The First Heir Chapter 3401-3410

Chapter 3401
Hans said, “This was the thing that originated here. We’re simply occupying this place. After they left, I came here with Marie’s body… Something escaped from here and caused a catastrophe.”

Hans pointed to the black blood stains and the claw marks on the reinforced metal on the side.

Philip looked around, but there was nothing here except some broken bones and pieces of equipment.

“Are there other places?” Philip asked.

“Yes.” Hans continued to lead the way.

They walked to another door and down a staircase, which was bottomless as if the bottom had been hollowed out.

Soon, the vampire brought Philip to other places and said, “This place was used to store chemicals. Not long after we arrived, we heard that someone came and took everything away overnight.”

The three of them came to the dormitory area on the first floor. Some daily necessities were scattered around, and it seemed that there was an emergency evacuation.

Philip found a diary on a table and flipped through it.

[April 12th: That thing was quite obedient, and the experiment went smoothly.]

[April 17th: That thing seemed a little aggressive. We quickly lowered the dose.]

[April 18th: It looked much better than yesterday, but the top decided to continue to increase the dosage.]

[April 30th: I think we’re going to die here. This thing isn’t something humans can deal with.]

[May 2nd: We tried to calm it down but failed.]

The record ended there. There were various indications that this thing was likely an experimental creature of a battle group.

There was no trace of Jack and Jess’ parents, but judging from the timeline, they were likely sent here as the evacuation team.

Philip turned to Hans and said, “Are you sure you haven’t seen those movers?”

Hans was a little flustered and quickly said, “I did, but I wasn’t in good condition at the time, so I hid in a corner and just peeked at them.”

Although Hans brought Philip here, his words might be full of lies.

The three continued to walk to the rooms on the lower floor.

Philip was finally able to explore the deepest part with his mental strength. He immediately jumped down and found piles of bones below.

The stairs ended halfway through the pit. It seemed that someone was trying to hide something.

Philip managed to find an open space to land on, and the bones here were not from the same time.

Based on the degree of decay, the bones on the lowest floor were at least four or five years old, while the bones on the upper floor still had flesh, which meant they should have been here for less than three years. Judging from the clothing, these should be ordinary people.

The smell was too overpowering. Philip frowned and looked at the corpses.

The vampire Hans turned into a bat and flew down.

Hans was also amazed at this sight.

He looked at Philip’s suspicious eyes and hurriedly said, “I didn’t do this. I’ve never been here before.”

Regardless of whether he was telling the truth, after Philip dug out all the things on these corpses, he found a photo of a family of four smiling very sweetly. The two children were Jack and Jess from a few years ago.

While he rummaged through these things, Philip found that most of the corpses here died of blood loss after falling and suffering from bone fractures. They might have spent the rest of their lives in this dark place, accompanied by mountains of bones.

Philip found the two bones and burned them to ashes with fire. “Rest in peace…”

Then, he put them into two jars and kept them in his space ring. The two children could finally see their parents again.

Seeing Philip’s high-grade flames, Hans was glad he curbed his greediness.

“Let’s go.”

Philip burned all the bones here to ashes and buried them in the earth.

Philip took out a work badge that he found just now. Besides the worker’s identity, there was also the company name, Glory Biochemical Technology.

Chapter 3402
The vampire took Philip back to the first hall.

The others did not leave and sat there quietly waiting for Philip to return.

Philip briefly explained the situation to everyone.

The hooded girl with a gun came forward and took off her hood.

She took out a journalist badge from her pocket and said, “I’m a reporter from the Pioneer Daily of the fifth continent. I heard rumors that there are biochemical weapons here, so I came to investigate. I hope you can cooperate with me.”

Hearing that Philip had burned all the bones into ashes, the oval-faced girl said with a complicated expression, “Although you did the right thing, it’s a pity that some evidence of their atrocities is gone.”

Philip did not speak but took out a large portion of the personal belongings of those corpses from the storage ring.

He handed them over and said, “Are these enough?”

After that, Philip handed over the diary too.

Philip did not hand over certain things such as the work ID.

