The First Heir Chapter 3371-3380

Chapter 3371
“Damn it!”

The woman steered the car to the window, looked at the wide open window, gritted her teeth, and said, “It seems that he has escaped!”

“This kid is really fast.”

The bearded man pursed his lips, nudged the spectacled man next to him, and said, “You still need to develop your mental strength.”

After a while, several vehicles with the logo of the White Marsh royal family rushed over, led by two eight-star powerhouses.

Although one felt very strong, his power was unstable. He seemed to have just reached the late stage of eight stars, while the other person was in the middle stage of eight stars. They opened the door and went in.

Roscoe woke up from his sleep groggily.

Seeing the roomful of White Marsh royal family, he jolted to his senses. He was about to call for Philip when he found that Philip had disappeared.

“So you don’t know anything about him.”

“I was just hitching a ride with him, so how would I know anything?”

Roscoe guessed that these people must be up to no good. Philip had been a great help, so he could not betray Philip like this.

“We won’t get any results even if we continue the interrogation. Inform all cities to strengthen the screening of outsiders and inform the inspection departments to keep a close eye on surveillance,” the tall fat man in the middle of eight stars said to the men.

“Yes, sir!”

After saying that, everyone walked out of the room, leaving Roscoe who was still in a daze.

Roscoe realized that the book given by Philip was missing, so he quickly searched through the quilt and pillows around him. Luckily, he found the Nine Lunar Technique under a pillow.

Roscoe hugged the book tightly before he found a car and rushed home overnight.

Philip did not go far but observed everything from the top of another tall building.

Before he figured out the situation, Philip did not want to cause a commotion.

After carefully avoiding the surveillance in the city, he arrived at a youth hostel on the edge of the city. This place was pretty messy, but there was no need to worry too much about people from the White Marsh royal family checking it out.

After finally lying on a bed, Philip did not dare to let his guard down and fell into a light sleep. Even a cat passing by could wake him up.

Early the next morning, Philip continued east.

Along the way, he ate and slept in the open. Philip tried a lot of wild game, but the result was not satisfactory.

As Philip drove past a lake, several people on flying swords approached and yelled at him, “This airspace belongs to Lily Sword Court! Hurry up and get down!”

Lily Sword Court sounded somewhat familiar, but Philip was more concerned about the so-called airspace in this bright and clear sky. Ignoring those people, Philip turned the car around and wanted to leave.

To his surprise, the leader raised his sword and attacked Philip’s car with a streak of green light.

Seeing this, Philip could ignore it no longer. He took out his Caelum Sword, swiped it in the air, and shattered the sword light.

“You’re courting death!” Seeing his attack being repelled, the leader pointed at Philip and shouted, his face pale.

“I wonder who’s courting death, young brat. Are you up for a challenge?”

Philip put his hands behind his back, acting like a great master.

“Why not? State your challenge!” The guy said without any hesitation, and even his juniors could not stop him.

“A young brat, indeed.”

Philip muttered under his breath before he spoke aloud, “Before that, let’s state the conditions. If you lose, I want you to void this rule. If I lose, I’ll crawl through the woods when I come here in the future!”

“Um, but…” When the guy heard that he had to modify the rules, his expression changed.

He said, “I have no right to change the rules. Change your request.”

“Oh, are you scared? You’re afraid of losing to me, aren’t you?” Philip said mockingly.

“Don’t do this.” Next to the guy, a girl in white tried to persuade him, but she had underestimated him.

“Even if I lose, the court master and the elders will not modify the rules,” the guy said to himself.

“Let’s do this!”

“Okay, you sure have guts. Let’s see who can split the lake apart,” Philip said with a grin.

Chapter 3372
“What?” Hearing this difficult challenge, the guy hesitated.

“Are the people of Lily Sword Court all talk but no action?” Seeing no response from the other party, Philip said.

“I’m not afraid of you!”

With that said, the guy raised his sword and chanted under his breath.

The guy’s sword intent soared, and his clothes flapped in the blowing wind. It was not bad for a seven-star practitioner to produce such sword intent, but it was not enough for Philip.

Finally, the man’ s sword intent reached a certain peak, and he opened his eyes. His face was red as he slashed his sword at the lake.

Bang! Crack!

The lake water splashed more than ten feet high following this green sword energy.

The man gasped and yelled at Philip, “What do you think?”

