The First Heir Chapter 3391-3400

Chapter 3391
Philip sighed inwardly, “Trouble follows me everywhere…”

“You’re now under suspicion for being a spy sent by the Green Ox Empire. Come with us.”

Before Philip could explain, a hood was placed over his head and he was taken back to the cave.

Philip was quickly brought into an interrogation room surrounded by mirrors. Two men walked in very soon.

One of them asked, “Where are you from?”

“The capital.”

“Which capital?”

“The capital city of White Marsh.”

“What’s your purpose here?”

“Interstate travel.”

“Why didn’t you take the predefined route?”

Philip was startled.

Was there a predefined route for traveling?

He replied, “I didn’t know.”

After that, the man asked more than a dozen meaningless questions in succession.

Philip was already a little annoyed by the questions, but if he were to break free from the restraints now, it would be extreme contempt for their efforts.

The man finally finished asking. Philip wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, but a woman with short hair walked in.

“Aren’t you done yet?” Philip asked helplessly.

The woman ignored Philip but turned on the monitor behind her and said, “Through data comparison, you should be Philip Clarke, who appeared in the capital a few days ago.”

The woman continued, “But you’re from the ancient dragon royal family. Although you have a feud with the former leader, we still have reason to suspect that you’re a spy sent by the ancient dragon royal family.”

“What about the dead Hardy Shell?” Philip asked.

“No one has seen his body,” the woman replied coldly.

Philip was speechless for a moment, at a loss whether this was reasonable or not.

“Although our battle group is directly led by the royal family, we still have the right to make our own decisions. Now, put Philip Clarke into the holding room and wait for his judgment.”

“Why is there a judgment already? Aren’t you guys too hasty?” Philip said without much resistance.

He could get out of here easily if he wanted to.

This place was like a labyrinth with various rooms arranged neatly but intricately. Philip was taken deep underground. It was said to be a holding room, but this place looked more like a prison.

He was pushed into a small room that was only 50 square feet with a small bed and a toilet next to the bed.

A voice came from the next room, “Buddy, how did you get in here?”

“Travel crime. What about you?”

“I went up the mountains to pick herbs and got caught,” the man said helplessly.

Avoice from another room next door said, “I’m charged with espionage.”

“Oh?” Philip got up and asked, “So, you were framed too?”

“No, I’m a spy,” the man replied somewhat numbly.

“Leave him alone. He’s not right in the head,” the first voice said.

“How long do we have to stay here?” Philip asked.

“As long as it takes. I can be considered your neighbor now. My name is Joey, and I’ve been here for three years,” the man replied.

Philip was taken aback. This holding room doubled as a prison.

It was almost lunchtime.

A robot in overalls distributed lunch to each room-a small tortilla, a serving of stir-fried vegetables with mincemeat, though there was not much meat, and an overripe banana.

Philip spat it out after two mouthfuls. Only the tortilla could be eaten, while the rest were even worse than the food on the lowest floor of the underground city.

He lay quietly on the somewhat cold bed, planning to get a good night’s sleep before leaving. He planned to let these people out and create chaos.

Ignoring the chattering Joey next door, Philip fell asleep quietly. However, before long, Philip was awakened by several loud noises, mostly likely explosions.

Chapter 3392
For a while, all the people in the holding rooms looked out the windows.

Soon, several fully armed men came down from the elevator and killed the wardens. However, their equipment did not seem uniform but rather pieced together.

The room doors were opened one after another, and the people outside shouted, “We’re the battle group from Cloudridge! We’ve taken over this place! Leave now if you want to survive!”

Philip walked out of the holding room unhurriedly.

When Joey saw Philip, he shouted, “Run quickly or something might crop up in a while!”


After saying that, Philip acted as if he wanted to follow him to the elevator. After the leader took several target people away, he turned his gun around and said, “I won’t allow you to leave now.”

Immediately, Philip heard the sound of various weapons firing from behind him.

Philip dodged all of them, but Joey next to him was not so lucky. His back got hit, and he flew into the elevator that had just opened, all signs of life gone.

