The First Heir Chapter 3381-3390

Chapter 3381
After saying that, the old man raised his hand, exposing his forearm. He could hardly control the violent trembling, even if he was a holy-tier powerhouse.

“I fought him once over this matter. I wanted to teach this rascal a lesson, but I didn’t expect to be so useless now that I’m old.”

Philip could tell that the other party was helpless.

“The food is ready, Mr. Clarke…” The old lady cleared the table and diffused the awkward atmosphere.

Gladys was the first to run over and sit down at the dining table. The food was mostly home-cooked dishes but tasted delicious.

The old lady said to the old man, “If you’d told me earlier that there’d be a guest, I’d have gone shopping.”

“I get it,” the old man said impatiently as he ate.

“See, he’s so impatient after just a few words.”

Pursing her lips, the old lady served Philip some food and said, “Have some more. If it’s not enough, I’ll keep cooking.”

Philip nodded. Putting aside their identities and his son’s problem, Philip looked forward to such a retirement life.

After lunch, Philip and the old man sat at the dining table again. The old man turned on the monitor with the news playing on a loop.

“What are your plans?” the old man peeled a fruit and said to Philip.

“I’m heading to the first continent.”

“Are you attending the Heroes Conference?” the man said in puzzlement.

Philip said without hiding, “For the Multidew Herb.”

Hearing that, the old man thought for a while and said, “I once took part in one session when I was younger, and the second prize that year seemed to be the Multidew Herb. But I don’t know what the prizes now are.”

Philip was surprised. If he could not get the Multidew Herb from the Multiherb Guild, maybe he could go to this conference to fight for it.

“How did you do back then?” Philip asked.

“Alas, I wasn’t very focused on my practice back then, so I only managed to get fifth place.”

Although he said that modestly, his chest still puffed up as if implying to Philip of his strength.

“Oh, amazing,” Philip said perfunctorily.

“Looking at your current state, you can win the championship,” Mallow said seriously all of a sudden.

Philip smiled and said, “No way. Even first place isn’t enough to satisfy me.”

The two laughed.

At this time, the news reported that a newly opened aquarium, purportedly the largest in the whole continent, had quelled the riots caused by the sudden appearance of a naked man in the center. The flow of visitors had also increased.

“You see, that’s what I said. Remember to ask him to buy me dinner next time,” Philip pursed his lips and said.

The old man jokingly said, “You really dare to own up to this. You’re not afraid of inviting trouble.”

At this time, Gladys, who was still eavesdropping in the room, ran out. She pointed to the aquarium on the monitor and said, “We went here today.”

Suddenly seeing Philip’s appearance in the news, she pointed and said, “Bald guy.”

Philip said in exasperation, “If you don’t listen to your grandparents, you’ll become bald when you grow up too.”

The little girl believed him and ran back to her room while covering her mouth.

Mallow shook his head and said, “Aren’t you afraid of retribution for lying to kids?”

“I’m not afraid of retribution.” Philip chuckled.

The two continued to watch the news, lost in their own thoughts.

“I’ll have someone withdraw your arrest warrant,” the old man said.

“I’m grateful for your help.”

The two chatted for a long time. As it was getting late, Philip got up to leave.

“I can’t interfere with the Moon Worship Creed for the time being. If you want to intervene, I suggest you do it after reaching the holy-tier.”

Philip nodded and turned to leave.

The little girl ran out with a wig in her hand and said, “Big Brother, I made this with my nano sewing machine. I hope you won’t catch a cold.”

Seeing that Philip was helpless, the old man said, “My granddaughter likes to tinker with such things. Just accept it.”

Philip took the wig and put it on his head.

He did not feel any discomfort, so he smiled and said to the little girl, “It fits me very well. Listen to your grandpa and be a good kid.”

The old man suddenly said solemnly, “It seems that someone is going to make a move on the ancestral land. I don’t know the specific details yet, but I advise you not to sink too deeply.”

Chapter 3382
As Philip pushed the door open, he froze and said firmly, “I’ll make them regret ever coming, then. Also, I’ll be keeping your protective stone.”

After saying that, he entered the elevator and waved goodbye to the three of them.

Philip went downstairs and found a very burly figure standing in front of the entrance. From the light shining outside, he seemed to be wearing the outfit of the White Marsh royal family.