Philip applauded and said, “Not bad, not bad… Not bad at all…”

“It’s your turn!”

“What’s the hurry?”

Philip held the Caelum Sword, and strong sword intent instantly enveloped the sword body.

Compared to the man‘s chaotic and raging sword intent, Philip‘s sword intent was as calm as water. A faint light seemed to glow from the sword.

The man had never seen such sword intent, not even from the court master and the elders.

The man gulped and said a little weakly, “I‘m afraid that your sword intent only looks good on paper.”

Philip smiled and said, “Don’t blink, then.”

With that said, he swung his sword down. A dragon’s roar accompanied by a huge sword light slashed the lake.

Boom! Bang! Pop!

The sword light slashed hundreds of meters of the lake, and even the silt at the bottom of the lake was stirred up.

Philip sighed at the improvement in his sword intent.

After a few minutes, the lake gradually restored calmness, but it was full of dead fish.

As the lake calmed down, everyone returned to their senses from the shocking sword strike just now. The man turned around and was about to run, but Philip grabbed his shoulders in a flash.

“Are you running away? Did you ask for my permission?”

Philip smiled and said, “Lead the way if you want him to live.”

The few female sword practitioners brought Philip to a square building on their trembling flying swords.

Some people from Lily Sword Court practicing there gathered around upon seeing them.

“Call for your court master!” Philip shouted.

“Release Billy first!” the crowd shouted.

Philip said no more but kept grabbing Billy’s shoulder.

At this moment, a handsome man in yellow landed in the middle of the crowd with several people on flying swords.

The man in yellow said, “My friend, may I know how Billy has offended you?”

Seeing this courteous man, Philip guessed he should be the court master, so he did not make things difficult for him and explained the events.

The man in yellow scowled and said sternly, “Ridiculous! Billy, you’ve repeatedly played truant with your juniors and even misinterpreted the school rules just to show off in front of them. How dare you?”

“Court Master, I’m sorry. I won’t do this again,” the guy wailed.

“Men, take Billy out, give him 30 whips, put him in an isolation room for ten days, and demote him from the elite class to the ordinary class!” The court master said several punishments in a row and sounded quite sincere.

Chapter 3373
After Billy was taken away, the sound of whipping was heard not far away accompanied by Billy’s painful howls.

The court master turned to Philip and said, “Our court rules were created to protect our members who have just learned how to fly with the sword, but it’ll be organized collectively and then notified to all parties to restrict the airspace. It’s really inappropriate for Billy to change the rules privately. As for the rules, we’ll make some changes, so you may rest assured.”

The court master saw Philip‘s imposing manner and explained patiently.

The rule was not as bureaucratic as Philip thought, so it did not matter if they made no changes, but Philip was happy to have taught Billy a lesson.

“If there’s nothing else, I shall take my leave. I’ll visit again if there’s a chance in the future.”

Seeing that Philip was about to leave, the female sword practitioner from earlier stepped up and told the court master about Philip’s sword strike just now.

“Are you serious? Did you exaggerate at all?” the court master was shocked and asked calmly.

“Billy and the rest of us were flying in the air at that time, so we saw everything clearly. There’s no exaggeration at all,” the female practitioner said with certainty.

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?”

The court master hurried to stop Philip who was taking out his hover car and about to leave. “My friend, please hold on!”

“Anything else?” Philip wondered in the car.

The court master in yellow said, “It‘s almost noon, and the kitchen has prepared some food. Why don’t you stay for lunch with us?”

Philip had been eating in the wild recently, which was not a good experience for him.

Seeing the court master with sincerity all over his face, Philip said, “Alright, please lead the way.”

“My name is Chase Nunez. May I know your name?” the court master said while leading the way.

“Philip Clarke.”

The court master was obviously taken aback.

Soon, Chase led Philip to the guest house of Lily Sword Court, which looked quite luxurious. After a while, several old men walked in. Judging from the sword intent exuding from them, they were all expert sword practitioners.

“Philip, we know that you’re wanted by the White Marsh royal family.”

Chase said as he took a bite of his food.

Philip twitched his brows slightly and said calmly, “Oh? What will you do to me, then?”

Chase laughed and said, “We have nothing to do with the White Marsh royal family, but since we’re on their territory, we have to act the part. We won’t report your whereabouts to them, so you can rest assured.”