Philip frowned. These people were not from a formal battle group but wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The leader of the battle group laughed and said, “Look at the way they’re running for their lives. Hope is right in front of them, but I’m going to destroy it all. It’s an amazing feeling.”

The man stretched out his hand and made a grabbing motion.

“Sir, there’s one person left,” a person next to the leader said.

“How can there be any survivors under such intensive attacks?” The leader opened his eyes and saw Philip standing in the crowd.

“You should have some skills to do this. Let’s see what you can do.”

After saying that, the leader drove the assembled mecha toward Philip.

An accelerated punch hit Philip firmly in the face, but an attack less than a five-star level posed no threat to Philip at all. It merely made him tilt his head a little.

“Are the people in remote areas so weak?” Philip turned his head slowly and said.

“Are you a freak?”

The man’s punches fell like raindrops. However, the mecha’s parts quickly scattered all over the place, exposing the man’s hands.

“Your hands are full of sin. Let me help you.”

Philip grabbed the man’s hands, and there was the sound of bones slowly twisting before breaking. The man’s face was distorted, and he wanted to break free, but he could not escape this vice-like grip no matter what.

The people behind him were a little afraid to step forward for a moment.

“Ah! Kill him!” The man ordered while enduring the pain in his body.

Philip picked up the leader and used him as a meat shield. Even the bullets that missed the mark, he would use the leader to catch them.

Soon, the man’s screams and begs for mercy gradually died down until only the muffled sound of each attack on his flesh remained.

Everyone stopped attacking, and Philip tossed the body away.

He said, “It’s not too late for you to surrender now.”

These people were cowards, after all, so they unloaded their weapons and begged for mercy from the powerful person in front of them.

Suddenly, a group of people came down from several special passages, and they were wearing the uniform of the official battle group here before.

“You’ve been surrounded. Drop…”

Before they could give the order to drop their weapons, they saw that everyone had already put down their weapons and crouched obediently with their heads in their hands.

Chapter 3393
Only Philip still stood there, looking very calm and relaxed.

A team leader in a combat uniform came over and asked with a serious face, “Did you do this?”

Philip judged from his aura that this person was a six-star practitioner with a relatively solid base.

He nodded as his answer.

“With your abilities, why are you willing to be imprisoned here?” the man wondered.

“Do you think I want to be here? You guys didn’t even give me a chance to explain!”

Philip caught sight of the unreasonable woman in the interrogation room earlier, pointed at her, and said, “You there, don’t think I can’t see you. Come out here.”

The woman lowered her head in embarrassment and walked over slowly.

The team leader asked the woman what happened and was furious. “Outrageous! How dare you make decisions without authorization about someone from the royal family? I think you don’t want to work here anymore!”

The woman tried to explain, “But I was just following procedures.”

Hearing that, the leader was a little awkward too.

Although this was a forbidden area, some people were always arrested for no reason.

“Sir, I hope you don’t dwell on this matter. We were just carrying out our duties,” the officer said.

“Well said. One person simply went up the mountain to collect some herbs and you’ve locked him up for three years.”

Philip pointed to Joey’s body in the elevator and said, “You can’t explain away his death.”

Philip frowned and continued, “I won’t request much. You just need to agree to compensate the families of these people who were killed unjustly and modify this ridiculous interrogation method.”

“Okay. We hope you can supervise us.”

“That won’t be necessary. I have other things to do, so I won’t be staying.”

After Philip said that, he dashed out of the passage like the wind.

Seeing Philip leaving, those people did not stop him.

Philip returned to the surface and lamented that this seemingly peaceful world was actually full of undercurrents. The borders were chaotic, rebel battle groups were everywhere, there were traces of the Moon Worship Creed in the city, and constant friction between continents.

Alas, the wonderful upper floor mentioned by the lower floors was nowhere to be seen.

Philip continued to drive until he reached the fifth continent, and he stopped at a small town next to the border. The city here looked more mechanized with shadows of various metals everywhere.

While Philip walked on the street, most people had some cutting-edge equipment on them as if they were ready to fight at any time.

