him feel threatened.

‘This guy claims to be from the guild. Who the hell is he? He seems pretty strong, but I’ve never heard of him,’ Philip mumbled.

Without further ado, the Caelum Sword turned in his hand, and he threw it out in the next second. In an instant, bursts of flames emerged from Caelum Sword, soaring into the sky in a streak of fire and shooting at the other party.

Seeing this, the latter waved his hand, and the ice crystals all over the sky dazzled with a cold light as they launched at Philip. The ice crystals collided with the flames in an explosion, and waves of air spread out through the forest.

The airwaves even shattered the leaves of some surrounding trees into pieces, and the ice crystals formed a sharp contrast with the flames all over the sky in a beautiful hue.

When the flames and ice crystals disappeared, a sharp long sword was pierced into the man’s chest. It was none other than Caelum Sword.

During the explosion, Caelum Sword broke through the ice crystals and pierced through the opponent’s body.

The man looked at the long sword on his chest in disbelief, and the stabbing pain told him that this was real. He wanted to say something, but blood gushed out of his mouth. He fell to the ground staggeringly and lost all signs of life.

Chapter 3433
‘He’s quite strong, but compared to the wolfman, his survival instinct is still lacking by far…” Philip mumbled, comparing the wolfman and this guy.

In the end, he concluded that the wolfman was half-human, half-beast, while this guy was an ordinary human, so there was no comparison.

Philip walked up to the man and pulled out Caelum Sword. After wiping the blood on the sword, he rummaged through the man’s belongings, hoping to find something that could identify him.

Sure enough, Philip found a token in the man’s pocket after a while. The token was black with some strange characters engraved on it. Philip had no idea what it meant, but it should be some kind of identity token.

“A guild? Interesting…” Philip mumbled but did not think too much about it.

He put away the token and set a fire to burn the body. Then, he wanted to deal with the snake but found that the snake had escaped!

“Damn it, there goes my pants!”

Philip pursed his lips. Such good material ran away just like that. He looked at the pile of ashes on the ground with contempt.

If not for this guy’s interference, he would have gotten a new set of clothes. This was really bad luck. This guy really had nothing better to do than to seek death. It was fine if he wanted to seek death, but he disrupted others too. This was so exasperating.

Philip cursed inwardly and left without another word. He did not meet anyone else along the way, but half an hour after Philip left the place, a white figure appeared next to the ashes.

That figure bent down and touched the ashes, and their expression changed in the next second. Bursts of murderous intent filled the air.

“Who dared to kill my younger brother and destroy his body too? Don’t let me find you or I’ll definitely tear you apart!” At this time, the figure said coldly and disappeared from the forest, leaving behind a whiff of fragrance.

Of course, Philip had no idea what had happened. He reached the city and found a small barbershop, planning to fix his hair!

‘To be honest, my appearance is no different from a savage…’ Philip mumbled as he walked into the barbershop.

At this time, there were not many people in the barbershop, only two women and two burly men with tattoos.

The two tattooed men watched Philip walk in with a strange look on their faces. Philip was taken aback, wondering if he had bumped into some trouble again.

Was he really that unlucky today?

However, no one spoke after a long while.

Philip cleared his throat and said, “How much for a haircut?”

”Um…” A burly guy was about to say something, but a woman on the side stood up, glanced at the guy, and spoke to Philip.

“20 star dollars is enough, satisfaction guaranteed. We can also throw in styling for free.” The woman said with a smile, and Philip nodded upon hearing that.

Although the store was not big, the service attitude was very good, so he sat aside and waited for the woman to wash his hair.

However, while waiting, Philip noticed that the two burly men had weird expressions. They kept winking at him, making Philip a little confused. He wondered if those two guys had a special interest.

Chapter 3434
“I’ve underestimated you, but that’s about it. No matter what your reason for doing this is, it has nothing to do with me. But since you want to kill me, I can’t let you go!” Philip said coldly, and the atmosphere around him changed instantly.

Murderous intent swept over, and the two women felt as if they were hallucinating. In their minds, Philip looked like a Grim Reaper, stepping on a floor full of corpses as he approached them.

“Damn it, who the hell is this guy?” At this time, the woman in silver armor felt a little uncertain and could not help mumbling.

She promptly grabbed her sister, wanting to run away. However, in the next second, a cold light pierced her body. A sharp blade pierced through her lower abdomen with a spray of blood and flesh.

