The First Heir Chapter 3421-3430

Chapter 3421
“Please excuse my ignorance. This way, please!”

With that said, the manager bowed and led Philip inside. However, his face was full of wicked smiles as if he had seen a big prey.

“I have ten million star dollars here. Let’s see how we can play today. If things don’t go well, I’m afraid I’ll lose everything to you.” Philip waved the communicator in his hand and said self-deprecatingly.

“We wouldn’t dare.” The manager answered so but secretly called someone specially hired by their casino.

Philip came to a spinning wheel full of holes, and a pipe was located on the top of the wheel.

”How does this work?” Philip asked.

The manager pressed a button, and the wheel spun faster and faster. A small ball was fired through the pipe onto the wheel. After spinning around with a loud tinkling sound, the ball finally fell into hole number 36.

Philip explored the inside of the machine with his senses, but there was a large magic circle here that prevented people’s detection. Despite that, Philip grinned and asked the manager to exchange some chips for him.

There were eight chips worth one million each, ten chips worth 100,000 each, and 20 chips worth 50,000 each.

Philip smiled and placed two 50,000 chips on small number. After the spin, the small ball avoided all the small numbers and fell into hole number 72, which was a 50% chance.

This casino was not good enough. They did not even let the customer have a taste of victory first. Philip shook his head and continued to place his bets.

In the next few games, Philip lost everything except for some small wins, and he lost 950,000 during these few games. Carl watched in horror and kept dissuading Philip from playing.

Seeing that Philip was unmoved, the manager said, “Sir, you’re not very lucky today. Shall we have a change of game?”

Seeing the manager’s flattering smile, Philip said, “Okay, I’m not familiar with this place, so you lead the way.”

Philip and Carl were brought to a round table. The manager asked the other people to go to other places but left a few people behind. These people were probably from the casino.

“How do we play this?” Philip found a seat and sat down.

At this time, a few people walked over with iron boxes. They placed the iron boxes on the table and opened them slowly.

The manager said, “There are seven iron planktons here. Please choose one for the race.”

This table could transform rapidly and create a venue for the iron plankton’s race challenge.

“You’re the VIP, so you choose first.”

Philip looked at the iron plankton painted in different colors and observed carefully. The blue one was agile and full of vitality, but he could tell that there was something wrong with it. Its gaze was unfocused as if on a rebound.

Other rookies would definitely choose this iron plankton, which looked strong on the surface but weak inside. Philip could not ask for more.

“I’ll take that.” Philip pointed to the perky number three blue iron plankton.

The manager was secretly delighted. He thought that this rich man was a fool, indeed. He quickly agreed as he took out the iron plankton and placed it at the starting point.

The remaining three people chose iron plankton numbers one, six, and seven respectively.

”This gentleman will start by placing a bet, and the subsequent bets can’t be less than this value.”

The manager pointed at Philip and said to everyone at the table.

Philip placed a one million chip, and the others followed suit. After everything was ready, the manager pressed a virtual button on the side of the table, and a stimulus was released at the starting point.

Driven by the stimulus, the four iron planktons rushed out together. However, after several checkpoints, Philip’s number three iron plankton gradually slowed down.

Chapter 3422
The blue iron plankton seemed like it was dying. Philip pretended to lie on the edge of the table and urged it along.

Seeing the others quickly overtaking it, Philip cursed the iron plankton, “I chose you not to see you stop here. Hurry up and move it, you piece of trash!”

Philip was hysterical.

Next to him, Carl grabbed hold of this Sir Gordon Tine tightly. His eyes gradually dimmed. It seemed that this expert was useless now.

Soon, iron plankton number seven was the first to reach the finish line through numerous obstacles. That person played his part well, pretending to be very shocked and excited.

They lost one million just like that. Carl looked helplessly at Philip, who was lying on the table and kicking a fuss to win it back.

“Sir, let’s stop playing. We can pay back what we owe by working.”

At this time, Philip looked as if he was buzzed from gambling.

Philip pushed Carl and said viciously, “This is my game. As an outsider, you have no say over it.”