When he passed by a store, there seemed to be a conflict between the buyer and seller inside. The buyer raised the cannon on his right arm and fired at the store. Thick smoke was everywhere for a while, but the store reacted quickly, changing its shape before the second attack arrived.

The entire façade was covered with a thick layer of metal now, and the cannon only left a white mark on it.

Both parties were at a stalemate. Philip watched for a while, but no patrolling team came forward, while others watched from a distance.

This city was befitting of its name, Lawless Land.

Philip sat in an empty shop, ordered a local drink, and asked the boss, “Boss, why is this place called the Lawless Land?”

“Are you new here?” seeing at Philip the other party asked back.

“No one governs this place. There are only deals you can’t think of here, no deals that you can’t do.”

Tasting the dry and bitter drink, Philip looked at the map and wondered.

Was this not the territory of the green ox royal family?

Why was it ungoverned?

Thus, he continued to ask, “The green ox royal family has been busy fighting with the black turtle royal family next door for many years, so why would they care about this place?”

Chapter 3394
Philip really was not used to the taste of that drink, so he went out and threw it into a trashcan.

On the street, Philip pondered if he should go to Multiherb Guild of the white tiger royal family on the third continent to find the Multidew Herb or the Heroes Conference of the fire phoenix royal family on the first continent.

At this moment, a little boy covered in bruises ran out, stopped Philip, and said anxiously, “Big Brother, please save my sister…”

With that said, the boy took Philip to an old house. The rusty smell of houses in disrepair lingered everywhere. It should have rained not long ago, and the water stains on the ground were reddish brown.

Philip remained on guard and followed the little boy into a house with an open door. A few people were arguing, and a girl was sobbing.

“Ern, we agreed to let the boss go first.”

“Why should we give up such a good opportunity?”

“Stop arguing. Let’s come to a compromise and let me go first.”

“Get lost!”

Philip pushed the door open and entered. In the dilapidated hut in front of him, three youths with distorted faces stood there with a shivering young girl on the bed.

When the three of them saw someone coming in, they said, “Who is this idiot?”

After saying that, one of them picked up a thin metal stick and slashed at Philip’s face.

Philip dodged sideways, kicked the staggering man on the face with his knee, and said with a sneer, “Why are you so impatient? Let me calm you down.”

“Damn it, what did you do to him?”

The man’s body glowed. He was a two-star practitioner.

Philip had always been merciless to those who were bold enough to challenge him. Since there was so much metal around, he should borrow some.

Thin strips of metal flew in through the window and wrapped around that man, turning him into an iron mummy before his attack could reach Philip.

At this moment, the last remaining person still refused to give up. He judged that Philip was stronger than Ern but did not surpass him.

“You’re dead today!”

The man waved his fists and rushed over, seemingly proficient in boxing. This man was a four-star practitioner.

Philip stretched out a finger and flicked his head lightly. The man flew upside down and hit the wall heavily.

“It’s okay, come in.” Philip beckoned the little boy who was hiding outside to come in.

The little boy looked at the two men on the floor and the one who had turned into a metal statue with an incredulous expression. At first, he was still thinking if he should go and get more help.

The boy ran over and hugged his sister, whose breathing slowly returned to normal.

He said to Philip, “Thank you for saving us, sir!”

“No problem.” As he spoke, Philip tied the three guys together with metal bars.

Philip was in a difficult spot now. No one cared about such things here. Killing them would only add to his sin, but if he did not, they would harm other people in the future.

The girl saw Philip’s hesitation and said, “Let me do it.”

Chapter 3395
The girl took out a knife from the kitchen and was about to kill the three of them.

Philip quickly stopped her and said, “Aren’t you afraid of getting your bedroom dirty if you do it here?”

The girl shook her head, and Philip said with a sigh, “Go outside.”

The three were killed by the girl while they were unconscious. Philip manipulated the water to wash the surrounding area and set the three on fire, turning them into ashes.

The girl was very brave, unmoved despite killing three people. However, she was also a child who knew how to repay kindness, so she invited Philip into the house for dinner.

