The First Heir Chapter 3411-3420

Chapter 3411
”You should reconsider. You have great potential,” the woman tried to persuade Philip.

Philip thought to himself, ‘Are the people of this battle group selected this way?’

After shooting down a few enemy planes, the first wave of offensive launched by the two parties ended, and the opponent’s remaining aircraft retreated. As survivors, Philip’s aircraft also flew back.

However, the situation was not optimistic. One battleship of the green ox royal family made an emergency landing while another one out of three had a hull billowing with thick smoke.

There were few surviving aircraft here, and it was likely that everyone would be wiped out in the next wave of attack.

In the command room, a middle-aged man with gray sideburns said, “In the next wave, we’ll send all the flying robots through the forest and catch them by surprise.”

“But we don’t have enough manpower for the maintenance,” a young man next to him said.

The middle-aged man pondered before asking, “When will reinforcements from the next battlefield arrive?”

The young man lowered his head and said softly, “We didn’t receive any message. They may have been ambushed.”

“Damn it! This spy is well hidden, indeed.” The man slapped the table and gritted his teeth.

On Philip’s side, the two of them received drinks and energy bars from the robot on the aircraft.

Several robots outside began checking the condition of the aircraft.

Before anyone could rest, the other party’s attack started again, more violent than the earlier one. The battleship carrying Philip instantly lost power and started falling.

The female officer hurriedly turned on the aircraft and flew out.

Philip watched as the battleship fell behind him. Fortunately, there was a reverse buffer device, so the scene did not look that tragic.

A sky full of aircraft and some flying armor greeted them. These armors were more maneuverable, flexible, and aggressive in air combat, but due to poor safety features and difficulty operating, they were usually used at the end to get rid of some remnants.

The remaining aircraft and flying armor of the green ox royal family were deployed, ready to fight to the end, but the numbers were really no match.

The aircraft that Philip was in could barely survive the hail of bullets.

As other aircraft exploded and turned into balls of flames around him, Philip asked, “Is it really worth it?”

The woman was silent for a while before she said, “We’re nothing but cannon fodder. The real battle is a duel between the experts of the two royal families.”

These people were mostly three or four-star practitioners. Except for the earlier officer with five-star talent, the others were not very strong.

“What if these experts interfere in this battle between cannon fodders?” Philip asked.

The woman pondered and said, ”It’ll be a full-scale war between two continents.”

Sure enough, it was better not to get involved in this kind of battle between two major forces.

The woman seemed a little distracted and did not notice an electromagnetic cannonball flying in front of her. It was already a little late when she returned to her senses.

Chapter 3412
Philip hurriedly used the rules of space to block the electromagnetic cannonball, but it was too late.

The space barrier only blocked the front part, but other parts of the aircraft were burned by the ultra-high temperature.

The woman wondered how she survived this attack when Philip opened the hatch. The aircraft was falling rapidly on the nearby mountain.

The woman came back to her senses and was about to put on the evacuation equipment when Philip pulled her and jumped off the aircraft.

“What are you doing? We’ll die!” In the air, the woman closed her eyes and screamed.

Philip ignored her but controlled the wind and slowly landed in an open area.

The woman came back to her senses when her toes touched the ground. She looked at Philip in shock.

To fly like this, other than using some secret methods, one must at least be a six-star wind elemental practitioner.

“You!” The woman was so startled that she could not speak for a while.

After finally calming down, she bowed and apologized, ”Sir, I’m sorry for not realizing it!”

Philip was amused and said, “I didn’t blame you.”

After that, Philip felt exasperated. He did not expect to earn that address after taking her to fly once.

Just as the green ox continent’s fleet not far away was about to be wiped out, several figures in black dashed through the air and came to the middle of the two opposing fleets.

Facing the fleet of the black turtle royal family, one of them was carrying a man who was all tied up.

Noticing the arrival of these people, the two fleets ceased fire.

Philip looked at them. Their aura was extremely strong. Two of them flew in the wind while the other three seemed to have special equipment.