The manager narrowed his eyes and smiled. It seemed these two were not on familiar terms with each other. It would be interesting to see how they would turn against each other and fight.

“Let’s continue!”

Philip turned around and chose number four from a bunch of new plankton. It was a silver plankton that did not like to move very much. The number seven that reached the finish line in the last round was the one that did not like to move the most.

The people in this casino just laughed without comment when they saw this.

The result came out quickly. Number six iron plankton chosen by someone else reached the finish line first, and Philip’s number four got third place.

It was another million!

Philip sprawled on the table in frustration, scratching his messy hair as he muttered, “Why didn’t I choose number six?”

Carl looked at the deranged Philip and said anxiously, “Sir, we really need to stop betting! I’m begging you!”

The 2.95 million star dollars that went down the drain was equivalent to a year’s expenses in Tranquil Valley.

“Sir, you don’t seem to be in good shape today. You should listen to your friend and stop gambling.” The manager quipped from the side.

Although he said so, what he really wanted was to get all the money out of the fool.

“No way! I want to win back all the money I lost!” Philip smacked the table and said, “I’m going to make it big!”

Philip placed five chips of one million each. The manager did not expect him to be so forthright. After the initial shock, he was happy. A big bet would save everyone the trouble.

A new bunch of iron plankton was displayed again.

Philip placed five million worth of chips and shouted, “Five million!”

Several people peeked at the manager. After getting an affirmative answer, they followed suit and pushed out five million chips each.

Right from the first game, Philip had tested if he would be found out if he used the rules of space. Obviously, this place was not that powerful yet. In the first game, the immobile iron plankton was actually looked in place by Philip using the rules of space, but no one noticed anything unusual.

This time, Philip continued to make a big show out of his selection, mumbling with his hands folded, ”Please bless me…”

At the beginning of the race, Philip’s iron plankton number two was quite slow. It was left behind by the other iron plankton right from the start.

Philip tried a new trick. He unleashed the rules of space on the iron plankton that was currently in the first place.

The swamp-like area slowed down the iron plankton’s speed. This was a small trick that Philip discovered when he was modifying the space ring in the forest of the fire phoenix royal family.

Chapter 3423
The others did not pay much attention to this. After all, iron plankton would go fast or slow at any time. Although all the iron plankton was rigged, it was mostly targeted at the customer’s iron plankton.

Philip did the same on the second one, but it was not easy to do the same on the third one for fear of arousing suspicion.

Thus, Philip added a little boost on the back of his iron plankton number two and saw a significant increase in its speed.

“Go, go, go!” Philip cheered frantically.

Carl also looked excited at the sight of possible victory.

That iron plankton finally overtook iron plankton number three at the last minute and reached the finish line.

With a smile on his face, Philip quickly swept all the chips in front of him into his arms while Carl still looked a little dumbfounded. They won all of a sudden, and so much too.

The manager scowled, but he could not say anything. He threw in more than 12 million in one go. His boss would peel his hide if he found out about it.

At this time, Philip said that he was going to take Carl out of there, and the manager hurried forward. If he did not get the money back today, he would probably be skinned alive.

“Dear guest, don’t you want to play another game? Look, we have so many other games here.” The manager followed Philip with a flattering smile.

As they spoke, they happened to walk past the spinning wheel again.

Philip stopped and said, “I’ll win back everything I lost here just now.”

Philip threw in five chips worth one million each, but everything went down the drain. The manager saw the opportunity, so he kept encouraging Philip that he might have better luck next time.

Pretending to believe the manager’s words, Philip placed five million worth of chips in one go and said, “I’ll trust you this once.”

As the ball jumped around, Philip used the space barrier to adjust the angle slightly, and the ball finally landed on number 68.

The manager scowled and was just about to comfort Philip that the return was one-to-one, and there was still a chance later.

“Manager, take a good look. I placed my bet on 68, under the big sign,” Philip said into the manager’s ear.

Due to the angle of his eyesight because of his height, the manager thought that Philip bet on big. At this time, he climbed onto the table and saw that the five million chips were placed on number 68 without a doubt.

The manager’s knees went weak, and his vision went black. He slumped on the floor. This was a ratio of one to 27.