The man crossed his arms and leaned against the door.

When he saw Philip coming out, he said in a steady and powerful voice, “Did my father tell you anything unnecessary?”

Philip guessed that this person was Mallow’s eldest son, Salvatore Wisteria, currently the person with the highest authority in the White Marsh royal family. It was not surprising that he appeared here, and without any entourage around, this should be a private visit.

“Nothing much. It was just a casual chat.” With that said, Philip was about to walk past him.

“That’s good, but I advise you not to use the White Marsh imprint on your body. Don’t let others mistake you as an illegitimate child of the White Marsh royal family.” Salvatore merely said coldly without any other action.

“You can mind your own business.”

Philip stopped in his tracks and stared at him. After that, Salvatore walked into the elevator, and Philip left the complex.

Now that the arrest warrant was gone, Philip could move around in the city of the White Marsh royal family again. Only then did Philip notice the date.

He had stayed in the fish’s stomach for nearly two months, and it had been three months since he came to the Starfall Continent. At present, he had a clear idea of how to get some special herbs, and there were two ways of getting them, but Philip did not want to stop and waste too much time.

The capital of the White Marsh royal family on the eighth continent was located in the heart of the territory, which was actually closer to his destination. This route would also pass through the fifth continent, the territory of the green ox royal family.

Philip found a roadside electronics store to replace the previous communicator with a new one. Then, he took out his sports car and found a large auction house. He planned to sell some of the things he got earlier.

Philip picked a few pieces of good quality items and put them up for auction while the rest were disposed of at market value.

When the manager saw that this person was so generous with more than a dozen treasures in his hands, he immediately became respectful.

“Sir, our auctions are held every Sunday night. If you’re interested, I can arrange a private room for you,” the manager said.

Today happened to be Sunday.

Philip wanted to see what else was being sold in the auction house, so he said, “Sure.”

Everyone in the auction house wore a mask, so the manager got one for Philip too. Coincidentally, when Philip was taken to the private room, he met the third princess of the White Marsh royal family along the way.

It was none other than Ayana Wisteria whom he met in the cave before.

Seeing Philip staring at her, Ayana frowned and asked, “Sir, do we know each other?”

“I don’t think so, but with your good looks, I’d like to get to know you,” Philip said unhurriedly.

Ayana was used to such scenes and simply sneered as she said, “Sweet talker…”

After that, the two went on their separate ways, but Ayana wondered why his figure looked so familiar as if she had seen him somewhere before.

Chapter 3383
Philip sat in a dim private room with complete facilities. If not for the auction table under the transparent glass cover in front, this place would look more like a clubhouse.

“Sir, if you want to make a bid, just enter the amount through this panel. The auction will start in about half an hour. If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave. There’s someone outside the room if you need help. If you have any questions, you can call me at any time…”

After finding a good viewing spot and sitting down, Philip flipped through the auction items on a tablet, some of which caught Philip’s interest.

He pressed a button, and a sexy woman walked in from outside.

She said, “How may I help you, Sir?”

“Can the item I bid for be offset with the item I put up for auction in terms of star dollars?”

The few items that Philip took a fancy to were very important, but he was afraid his pocket was not deep enough.

“Yes, Sir.” The woman replied, but seeing that Philip did not speak again, she asked, “Is there anything else you need, Sir?”

Philip glanced at this woman. Her eyes were full of charm. She was definitely willing to become the customer’s plaything at the drop of a hat, but Philip was disdainful of such things, so he said, “No, you may leave…”

The woman closed the door reluctantly and walked out.

After working in this industry for so long, it was the first time a lone male client rejected her. The woman thought that this man must be bent.

Philip never imagined that he would be seen in that way for no reason.

Soon, the normal seats below were fully occupied, and a man with a chubby face in a formal suit walked onto the stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Fantasy World Auction House. I’m Mike, your host for today. Without further ado, here’s our first auction item!”

Two ladies walked to the center stage with a tray wrapped in red silk, on which were two porcelain bottles.

“This is a special medicine obtained by an eight-star practitioner during his travels in the ancient dragon royal family’s territory, most likely produced in the Moon Lotus Medical Guild that was once very active there. Although we don’t know the name of this special medicine, the medical effect can largely increase a person’s level if they’re five stars and below…”

“Those with a level between six to eight stars can see a small increase. It can even be used to break through a level!”