The fleet of the black turtle royal family shouted, “Do you want to breach the contract?”

The man in black in the center laughed and said, “It’s just a piece of paper. This is the spy you’re most proud of.”

As he spoke, the man grabbed the hair of the man who was all tied up.

The man in black continued, “The information leak is just a show. You really think we haven’t discovered his existence?”

The captured man kept struggling.

Suddenly, the man in black released a wind blade and beheaded the spy, whose body fell like a kite with a cut string.

This incident happened unexpectedly, but the black turtle fleet quickly responded, “Your actions are futile!”

The man in black sneered and said, “What do you think we should do, then?”

With that said, he threw out another huge and solid wind blade. The light behind him showed that he was a powerhouse at the peak of eight stars.

Although the fleet responded in time, it was still a step too late, and a small warship was torn apart by the strong wind.

Philip found that this attack was not just a simple cut.

When the attack hit, all the wind elements exploded and turned into small wind blades, cutting indiscriminately, making the attack more powerful. He could learn this trick.

“Do you want to start a full-scale war?” The commander took the loudspeaker and said with a dark face.

”We’re ready to accept your challenge.”

Chapter 3413
The voice of the man in black resounded throughout the valley along with the wind as he tossed the severed head in his hand at the other party.

The black turtle royal family’s fleet quickly left the battlefield after receiving the order, and the men in black were not bothered about the defeated green ox royal family fleet behind.

The brown-haired female officer stared at the sky and muttered, “We may have a full-scale war now.”

“Why exactly are you fighting?” Philip wondered.

The woman said, “It’s no big secret anymore. The exploration team of the green ox royal family discovered an ancient relic next to a huge gold mine…”

“Based on the traces, historians think that this relic was left by the ancients when they first arrived at the Starfall Continent. After the black turtle royal family got the news, the two parties started fighting over the ownership of the territory there.”

Since this could invoke a war between two continents, it must be more valuable than the previous Peerless Sword Tomb.

”This relic is coveted by other continents too. If not for the strong restriction, I’m afraid…” the female officer added.

With some understanding now, Philip asked, “Is there any speculation about when the restriction will be lifted?”

“Experts predict that it’ll be within ten years, but there’s no specific timeline.”

“In other words, it could be tomorrow or ten years.” Philip frowned.

The woman nodded. Philip and the woman then went back to the fleet and met the previous officer.

After the woman stepped forward and spoke to the officer, she was assigned to logistics duty.

The leader of the team had a change of attitude upon seeing Philip.

He strode forward, saluted Philip, shook hands with him, and said solemnly, “Do you want to join the sixth battle group of the green ox royal family?”

Philip could not believe his ears.

He frowned, looked at the busy woman, and said, “I’m sorry, but I have to refuse.”

“But with your ability, you can do very well here,” the other party said.

“Aren’t you afraid that I’m a spy?” Philip asked doubtfully.

The man took out a tablet and found a video of Philip in the aquarium of the White Marsh royal family. The only difference was that Philip’s hair had grown out now.

“Through our technical team, we identified and determined that you’re Philip Clarke who was wanted by the White Marsh royal family some time ago.”

The man continued with determination, “A real man should bathe in blood and sweat on the battlefield.”

Philip almost rolled his eyes at him. If this was said in his original world, it would be true, but the battle group here was used as bait and cannon fodder, so he really was not interested.

“I really can’t accept. l have other urgent things to do, so I shall take my leave.”

With that said, Philip quickly left.

The man could not catch hold of Philip and said regretfully, “What a pity…”

Philip sighed as he left.

Were all the battle groups here so abnormal?

Philip continued going south. Not long after crossing this area, he saw that ancient relic.

Many people could be keeping watch here. To play it safe, Philip put away the car and put on his night outfit. He looked at the ruins dotted at the edge of the mine from a high altitude.

A huge pale yellow light shield full of runes enveloped the place, seemingly like a Chrysalis about to break out of its cocoon.