Seeing that Philip got so many things from the corpses without fear, the girl quickly said, “They’re more than enough?”

Then, she hurriedly sorted out and packed these things.

The beast tamer walked over and said with a sigh, “Alas! There are no secret treasures!”

“You’re lucky to be alive,” the tanned guy said.

He had been staring at the vampire. The team was almost wiped out because of him. 17 people came, and excluding the vampire and zombie, only four people were left out of the 15.

“Captain, we should get some money after we return, right?” the beast tamer asked.

“That’s what the rich businessman said.” The tanned guy was uncertain.

Hans sighed and said, “The rich businessman was my puppet to lure you here on purpose.”

“I’m going to kill you!”

Hearing that he was deceived, the tanned guy wanted to summon flames to burn the vampire in front of him.

“But I can give you some gold coins.”

When the beast tamer heard this, she quickly hugged the furious tanned guy and said, “Captain, forget it…”

The tanned guy did not expect this outcome for his first mission. Presumably, there was no need for him to stay back after they returned.

Hans gave them a bag full of gold coins and said, “You can take the corpses back if you want.”

The tanned guy gritted his teeth and said, “No need.”

His emotions underwent some subtle changes. Philip also noticed this change but made no comment. His purpose here had been achieved.

The tanned guy was the first to step forward and take off the equipment from the corpses. Although there was resentment in his eyes, it was gradually replaced by viciousness.

After a short rest, everyone returned to the desert again. Although it was the tanned guy who led the way this time, his hearty voice was never heard again.

This person was already plagued by inner demons, but others could not intervene so easily, and Philip was not bothered either.

Everyone crossed the desert and returned to Lawless Land again, but no one welcomed them, and they were ready to part ways.

The female reporter wanted to go back to the headquarters to expose this incident, and no one said anything.

After that, Philip walked to the children’s home.

The beast tamer followed Philip and said, “I’ll walk with you…”

“Go where you should go. Don’t follow me,” Philip said coldly.

“This place is so messy. It’s dangerous for a weak woman like me. I feel safe when I’m with you.”

As she spoke, the woman twisted her shoulders and tried to pull Philip’s hand.

‘A weak woman?’

If Philip had not seen her controlling a giant scorpion and a bunch of poisonous creatures, he might believe it a little.

Philip dodged the woman’s passion and said, “Miss, please control yourself.”

Chapter 3403
After saying that, he left in a flash, leaving the woman standing there in the wind. That made her angry.

She stomped her foot on the spot and shouted, “Don’t let me see you again!”

Philip returned to the old residential area by memory.

He saw a group of people gathered outside, and Jack was arguing with a few well-dressed people next to the two huge demolition machines.

Pushing through the crowd, Philip walked up to Jack, who was screaming, “You can’t just destroy our house like this!”

“What’s going on?” Philip asked.

“Philip, you’re back!” Jack just noticed that Philip was beside him and said excitedly with his eyes wide open.

Then, he pointed to the machines in front of him and said, “They want to demolish this residential building today.”

A man with a scar on his face in the lead shouted, “Don’t put words into our mouths! We informed you one week ago!”

“Well, you want to get our land for nothing without giving us any compensation. You must be dreaming!”

“Dream on!”

“We won’t take a step back today!”

As they spoke, the crowd took out rotten vegetables and eggs and started throwing them at the group of people. There was even a hammer among the things that were thrown.

Seeing this, the man yelled, and a wall made of earth appeared in front of him, blocking the ineffective attacks. He was a six-star earth element cultivator.

Then, he said fiercely, “Stubborn fools. Just push them away!”

The vehicle started and rolled toward the crowd.

The boisterous people were dumbfounded. They had forgotten what they said just now and went back home to pack their things. However, several old people still slumped on the floor, looking as if they were ready to die fighting.

“Philip, please help us!”

Jack shook the corner of Philip’s clothes, his big teary eyes making Philip all soft-hearted.

Philip patted his head and said, “Go back to your sister. Let me take care of this.”

Jack wiped away his tears, nodded heavily, and ran home.

Philip stood in front of the demolition machine, kicked it with one leg, and stopped the monstrous machine with one hand.