Philip laughed pretentiously and said, “I’m relieved to hear that.”

Chase continued, “With your mighty powers, I wonder if you’d be interested in being a guest elder in our sword court? We won’t restrict your movements.”

“What are the benefits?” Philip asked doubtfully.

“We have close contacts with several factions and alliances. You don’t have to worry about your whereabouts being revealed, and you can still be regarded as a guest of honor. What do you think?”

Philip was quite moved by the conditions put forward by Chase. However, he said unhurriedly, “I’ll give you an answer after this meal, Court Master.”

“Yes, you should think it over carefully, Philip.”

After a while, the court master suddenly said, “I wonder if you’re going to the First Continent to participate in the Heroes Conference?”

Seeing Philip’s puzzlement, he explained, “The Heroes Conference is held every five years, and the next session will be in less than half a year. At that time, young heroes from the entire continent will gather there…”

“I’m not interested,” Philip replied.

Chapter 3374
Seeing Philip unmoved, Chase asked, “What is the purpose of your trip this time?”

“Special herbs,” Philip replied.

“In that case, you should really go to the First Continent. You can find all the special herbs in the territory of the fire phoenix royal family that can’t be found in the ancient dragon royal family.”

Philip did not reply. He could not reveal his whereabouts to others.

After the meal, Chase noticed that Philip had no intention of staying. He insisted on giving Philip an elder’s token with Lily Sword Court engraved on it.

He said, “Elder Clarke, please leave us your contact details.”

Unable to argue with this person, Philip had to exchange his contact information with him.

He set off again. After a while, he received the names of several forces sent to him by Court Master Nunez, complete with their leaders’ information. Presumably, these must be the friendly forces mentioned by the court master earlier.

‘This person is a little interesting…’ Philip smiled as he thought so.

“Court Master, if the White Marsh royal family questions us, what should we do?” a sword practitioner asked.

“Just tell them we haven’t seen him and don’t know him. They can’t arrest us or torture a confession out of us, can they?”

The man looked puzzled and said, “Why do you insist on befriending him?”

“He’s a rare talent in swordsmanship that we’ve never seen in the past thousand years. That was the case with the Bamboo Swordsman who traveled all over the world a thousand years ago.”

Chase continued with a smile, “The Bamboo Swordsman was also a wanted person back then.”

Philip had been driving for nearly two days but saw no signs of a city. After looking at the map, he realized that he was now in the largest spirit beast forest on the continent.

It was almost time for lunch, so Philip parked the car slowly on the flat ground beside a large lake.

Just as Philip was about to catch a few fish to eat, a weird fish with a length of 100 meters suddenly jumped out of the lake. It stretched out its tongue like a chameleon, caught Philip with its sticky tongue, and dragged him into its mouth.

Philip was unable to break free from that stickiness for a while and slid down the passage into a huge empty space.

Before Philip got ready to blast his way out, a weak voice rang, “Is someone there? Can you help me?”

With his hands in flames, Philip followed the voice and walked into the depths of the empty space.

The place was very wet and sticky, making it very uncomfortable. Soon, Philip saw a dying old man lying on the ground. The old man’s legs were corroded, and he tried to grab Philip. He was obviously corroded by strong acid.

Philip said, “You’re almost dying. Do you have any final words?”

Hearing Philip’s words, the old man suddenly regained his energy.

He waved his hands and said, “A premium body! I’m not dying! I’m not dying!”

Suddenly, a gurgling sound was heard in the empty chamber. The four fleshy walls around slowly opened, and an endless gush of transparent mucus poured in.

Philip glanced at the old man. Feeling pity for him, he picked him up and flew away on his sword.

The slime corroded everything in the empty chamber.

“I caught you!” The old man’s voice suddenly sounded.

Chapter 3375
Philip felt a little creeped out as he looked at the old man with only half a body intact holding his thigh. He said, “What are you talking about?”

Suddenly, black mist exuded all over the old man’s body.

He cackled and said, “I said I can live!”

The old man’s mental strength suddenly jumped out and attacked Philip.

“Oh no!”

As this mental strength invaded, Philip realized that the other party was trying to take possession of his body. His consciousness went black, and he fell into the bottomless transparent mucus below. Philip’s body was like transparent white jade, and only the hair on his body was corroded.

At this time, the old man was confronting Philip in his consciousness.