When the manager slowly returned to his senses, the first sentence he heard was, “Manager, what are the odds?”

Hearing this, he almost fainted again. Seeing this realistic scene, the manager even pinched his thigh to confirm if this was a dream, but the intense pain made him realize that this was not a dream, but reality.

After answering Philip truthfully, the manager dared not conceal this anymore but told the casino boss about it.

When the manager was trying to buy time on the grounds of exchanging chips, a group of people walked in from the door. A serious-looking middle-aged man surrounded by a group of men in black walked up to Philip and Carl.

He yelled, “Who dares to mess around on my turf?”

Chapter 3424
“You’re almost in my face. Why are you yelling so loudly? Is there something wrong with your eyes?”

Philip sneered before continuing, “I’m the one messing around. What’s the problem?”

“I advise you not to be so cocky. You’ll get beaten up like this.” The middle-aged man saw that this man was so arrogant and spoke coldly.

The manager hurried up to this man, told him what happened, and was scolded by the boss, ”Trash! How dare you believe in magic tricks? You let a beggar into my casino. I think you must be tired of living!”

“Boss, please spare my life. I won’t dare to do this anymore!” The manager fell to his knees and begged for mercy.

The man kicked the manager away and said, “Hurry up and get out of my sight. Don’t let me see you again.”

The two continued to glare at each other, and Philip said, “Where’s the money I won?”

“What money? You didn’t win any money.”

The boss tried to play dirty and said arrogantly, “Don’t think that you can win money from me by playing some tricks.”

“Oh? Aren’t you the one playing tricks the whole time?” Philip asked quietly.

“How else can I make money?”

The boss said smugly but immediately regretted his words. He was surrounded by a group of frenzied gamblers.

Someone rushed over with a shout but was stopped by the men in black and thrown out the door.

Philip thought inwardly that these gamblers were not strong enough, but someone strong enough would not have the time to come here and gamble anyway.

Philip took a step forward and said, “Give me the money today, or I’ll destroy you and your casino.”

“Oh, really? Take him down! Just leave him with one hand!”

The middle-aged man stood aside with his arms behind his back, while the men in black were about to rush forward.

“All of you are not bad, so why do you choose to become a bodyguard for a good-for-nothing?”

While Philip spoke, he knocked down the people attacking him. These people were pretty good, mostly four or five stars. There were even two six stars.

Carl blushed on the side.

If he could not find the money today, he and his juniors might end up as thugs too. However, while he was embarrassed, Carl sighed at Philip’s strength too. He was able to knock these people away so easily. He was even eager to give it a try, wanting to see how many he could handle.

The boss became more and more surprised. As a mid-stage of seven stars, he could hardly reach this level, but he could not give away the money for nothing.

Seeing the men in black getting fewer and fewer, the boss stealthily held a dagger in his hand as if he was waiting for an opportunity to kill Philip with one blow.

Chapter 3425
Philip had long noticed the boss’ movements but did not call him out.

Suddenly, a cold light flashed in front of his eyes. With a fierce killing intent, the middle-aged man wanted to stab Philip’s eye socket with a dagger.

When he thought he was about to succeed, a huge gust of air gushed out from Philip’s body, and the man could hardly open his eyes from the huge pressure.

When he opened his eyes again, his dagger was firmly clamped by the man in front of him with two fingers.

Philip’s hair was all messed up by the strong wind. His eyes pierced into the boss’ mind like sharp swords, and his dagger could not break free from that vice-like grip no matter what.

“You have no chance. Tell me how you want to deal with this.”

As Philip spoke, he took a step forward, grabbed the man by the collar, and lifted him.

“M-My father is the leader of Mountain Wolf Squad! You can’t do anything to me!”

Although the middle-aged man lost his composure, he still tried his best to keep his tone steady.

”Really? Oh… I’m so scared…”

Philip turned to Carl with a smile and said, “Have you heard of it?”


“Who cares if you’re a mountain wolf or mountain dog? You have to pay back the money you owe me.”

Philip kicked the man’s calf and broke it.

The man howled in pain, writhing as he tried to break free from Philip’s grasp.