“Let’s have a chat,” Philip said.

Although he had seen Philip’s strength, the man with a scar on his face still said arrogantly, “Where did this ignorant kid come from? There’s nothing to talk about!”

Philip walked up to the man and grabbed his arm with the communicator on. No matter how hard the man struggled, he could not break free from Philip’s vice-like grip.

“Jumbo Construction. Take me to your boss.” Philip called up his personal information.

“You wish!” The man said with a pained expression.

“You’re quite gutsy.”

After saying that, Philip picked the man up and flew into the air.

The man looked as the buildings got smaller at his feet and grabbed Philip’s clothes tightly.

Philip sneered and said, “Someone will take me there.”

After saying that, he loosened his hold and threw the man with a scarred face out.

Feeling the rapid fall, Scarface finally begged for mercy and shouted desperately, “Help! I’ll take you! I’ll take you! Help me!”

Philip grabbed his collar at the back and said, “You should have said so earlier instead of letting yourself suffer through this.”

Chapter 3404
Philip grabbed the man and landed slowly on the ground. At this time, Scarface was devoid of his previous arrogance. His legs shook like jelly, and a stream of yellow liquid flowed out from the hem of his trousers.

“Tell your men to stop and take me to your boss,” Philip said coldly.

After some arrangements, Scarface changed into a pair of pants and led Philip to a black hover car.

Soon, they came to a private residential area, and the car stopped outside a villa surrounded by strange rocks. Ignoring Scarface’s objection, Philip pushed open the two security doors and walked in.

With his senses, he detected eight people on the second floor-four sitting on the sofa and the remaining four standing aside as if discussing something. After hearing the noise from downstairs, those people standing hurried down.

Seeing a stranger barging in, the four immediately tried to take Philip down.

All four were in the late stage of six-stars, so they were not too bad. Philip weaved through their attacks like a snake, and before they realized it, they fell to the floor unconscious.

Scarface, who was hiding outside the door, thought he was lucky to have avoided a confrontation with Philip.

Philip ignored him and went upstairs.

The sunlight coming in from the large French windows shone on Philip who had just appeared like he was a War God. The people on the sofa were a little stunned.

Philip said, “Who’s the boss of Jumbo Construction?”

A fat middle-aged man slowly got up and said, “I am… What’s the matter?”

“I need you.”

After saying that, Philip stepped forward and carried the man out, leaving behind the three people who had no time to react.

Philip threw the boss of Jumbo Construction into the car.

The boss yelled when he saw Scarface, “You turncoat! Are you trying to rebel?!”

“Boss, I was forced to do this. Please forgive me,” Scarface begged for mercy.

“Postpone the date of demolishing the slums by one month and transfer the appropriate compensation to their accounts tomorrow.” Philip directed the car and left the place.

“What? Which slum area?” the boss asked blankly.

“Boss, it’s the scrap metal area on the southeast corner.”

“Oh, I remember now, but why should I listen to you?” The boss finally recovered from his panic just now.

“Because your life is in my hands.” Philip said coldly.

He opened the car door and threw the boss off the speeding hover car.

However, before he let go, Philip pulled him back, stared at him, and asked, “Got it?”

“I get it. I’ll issue a statement, but how much is appropriate?”

“You can figure it out.”

After that, Philip closed his eyes in meditation.

The car soon reached the scrap metal zone.

Philip took the boss down and said to Scarface, “If I don’t see your actions and results…”

As he spoke, Philip made a swiping motion across the boss’ neck.

“Go! Keep an eye on them!”

When the boss saw that there were almost no familiar faces around him, he finally became anxious.

“Get lost,” Philip said to Scarface.

Chapter 3405
After the car had gone far, Philip put a hood over the boss’ head and walked to Jack and Jess’ house.

“Philip, you’re back!”

Jack opened the door for Philip before he turned and called out to Jess, “Jess, I told you Philip will be able to help us!”

The siblings led Philip into the house, only to find a man with a cloth bag over his head following behind him.

“Philip… Who’s this?” Jess asked.

“Don’t worry about it. Is there someone more influential in this area?” Philip asked.