Hearing that, the whole auction house went into an uproar. Everyone felt very excited that people with five stars and below could increase their level by large.

In the Starfall Continent, everyone looked forward to increasing their practice level rapidly, especially through a medicine called the Evolution Fluid.

It was no wonder that Philip met many practitioners before this who were inconsistent with their level and strength.

“We have five special medicines in total, one bottle with two pills and one bottle with three pills. As for the final effect, it depends on the individual. Let’s start with the bottle of two pills with a starting price of 50,000 star dollars. The increment of each bid shall not be less than 1,000 star dollars!”

There was a monitor on this auction table that displayed the seat number and the bid amount.

Soon, the price soared to 150,000 star dollars, and the item was finally auctioned by a couple. The following bottle with three pills was sold for 250,000 star dollars. Next, various special medicines and equipment went on stage.

Among them were two pieces of equipment sold by Philip. A lady’s breastplate and a more delicate breast piece were put together for auction and sold for 3.6 million star dollars.

Philip had a dozen other items waiting to be auctioned.

At this time, the host on the stage suddenly said, “Everyone, I’ve received a message. The following item is definitely the first to be auctioned in the capital, or even the eighth continent!”

Everyone held their breath and waited and waited. Even Philip, who was a little sleepy just now, perked up when he heard that.

The curtain slowly opened, and several people came out pushing a cart covered with a red cloth.

Chapter 3384
“Let me introduce to you a mermaid captured from the west coast of the continent!”

After the host finished speaking, everyone stood up one after another, wanting a clearer look.

They took off the cloth, and there was a mermaid curled up in a transparent glass case-quite similar in appearance to those mermaids in the movies. The mermaid was curled up into a ball, and no one could see her face clearly.

A person standing on the side pressed a button. An electric current surged in the small glass case, and the mermaid inside rolled and howled in pain.

The mermaid’s brown-red curly hair floated in the water. Her skin was like crystal clear white jade, her face was as delicate as a porcelain doll, and her scales were a mysterious blue-purple of the ocean.

“Oh dear, I can’t let them torture such a cute woman like this. Seeing her is like a gift from God.”

“Her face is simply perfect.”

“I want to keep her in my fish pond and make her my precious collection!”

“Hahaha, I want to use her to feed my fish!”

Philip saw the mermaid’s misery from above. Several scales on her lower body even fell off when she was struggling. However, seeing the frenzy of the crowd below and the fact that he had no money, it was impossible to save her.

The electric current in the water stopped. The mermaid’s eyes were red, but no one saw her crying. She leaned against the glass panel behind her, her body trembling constantly as if she was sobbing.

“The bidding starts now. The starting price is one million star dollars, and the increment for every bid thereafter must not be less than 20,000 star dollars!”

The speed at which the price soared was beyond everyone’s expectations, but it was within reason too.

The bid soon reached 30 million, and the price was still increasing.

Some people had to stop bidding already, but even so, the price still reached 30 million.

The mermaid gradually calmed down. She could not understand the frenzied expressions of these land creatures outside, but she felt very uneasy.

Philip sat back on the chair and lamented. Even if she was saved, countless more mermaids would be caught and auctioned for profit.

The crazy behavior of those people below had nothing to do with Philip.

Gradually, those participating in the bid stopped one after another. Such a novelty was not worth such a high price. Finally, the price stopped at 87 million, won by a fat and wealthy businessman with a greasy face.

The auction continued, and Philip saw the first item he wanted, which was mechanical goggles developed by Black Turtle Technical Institute. Although called goggles, the function was more to identify living creatures and their levels.

There were too many creatures on this continent. Even if one spent their whole life studying them, it was impossible to understand one-tenth of all the creatures. This item was of no use to ordinary people but of great use to Philip.

“The starting price is 200,000 star dollars, and the increment for every bid must not be less than 4,000 star dollars.”

Few people were interested in it, but the people in the private room next door kept competing with Philip, and the price soon reached 520,000 star dollars. It was none other than Ayana in that private room.

Her elder brother’s child was about to celebrate her birthday, and Ayana wanted to give her this item.

The child liked to play with mechanical gadgets since she was a child, but there was an ignorant fool next door who kept competing with her.