“I’ll give you another three seconds to make a decision. It’ll be your right leg the next time, and the spot in between your legs after that,” Philip said coldly.

”Three, two…”

The man struggled as he hit Philip’s arm, which lifted him.

He yelled, “You devil! My father will kill you!”


With that said, Philip kicked the man’s right calf and broke it.

“Compared to someone like you who sucks people’s blood dry without spitting their bones out, I’m not a devil,” Philip said with a smile.

”Three, two…”

Before the man recovered from his previous pain, the man in front of him started counting down again, and the target this time was none other than his manhood.

He did not have a child yet. What should he do if anything happened?

Thousands of thoughts rushed through the middle-aged man’s mind.


“I’ll pay you!” The man finally relented, successfully preventing Philip’s next attack.

Hearing that, Philip let go. The man wailed again as soon as his feet touched the ground and sat limply on the floor.

“If you had done this earlier, you wouldn’t have suffered… But l can’t get so much money. I can give you 100 million, but no more than that…”

“100 million is fine, but I have one condition. Let go of all the people you captured earlier,” Philip fiddled with the dagger in his hand.

“Um…” the man hesitated.

“Any problems?” Philip’s movements stopped, and he stared at the man.

“Sure, no problem at all.”

“Hurry up, then.”

Philip sat down on a stool and watched as the middle-aged man made calls to collect money and let the hostages go.

The money was quickly collected, and Philip reached out with his communicator to receive it. It was exactly 100 million star dollars.

After a while, someone brought Carl’s eight juniors out of the elevator.

Carl quickly stepped forward to see if they had been hurt. They hugged each other and wept, but Carl did not blame that junior of his too much. Everyone came from a remote countryside, and it was inevitable that they would not be able to withstand the temptation.

Carl briefly told everyone that Philip saved them. That hot-tempered young man walked up to Philip and knelt, but Philip did not stop him.

“Sir, thank you for saving me! I apologize for my earlier recklessness!” He looked very sincere.

“Stand up.” Philip helped him up, looked at his face full of regrets, and said, “It’s not a bad thing for young people to be arrogant sometimes.”

Philip gave Carl the 300,000 star dollars they lost earlier. Although 300,000 was not much, it was the hope of their entire guild. They surrounded Philip and walked out.

The middle-aged man who just took some painkillers said to a man in black who was leaning on the wall, “Keep an eye on them!”

Chapter 3426
The group of people insisted on buying Philip dinner to repay Philip for saving them. Philip tried his best to refuse but to no avail.

Carl got anxious in the end before Philip finally agreed.

However, Philip detected someone with his senses from the Golden Lotus Casino who had been following them the entire way. It seemed that the boss was unwilling to give up.

That so-called Mountain Wolf Squad would probably find trouble with them later.

There were five men and three women in this group of nine, and all of them looked quite inexperienced. If Philip were not here, they probably would not have noticed the danger.

A quirky little girl in the team kept asking Philip why he did not cut his hair and beard when he was so rich. She was the one who advanced with the help of the stone fruit.

Philip finally replied, “I’m afraid you’ll faint from my good looks.”

The girl was stunned for a moment before she laughed loudly and said, “Sir, you’re so funny.”

Next to her, Carl grabbed her and said, “Gwen, don’t be rude! Look at your two senior sisters and learn from them!”

“He doesn’t seem much older than us, but you keep calling him ‘Sir’ all the time. You’re really good at this.” The girl pouted and imitated Carl’s tone in a low voice.

“You! You’ll receive your guild’s punishment when we return!” Carl could not win an argument with her and could only resort to this.

Hearing this, the girl grabbed Carl’s arm and kept shaking it.

She pouted aggrievedly and said, “Carl, I was wrong. Please forget the guild’s punishment.”

Carl was at a loss for how to deal with her and said, “If not for Sir’s sake, I’d punish you to stay in isolation when we return.”

The girl still shook his arm and said, “No, don’t do that!”

Carl waved his hands helplessly and said, ”I really don’t know how to deal with you.”

They came to a restaurant that served the signature dishes of the Green Ox Kingdom. Philip had not tasted any local food when he passed through here earlier.