“Yes, of course!” Jack replied quickly.

Seeing that Jack was about to blurt out the man’s name, Philip put his hand over his mouth.


He glanced at the person wriggling to and fro beside him.

Jack understood instantly, and Philip said, “Take me to him.”

On the way, Philip took off the boss’ communicator. To prevent the GPS function, Philip turned it off and put it into his space ring.

Jack took Philip to an old house at the end of the village that looked fortified with defense equipment.

He then pressed the doorbell. After a camera in front of the door looked back and forth a few times, the door slowly opened. A tall, bearded man stood by the door.

“Oh? Why are you free today?” A very hoarse voice came out of his mouth.

Jack made a shushing gesture at him. The man looked at Philip and the other man who was tied up next to him. He frowned slightly and invited them into the house.

After asking the man for a vacant room, Philip shut the boss inside.

He then explained, “Jack asked me to handle the forced demolition problem. This is the boss of that company. I’ve put forward a few conditions, and I’ll let him go after the conditions are met.”

“You’re too reckless.” The man took a sip of wine.

“I don’t have a choice. I’m in a hurry.”

Philip was not sure if this person was reliable, but he could only trust Jack for the time being.

He then added, “I have other things to take care of, so I may have to keep this person here for a while. I wonder if you can help.”

The man glanced at Philip and said, “I can help, but it’s too risky. If it gets exposed, we won’t be able to stay here any longer.”

Philip understood that this person wanted a reward.

Seeing that this man’s house was full of armor maintenance equipment and some armor parts, he was probably a mechanic, so money might not impress him very much. Philip had to offer something unusual if he wanted the other party help him willingly.

Philip put his hand on the table, and there was an egg-sized mysterious metal with a faint blue light. The man’s eyes promptly focused on it.

The man stood up and said, “Wait a minute…”

He went to fetch his tools and machines.

Philip did not know the name of this metal, but it should be a special alloy with strong thermal conductivity and malleability.

After a while, the man sat down with a bunch of tools in his hands. He wore a miniature microscope on his head. After careful observation, this person’s tone changed a little.

“How can I help you?” The man put his tools down and asked Philip seriously.

“As long as he doesn’t die here, you can let him go when the compensation for their house is paid. I’ve already turned off his communicator.”

Philip put his communicator on the table.

“Okay, I’ll just take care of his meals,” the man replied.

“Alright, and remember not to let him know your name!” Philip reminded.

Chapter 3406
Before leaving, Philip came to the dimly lit room and said to the boss sitting in the corner, “As long as you cooperate, you’ll be fine.”

After a few more reminders, Jack and Philip returned home.

It was getting late. Philip called the siblings to the only table, took out a photo of their family of four, and handed it to Jess.

Jess was stunned for a while before she burst into tears with the photo in both hands. Jack stepped forward to comfort his sister and also saw the photo.

Although Jack was young, he understood the significance of finding this photo, so he burst into tears too. The siblings hugged each other and sobbed bitterly.

Philip looked at the two who only had each other to depend on for the rest of their lives and did not know how to comfort them for a while, so he just watched and waited for them to calm down.

Jess stopped crying first and asked Philip with red eyes, “Did you find the remains of my parents?”

As she spoke, she sobbed again.

Philip nodded as answer.

After Jess calmed down again, Philip took out their parents’ ashes and solemnly handed them over to Jess.

He had no idea if this action was cruel, but in this small town where it was the survival of the fittest, it was better to be strong than weak

Jess quickly accepted reality, put the urn away, and comforted her brother.

Just as Philip was about to leave, Jess said, “If you don’t mind, you can stay for the night. ”

Perhaps due to her emotional fluctuations just now, Jess blushed and continued, “There are no regulated hotels in this town. They’ll extort you.”

Philip was not bothered about the environment, so he agreed to stay.

There were two rooms in this house, one occupied by their parents and the other one by the siblings. After their parents left, the siblings lived separately. Now that there was a guest, Jess told Jack to vacate his room for Philip.

The room was simple with a double bed, a dilapidated desk, and a wooden wardrobe.