The house could almost be described as barren.

The girl took out the only piece of meat from the refrigerator and served it to Philip after cooldng it. This piece of meat could be considered the most valuable item in this family.

Philip did not refuse her kindness, but he still gave the siblings half the portion of meat. The siblings did not speak anything, they just looked at Philip only.

After finishing his meal, Philip asked them, “What are your names?”

The younger brother said, “My name is Jack, and my sister’s name is Jess.”

Those sounded like pretty common names, so Philip continued to ask, “Where are your parents?”

If there was an adult in the family, at least they would not lead such a miserable life.

Jack glanced at his sister aggrievedly, and he said, “They went to the center of the desert and never came back…”

Philip was taken aback and said, “I see. I’m sorry.”

The vegetation near this town was fairly lush with no desert marked on the map, so he asked, “Is there a desert nearby?”

“This desert only appeared three years ago, and one part of it still surrounds this small town.”

The girl handed a glass of water to Philip and added, “There are storms in that desert every day, and hover cars and the like can’t get out at all.”

The boy hugged his elder sister, who had taken care of him all these years.

“They received an emergency call one day and left for the desert, but they never came back. This place slowly became like this. We have to live like rats every day, and I have to make myself look ugly before I even dare to go out and do odd jobs in an auto repair shop.”

As she spoke, the girl was about to cry.

Philip patted her on the back and said, “Fortunately, you have an obedient brother.”

It was the girl’s day off today. Those three guys wanted to steal something but did not expect to bump into a pretty girl in the house, so they got some ideas. Fortunately, they met Philip.

“I think I might go to the desert later. Maybe I can find your parents.”

“I’m sure they must be alive and well,” the girl murmured.

Philip wanted the siblings to move out of here, but their parents would not be able to find them if they returned, so they refused to leave.

In the end, Philip could only leave behind some weapons for them before he left and also sent some money to the girl’s communicator.

“If I have news about your parents, I’ll come back and tell you.”

Philip walked along the street.

Just as he was about to leave town, a group stopped Philip.

“Hey, friend, are you going into the desert?”

“Well, what’s the problem?” Philip asked back the guy who questioning him.

“There’s no problem. It’s just that our group has been hired by a wealthy businessman who told us that there’s a secret treasure in the center of the desert, and we’ll get paid whether we can bring it back or not.”

The tanned man in front of him grinned and said, “Do you want to join us?”

Coincidentally, Philip wanted to take a look at the desert, and this group of people posed no threat to him at all.

He replied, “Sure, as long as I get paid.”

Philip followed the man. Including Philip, there were 17 people in total, and ten of them were men. Everyone wore different outfits and seemed unfamiliar with each other.

The man seemed to be the team leader at this moment. Seeing that no one else was joining, he took the lead and made the final preparations before departure.

Chapter 3396
They purchased some necessities from the nearby store.

The tanned guy called for two large armored hover vehicles and said to everyone, “Let’s save some energy and let the vehicles take us for the first half of the journey.”

As Philip joined the team later, he was assigned to the second car.

A hooded girl sat next to him, constantly playing with a large-caliber handheld ion cannon. Her movements were spectacular like she was holding a blooming silver flower in her hand.

Philip said, “Don’t kill yourself before we get there.”

The girl stopped when she heard him.

She pressed the small display screen next to the gun to Philip’s face and said, “I won’t make such a stupid mistake.”

Philip was not sure why the girl was so confident since he could see that the ammo shown on the display was zero.

Seeing this, Philip said no more. He took out the goggles he bought before and put them on to test the functions. Although the hide of this armored car was very thick, the sound of sand and gravel hitting the vehicle could still be heard, which went to show that the storm in the desert should not be underestimated.

After Philip adjusted the eyepiece, he frowned as he found something strange.

He did not say anything but wrapped his head in some clothes, looking like a bandit.

Philip then looked at the white-haired man with a mask wrapped tightly in front of him again. He could vaguely see that his skin was very white, and his information was displayed on the eyepiece, [Vampire race, a very strong physical body, afraid of sunlight and silverware].