Suddenly, Philip felt a wave of mental strength sweeping over him, but it did not linger. He was startled, but he did not think he had been found out. However, it was better to leave.

At this time, next to a hover car parked on the mountainside, a man with eyes like an eagle was staring at the sky.

Chapter 3414
The eagle-eyed man frowned and asked a girl next to him who was looking down at the insects, “Is there something wrong with my eyes? I keep feeling that someone is up there, but I can’t detect them with my senses.”

The girl looked around and said doubtfully, ”There’s no one.”

“Maybe my eyesight is going bad.” The man lowered his head and blinked vigorously.

The two wore the crest of the ancient dragon royal family. The man of course just saw someone up there.

Philip left this place to continue his trip.

According to the promotional video of the Heroes Conference he saw earlier, it should start in about six months, but the audition should start three months before that.

This time, he drove continuously for five days and four nights. There was no worry about running out of energy. Even if he drove at full speed, the high-grade energy stone he installed earlier still had half its energy left.

After a while, Philip landed slowly.

Done with passing through several checkpoints in the green ox royal family, Philip handed over his temporary pass and stepped into the territory of the fire phoenix royal family.

Ever since he got close to the territory of the fire phoenix royal family, Philip acutely felt the high temperature that was about to erupt from the ground.

The fire phoenix royal family was located in a huge irregular circular plain surrounded by high mountains that seemed like volcanoes. If those were really volcanoes, the whole continent would be doomed if they erupted one day.

Philip passed through a forest and found that all the vegetation and spirit beasts here carried a trace of the fire element, but Philip’s detection goggles could not detect the slightest difference.

Swoosh, bang!

A wooden spear swept past Philip’s face and nailed a wild boar to a nearby tree.

A man in tattered clothes walked out. His gaze was very sharp, looking at Philip as if he was looking at prey. The man who looked like a savage glanced at Philip before he stepped forward and finished off the wild boar.

Just as the man was about to leave, Philip stopped him and said, “Buddy, what are you doing in this forest?”


Probably because he had not spoken for a long time, this person’s voice sounded a little weird.

This person was interesting, so Philip followed him and asked, “Can I watch you practice?”

The man looked at Philip and deboned the wild boar at the same time. He seemed very skilled with the knife.

“Watch if you want!”

As he said that, the other party was about to build a fire from wood.

“Okay…” Philip replied.

Philip then noticed that he was not very good at making fire from sticks. He was probably a little inexperienced in surviving in the wild, so Philip flicked a ball of fire and ignited the wood.

Seeing that the wood in his hand was set on fire, the man glared at Philip and said, “This is part of my practice too. Don’t interfere.”

Philip raised his hands in a wave and said, “Okay, fine.”

The wild boar was strung up on thick branches and sizzled as it was roasted, the fire crackling as oil droplets fell. The man quietly watched the wild boar being roasted slowly, and Philip was very curious about this man’s practice.

At noon, the boar was finally done. The man took out a large wooden plate, divided the boar into several large pieces, and sprinkled some seasoning on it.

After washing his hands in the stream nearby, the man picked up a hind leg and handed it to Philip. Without standing on ceremony, Philip thanked him and started eating.

The man ate like a storm. Before Philip finished the piece in his hand, the man had already eaten three pieces.


Chapter 3415
After the man finished speaking, he found a thick branch and took an afternoon nap.

The pork was roasted crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and the special gamey aroma emitted by wild boar was completely trapped in the meat. The meat had equal parts of fat and lean meat, so Philip did not feel queasy even after he finished the whole leg.

About half an hour later, the man jumped down from the tree. He took out a formidable-looking scimitar about half the size of an adult from his space ring and started practicing in the open field.

Although no energy was produced, the surrounding leaves rustled, stirred up by the simple movements.

His technique was open and forthright. The blade was sharp, and the scimitar wielder was even sharper.

Philip looked at the technique and thought it focused on the basics.

The man stopped slowly and Philip applauded.

When Philip was about to ask his origins, a cry in the distance attracted the man. Judging from the sound, it should be something big.