“My body is useless now, so I will use your body to save me!” After saying that, he pounced on Philip.

This old man should be quite close to the holy tier before this, so his mental strength was also very powerful. However, even if Philip was in his consciousness, he could barely withstand the attack.

“Your body is of the premium grade, but I didn’t expect your mental strength to be that strong too. This is great nourishment for me!” The old man licked his lips and grinned.

Philip did not expect this old man to be so difficult to deal with. All the elements could not be utilized in his consciousness. Philip tried to mobilize all the powers he could try, but even the imprints were useless, except for sword intent.

A sharp sword resembling the Caelum Sword floated in front of Philip, and it said with a grin, “Useless cripple, it’s you who should die!”

After saying that, the sword transformed into countless clones. They airmed at the old man in a black robe with gray hairand red teeth in front.

“How could your sword intent be so strong?” The old man said in horror, but his face changed in the next second.

He said with a sneer, “I look forward to devouring you even more!”

Without further ado, Philip launched his sharp sword and summoned the Greenpeak Sword Formation. An invasion in his consciousness like this must be eliminated in one fell swoop or the trouble would be endless.

Countless swords tore the black-robed old man into countless pieces, but the fragments reassembled in the next second.

“This is endless…”

Philip’s Greenpeak Sword Formation struck at this time. The old man was constantly being crushed in the sword formation but quickly reassembled again.

He cackled and said, “You can’t kill me. My consciousness can never be destroyed!”

Philip was getting tired mentally and felt a sense of foreboding. He could not kill the other party if this went on.

At this critical moment, the chimera imprint on Philip’s forehead moved.

Where there was a will, there was a way!

“Come on!”

The chimera imprint on Philip’s forehead glowed brightly, and the gushing flames heated the place up.

“Impossible!” The old man seemed very flustered.

He never expected that Philip could utilize the elements in his consciousness.

Philip was covered in flames as he turned into a humanoid chimera. Under his urge, the sword formation raged again, and the green swords disappeared, replaced by burning red swords. The sword formation twirled wildly, spitting flames.

Inside the sword formation, the old man accidentally touched the burning swords and his body was slowly eroded by the flames.

As the swords continued to attack intensively, the old man’s mental strength was shredded into burning fragments, turning into ashes like burning paper and floating in the air. Soon, the old man disappeared with indignant eyes from Philip’s consciousness.

Seeing no movement for a while, Philip retracted the sword formation, and the flames faded away. He sweated profusely from exhaustion and had a splitting headache.

Before he had time to rest, Philip exited his consciousness for fear that his body would be corroded like the old man.

He stood up suddenly from the stomach acid of the weird fish. Fortunately, his body was intact, except that his clothes and hair were gone. His communicator was of good quality and was not completely corroded.

At this time, a small item in the transparent mucus caught Philip’s attention. It was none other than the old man’s space ring.

Chapter 3376
Philip fished out the green ring and used the rules of space to destroy the restriction.

There were not many things in this space ring, but he was more interested to look at the technique that could produce such strong mental strength.

In the space ring, medicines, precious metals, various weapons, and daily necessities were placed in small piles. They were placed quite orderly among the mess. Most of the medicines were used to enhance practice, which was not useful for Philip. After all, consuming too much medicine could be detrimental.

He found no use for the weapons and daily necessities too.

He probably only had use for the precious metals, so Philip decided to find a place to sell the rest of the items.

When Philip sorted out the pile of precious metals, he found a huge rusty copper box. He was overjoyed and quickly took it out.

After opening the box, he saw a black book with white letters on it, Three Phase God-Demon Technique.

After flipping through the two pages, he concluded that this was the technique practiced by the old man. After this technique was perfected, one’s mental strength could basically withstand any kind of attack and remain indestructible. However, the old man had only made some progress and could not resist Philip’s flame attack.

This book was a collection divided into three phases-practicing one’s energy, mind, and body.

According to the book, the practice could only continue once the previous phase was mastered to perfection. The old man had not perfected his mind practice, so he could not practice his body. It was no wonder that his body was corroded by the stomach acid of this weird fish.

Since Philip had nothing to do, he raised his fire fist and read the book.

At the end of the book, the author’s name was penned the Venerable Demon Supreme, and the postscript stated, “Those who have mastered this technique can become a god or demon with one thought.”

Judging from the level of this technique, this person should be an ancient powerhouse.