He belonged to a race that was almost extinct. He carried a virus that could revive the dead and was extremely dangerous.

The eyepiece glowed red constantly, warning Philip. There was nothing unusual about the rest of them except for this vampire in the mix. In order not to alert the enemy, Philip did not look at him again.

Soon, the car drove into the desert, and the driver said, “We won’t go any farther. The finer gravel will obstruct our car’s internal system.”

Everyone got off the cars, and a round glass cover protruded from their backs. Most of them could only use the most primitive method to block the wind and sand.

It was almost evening at this time, and the temperature in the desert was still very high. They walked slowly following the GPS, and they were 100 to 200 miles away from the center of the desert.

Philip fell behind and observed the team quietly. The vampire made no move at all, but another person caught Philip’s attention. All the gravel was bounced off the person’s body, most likely a mutation of the earth element and a practitioner of the sand element.

The sun went down quickly, and even the storm gradually stopped. Everyone decided to take a break and set off again when it was cooler in the middle of the night.

Philip did not hide his space ring. He took out a sleeping bag from it and went to one side. He was not aware that although a space ring was relatively common in big cities, it was enough to incite jealousy in such a small place.

Several people took close notice of Philip’s ring.

Soon, the temperature in the desert dropped, and some creatures hiding in the sand came out looking for food.

Several two-meter long scorpions moved over the sand toward them. The guard on night duty shouted upon seeing them. This scorpion was highly defensive, and its venom could paralyze someone for a long time.

A sexy woman stepped forward. After drawing a few purple magic circles in the air, the scorpions slowly stopped.

When the woman waved her hand, the scorpions scattered and left.

“A beast tamer?”

Chapter 3397
The tanned guy exclaimed in surprise. A beast tamer was very rare.

The woman nodded and sat down again.

Philip was lying in his sleeping bag, observing everything with his mental strength. This beast tamer was quite interesting.

At the specified time, everyone took advantage of the huge full moon to move on. It was obvious that the vampire was not as weak as it was during the day.

There were actually two moons on the land of the other shore, one far and one near. The craters could even be seen clearly on the one nearer. They moved quickly during the night. Most of them were six-star practitioners and moved fast, and they covered more than half of the distance by dawn.

At noon, everyone decided to stop for a break. The sandstorm during the day was too big, and even the sky was dark.

Philip got into his sleeping bag again, controlling the water to cool it down. Even if the high temperature evaporated the water, Philip could always make more water.

Seeing that everyone was asleep Philip wondered. ‘That dude can really sleep. Isn’t he afraid of being smothered to death in this heat?’

After a while, the sandstorm slowly stopped.

The tanned man stood at the front of the line and shouted, “Let’s try to reach the center in the afternoon!”

They started walking again, but after a while, the vampire stumbled and fell into quicksand with strong suction. Everyone tried to rescue him, but it was in vain in the end. The vampire died in front of everyone.

Philip was surprised to see that the sand element practitioner never made a move.

Why did the vampire walk into the quicksand all of a sudden?

Philip explored with his senses but could not find anything. There must be something wrong here. Philip smelled a conspiracy.

The tanned guy said sadly, “Everyone must keep up with the team. Even six-star powerhouses may not escape unscathed from this type of quicksand.”

Others did not feel anything. They were strangers, so there was nothing to be sad about. Due to this incident, everyone arrived at the center of the desert in the evening.

“There’s nothing here at all.”

“What a waste of effort.”

Seeing the flat plains, Philip suppressed his level and urged the wind element to blow all the sand away with the strength of a six-star practitioner.

A huge dome covered with intricate patterns entered their sight, and there was a hole for one person to scuttle through at the highest point.

Seeing this situation, everyone exclaimed. This was one step closer to the secret treasure.

Philip used his senses to explore down below. The passage was extremely long, and there was a vast hall full of statues at the bottom with a coffin on a high platform, which seemed very strange.

The group discussed who should go down, and a bald man volunteered to go first.