Philip followed the man closely, whose physical fitness was very good too. Soon, the two saw the owner of that voice.

Philip did not recognize this huge monster, but with the help of his goggles, Philip said, “Porcelain rhinoceros.”

This creature was a unique species in the Green Ox Empire and its vicinity. Its body was covered in patterns similar to porcelain. It was very strong and could reach 40 to 50 meters in length after reaching adulthood.

It was a spirit beast and would not normally attack humans.

Before Philip could continue, the man stirred up a storm with his scimitar. As expected of a creature with a tough hide, the rhino did not bleed even under such a violent attack, and its cracked skin quickly healed.

Its defense and healing ability was quite outstanding even among spirit beasts. The beast seemed annoyed by that man. One knock sent the man flying into the mud.

Although this spirit beast was quite friendly to humans, it was on the basis of not messing with it. Now, it depended on how the man would end up.

The man scrambled up, and his scimitar was covered with a layer of scimitar intent without any fluctuations. The stronger the intent, the calmer it would be, but should it not be more violent?

Philip pondered as the man rushed at the rhino again.

It was different from the direct attack earlier. With the addition of scimitar intent, every attack hit the mark. Even the rhino’s healing ability could not keep up with the intensive attacks, and the rhino howled in pain.

As this meaningless game was about to end, Philip detected a figure in front of the rhino and wondered if he was the rhino’s owner.

To prevent the man from making a mistake, Philip wanted to stop him, but the mysterious man threw a ball of silver powder into the air and left like a ghost.

Philip wanted to give chase, but the other party probably had some means of hiding his whereabouts and disappeared in an instant.

The powder spread in the air with the wind, and the rhino inhaled some of it. Its eyes suddenly turned red as some changes came over it.

The man with the scimitar noticed the changes and quickly jumped back to Philip.

Chapter 3416
Looking at the changes that came over the rhino, Philip asked the man next to him, “Did you see that man just now?”

The man nodded and said, “He’s probably from the Spirit Beast Guild.”

“The Spirit Beast Guild?”

Before Philip could ask further, the man rushed forward with his scimitar again, but the scimitar intent was not so calm now. It was violent like an erupting volcano.

The rhino’s transformation was basically over. The horn on its head had grown by more than half, and the blue porcelain-like patterns on its body looked like bursting blood vessels.

The man’s scimitar struck this creature that had turned into a demonic beast, and the spraying blood corroded everything around like strong acid.

The rhino was bulky in size, but its attack was very strong. Getting hit by that sharp horn would mean the end of the fight.

The man kept jumping and dodging the rhino’s attack. He saw the right opportunity and cut off the rhino’s horn with one blow. The next slash cut open the rhino’s abdomen, rendering it immobile.

The final blow ended its life.

The man dug out the crystal nucleus and walked back to Philip. He took out a bag and kept the crystal. This bag was full of colorful crystal nuclei from different beasts. It seemed that he had killed many spirit or demonic beasts.

“What’s the Spirit Beast Guild you mentioned just now?”

Philip did not care how many spirit beasts and demonic beasts he killed but asked that question instead.

The man looked at Philip suspiciously and said, ”It’s currently the most powerful organization on the continent with the aim of transcending spirit beasts.”

“The biggest organization? Is it comparable to other royal families?” Philip asked.

“It‘s not comparable in strength, but the sphere of influence is huge. You can see them everywhere.”

The man walked in one direction.

Philip followed, wanting to find out more information.

He then asked, “Are you saying that all demonic beasts are transformed from spirit beasts?”

“You can say that.”

The two walked to a wooden house in silence, which should be the man’s temporary residence.

The man suddenly said, “You should be here to participate in the Heroes Conference.”

Philip was startled before he nodded and said, “Are you a participant too?”

“Yes, I’ll be there. Gordon Tine, by the way.”

After that, the man held out his hand to Philip.

“Philip Clarke…”

The two shook hands, and Gordon invited Philip into the house.

Except for a wooden bed, a wooden table, and a wooden bench, there was nothing else in this wooden house.