Philip followed the instructions in the book and tried to reroute his existing energy, but before he completed half a cycle, all the elements in his body became irritable. Philip was like a walking stove, his whole body red.

He quickly stopped practicing.

If his body had not been strengthened by the stone fluid, he would have been injured by now.

The technique Philip had been practicing was passed down from generation to generation in his family and had long been perfected. As introduced by the Three Phase God-Demon Technique, this technique was all-inclusive and could even strengthen other techniques.

The mental strength and body practice phases in this book were quite to Philip’s liking. However, there was no detailed introduction on how to integrate with other techniques, so he had to explore while practicing.

In the next few days, Philip kept trying to practice this technique, starting by using his existing power of the rules to guide the elements in practice, but nothing went smoothly. The elements generated by this technique were not only very irritable but also extremely corrosive.

Philip even had a strange thought that he could only practice this technique if he purged all his previous techniques.

Suddenly, Philip had an idea and wanted to give it another go.

Chapter 3377
Philip started with his existing technique. After one cycle, he changed his energy pattern. Although a nuisance, it was worth a try.

Without further ado, Philip sat cross-legged on high ground and practiced. There was nothing unusual at first, but every time he changed his energy pattern, he would feel pain all over his body at increasing levels.

The pain started from his veins, from internal to external, deep to the bone marrow, and extended to his skin. However, there was no disorder in his technique anymore, so Philip gritted his teeth and persisted.

By using his mental strength, he observed the color of his energy gradually changing, and even his most powerful level 5S elements were getting stronger.

Philip suffered endless mental and physical torture. Finally, after his last energy pattern was changed, the pain completely disappeared, replaced by a sense of exhilaration as if he was on cloud nine.

After opening his eyes, Philip found a layer of stinky grime all over his body. This technique could even help purge impurities from his body. He used his water element to wash up.

Before this, he did not pay much attention to the changes in his elements.

As soon as the water touched his body, however, Philip found that its characteristics had changed. The water became a little corrosive, the wind was faster and more aggressive, the earth was more compact, the metal was more malleable with smaller particles, and the temperature of the fire had increased.

He felt the enhancement of each category. Although the difference was not too big, it was still an increase of level 5S elements by half a level or even one level.

Philip had already reached the first level of the energy practice phase of the Three Phase God-Demon Technique, and even if he did not deliberately activate it, the energy in his body ran according to the route.

It was time to leave. Philip glanced at the huge stomach chamber and said with a smile, “This fish trapped me here for no reason, but considering that I got a great opportunity here, I’ll teach it a small lesson instead of a big one…”

Philip poked the esophagus that sent him in. It was very sticky and slippery, so he took out a pair of daggers from the green space ring and climbed out step by step.

After a while, the airflow in this passage suddenly accelerated. This fish must have just eaten, and Philip was inside the passage now. Different things smacked Philip on the face.

“This damned fish!” Philip gritted his teeth.

After the fish finished eating, Philip sped up and increased his strength to crawl out. He finally reached the fish’s throat.

The smell in its stomach was acceptable before, but the smell here could be regarded as a biochemical weapon now. Even though Philip had not eaten for a while, his stomach still churned.

He raised his hand and burned the fish’s throat. The fish started rolling.

After roasting it for a short while, Philip stopped. For such a big fish, this level of attack was merely scalding its throat. With the enhancement of the Three Phase God-Demon Technique, he was much stronger now.

He broke the fish’s sharp teeth and swam out.

“Mom, look A man came out of the fish’s mouth!”

“My child, that should be a program organized by this place.”

However, when the mom saw that the man was naked, she covered the girl’s face and shouted, “Don’t look!”

“Why is there a special program?”

“This dude can measure up to me!”

“You? Forget it.”

Philip was dumbfounded.

Why was this fish here?

Was this an aquarium?

He did not want to dirty his clothes at first, so he chose to come out like this. However, he did not expect things to turn out this way.

“This is embarrassing…” Philip said lightly, turning his head to scold the fish.

However, the fish behind him was already swimming in another direction.

Chapter 3378
After he realized his surroundings, Philip swam toward the exit with all his strength.

The aquarium employees quickly arranged for some people to jump into the water while others waited at the exit.

Today was the aquarium’s first day of opening, so it must not be ruined by the appearance of this naked man.