They walked down the passage to the hall at the bottom. A bright red carpet spread under everyone’s feet, and candles with blue flames were lit on a few pillars. Everything looked so weird, and everyone took out their weapons.

Staring at the coffin not far away, Philip felt that there might be clues in it.

He left everyone and walked over.

The coffin lay there quietly. Philip flipped it open.

Chapter 3398
A dried female corpse with very fair skin lay inside the black coffin, and the rose petals on the bottom seemed like dripping fresh blood.

This should be a corpse sucked dry by a vampire, and Philip wondered if it was connected to the previous


“Hey! What’s in there?” someone asked.

Seeing that Philip was frowning and thinking about something, the girl in the hood walked over. Several people followed.

Seeing nothing unusual, the rest started searching for treasures.

After one person saw the dried corpse, he was a little terrified and wanted to destroy it with his gun. However, at this moment, all the candles went out with a gust of chilly wind. Someone lit a torch and saw bats hovering above them.

The few people hunting for treasure in the distance were the first to suffer. After a few screams, their voices became smaller and smaller before finally disappearing. They were most probably sucked dry by these bloodsucking vampire bats.

Philip used the huge wind pressure to block the bats from these people.

Seeing that they could not move forward, the bats merged and became a figure. With the help of the faint light from the torch, everyone could vaguely see the figure’s face.

It was none other than the man who died in the quicksand earlier.

The tanned guy scowled unhappily and said, “Monster, why did you sneak into our team?!”

The vampire laughed sharply and said, “Don’t you know what I want? I want your blood!”

With a wave of his robe, a black light shot out, extinguishing all the torches.

The rest of them picked up their guns and fired wildly at the vampire. In the dim light, they vaguely noticed his figure.

Philip tried to catch sight of the vampire with his senses.

Everyone was slowly forced to leave the coffin. The vampire stopped and landed next to the coffin. Bullets caused him no damage at all. The vampire was just playing with them.

The vampire slowly picked up the dried corpse from the coffin. The corpse gradually perked up, and the vampire became a little weak. The blood of the man who just died flowed toward the coffin along a small channel on the floor.

“Don’t be impatient. Wait a little longer,” the vampire murmured.

The vampire put the resurrected female body back and scattered into a roomful of bats again.

The hooded girl from earlier took out a large-caliber pistol and fired accurately. Every shot could hit a bat, but the bats were endless.

The girl looked at the screen showing that the bullets were almost emptied and shouted, “I didn’t expect to deal yvith such a monster!”

The tanned man stepped forward, patted the girl on the shoulder, and said, “Take a break!”

With that said, seven rays of light glowed behind him. With flames in his hands, he was a fire elemental practitioner in the middle stage of seven stars.

Bang! Boom!

Chapter 3399
He kept waving a long flaming whip, lashing back and forth at the bats that kept coming. Although the flame element could cause decent damage to the bats, it was far from enough to completely kill these things.

Six of the seven people took turns fighting against the bats, but the sand element practitioner lowered his head and remained motionless.

“Hey! What are you doing!? If you don’t make a move, we’re dead!”

Suddenly, a sand blade pierced the man’s chest, and he slumped slowly with a face full of disbelief. With one less person to help out, the rest found it more difficult to resist.

The sand element practitioner behind them took off his mask. His eyes were extremely empty, and his skin was drained of blood, looking as if he had been dead for a while.

Seeing this, Philip said, “Oh no, that person is controlled by the vampire. Everyone, watch out!”

Philip did not want these people to be wiped out, so he upped his game and lashed countless wind blades at the bats in the air and the zombie behind him.

A hole was formed due to the impact, but the bats quickly closed it again. The zombie raised its hand, and a sand wall blocked the attack.

“If you continue to hold back, all of us will die here!” Seeing that Philip’s attacks were getting stronger, the tanned guy shouted.

The hooded girl took out the pulse rifle she was carrying on her back and said, “Get ready to break out!”

Behind them, the zombie moved again. A pile of gravel quickly surrounded them and rushed at them like a wave.

One of them hurriedly put his hands on the ground and aimed the giant cannon on his shoulder at the zombie.