Seeing that they were short of a stool, the man went out and made a new one with his scimitar, which was convenient in the woods.

The two chatted again. Philip found out that he did not belong to any forces. He only had one teacher known as the Scimitar Demon, and it was his teacher who suggested he practice here.

This was the largest forest on the first continent. Although not comparable to the largest forest that had the reputation of a spirit beast paradise in the White Marsh royal family, the number of spirit beasts and vegetation in this territory was also very rich with an abundance of life energy.

This place was not far from the capital of the fire phoenix royal family.

After hearing from Gordon that the city was not interesting, Philip decided to practice here for a while.

He found an open space that was not too clamp and built a log cabin.

Chapter 3417
During these few days of interaction, although Gordon did not reveal his level, Philip guessed that he was at least at the early stage of eight stars, and the level of his scimitar intent was very solid.

He was also the first person Philip had come across to participate in the Heroes Conference, which should be very interesting.

Philip tried to bring the energy practice module of the Three Phase God-Demon Technique to the second level, but every time he tried to advance, he felt that something was missing, so he was at a loss for a while.

Around noon on the fifth day of living here, the sound of a group of people approaching the wooden house caught Philip’s attention. It should be some people traveling. Philip was not bothered and got up to prepare lunch.

The leader stopped after seeing the wooden house.

There were nine people, a mix of men and women. They did not have any transportation, and they were not very old, so Philip guessed that they were participants in the Heroes Conference too.

Seeing them stop, Philip continued to prepare his meal without raising his head.

He asked coldly, “What’s up?”

Seeing Philip being so rude, a hot-tempered person wanted to teach him a lesson but was stopped by the leader.

“Sir, do you know the Ape Cave around here?” the leader said.

Philip had not shaved recently and looked a little weather-beaten.

“Are you talking about those earth-elemental monkeys?”

Philip was boiling water, getting ready to cook some meat.

“Yes, please give us some pointers.”

“If you follow that direction, you’ll reach a rock mountain. With your speed, you should take about half an hour to reach it.” As he spoke, Philip pointed in the southeast direction.

”Thank you for your advice, Sir.”

After saying that, the leader left with his people.

Before they had gone far, the hot-tempered man said indignantly, “Why were you so polite to that barbarian? He didn’t even look us in the eye.”

”That temper of yours will get you into trouble sooner or later. This forest is full of danger everywhere. Someone who dares to live here can’t be that simple. That wooden house of his is made of materials found in this area, but it’s no different from the ones made in a factory,” the leader explained calmly.

“Maybe he has a machine to chip wood,” the hot-tempered man mumbled.

”I’m saying that he may be a weapon expert. We’re here for the Heroes Conference, so we must be careful and not act recklessly.”

While chatting, they saw a small rocky mountain with a cave at the foot of the mountain. Several apes were patrolling the cave entrance.

“It seems that he didn’t lie to us.”

He turned to the others and said, “This time, we’ll only take the stone fruit in the cave. Try to avoid fighting with the stone apes.”

When Philip finished eating outside the stone house and was about to practice, the group of people returned. It took them about an hour to go there and back.

“My name is Chet Wayne. Thanks for your directions just now.” As he spoke, he placed a stone fruit on the wooden block in front of Philip.

“I’m sick of it. You can keep it.” Seeing this fruit again, Philip answered helplessly.

However, the man did not take it away but left with his people after saying goodbye to Philip.

“Do you think he’s pretending?” a young woman walked to the front and asked.

”I don’t think so. The stone apes were quite aggressive when they saw us coming in, and many fruits were missing from the stone tree, so I think that man has gone there before.”

“Oh, but anyway, I can improve my level now, so I don’t care,” the girl said.

Chapter 3418
Philip picked up the stone fruit and ate it after wiping it.

The nine people just now did not produce much fluctuation. Except for the courteous leader who was at the early stage of seven stars, the rest were mid to late stages of six stars.

One girl was even at the late stage of five stars with a great fluctuation of the earth element. Taking the stone fruit should be helpful to her.