“Pfft!” The woman spat a mouthful of blood and staggered, almost falling to the ground.


The woman whose arm was cut off by Philip exclaimed and helped the woman. The two women who were full of murderous intent just now seemed a little forlorn now.

“Sister, hang on. I’ll kill this kid before killing those two guys. I’ll bring you home after that.”

At this time, the woman comforted her. She put her sister aside, got up, and walked toward Philip.

Seeing this, Philip narrowed his eyes. With a wave of his hand, the Caelum Sword that pierced the woman’s chest returned to his hand in an instant.

The woman spat out another mouthful of blood again. She was already seriously injured, so she was extremely sluggish now, obviously on the brink of death.

“Damn you! I’m going to kill you today!” Seeing this, the woman with the broken arm had a murderous look in her eyes.

Flames spread all over her body, and pale golden rays of light dazzled. Golden armor covered her body in an instant, exuding a sense of sacredness.

“Oh? The younger sister is silver, while the elder sister is golden. This is interesting…” Seeing this, Philip frowned.

He could not figure out these two people at all. However, he was not interested either. He only knew that these two wanted to kill him, so he must not let them go.

Philip made the first move. In a flash, he appeared in front of the woman and stabbed her chest with his sword.

The woman disappeared like a ghost. When she reappeared behind Philip, she clawed Philip’s back with her right hand.

Philip did not turn back at all. Caelum Sword turned around and stabbed her in her armpit. With a bang, the woman was knocked back more than ten yards before stopping.

Philip turned around with the sword in his hand. Flames covered the sword, exuding bursts of scorching heat.

“Hmph!” The woman snorted coldly when she saw this, and a golden light formed in one hand like a longsword held horizontally in front of her.


As she said that, the woman rushed at Philip very quickly and slashed Philip’s neck.

Philip raised Caelum Sword and blocked the attack leisurely.

In the next second, a sword pierced through the woman’s abdomen. A gush of blood flowed down the blade, staining the floor red.

Chapter 3435

Blood spattered from the woman’s mouth. She looked at Philip with resentment and fell to the ground with a plop.

Seeing this, Philip frowned slightly. Although the two were a bit pitiful, he could not be merciful since the other party wanted to kill him. After all, he was not a saint, and he would not settle such grievances with a smile.

However, when Philip was about to kill these two people, a force suddenly came from a distance. Philip instinctively raised Caelum Sword to block in front of him.

With a bang, Philip was sent flying. The floor cracked due to inertia, and smoke billowed in the alley for a while.

“Who’s there?” Philip scolded coldly and patted off the dust on his body.

Although he was not injured, he still felt upset.

His arm that held Caelum Sword felt a little sore, which went to show how powerful that blow was.

”Are you the one who killed my younger brother? I really wonder how a piece of trash like you killed him, damn it!” A woman’s cold voice rang.

An enticing fragrance accompanied that voice, which smelled a little strange. After Philip smelled it, he felt a little dizzy and could not help being shocked.

”What a weird person…” Philip said lightly.

His eyes flashed coldly, and the world in his eyes changed in the next second. Not far away, a red shadow appeared in his vision.

“Why are you hiding there? Come out and talk. Are you a mouse in hiding?” Philip said lightly, and the latter snorted coldly upon hearing that before appearing in front of him.

Philip realized that it was a woman in a long white dress. She gave off a sense of aloofness, and her poise was definitely not something that ordinary people could have. Moreover, this person was very powerful.

Compared to the two women and the wolfman, this woman was stronger and exuded a special vibe. She was obviously not comparable to ordinary practitioners.

“You said I killed your younger brother. Who’s your brother?” Philip asked curiously, undaunted by the woman’s aura.

“You burned my brother into ashes in the mountain forest not long ago. Have you forgotten already?” the woman said blandly and emotionlessly.

“Burned to ashes?” Philip mumbled and recalled the token he had.

It turned out she was that guy’s elder sister. He did not expect her to come after him so soon. It seemed that this token had a positioning function too.

“So you’re his elder sister. In that case, let’s talk about compensation. If not for your brother’s interference, I’d have caught that snake. Now that the snake has escaped, I lost the material for my pants. You have to make up for it.” Philip said lightly.

The woman was dumbfounded after hearing what Philip had said.

What did that little rascal say?

He killed her younger brother and he still wanted her to make up for it?

This was ridiculous!