Chapter 3385
“Third Princess, I have my ways to get this thing, so you don’t have to spend so much money on it,” a young man on the side said.

“That’s right, my dear sister. We can give something else if we can’t get this. My dad’s latest research results this year are pretty good.”

Seeing that Ayana’s bidding had slowed down, Philip held on relentlessly and finally won the goggles at 644,000 star dollars.

Philip felt a pang of heartache. He did not expect to spend so much for such a gadget.

The crowd below had watched a good bidding war between two distinguished guests in the private rooms fighting over a gadget, and various rumors spread out quickly.

Later, several weapons auctioned by Philip went on stage one after another. Some of them had good elemental effects, and a few people with a discerning eye kept increasing the prices, which Philip was happy to see.

“The Five-Element Herb, due to the power of five elements, can’t be absorbed by people. But if you plant it in your room, it can harmonize the five elements and balance the effects. The Five-Element Herb is very rare and can only grow in places where the five elements are in balance…”

“We have ten Five-Element Herbs here, so the starting price is 500,000 star dollars, and every bid’s increment can be no less than 10,000 star dollars.”

The Five-Element Herbs were quite popular among some businessmen, which could be used to adjust the environment for luck.

Philip wanted to see if he could absorb them.

Fortunately, after some struggles, Philip finally got them for 1.3 million star dollars.

The final item on auction was a powerful spirit beast with a closing bid of nearly 100 million star dollars.

Philip went backstage, ready to take the items he auctioned for and the money he got from putting his items up for auction. He happened to see the businessman asking a few people to pull the cloth-covered cart.

The businessman was not very concerned about the envious or jealous eyes of others.

“Sir, the things you brought were sold for a total of 30.4 million. Our auction house charges a handling fee of 9%, so your balance is 27.664 million star dollars.”

“You may deduct the amount for the items that I bid for,” Philip said.

“Okay, one item is 664,000, and the other is 1.3 million, so your balance is 25.7 million star dollars.”

As he said that, the manager transferred the star dollars to Philip’s communicator. Then, the manager took out a platinum gold card and handed it to Philip.

He said, “Sir, you’re now a VIP of our auction house. Every month, you’ll have a quota of 100,000 star dollars to spend in our auction house.”

After taking the card, Philip casually threw it into the ring before saying his thanks. He had no idea how many times he could come to this auction house.

Philip got his two items and walked outside, cursing the auction house inwardly for deducting so much in one go.

As Philip walked out the door and was just about to get in the car, he smelled the faint stench of blood and salty sea in the air.

Following this scent, Philip came to an alley in a slum not far away. Those people helping the rich man to pull the cart before were now lying on the ground. It was not apparent if they were still alive.

A large hover car was parked in front with its headlights on. Philip stepped forward softly, opened the door, and found the rich man dead on the luxurious seat.

He was disemboweled and died tragically. There was no sign of the mermaid.

Philip was about to leave when he heard the splashing sound of water from the roof.

Chapter 3386

Unexpectedly, the murderer was still nearby. Philip jumped up. He really wanted to see what the murderer looked like.

A red-haired boy dressed in rags entered his sight. He carried a large fish tank on his back, which contained the mermaid that had just been auctioned off.

The boy saw that Philip was just staring at him quietly. After putting the mermaid down, he revealed a pair of sharp claws stained with blood.

“You don’t seem human,” Philip said lightly.


The boy crouched down and growled as if warning Philip not to approach him.

“You probably don’t understand what I’m saying.” Suddenly, the boy bared his teeth and rushed over, waving his sharp claws.

Philip had no choice but to knock him out and carry him over to the mermaid, who kept shrinking back in horror. However, there was only that much room in the glass case.

With these two merpeople, Philip sneaked into the aquarium from earlier, which was closed at this time.

When looking over them, Philip found scars on the boy. They were densely packed like vines all over his body. Some had been scabbed over, while others were inflamed and festering.

After putting some medicine on him, Philip brought the mermaid to the aquarium. The ocean beasts cheered up when they saw the mermaid’s arrival.

The seawater in the small fish tank was stinking up.

Philip carried the mermaid and applied some medicine where her scales fell off. He put her into the big fish tank for the time being.