Philip stayed here for another 30 days, during which he explored every nook and cranny within a hundred miles. He also tested every special herb in the vicinity, but his level was as solid as a rock.

During this time, Gordon also sparred with Philip a few times.

They used the scimitar intent and sword intent respectively, but Philip was still slightly better. Although Gordon might have a trump card, Philip was not without one either.

There was no point in staying here any longer. Gordon could improve his scimitar intent through killing here, but not Philip.

Recently, however, more people passed by here, but no one caused any trouble.

On the morning of the 36th day of his stay here, Philip found Gordon who was fighting with a lightning leopard. He told him he wanted to set off for the Heroes Conference first.

At noon that day, Gordon took out some meat from a black pig he had killed a few days ago. The two survived by foraging for food around them. They found some edible weeds and cooked two simple dishes. Gordon even took out some wine that he claimed was brewed by his teacher.

“Philip, I don’t want to meet you in the competition. You might knock me out.” Gordon said while taking a sip of wine.

With someone to speak to recently, he could speak more fluently now.

“I’ll be entering the finals. If you want to be eliminated, you have to wait for the finals.”

Philip also took a sip of wine.

This wine was really good. The rich aroma of the wine filled his mouth and nose in an instant. It went down his throat smoothly and even produced an aftertaste.

“Good wine! Do you know how this wine was made?” Philip asked.

”Alas, my teacher is willing to tell me everything except how this wine is made. If you have a chance, you can ask him personally,” Gordon said with a pout.

“How much longer will you practice here?” Philip asked after taking a bite of meat.

“I’ll be there a week before the auditions,” Gordon replied.

“Aren’t you cutting it close?” Philip said.

It was still about one and a half months before the audition now.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there on time.” Gordon took out a leather map of the first continent and pointed at it.

“Okay then.”

Both Philip and Gordon looked like savages now with tattered clothes and messy hair all over their faces. In order to recognize each other at that time, they exchanged contact details.

“Gordon, I’ll see you at the competition!”

After getting into the car, Philip waved goodbye.

“See you then!” Gordon called out to the hover car as it soared into the sky.

Chapter 3419
In the past month, Philip had modified his space ring. He added soil, running water, oxygen, plants, and some living creatures to it.

After several adjustments, he was finally done.

Philip also built a hut for the sword spirit of Caelum Sword. Although she protested every day, wanting to live in a big house instead, she was obviously very pleased.

In other aspects, Philip got to know various special herbs and spirit beasts. After trying for many days, he finally reached the second level of the Three Phase God-Demon Technique’s energy practice, and his overall elemental energy became more solid.

Ever since he came to the territory of the fire phoenix royal family, Philip had not entered the city, which he finally visited today.

When the routine inspection team on the edge of the city heard that Philip was here to attend the Heroes Conference, they were very enthusiastic and quickly issued a temporary pass for him.

The biggest feature of this city was the numerous roads between buildings. Few people walked on the street, and most activities were carried out between buildings.

Philip put his car away and entered a high-rise building that looked like a commercial block.

It was quite lively here, and some places had already started selling merchandise of the Heroes Conference.

Philip bought a copy of the information about the previous conference and found a poster he had seen on the wall of Jack’s room before. He smiled and lamented that these so-called heroes actually existed.

It was time to rest, and many people came out to eat.

Philip found a quaint tavern and sat inside. After ordering a few dishes, Philip overheard the conversation at the next table.

“Many people will attend the Heroes Conference this time.”

“That’s right. I heard that the Moon Worship Creed from the White Marsh royal family will send some participants.”

“The Moon Worship Creed? Isn’t it the one that’s about to become the most powerful organization in the White Marsh royal family?”


“I wonder what the White Marsh royal family is thinking.”

“I also heard…” the man suddenly lowered his voice.

“What did you hear?”

“The Spirit Beast Guild may be up to something as well.”

Philip did not expect to hear news about the Moon Worship Creed on the territory of the fire phoenix royal family, and he wondered what their purpose for joining the Heroes Conference was.