The woman had always been calm and composed. Even after her younger brother died, she did not feel much emotion. After all, in the world of practitioners, life and death were very common. However, this kid killed her younger brother and wanted to seek compensation too.

She could not help but curse and smack Philip without another word. She was so fast that the air was distorted for a moment.

Seeing that, Philip stopped in his tracks and disappeared in an instant. In the next second, he appeared behind the woman, stretched out a finger, and tapped her on the shoulder.

“I’m here. Who are you hitting? It’s a pity that your eyes aren’t working well at such a young age.” Philip taunted, and the woman scowled.

Chapter 3436
“How dare you tease me? Go to hell!”

The woman grimaced and looked at Philip as if she wanted to swallow him alive!

Philip was a little startled, wondering why the woman’s eyes were more terrifying than that wolfman’s eyes. Sure enough, women were not creatures one could easily mess with!

The woman ignored Philip’s stupefied look. She took out a sharp longsword from somewhere and slashed at Philip’s head. This sword looked very sharp, as thin as a cicada’s wing, and almost transparent.

It looked very strange, but the vibes made Philip dare not underestimate it. Seeing the longsword slashing toward him, he quickly dodged. The longsword tore open a hole several yards long in the ground.

Philip took a deep breath at that sight. He knew that he met his match this time. This woman’s combat power was definitely not comparable to those people before. He dared not take it lightly and promptly activated the power of Caelum Sword.

The scorching flames spread all over Caelum Sword in an instant. The clouds in the sky were completely cleared by the scorching heat, which spread through the whole alley. The two injured women could not help but crawl into the distance for fear of being implicated.

However, Philip could not be bothered about them at this time. With a muffled grunt, he slashed at the woman through the air. Sword energy with raging flames tore through the void and slashed at the woman’s body.

The woman was completely engulfed by the flames which exploded, burying the alley in a fire.

Philip ignored the flames, but the two injured women were affected.

Not long after, the flames dissipated completely. At this moment, a figure appeared in Philip’s sight. She was still in the same white clothes with not a hair out of place. She had a biting chill in her eyes.

“It‘s quite powerful but still too weak. If you killed my younger brother with this level, he really deserved to die!” The woman said lightly.

She waved her hand, and sword shadows appeared all over the sky.

Philip was taken aback when he saw this and was a little surprised.

Why did his earlier attack fail against this woman?

However, it was just a flash of surprise before he closed his eyes. A different vibe emerged from him in an instant.

“Are you waiting to die? Hehe, you certainly know what’s going on.”

Seeing Philip’s actions, the woman thought that Philip was going to wait for his death. She could not help sneering as she directed all the swords at Philip with a wave of her hands!

However, the woman was not aware that Philip was not sitting still but observing the woman instead.

He could not help feeling that something was wrong with this woman, but he did not know what, so he could only observe through meditation. Sure enough, Philip noticed the woman’s anomaly within a few seconds.

At this time, it seemed to Philip that the woman’s body was covered in various runes. In other words, the woman did not seem human but more like a human-shaped pile of building blocks.

It looked very weird, and her limbs seemed somewhat flawed.

Chapter 3437
There were gaps all over. It was as if the joints were not close enough, making her look like a robot. However, her behavior was no different from that of a living person, which confused Philip.

But, in the next second, he realized that the opponent had launched an attack, and it was obviously too late to dodge.

Philip was engulfed in the sword shadows, which destroyed everything within a 100-yard radius, and smoke billowed.

The woman sneered at the sight of the wreckage. This piece of trash dared to kill her younger brother, and this attack was enough to kill this opponent without a burial place. The woman turned around and was about to leave.

However, in the next second, the woman’s ears moved as if she heard something. She looked back in disbelief and found a figure slowly standing up from the dust.

The figure was not very tall and was stained with blood all over, but he gave off a strange feeling, which made people avert their eyes.

“A man-made thing has such destructive power. I’ve really underestimated it, but that’s about it.” Philip said lightly as he patted the dust off his body.

Philip’s clothes were totally tattered by now, leaving his upper body bare. His body was covered in lacerations with blood gushing.

However, Philip was unperturbed. He waved his hand, and the stones on the ground trembled. In the next second, a sword formed by stones and mud appeared and aimed at that woman.

Seeing this, the woman frowned, not because of Philip’s attack but because she was thinking about what Philip said.

What was man-made?

Who was man-made?

What was he talking about?