A blond old man gritted his teeth and looked at the monitor screen where Philip nimbly dodged the employees like a fish.

He slapped the table and shouted, “How the hell are you monitoring this place?”

“Manager, this fish is an opening gift from the former White Marsh emperor,” the person next to him said tremblingly.

The former White Marsh emperor had a good relationship with the blond old man. The two were playmates when they were children. The blond old man did not shy away from scolding. “Maybe that old geezer is messing with me!”

In the center, a group of people from the White Marsh royal family surrounded an old man with gray hair and the little girl he held hands with.

The little girl tilted her head and asked the old man, “Grandpa, is that a merman?”

The old man’s eyelids twitched, but he still replied kindly, “My child, that’s a human…”

“Why isn’t he wearing any clothes? He doesn’t even have any hair on his body,” the little girl asked innocently.

The old man was at a loss for how to respond.

Seeing that Philip was still dodging the employees smoothly, he said to the person next to him, “Go and catch him. By the way, don’t forget to put some clothes on him before you come.”

“Yes, Sir!” The man quickly headed to the exit of the exhibit center.

Seeing that Philip was about to come out, the man decided to sit back and wait.

He finally arrived at the exit. Philip was a little annoyed being chased by these people. These people even used tools such as fishing nets, harpoons, and fishing rods to capture him.

As Philip burst out of the water, a big hand grabbed his throat. It turned out to be a member of the White Marsh royal family.

Philip raised his arm and gave the other party a hand knife.

Feeling the numbness spreading from his arm, the man frowned. He had underestimated this naked man. Seeing his glowing body, it turned out he was an eight-star powerhouse.

The moment Philip landed, huge hands made of earth emerged from both sides and wrapped around him.

“Are you trying to destroy my center?” the blond old man appeared and shouted.

The members of the White Marsh royal family were at a loss when they saw him yelling in anger.

After quickly putting on some clothes, Philip rushed out and said, “Do you think you can stop me?”

“What about me?” A gray-haired old man walked out.

The pressure from him made Philip feel very uncomfortable, but he did not lose his fighting spirit.

Philip guessed the identity of the old man and said, “It’s a disgrace for the old to bully the young.”

The old man was taken aback when he heard this.

He laughed and said, “What about your lack of shame, you brat?”

This situation was very unfavorable for Philip. Not only were there several eight-star powerhouses staring at him, but there was also someone at the holy tier in front of him. He might even be at his peak.

Philip got ready to use the rules of space to open a portal and escape.

Seeing that Philip was ready to leave, the knowledgeable old man said loudly, “You must be Philip Clarke. Would you like to come to my humble abode as a guest?”

His voice was gruff and loud, so vigorous and powerful that people were hardly able to stand on guard against him.

Philip was taken aback.

He withdrew his rules of space, narrowed his eyes at the old man, and said, “Do you promise in front of everyone that you won’t harm me?”

The old man laughed heartily and said, “I know what you’re worried about. This is a protective stone left by my predecessors, a top-grade stone. It can resist attacks below the god tier for one minute. That’s enough time for you to leave.”

With that said, the old man tossed a colorful stone to Philip.

Chapter 3379
Feeling the power from the stone, Philip believed the old man’s words a little.

Seeing that Philip was still somewhat doubtful, the old man said to the other members of the White Marsh royal family, “You may return to the Jade Marsh Palace.”

The leading eight-star and nine-star powerhouses hesitated for a moment but quickly took their leave.

At this time, a little girl ran over, grabbed the old man’s hand, hid behind him, and stared at Philip who was not far away.

“Grandpa, he’s wearing clothes now.”

“My good child, I told you he’s human.”

“But he has no hair, and he looks very fierce.”

These two did not treat Philip as an outsider and just chatted freely.

Philip watched as the old man chatted with his granddaughter. After a while, he approached them.

“Please excuse us. This is my eldest son’s daughter.” The old man turned to the girl behind him and said, “Gladys, say hello.”

Seeing Philip approaching, the girl shrank back even more.

“I won’t eat you.” Philip said in exasperation.

He was constantly corroded by the stomach acid in that fish. Even if his hair grew a little, it would be corroded by the regular influx of stomach acid.

The little girl hid behind while Philip followed beside the old man, still holding the protective stone tightly in his hand.