For a moment, Philip did not know what to do with these two. If he allowed them to escape just like this, not to mention their inability to move around and understand human speech, they would probably starve to death at some point.

If he handed them over to this aquarium, he did not know if they would be treated well. However, it was not convenient for him to take them away. Philip had not yet explored the possibility of putting living things into his space ring.

Since there was no better solution to this matter for the time being, he might as well ask the blond old man for advice.

Philip found a comfortable place and sat down. He took out a Five-Element Herb and tried to absorb it by drawing the power of the elements into his body.

The herb that was black on one side and white on the other slowly faded. The power of the five elements inside was quickly absorbed by Philip. The effect was good, but it was a little expensive.

The power of the five elements in this herb was but a drop in the bucket, so Philip quickly absorbed all the remaining nine herbs in one go.

When Philip opened his eyes again, he saw the mermaid lying on the side of the tank, talking with the boy in a special language.

The boy looked happy, but the mermaid seemed aggrieved as she said something.

Philip did not know if he should break the tranquility between them.

“Hey!” Seeing that the two were about to kiss each other, Philip interrupted.

Although the young man was indebted to Philip, he still looked wary.

Philip raised his hands in a wave, indicating that he had no weapons and was not hostile.

He said softly, “Calm down.”

The boy watched as Philip walked over slowly and did not do anything out of the ordinary.

Chapter 3387
Seeing that the distance between them was quite appropriate, Philip took out a notebook. With a pen, he drew waves and a few figures that seemed like merpeople on it.

The mermaid became excited, but the boy did not react much.

Was the boy not a merman?

Philip slid his pen and notebook across the floor.

The boy picked them up and started to draw as Philip did. His drawing was quite sloppy, but Philip could still see a few key things, such as the symbol for highly toxic chemicals and a few words that were vague but still legible, which spelled Sammy.

Philip called out tentatively, “Sammy?”

The boy looked up at Philip, his tears uncontrollable. The message contained in those eyes included pain, loneliness, indignity, and deep homesickness.

Philip had some idea now. This boy probably became like this after being exposed to toxic substances. As for knowing the merpeople’s language, he was probably taken in by the merfolk.

He looked about 14 or 15 years old, and he could only write his name, so he had probably lived with the merfolk for more than ten years. He was a pitiful child.

Philip crouched down and spread his arms open to the boy. He wanted to see if this most primitive method would work.

The boy turned to look at the mermaid and hesitated for a moment. The mermaid kept encouraging him. Finally, the boy could not hold back anymore and hugged Philip.

This should be the first time in more than ten years that another human being cared so much for him. Philip patted him on the back and comforted him. The teenager hugged Philip tightly and refused to let go.

After a while, the aquarium was opened. Some workers came in to clean up and feed the fish. One of them saw Philip and the two creatures and quickly reported this matter to his superior.

After a while, a skinny man came over. He recognized the mermaid in the water tank and said with shining eyes, “My friend, thank you for giving the aquarium a rare mermaid.”

“She’s my friend…” Philip did not look at him but felt the emotion the mermaid transmitted to him through the glass.

“In that case, how much will it cost for us to buy your friend?” the man said, not giving up.

Philip looked at the well-dressed monster in human skin in front of him coldly and said, “Call your manager over, that blond old man.”

The man waved his hand and said, “The manager isn’t on duty today, and you don’t call the shots here. Trespassing on private premises makes you look like a terrorist to me.”

Seeing that Philip refused to budge, the man said to the people around, “Tie them up!”

Seeing that those people had bad intentions, the boy crouched down in an attacking pose, intimidating the people approaching him slowly.

Philip took a step forward, stood in front of the boy, and said loudly, “Let’s see who dares to touch them!”

The figure in front of him reminded the boy of his father who often carried him on his back when he was a child, and his eyes began to turn red again.

Seeing that Philip was about to fight them to the end, coupled with the invincible aura that he exuded, no one dared to take another step further.

During the stalemate, it was time for the aquarium to open for business. Due to what had happened yesterday, many people came to watch the naked man’s performance.

Even though there were workers around, some people soon came to where the stalemate was happening.

“What’s going on? A melodrama?”

“Look, is that a mermaid? I’ve only seen one in documentaries before!”

“This is really worth the money!”

The crowd turned on their videos and cameras.