“Have you been beaten silly?” The woman mumbled and forgot about it.

Seeing that Philip had not attacked, she rushed at him.

Various runes burst out from one hand, and her arm seemed to have transformed into a longsword, stabbing Philip’s heart. If her attack succeeded, she was certain Philip would be dead this time!

However, before the woman got close, a powerful pressure overwhelmed her. The woman slowed down, and hundreds of earth swords attacked her in the next second.

Each sword carried a strong aura and scorching heat. She had no doubt that if a sword pierced her body, she would be dead or crippled.

“Damn it, where did this guy came from? Why is he so powerful? Which faction does he belong to?” At this time, the woman could not help mumbling as she dodged.

However, how could she dodge hundreds of earth swords?

After dodging a few, a sword pierced her shoulder. The earth sword exploded, and her shoulder smelled of burning flesh.

“Argh!” The woman could not help screaming, and Philip sneered.

With Caelum Sword in hand, he appeared in front of the woman. To confirm his guess, he stabbed the woman through her heart.

He poured his internal energy into the other party’s body through Caelum Sword and began to probe. In just a few seconds, Philip pulled out Caelum Sword and scowled darkly.

He looked at the woman with incredulity and disbelief. Philip discovered this person’s situation and could hardly calm down.

‘This person isn’t human? No, she’s human, but she’s not alive. No, that’s not right either…’

Chapter 3438
Philip muttered under his breath, feeling extremely puzzled.

He raised his hand and struck the woman. With a bang, the woman flew out, smashed through a wall, and fell into the rubble.

Seeing that the woman did not stand up immediately, Philip heaved a sigh of relief. He then looked at the two women whose situation was unknown and pondered. He struck them with an energy force that poured into their bodies.

In an instant, the two women’s complexions recovered a little, and their breathing became steadier. Although they did not wake up, they would not die for the time being.

After taking care of this, Philip pondered the woman’s situation.

She was covered in runes, and her limbs were reconnected. It seemed that the woman had no idea what was going on either.

‘Why? This is weird…’ Philip muttered, unable to figure out what was going on.

As Philip pondered, the ruins exploded and the woman appeared in front of Philip.

She was no longer the cold and aloof person from before. Due to the fight, she looked a little disheveled with blood and dust all over her body.

“Kid, you’re dead. I vow to kill you today!” The woman gritted her teeth and looked at Philip, unbothered about her appearance.

She kicked a stone at Philip.

Philip waved his hand and shattered the stone, but before he could do anything else, the woman struck Philip on his chest.

Philip was taken aback and cursed his luck, but in the next second, he was dumbfounded. It was because that attack did not harm him. It did not even hurt at all as if it was normal horsing around between lovers.

However, very soon, Philip realized that something was wrong.

Following the woman’s attack, runes appeared on Philip’s body, centered on the woman’s strike. They started spreading rapidly.

“Damn it, what the hell is this?” Philip muttered and struck the woman away.

He quickly began to decipher the runes on his body, but they were extremely persistent. He could not get rid of them at all.

“F*ck!” Philip could not help swearing.

His aura raged, trying to resist these runes, but it was to no avail. After some time, Philip lost consciousness and fell to the ground with a thud.

The woman sneered, and a longsword appeared in her hand as she walked toward Philip. When she was about to make a move, a terrifying aura appeared in the air, and the woman’s pupils shrank slightly.

She promptly turned around and disappeared from the spot.

In an instant, the whole alley fell into silence. Not long after, the sound of high heels slowly stepping on the ground was heard.

Clack, clack, clack!

Chapter 3439
Not long after, the sound stopped in front of Philip. After some time, a voice rang.

“Take him and the two women back. As for the one who ran away, I’ll deal with it.”

The voice seemed female, but Philip was not very sure because he heard it when he was in a daze. Soon, he completely lost consciousness.

After an unknown amount of time, Philip slowly woke up. He looked around and realized that he seemed to be in a prison cell with a small window and a bed, nothing else.

“Damn it, what happened? How did I end up here?”

Philip rubbed his forehead. His memory was a mess. He only remembered that he seemed to be attacked by runes before he lost consciousness. He knew nothing after that.

‘Oh, I seemed to have heard a woman’s voice later, but why I could not remember it…’

‘Damn, this is a waste of time. If I’d known earlier, I wouldn’t have gone after that wolfman. Coming to this place is really a nuisance…’ Philip muttered and could not help rubbing his forehead.