Maybe because Jack had moved in here, there were several uncharacteristic hero posters on the wall.

Philip wondered if the characters on the posters were fictional or real.

After washing up, Philip went back to the room and thought of tomorrow’s plan.

In the middle of the night, Philip woke up when he heard his room door creaking open. He used his senses and detected it was Jess.

She walked to the foot of the bed and clenched her fists as if she was resolved to do this. Jess just stood there for three or four minutes.

As Jess took a deep breath and was about to crawl into Philip’s bed, Philip sat up. In the faint moonlight, the two looked at each other.

Jess’ face was flushed from holding her breath just now. She was caught red-handed while doing such a bad thing.

Philip put on a jacket and sat on the edge of the bed. He patted the bed for the girl to sit down too, and she sat a little fearfully.

Staring sideways at the bewildered girl with erratic eyes, Philip asked softly, “How old are you?”

The girl’s eyes darted around, and she said she was 19 years old, but it was obviously a lie.

“How long have we known each other?” Philip continued.

The girl did the math and said, “Seven days…”

“It’s only been a week. If I allowed you into my bed just now, what’s the difference between me and those bad guys from the other day?”

Philip added, “In that case, you and your brother have just exchanged three wolves with one wolf.”

“It’s not the same!” The girl stared at Philip and said in agitation, “You’re our benefactor. If not for you, Jack and I might not know what happened to our parents for the rest of our lives.”

Philip smiled and said, “I just do things out of interest.”

Chapter 3407
Then, he said seriously, “If you want to repay your benefactor with this method, it’ll only cheapen you and your benefactor at the same time. ”

The girl lowered her head and did not speak for a long time.

Philip patted her on the head and said, “Never do such a stupid thing again, no matter who it is, unless you meet someone worth entrusting your life to for the rest of your life.”

“Can’t you be the one?” the girl asked with wide eyes.

“Uh, another girl has entrusted her life to me.” Philip smiled and said, “What you need to do now is to take good care of yourself and your brother. When your brother grows up, you can leave this place too.”

“Yeah…” The girl was a little lost.

Walking to the window, Philip stared at the moon outside the rust-stained window for a while and said to the girl behind him, “You should go back to sleep.”

Soon, Philip heard the sound of the door closing.

Early the next morning, Philip left without saying goodbye and only left a short letter.

He arrived at the edge of the desert, his car wrapped in a gust of wind. Although the sandstorm was huge, not even a speck of sand and gravel penetrated in.

About two hours later, Philip came out of the desert, arriving on the fifth continent.

Not far away, there was a mechanical lookout station every few miles, which eyed Philip as soon as he came out of the desert.

A message was sent to Philip’s communicator: [You have entered the fifth continent, the territory of the green ox royal family. Please enter the continent through official channels to avoid any unnecessary problems]

Was there an official channel for this?

Philip wandered around the edge for a while before he found a checkpoint with a queue. He wondered if the communicator of the White Marsh royal family could be used here.

Philip drove his car and joined the queue. A few staff members in light combat uniforms saw Philip’s car at a glance.

The hover cars here mostly looked battle worn, so why would a cool sports car suddenly appear?

It was soon Philip’s turn.

The staff asked Philip through the window, “What are you doing in the green ox royal family’s territory? How long will you stay? What’s your personal data?”

A series of questions were placed in front of Philip. It was not their fault. This was what it should look like during a war.

Philip was allowed entry after paying a toll and applying for a temporary pass.

“How much do you think his car cost?” A staff member asked the person next to him.

“No less than three million.”

“Are people from the White Marsh royal family so rich?”

“It’s not surprising to find a few rich people in a poor country.”

If Philip heard this, he would have sighed. Discrimination between regions had started manifesting.

After going through the checkpoint, he entered a big town that seemed quite prosperous. Philip lowered his altitude and landed.

Chapter 3408
Done with landing, Philip took his time to familiarize life in this town. After a while he saw an interesting object to see.

There was a huge venue similar to Square Cage that caught Philip’s attention, a robot battle. A huge screen introduced the contestants in a loop.

This was the first time Philip saw this kind of venue. It piqued his interest, so he bought a ticket and went in.