Boom, bang!

A pulse mixed with an electric current shattered the zombie’s right forearm and the gravel stopped instantly.

“Damn it, I missed the mark!”

The pulse cannon on the man’s shoulder gathered energy again, aiming at the zombie’s head.

A bat came out from his blind spot and flew to the man’ s neck, chomping away.

Feeling the pain in his neck, the man’s body tilted, and the cannon on his shoulder hit the stone pillar next to him.

For a while, the underground hall shook.

The zombie raised its hand and wrapped the man in gravel. Sand poured into his mouth and nose. All he could do was whine in despair.

At this time, a few figures appeared outside the circling bats. They were the members of the team who were killed by the bats before, and they had turned into zombies.

This was endless. Seeing the zombies using their skills one by one, Philip took out Caelum Sword and slashed at them.

The beast tamer could do nothing in this situation. The poisonous snakes and insects she summoned could not do any harm to the zombies at all. As she was getting desperate, a black sword light cut several zombies in front of her into halves.

Philip ignored that grateful gaze and slashed the sand-elemental zombie instead. A thick layer of gravel appeared on his body like solid armor.

No matter where Philip struck, the sand would go there.

“Let’s see what you’ll do next!”

Philip used the water element and wet the gravel on his body.

The gravel slowed down in an instant, and Philip took the opportunity to cut off the zombie’s head.

Seeing Philip’s strength, no one blamed him for concealing his strength before but rejoiced that they might be able to survive.

With the help of the hooded girl’s pulse gun, they moved forward slowly. At this time, due to the death of the two people, the blood flowing toward the coffin increased, and the female corpse in the coffin was getting revitalized.

The bats regrouped into human form, and the vampire said to them, “I can let you go now.”

Chapter 3400
“Why should we go just because you want us to?” Philip gripped the sword in his hand and asked.

Everyone looked at Philip in surprise, including the vampire.

“No more fighting. I’ve had enough blood,” the vampire answered.

“You realize you can’t beat us, but I’m just getting started,” Philip narrowed his eyes and said with a smile.

The others could hardly hold their weapons steadily now, and the beast tamer even sat down on the ground, thinking, ‘Stop fooling around. You’ re the only one who can still fight now!’

The vampire was a little panicked. The others posed no threat at all, but the person in front of him was unfathomable. Right from the start, he did not even see Philip panting.

“My friend, please let us go…”

The vampire retreated to the coffin.

“You killed so many people. How can I just let you go?” Philip approached the vampire, and the smile on his face made the vampire even more uncertain.

He suddenly turned around and hugged the female corpse.

He then said, “Marie, wake up…”

After absorbing so much blood, the female corpse looked no different from an ordinary person now, except that her complexion was still pale.

The female corpse slowly opened her eyes after hearing the call, and her somewhat unfocused gaze became bright after seeing the vampire.

She hugged his neck tightly and whispered, “How long have I been asleep, Hans?”

“Three years, my dear Marie,” the vampire replied with a sigh.

Philip stood a few steps away from the two vampires but did not interrupt their reunion.

“I feel like it’s been a lifetime…” The vampire named Marie said and kissed Hans.

Seeing that the two were almost done, Philip picked up his sword and separated the reluctant two.

He said, “I want to know the traces of the people who have been here over the years and what they left behind.”

“I can tell you, but you have to promise to let us go.”

Philip looked at the rest of the exhausted team members behind him and said to them, “I can handle this. You guys may leave…”

Then, he said to Hans, “Deal!”

He was not very concerned about the well-being of this group of people, so he added, regardless of everyone’s objections, “Lead the way.”

Hans helped Marie, who was still a little weak, and led Philip toward a wall, which opened slowly to reveal a long and narrow tunnel with metal walls inside.

Philip said, “I hope you don’t play any tricks.”

Hans said, “I won’t…”

The three of them came to a place that looked like a laboratory with a huge broken glass chamber. It seemed that something huge had been kept in it not long ago.

At the back of the chamber was a passage about ten meters high.


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