The door suddenly opened at this moment, and a beautiful figure walked in. Philip took a closer look and saw a woman in a black outfit with golden patterns on the edges, obviously some kind of uniform.

“You are?” Philip could not help asking.

The other party glanced at Philip and smiled.

“You don’t need to know who I am. Next, I’ll ask, and you’ll answer.”

As the woman spoke, she took out a notebook and a pen from her pocket as if she was about to take notes.

”Who are you? Why did you appear in that alley? Who are those two injured women? Who was the woman who escaped?” the woman asked.

”Just tell the truth. You can answer these few simple questions quickly, right?” At this moment, the woman smiled breezily, but Philip did not think that it was friendly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I remember that I wanted a haircut, but two women wanted to kill me, so I ran away. I ran into a woman in an alley, but I don’t know what happened after that…”

Philip blatantly lied with his eyes wide open. The woman was stunned when she heard the words, obviously a little suspicious. However, she still recorded what Philip said.

“I hope you’re telling the truth. Stay here for a few days. lf there’s nothing else, you can go.” The woman explained before she turned and left.

Philip lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling, his mind in jumbles. He felt a lingering fear when he recalled being stunned by the runes. It seemed that he was discovered by these people after he fainted. Otherwise, he would definitely have died at the hands of that woman.

Fortunately, nothing happened, but what were those runes.

Why were they so weird?

There was something wrong with that woman too.

Philip pondered, and time passed. Philip got up and looked around. He saw that the sky was dark. He pressed one hand against the wall and exerted some force. The wall vibrated.

In an instant, the wall turned to dust without a sound, and Philip left the cell. However, in another room, the woman who interrogated Philip earlier suddenly opened her eyes.

She smiled as if she thought of something. She then got up, adjusted her clothes, and walked out of the room in the direction Philip left.

Philip was unaware of this. He looked around and found that this place was unfamiliar to him. He was surrounded by mountains and rivers, obviously far away from the city.

After thinking about it, Philip rushed ahead by instinct. Nothing happened along the way, and the woman followed him from so far behind that Philip did not notice anything.

Chapter 3440
After walking a fair distance, Philip stopped, looked back, and found no trace of the place he left before.

He was relieved. He was just worried of trouble.

After thinking about it, Philip looked at the time and found that it was still far from dawn, so he simply leaned against a tree to rest. The few fights earlier had tired him out.

At this time, the woman watched Philip from a distance. There was a trace of doubt in her eyes, but she watched quietly without a word.

After some time, Philip stood up slowly, took a deep breath, and looked back instinctively. For some reason, he felt someone watching him from behind, which made him a little uncomfortable.

‘Maybe it’s a hallucination…’ Philip mumbled after he explored with his senses.

He got up and started walking.

He was quite interested in the two sisters who could transform, but now that he encountered this incident, he dispelled his previous thoughts. If he could run into those two women again, he could think about it then.

‘I really wonder how I ended up here. I was too careless this time. If the other party had a grudge against me, I’d be dead by now.’ Philip mumbled and felt a lingering fear.

“I’ll have to be more careful in the future. After all, anything can happen in this place. I can’t be certain what will happen next time.” As Philip spoke to himself, he stood on guard of his surroundings while thinking about the next step.


At this moment, a slight noise entered Philip’s ears and made him stop.

“Who’s there?” Philip asked coldly and stomped his foot.

In an instant, he sent more than a dozen leaves flying in the direction where the sound came.


With a muffled sound, several big trees fell in succession. In the next second, a figure appeared in front of Philip. It was none other than the woman who had interrogated Philip before.

There was a trace of fear in the woman’s eyes. One hand blocked in front of her body with two leaves between her fingers as blood trickled down.

‘I didn’t expect this kid to be so vigilant. If I wasn’t careful just now, I’d probably be dead by now!‘ the woman muttered before she dropped the leaves in her hand.

“Why are you following me?” Philip frowned when he saw this person.

Although he could not tell this person’s strength, she made him cautious. After all, he did not know who this woman was a friend or foe.

Besides, what made Philip most wary was her strength. It was terrifying that she could follow him for so long without him noticing.

“I’m not your enemy. I’m just curious about you. Can we sit and talk?”

The woman said lightly, paying no heed to the blood trickling from her palm.

Philip could not help admiring the woman’s calm demeanor, so he nodded. Since the other party did not make a move, it was not right for him to do so.


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