In fact, this group of people had not tasted it either. They grew up in Tranquil Valley since they were children. It was where they studied and practiced. The nine people ordered more than 20 dishes.

Philip looked at the table full of dishes and said, “If you can’t finish it, bring the leftovers away. Don’t waste it.”

However, these people were like starving wolves and finished all the food on the table in a short while. It was hard for Philip to imagine how they lived in Tranquil Valley.

They took turns to toast Philip. Carl said that he wanted to achieve good results at the Heroes Conference so as not to disappoint Philip’s kind intentions.

The hot-tempered young man named Bobby said that he wanted to act more calmly after going through this incident.

The others expressed their determination to improve themselves after this experience. The girl named Gwen said she wanted to cut Philip’s hair, but Philip politely refused.

During the meal, he kept sensing his surroundings, but Philip did not alert the enemy.

Chapter 3427
After the meal, Philip left with Carl’s contact details, and the other party returned to the hotel.

“Where are you from?” Philip asked loudly.

At this time, three people came out of the shadows between the buildings. Philip had seen one of them before. He was one of the captors.

“The leader of Mountain Wolf Squad would like to see you. Can you come with us?”

Although the man in the middle posed it as a question, he adjusted the gun on his waist, meaning that things would turn rough if Philip refused.

Philip felt amused. Among the three, two were in the middle stage of seven stars while the other one was in the early stage of seven stars. It seemed that the power he displayed just now was not a strong enough deterrent.

”Lead the way,” Philip said with his hands behind his back.

“Okay, you’re smart enough.”

The man thought Philip was a fool who had no fear of death and said with a grin.

Philip and the three walked out of the building and came to an independent high-rise building through the connecting track. A huge neon sign on the high-rise building read out ‘Mountain Wolf’.

This sign was obviously not on the same level of aesthetics as the signs on other buildings.

Philip sneered and said, “How tacky.”

The other three did not understand his remark.

The three of them took Philip to the top floor. The furnishing here looked much better than in the previous building.

A man sat behind a black office table, and his huge body could be vaguely seen.

When the man spoke, his hoarse and powerful voice echoed in the room. “How are you going to return the money you took?”

The chair turned slowly. Although the man was very old, his strong beast-like figure could be seen under his loose clothes.

“Are you the father of the casino owner?” Philip asked.

“That’s right!”

Compared to the boss’ frail body just now, it was hard to imagine that they were related.

Philip sat down on a couch and said lightly, “You raised a useless son.”

“How dare you?!”

The man jumped into the air and attacked Philip with his fists.

“What’s the hurry?”

Philip dodged all his attacks. This person’s destructive power was not bad, destroying the couch made of spirit beast leather into pieces in an instant.

“Let’s see if your legs are tougher than your son’s!”

After saying that, Philip kicked his opponent.

After exchanging some blows, the man’s arms began to tremble slightly. The man frowned. He did not expect Philip’s physical attack to be so strong.

Since Philip reached the second level of energy practice in the Three Phase God-Demon Technique, his physical and mental strength had improved under the enhancement.

“Very well, kid. I won’t play with you any longer.”

After saying that, the man became more aggressive. His body swelled several times bigger, and his loose clothes were quickly ripped apart. Thick brown hair grew all over his body, and even his facial features transformed into that of a wolf’s.

Philip was exasperated. In addition to vampires, there were wolfmen on this continent too. No wonder it was called Mountain Wolf Squad.

Very soon, the man’s transformation was completed, and his aura at the peak of seven stars soared to the late stage of eight stars.

After avoiding his bite and lunge, Philip brought out Caelum Sword.

“Let’s see how much your wolf hide is worth.”

After saying that, Philip raised his sword and slashed at the wolfman’s neck.

The wolfman still retained his sanity. Seeing that the level of sword energy in Philip’s hand was not low, he did not meet the attack head-on but jumped back instead.

Before he landed on the ground, Philip threw out a ball of flames that shrouded him in an instant. The level 5S flames raged on his body. Not only did the man not expect that Philip was a fire elemental practitioner, but he also did not expect the level to be so high.