After his food was served, Philip listened to the conversation between the two while eating.

Through their conversation, he found out that although the Spirit Beast Guild had a large sphere of influence, they did not do much. They merely created demonic beasts and recruited people.

Although there was news that they were going to attend the Heroes Conference this time, most people did not believe it.

The two quickly finished their meal and left, and Philip followed suit.

Philip passed by a well-furnished bookstore and went inside. Very few literary works were found in bookstores in this place. There were mostly lifestyle, practice sharing, and self-help books. However, Philip found a dusty book in an inconspicuous place.

The title of the book was ‘Our Journey’, which briefly introduced how the fire phoenix royal family brought its people back to glory after the disaster thousands of years ago.

The story was basically the same as mentioned by the Bamboo Swordsman. However, one point mentioned that the people were starting to accept the reality that there were no god-tier powerhouses in existence.

The author described themselves as an ordinary historian.

Philip flipped through the book. The writing was good, but there was nothing important in it. The book was just released, but it was already gathering dust in the corner. Even a formal history book that Philip found only briefly mentioned the disaster, while there was no discussion on the internet at all.

The people here seemed very reluctant to bring up the pain in the past, even if that struggle ended with a painful price as the basis for victory. Although they won the battle, it was a tragic defeat.

Philip walked out and happened to catch a glimpse of a familiar figure.

Chapter 3420
The man saw Philip as well and approached him while waving his hand.

It was none other than the leader of the team that was looking for the stone fruit in the forest.

Although Philip looked very different now, the man still recognized his aura at a glance.

“Sir, we meet again.” The man was very friendly.

“Hehe, has that team member of yours successfully advanced?” Philip said while walking.

”Thanks to you, she reached six stars smoothly after taking the stone fruit,” the man said with a laugh.

Philip wanted to find a barbershop to trim the messy hair on his face. The man seemed very free and started to hang out with Philip.

Seeing that Philip was a little impatient, the man suddenly said, “Sir, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Carl Redd from Tranquil Valley of the green ox royal family.”

”Oh, I see. I’m Gordon Tine.” Philip said lightly.

Seeing that this person had no intention of leaving, he turned and asked, “Is there anything else?”

Carl scratched his head in embarrassment and said, “My junior was playful and gambled all our funds. He’s being held there right now. I hope you can help us again!”

As he spoke, the man wanted to kneel in front of Philip.

Philip grabbed him and said, “That’s not necessary. I’ll take a look with you.”

Carl led Philip to an elevator. This high-rise building was like an independent town, with residents, businesses, workplaces, and entertainment venues all under one roof.

“If you don’t have money, why don’t you seek help from Tranquil Valley?” Philip asked suspiciously.

“Our guild is very poor. The funds this time are the end of our rope. My junior wanted to make more money for the guild, but he was cheated in the end.”

Carl said helplessly, “Our guild leader is old. If we tell him about this, I’m afraid he’ll kick the bucket.”

“I see.” Philip did not dwell on it.

The elevator stopped at the basement. As soon as they stepped out, golden characters greeted them, Golden Lotus Casino.

A guy was crying at the door, cursing as he tried to barge inside. However, he was beaten up by the burly security guards at the door and thrown in the corner.

Soon after that, another person walked out with a face full of regret and helplessness. The people in the casino were all wild-eyed from gambling.

Seeing Carl, the security guard stopped them and called their manager.

A short man in formal attire with a greasy face walked over and said with a smile, “You look pretty confident, so I’m sure you’ve raised the money.”

Carl was about to speak when Philip stopped him.

Philip looked down at the man and said with an earnest smile, “He doesn’t have money, but I do. I’ll have a game with you.”

“Since when do beggars have the right to speak?” the man mocked.

Philip did not speak but waved his hand, and a sky full of precious metals flashed past. Under Philip’s bushy hair, his eyes were like electricity.

Philip stared at the shocked manager in front of him and said, “So, am I a beggar who has the right to speak now?”


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