The skinny man suddenly shouted to the crowd, “This man wants to steal the mermaid from our aquarium. Please notify the patrol team!”

Chapter 3388
Hearing that, a few people immediately notified the patrol team, but more people continued recording as if they were just here for the show.

Philip said loudly to everyone, “I’m the naked man from yesterday. This aquarium poached the members of our merfolk family. My siblings and I were kidnapped and brought to this strange city. We haven’t been able to eat or sleep well every day, and we have to perform shows in this aquarium. Is it wrong if we just want to go home?”

While saying that, Philip pretended to wipe away his tears.

According to the information that Philip had gathered so far, the people of Starfall Continent were relatively successful in protecting the ecological environment, which meant that they would take the initiative to protect some rare species. Moreover, he noticed some people who looked like journalists in the crowd.

“T-That’s bullsh*t!” The skinny man never thought that Philip would do such a thing and was speechless for a moment.

“How disgusting. He looks human, but his behavior is inhuman.”

“Just look at that pitiful mermaid. How could the people in this aquarium be so cruel?”

“How dare he run an aquarium? My friends, beat him up!”

At this time, a video was uploaded on the internet and instantly went viral.

The old blond manager who was resting comfortably at home was called by his wife to watch the video, and he instantly became furious, “What are these people doing?!”

After that, he rushed to the aquarium in his hover car.

The patrol team arrived at the aquarium, and the captain seemed acquainted with the skinny man. He stepped forward to find out the details from the skinny man.

“That person sneaked into our aquarium in the middle of the night, trying to steal the mermaid we were about to exhibit today, but he was discovered by our security system and caught red-handed. If you don’t believe me, ask our security team.”

The skinny man lied without batting an eye. In fact, the aquarium did not even have a security system in place.

The skinny man said into the captain’s ear, “This mermaid was given to us by the former member of the White Marsh royal family.”

Seeing that the patrol team was about to take Philip down, the skinny man thought that he had gained a mermaid for the aquarium for free. He even imagined the surprise on the manager’s face when he saw the mermaid.

He wondered when he could officially take over this aquarium.

Philip saw several members of the patrol team pull out their handcuffs, ready to take him and the boy away.

After turning around to appease the boy, Philip did not make any moves to resist. He just stood there quietly.

“Hold it right there!”

Chapter 3389
A gruff and powerful voice resounded throughout the aquarium.

Everyone followed the voice and looked over.

A blond old man flew in on a hover car, and someone recognized him as the manager of the aquarium.

The blond old man slowly landed next to the patrol team and said, “This is the aquarium’s private affair. We can handle it ourselves. We don’t need any help from the patrol team.”

Since the old man said so, the captain of the patrol team told his men to retreat to the side.

The blond old man saw Philip staring at him with a smile on his face and felt a little creeped out.

He said, “Little friend, I don’t know what your purpose is, coming to my aquarium time and again. My aquarium is just newly opened, you know.”

“Aren’t I bringing you more customers and increasing your popularity?” Philip smiled and said, “The previous incident was an accident. As for this time, you should ask your supervisor.”

The old man turned to the skinny man doubtfully and said with a frown, “Tell me about it…”

The skinny man recounted the facts he had fabricated. However, before he finished speaking, the blond old man stepped forward and slapped the skinny man.


The sound was crisp and loud as if all his strength was put into it.

“Pack up your things and get lost!”

“Mana… Manager, but why?”

This skinny man could not find a job at first. His family found him a decent job through money and connections.

“Let me ask you again, where did this mermaid come from?” The blond old man glared at him angrily.

“I-It was given to us by the former leader of the White Marsh royal family.” After saying that, the man flushed red.

At this time, a voice came from the crowd, “No, that’s false…”

A figure walked over, stepping on thin air.

Everyone took a closer look. It was none other than the former leader of the White Marsh royal family. Everyone knelt to welcome the king’s arrival. Seeing this, the skinny man slumped to the ground.

The guards hidden in the crowd turned on the electronic jammers. This was no time for taking casual pictures.

“Little Philip, we meet again after only a day. You’re still so good at attracting trouble.” Mallow Wisteria laughed.

“What brings you here?” Philip asked.

“I’m retired, so I have all the time in the world. I saw the news right after taking my granddaughter to school.”