When the three people at the back saw their leader falling into a disadvantage, they quickly helped to put out the fire. Although the wolfman’s healing ability was quite good, bursts of meaty aroma wafted under this barbecue.

Chapter 3428
The smell of meat permeated the whole room, and those who did not know would think they were having a barbecue.

“Damn boy, how dare you?!” the wolfman bared his fangs in pain and glared at Philip as he howled.

With the help of his subordinates, the flames were extinguished, but the neatly groomed hair on his body was now scorched and burnt, making him look unkempt.

“I’m going to rip you apart!”

The wolfman growled and rushed toward Philip again. His sharp claws flashed with cold light as he swiped at Philip’s neck.

Seeing this, Caelum Sword flashed with a fiery red as Philip blocked his attack. With a bang, Philip staggered a few steps back, his arms numb from the impact.

The wolf was unbothered. A piece of flesh was burned off his arm, but it posed no threat to him.

Immediately, he launched a fierce attack on Philip, and the wolfmen gained the upper hand for a while due to their advantage in numbers.

On the other hand, Philip resisted in a leisurely manner. He was thinking about the characteristics of these wolfmen. He had been here for a while, but this was the first time he encountered living wolfmen, so he was in no hurry to kill them.

“It seems that wolfmen are just physically stronger with some instincts of a wolf. In the end, their bodies are still mortal and can take some physical damage.”

Very quickly, Philip said lightly.

Immediately, he flipped Caelum Sword in his hand. In the next second, a strong wind with high temperature spread out in all directions with him as the center.

Wherever the strong wind passed, everything turned into ashes. Even the three subordinates of the wolfman were turned into ashes in an instant, dying before they could scream.

“You can save some money from the crematorium.”

Philip joked before he turned his attention to the wolfman retreating in the distance.

As a wolfman, his reflexes were very quick. When Philip launched an attack, he sensed the threat, so he retreated instinctively and avoided the attack just now.

This was similar to before an earthquake. Humans might not feel anything, but animals would sense it.

”Do you think you can leave?” Philip said coldly before he gave chase in a flash.

Seeing this, the wolfman jumped out of the room and ran wildly into the distance. He was extremely fast and almost disappeared in an instant.

Philip activated his rules of space and the world changed in his vision. In the air, he could literally see a breath extending into the distance. Seeing this, Philip sneered.

“Since I was treated as a beggar today, can I upgrade my standard if I use the hide of the wolfman as a fur coat?”

Philip mumbled under his breath before he unhurriedly chased after the wolfman in the direction he fled.

Chapter 3429
In a mountain forest at this time, the wolfman leaned against a tree and panted heavily. He was almost killed in the fight just now. Even though he ran fast, he was still seriously injured.

He could not help the lingering fear at the thought of Philip, wondering how the hell his stupid son offended such a guy.

“Damn, I was careless, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. I definitely won’t let him go for messing with me!” the wolfman said coldly.

He got up and was about to leave, but in the next second, a leaf pierced through the tree trunk beside him.

“You have no chance now. If we were in the city, maybe it‘d be inconvenient for me to do anything, but I have no restrictions in this remote place.”

At this time, Philip walked over from a distance and said unhurriedly, holding the Caelum Sword in one hand and fiddling with a few leaves in the other.

“H-How is this possible? How did you catch up?”

At this time, the wolfman looked at Philip oddly. He ran so far, but this guy managed to catch up with him.

‘Did he have a GPS locator on him?’

”I have my ways. Can I have a chat with you?”

Philip was in no hurry to take action. He smiled and spoke to the wolfman. The latter had a bad feeling when he heard that but made no move.

“What do you want to talk about?”

The wolfman asked. Philip pondered for a moment before he spoke.

“You’ll give me all the star dollars under your name and I’ll leave you a whole body. What do you think? Otherwise, I’ll make a coat out of your fur.” Philip said lightly as if he was talking about the weather.

The wolfman grimaced and roared angrily. His whole body seemed to swell because of his anger. He pounced on Philip without saying a word, his speed extremely fast.

“Alas, it seems that I can only turn you into a fur coat, then. I wanted to cheat you a little, but you’re quite smart,” Philip mumbled.