“Never in my life have I, Mallow Wisteria, seen a wanted criminal come out of a fish’s mouth in an aquarium.” The old man laughed and continued, “I caught this fish and gave it to the manager. I wonder if that old blond will be scared to death by you.”

A blond old man jumped up to them from a distance and cursed, “Old geezer, you really gave me a good show…”

“A good exhibition was ruined by you, this shameless naked man. So, you know how to put on clothes now?” The blond old man glared at Philip and said angrily.

“It’s not necessarily ruined. Maybe it has become more popular,” Philip pursed his lips and said.


Hearing this, the blond old man wanted to raise his hand at Philip but was stopped by the gray-haired old man.

Mallow gloated and said, “Calm down.”

“Hmph! I have other things to do. Help yourself.” After saying that, the blond old man turned around and left in a huff.

“Come on, let’s go to my place.” The old man led the way while Philip followed closely.

Philip wanted to figure out why the White Marsh royal family tolerated the rampant development of a cult like the Moon Worship Creed and also some other things about the White Marsh royal family.

They arrived at a compound of the White Marsh royal family members.

The area was surrounded by ordinary residential buildings with no Villas or mansions in sight. With a puzzled face, Philip followed Mallow into a residential building. Even after going into the elevator, he could not believe that the strongest person in White Marsh could be so low-key.

Seeing Philip’s expression of disbelief, the old man said, “I prefer excitement.”

The elevator stopped at the top floor.

The old man opened the door and walked in while shouting, “Wife, we have a guest!”

An old lady with black hair came out, exchanged pleasantries with Philip, and went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

This looked exactly like an ordinary home. Philip looked at the old man in front of him.

The old man ignored Philip’s doubts, took a sip of water, and asked, “How did you get your White Marsh imprint?”

Chapter 3380
“Uh, I can’t tell you that,” Seeing the old man going straight to the point, Philip replied.

“You should be from the ancestral land. No one here can secretly get the mark of the White Marsh royal family.”

The old man’s eyes were sharp, and Philip could only answer yes.

The little girl opened a little gap in her room door and peeked at the two people in the living room.

The two were silent for a while before the old man said thoughtfully, “Rather than the land of the sinned blood, I still prefer to call it the ancestral land…”

That was right. This old man really was the former emperor of the White Marsh royal family!

An indisputable holy-tier powerhouse!

Philip was very nervous. He actually met the legendary emperor of the White Marsh royal family!

This was a genuine holy-tier powerhouse!

He was unexpectedly peaceful and approachable.

Philip learned from the old man that he had four children. The eldest was currently in charge of the White Marsh royal family. The second child left a message after the eldest inherited the position, saying that he wanted to travel the world, and no news was heard from him after that. The third child was Ayana Wisteria, whom Philip met in the Peerless Sword Tomb before, while the fourth child was still in school.

“I don’t hold any power now and can be regarded as retired,” the old man said lightly.

In that way, the Moon Worship Creed continued to develop and grow under the territory’s negligence, Philip gave himself a brief though.

“Can you tell me what’s going on with the Moon Worship Creed in the territory of the White Marsh royal family?” Philip hesitated but asked anyway.

Mallow sighed and said, “My son, Salvatore Wisteria, was honest and kind-hearted by nature, but from the moment he took the power from me, he seemed to have become a different person… He became cruel and enjoyed killing. Our originally friendly relationship with the ancient dragon royal family was ruined because of him.”

The old man’s eyebrows twitched as he continued, “Everything intensified after a woman appeared.”

It was another woman, the same woman that the restaurant owner said in the rumors.

“That woman used her great strength and superb means to quickly create an organization, which is the Moon Worship Creed you mentioned.”

The old man stopped talking, and Philip asked, “What happened next?”

Mallow glanced at Philip and said, “The Moon Worship Creed was founded on good intentions and direction. It grew rapidly and even became an existence comparable to several big families. Salvatore tried to negotiate with them, but he was brainwashed after that…”

“After the woman left, he became the actual overseer of the Moon Worship Creed. In order to achieve his goal quickly, he didn’t hesitate to change the harmonious style of the Moon Worship Creed, and it became what it is today.”

The old man stopped here.

Philip frowned and asked, “Where did that woman go? Why didn’t you stop him?”

“It was rumored that this woman has gone to the second continent, but I don’t know if it’s accurate. As for such management affairs, I’ve washed my hands off everything. But even if I want to, I can’t control him.”


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