As soon as he entered, he saw a row of damaged robots. According to the venue’s introduction, as long as a robot was good enough, it could even be used as a mass-produced robot on the battlefield.

It seemed that this sort of venue was available in every city.

Following a robot’s direction, Philip came to the auditorium.

The next two robots due for the next match were being tested. The seats weren’t filled yet, so this should not be an important match.

After waiting for about half an hour, the match started per schedule, and the two robots went into the square cage.

This battle was very simple with no gorgeous moves. The robots were designed to use all their strength to blast the opponent into pieces.

However, judging from the attacks and defense, the robots were stronger than ordinary five-star practitioners. If some long-range weapons were added, a robot could be used as a special combat team.

Soon, the red team’s black robot was limping from being attacked, and both mechanical arms were stuck due to malfunctions. Finally, the blue team’s yellow robot punched its head into pieces.

The creator of the black robot in the audience hurried into the cage wearing a suit of equipment, but the yellow robot did not stop and continued to attack. As everyone cheered, a person in the audience made a move and sent the yellow robot flying.

Philip noticed this man too. Dressed in white and wearing a blue and white mask, he slowly sat down again.

The creator of the yellow robot, who was cheering just now, burst into tears. His robot had been sent flying into the cage net of superalloy.

The host went on stage and shouted, “Our winner is Hurricane Locust from the blue team!”

The yellow robot lying on this side kept twitching its arms as if the wiring was damaged.

Philip’s attention had already shifted from the robot to the mysterious man. Philip found his aura somewhat familiar. Probably because he realized that he was too conspicuous, that person mixed into a crowd of tourists and disappeared.

As night fell, Philip wanted to find a restaurant for dinner. He noticed that almost everyone had a robot with them, but they were mostly lifestyle robots. Among other things, these robots could be sold as works of art just by their appearance.

Philip walked into a store that consisted of different types of robots, be they waiters or cooks. Although the meal was not cooked by a human, at least the taste would not be bad.

Seeing as many robots as pets on the street, Philip found the museum here, which fortunately was not closed.

He wanted to know why there was such a huge difference in appearance between adjacent continents.

The museum displayed the perfect robots created at the beginning, from the first generation of mass-produced robots to the medical robots and educational robots that appeared later.

A hundred years ago, a scientist named Norse successfully developed nanotechnology and energy-transmitting bonds that were enough to bring robots to life. Later, the team released the big news that sent the continent into an uproar.

This resulted in a system where a program could be input into a robot.

Before that, robots needed instructions or could only be controlled by humans. Now, the instruction could be input into the program, and the robot would automatically carry out corresponding activities.

Chapter 3409
This also led to a great increase in the labor force in society. People did not have to work but simply left it to the robots at home.

Philip lamented that the gap between the rich and the poor was not so big here, and traces of happiness could be found on the faces of people on the street. However, if that was the case, such a good thing should be promoted across all continents, so why was it not?

After finding a tour guide robot, Philip expressed his doubts.

The robot replied, “The green ox royal family actively reformed because this place was in an infinite crisis…”

“Other royal families including the upper echelons rejected this reform because it would destroy their collective interests, so they joined forces and collectively boycotted the robots produced by the green ox royal family on the grounds that they were trying to use robots to rule over the continents.”

“What crisis?” Philip asked.

To Philip’s surprise, the robot warned Philip, “Insufficient authority, consultation not allowed.”

“Then why go to war with the sixth continent?”

“There’s a huge adamantine mine at the junction of the two continents, and…”

Before the robot could say more, Philip caught a glimpse of the mysterious man in a white robe who took action during the match earlier.

This person was also carefully looking at the brief introduction to the history of the green ox continent.

“Hey, friend. Are you from out of town too?” Philip said.

The man glanced at Philip before leaving quickly.

This man was very strange, but Philip thought he felt very familiar.

After leaving this place, Philip found a chain hotel and checked in. To his surprise, a robot’s company for the night was also on the list of services provided.

He had been here for quite some time now. There was even a promotional video of the Heroes Conference on the giant screen on the street.