The wolfman almost passed out from anger at Philip’s words, and his eyes burst with killing intent as he glared at Philip.

At this moment, he wished he could swallow Philip alive!

With a bang, the wolfman grabbed Philip’s shoulders with his claws, and a strong energy burst out from Philip’s body instantly.

Philip took a step back. The ground cracked apart, and the wolfman also took a step back, his claws oozing with blood.

”Impossible. You resisted my attack with your body alone. Who are you?!” the wolfman roared.

He was shocked by Philip. He was a wolfman, and his claws could break gold and rocks.

Who would dare to fight him bare-handed?

“It’s not too bad. Your power is acceptable, but I can still hold up,” Philip mumbled.

The wolfman never imagined that Philip was using him to practice his skills while trying to figure out the wolfman’s fighting ability.

Philip was sick of fooling around now, and he tossed out the few leaves in his hands. In an instant, the leaves turned into several streams of light that penetrated the wolfman’s limbs.

In the next second, Philip turned the Caelum Sword in his hand, and he appeared in front of the wolfman in a flash.

Caelum Sword pierced through the wolfman’s heart, and foul-smelling black blood spurted out from the wolfman’s body. The wolfman that was several meters tall fell to the ground with a plop, twitched a few times, and lost all signs of life.

Philip used his sword and cut off the wolfman’s fur, which was high in defense and not easily damaged with normal weapons. It was quite good to use it as clothing.

It was a pity that the fur was a little damaged during the earlier fight, but fortunately, Philip was not that big, so it would make do.

“This is not bad at all…” Philip said blandly before he turned and left the forest.

After he left, a figure suddenly appeared in the mountain forest and disappeared again in the next second. In that split second, the body of the wolfman disappeared.

Chapter 3430
This incident happened so fast that Philip did not notice it at all.

Philip was thinking about some things on the way back. He was thinking about what sort of clothes he wanted to make with this fur.

After thinking about it, he could not figure it out and simply stopped thinking about it.

As Philip pondered, the Caelum Sword in his hand suddenly vibrated. It broke free from his hold and scrawled a few words on the floor.

[Just look at Little Kai and then look at you. Do you need to think so long about making some clothes? What a shame!]

The writing on the ground made Philip’s mouth twitch. He held his forehead.

The sword spirit of Caelum Sword was really naughty. However, he did not think too much about it. He was used to it anyway.

What could he do in comparison with Emperor Kai?

“Okay, you can give me some advice when the time comes and I’ll follow your idea. After all, you’re a great sword spirit, and even Emperor Kai listens to you, so I believe in your taste.”

Philip could not help saying, and Caelum Sword ‘nodded’ upon hearing that.

Philip put away Caelum Sword, got up, and continued on his way. However, he realized something was wrong before he went very far. After walking for a long time, he was not out of the forest yet.

This made him frown slightly as he wondered if someone was up to something. However, there was no one else on this mountain.

Could it be that the other party was stronger than him?

”Interesting…” Philip said lightly before he stood on guard.

A ray of light burst out from his eyes, which covered the entire mountain forest in the next second. He then discovered a strange figure that was not human!

It was something similar to a snake. It was very big and long without limbs. It moved surprisingly fast, making it difficult to catch sight of it.

“A beast?” Philip wondered and looked around.

He kicked a stone in the direction of that figure.

A whistling sound through the air was heard. In the next second, several big trees fell in half. A figure jumped out from the foliage with bloodstains on its body.

Philip took a closer look and found that it was a big snake more than 30 feet long. It was pitch-black with green patterns, obviously poisonous. It was not young judging from the size.

”How interesting. I bumped into a wolfman earlier and a snake now. Am I adding to my clothing collection?” Philip mumbled.

Looking at the snakeskin, there was some anticipation in his eyes. After all, the wolf skin could only be used to make clothes. Pants and shoes required some other materials, so this snakeskin was just nice. It was what Philip thought.


The snake saw Philip at this time. Although it did not know what Philip was thinking, it knew that it could advance if it ate Philip, so a bloodthirsty glint flashed in its eyes.


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