The blond old man stepped forward and laughed self-deprecatingly. “I should be cleaning my own mess. Isn’t this too big of a commotion?”

“What’s so big about it?”

Philip chased after the skinny man who was about to escape, picked him up, and said, “What happened to all your arrogance just now? Didn’t you make up a bunch of stories just now? Now that these two are here, shouldn’t you be happy?”

“Sir, I was wrong. I was ignorant and shouldn’t have made up stories.”

Seeing this, some wavering people started to change their tone again.

“I just knew that person was up to no good.”

“Yeah, right. You just said you’d bet 10,000 star dollars that the young man was up to no good.”

Philip threw the man in front of the patrol team and said, “Please take him away and charge him according to the proper procedures.”

“Of course,” the captain of the patrol team said with a smile.

Walking to the two old men who were talking enthusiastically, Philip said to the blond old man, “I wonder if I can use the name of your aquarium to send the mermaid back to the sea.”

The blond man thought about it. This would not only increase the popularity of his aquarium but also let it gain a good reputation, so why not?

“Sure. You may decide what to do.”

Philip nodded and said, “Today, under the joint witness of Mr. Wisteria and everyone, the aquarium will send the mermaid back home with an exclusive entourage. I hope that the media will follow and report this.”

As he spoke, Philip patted the head of Sammy, the young boy next to him.

After a while, the crowd slowly dispersed, but some people still waited for things to end.

“I’m sorry to trouble you, Sir.” Philip saluted the blond old man.

“You’re most welcome. My name is Archie Bard. Just call me Mr. Archie. I’m not that old, ” the blond old man said.

Philip looked at the vehicle that was ready and the mermaid who was still full of doubts.

He turned to Mallow and said, “Sir, I want this boy to go to school.”

Chapter 3390
“Sure, you can leave him to me. I’ll raise him like my grandson.”

Looking at the timid Sammy, Mallow said thoughtfully. “Thanks for your help.”

Philip turned to the boy and gestured to him. The boy probably understood and immediately got up and ran to the mermaid.

He wanted to return to the human world too. This was a great opportunity for him, but he was reluctant to part with the mermaid who had been with him all the time. The two chatted with each other through the water tank, and both of them started to cry.

Philip walked over. He drew a picture of a strong person and handed it to Sammy.

He patted him on the shoulder, and said, “When you become stronger, you can look for her again.”

Probably because he understood Philip’s words, the boy nodded.

The aquarium installed a small locator on the mermaid for fear of some accidents along the way.

“You should head out as soon as possible,” Philip said to the leader of the entourage.

Those people the boy killed last night should have been discovered by now. The mermaid appeared here after going missing, and now the Internet was full of photos and videos of her. Anyone could find her here.

However, Philip did not know that the auction house did not disclose the information that they had sold a mermaid.

All the customers had already signed a non-disclosure agreement before entering the auction house. The death of the rich businessman was simply handled as a wild beast attack.

Only living people were customers while the dead ones had no value.

The entourage in charge of bringing the mermaid home was ready to set off under the close attention of the media.

The boy chased after the car and shouted in the merfolk’s language, “Be sure to wait for me!”

In the car, the mermaid replied with a sad but hopeful voice for the future, “I’ll wait for you!”

After that, the boy reluctantly said goodbye to Philip and was soon taken away by Mallow. He was smart by nature, so nothing should go wrong.

The aquarium had appointed another honest man as supervisor. Everything returned to normal, except that Philip was mistaken for a merman by some people.

The next step was to fly to the fifth continent. This time, Philip had a lot of money, so he bought a few top-grade energy stones for a million star dollars. He did not have to worry about the lack of energy for the hover car now.

Philip drove all the way to the south of the eighth continent, which was mostly high mountains, some of which were still capped with snow. Feeling a little bored after flying for a long time, Philip found a high mountain and landed on it.

Suddenly, Philip’s communicator received a message from nearby.

[This is the southern battlefield of the eighth continent. You have entered the management area. Please leave immediately!]

Looking at the deserted mountains and plains, Philip wondered where the battlefield was.

At this moment, a rock next to him cracked open, and four armored hover cars drove out. The people inside were heavily armed and equipped with the latest armor.

The cars quickly stopped in front of Philip. A team leader wearing a light battle uniform got off while the others took their guns and formed a circle.


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