One of the rewards introduced was indeed the Multidew Herb, and Philip was half relieved.

Philip got ready to drive to the first continent. The main territory of the green ox royal family spread from east to west, so the distance from north to south was not that far.

The fifth continent was mostly made up of mountainous areas, and the mining industry was well-developed.

Before long, Philip saw traces of mining in the mountains, but most of them were filled up, so the mining activities should be completed.

After about half an hour, Philip saw that the road ahead was blocked by several floating battleships and countless flying mechas.

Had the war extended to this area too?

Looking at the map, this area was relatively closer to the territory of the black turtle royal family.

Philip tried to turn around and use another route, but several mechas with the crest of the green ox royal family gave chase and sent a message to Philip, “If you don’t stop and cooperate, you’ll be treated as espionage.”

Looking at the giant cannon on the battleship in the distance, Philip had no choice but to fly back with these mechas.

The mechas found a spot for Philip to park his car. As Philip got out of the car, a man that looked like an officer walked over.

Chapter 3410
Seeing that Philip was an imposing young man, this person said quite politely, “We’ve already issued a war notice. Why are you here with your hover car?”

Philip did not receive any notice, so he took out his temporary pass and replied, “I just arrived here yesterday. I’m not a local.”

Seeing this, the officer asked his subordinates to take Philip to make a statement before letting him go.

A brown-haired female officer who was five feet nine and wearing a dark gray combat uniform brought Philip to make a statement. This person had exotic features.

“You can leave after making a statement. Do you need someone to lead you out of this area?” the female officer said.

Feeling the pressure around, Philip shook his head and said, “That’s not necessary. I can still protect myself.”

The following routine questions included his name, where he came from, what his occupation was, and what he was doing on the fifth continent.

Before Philip finished answering patiently, the battleship shock, and the electricity stopped for a moment. The brown-haired female officer quickly turned on the communicator and contacted other departments to find out the situation.

Philip sat calmly opposite her. They were probably under enemy attack. She was quite responsible and fled to the exit with Philip.

A burst of intense cannon fire followed. Looking at the endless stream of battleships pouring out near the hills outside through the small window, Philip sighed inwardly.

‘The fleet belonging to the green ox royal family is probably being ambushed due to information leaks…’

At this time, the female officer stopped in her tracks after receiving a message.

She glanced at Philip worriedly and said, “There’s no other choice.”

After that, she took Philip and ran in another direction. He remembered that this was not the way they came from.

Would it be inappropriate if he ran away like this?

Along the way, worker robots were busy repairing the roads, and the two finally arrived at their destination. Philip was surprised to see that the woman had brought him to a hover car and tossed a set of clothes to Philip.

Philip stood there blankly until he saw her quickly change into her combat uniform and asked him, “What are you waiting for?”

“No, why am I with you?” Philip said in shock.

Was going to war such a casual affair here?

”We’re short of people at the moment. Even my logistics team has to go to the battlefield. Please put up with it for the time being,” the female officer said helplessly.

“Is this something we can just put up with?” Philip asked.

The woman suddenly stood up straight, saluted Philip, and said, “I’ll do my best to protect you.”

Due to the urgency, Philip did not even have time to change before he was rushed to the aircraft.

This aircraft’s control was simple enough. One person controlled the flight, and the other person attacked with weapons. The flight could even be set on auto-pilot.

Philip sat in the back seat and wailed, “I was just passing by. Is this really necessary?”

The woman ignored Philip’s complaints and said seriously, ”The button above you is the weapon system. The handle below is used to adjust the direction. The button for the visual panel is behind my chair, the blue one.”

With that said, the aircraft set off after a bout of shaking. Philip fiddled with the controls and nearly figured them out.

Seeing the swarming aircraft from the other party’s fleet, Philip sighed and said, “Curse my luck!”

The battle horn rang from both parties.

The woman picked out an enemy plane and gave chase, attacking it relentlessly from behind, while Philip kept pulling the trigger.

After getting the feel for it, Philip’s firing became more accurate.

“When we return, do you want to join our battle group?” the woman asked while operating the controls.

“No, thanks,” Philip replied instantly.


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