The First Heir Chapter 3351-3360

Chapter 3351
The two rested in the passage. They could hear if there were any sounds.

After about six hours, the two had rested enough. Philip and Hiram got ready to continue. Hiram was a big eater. Three packs of dry food were just his breakfast.

His mouth was full of food as he muttered, “It’d be better if there was coffee.”

The entire underground was like a huge maze, and one could get lost if one did not leave marks.

The two walked through this intricate tunnel for a whole day. During this time, Philip left a mark everywhere he went, but they would still return to the same place.

Next to him, Hiram finally noticed something and said to Philip, “You can see some small holes made by fire ants at the bottom of this passage, but there were no such small holes in the passage we were circling before…”

“Next, let’s walk along the passage with small holes like these. That should be it.”

Finally, as Hiram predicted, the two passed through a waterfall and came to an underground world. This place was slightly different from the outside world but more similar to Philip’s original world.

Not far away, there was a shiny disc at the highest point in the stone wall, which should be the sun here. The two jumped off the wall and landed in a forest.

“That’s a thousand-year black plum, and that’s a thousand-year snowdrop.”

Hiram walked through the forest and exclaimed in surprise at the age and abundance of the special herbs here.

Although he was reluctant to destroy this place, Hiram said, “If we don’t pick them, someone will pick them later. We can’t leave this chance to others.”

After some mental struggle, Hiram taught Philip some special herb-picking methods.

“We should be in the Bamboo Swordsman’s herb garden.”

Following the instructions given by Hiram, Philip picked several herbs.

Hiram made a rough estimation. The special herbs here were all more than a thousand years old, but according to their different medicinal effects, the lowest grade was as high as grade seven, with rare special herbs with efficacy as high as grade ten, which Hiram praised to the sky.

When Philip sorted out the herbs, he casually asked Hiram how to get the Multidew Herb.

Hiram was surprised when he heard it and asked Philip why he was looking for Multidew Herb. Philip explained briefly, and Hiram told Philip how to obtain the Multidew Herb.

The Multidew Herb was the secret medicine of the Multiherb Guild in the third continent, which was the territory of the White Tiger royal family. It was precisely because of this Multidew Herb that they were worthy of being called the Multiherb Guild.

This herb was not allowed to be sold outside, and only one portion was harvested each year, which was often given to the White Tiger Emperor of the White Tiger royal family.

Philip did not back down because of the difficulty in obtaining it, but the look in his eyes became more determined after learning about it.

The two chatted leisurely as they filled their pockets with treasures along the way.

Suddenly, Hiram called out to Philip. It turned out that Hiram found a stone house by the stream along a path.

After knocking on the door without getting a response, Hiram pushed the door and walked in.

The furniture in the stone house was neatly arranged, and daily necessities were also in order.

Hiram, who grew up in a modern city, had never seen such a quaint setup. There was a book on the small dining table near the door.

Hiram picked it up, flipped through it, and exclaimed, “I’ve never seen such a complete record of special herbs.”

Hiram handed the book to Philip and found the Multidew Herb that Philip had asked about earlier. The introduction was roughly the same as what Hiram had said. However, the book even recorded the growth requirements of the Multidew Herb, including its picking methods and so on.

“This book has a lot to offer…”

Hiram flipped through the book, looking for clues as to where it came from.

As the two rejoiced over the book, footsteps were heard outside the stone house.

A voice accompanied the footsteps. “Is there a guest?”

Chapter 3352
The owner of the voice pushed open the gaping door and walked in.

Seeing his appearance, Hiram covered his mouth and laughed in surprise. “A bamboo spirit!”

Its appearance was quite strange, its limbs were made up of thin or thick bamboo. Its eyebrows seemed made up of two thin bamboo leaves, and only its facial features appeared human.

“Show some respect,” Philip said as he smothered a laugh and smacked Hiram.

“We’re Philip Clarke and Hiram Pine. We didn’t mean to trespass in your residence. Please forgive us,” Philip continued.

The bamboo spirit waved its hand and said, “It’s okay. It’s been so many years. I’m glad to see another human…”

The bamboo Spirit’s words seemed to possess a magical power that touched their souls.

“I’m the Bamboo Swordsman’s bamboo sword spirit. You may call me Bamboo Shoot if you’d like. That’s what the Bamboo Swordsman used to call me.”

Hearing that, the two tried hard to contain their amusement and said, “Sure, Sir Bamboo Shoot.”

The sword spirit took out a bag of tea from the cabinet and said to the two, “Sit down and have a cup of tea.”

The two sat around the small wooden table in the middle. The moment the bag of tea was opened, Philip and Hiram’s eyes lit up. The aroma was so rich, so the tea must be extraordinary.

Bamboo Shoot quickly brewed the tea and handed the teacups over. The two looked at the light green water with a few pieces of tea leaves still floating on top. After the tea cooled down slightly, the two of them took a sip and felt refreshed. Philip even felt a slight improvement in his mental strength.

Here, mental strength referred to the rules of insight.

“What do you think of the tea?” Bamboo Shoot asked the two with a smile.


Seeing the two’s appreciation, Bamboo Shoot suddenly said sadly, “It’s a pity that the Bamboo Swordsman can’t drink it anymore.”

“Are you saying that the Bamboo Swordsman’s remnant soul can’t get in here?” Philip asked in puzzlement.

“Remnant soul! Have you seen his remnant soul?”

Bamboo Shoot jumped up in surprise.

“I saw him in one of the secret rooms in the tunnels two days ago,” Philip replied.

“Why didn’t he come over, then?” Bamboo Shoot said sadly.

“Maybe his remnant soul can’t get in,” Philip said as he took a sip of tea.

Bamboo Shoot shook its head and said, “No, this place is accessible to humans, souls, and beasts alike…”

Bamboo Shoot suddenly remembered something and said even more dejectedly, “Maybe it’s because of that battle. I couldn’t resist the enemy’s attack.”

Hearing this, Philip remembered the scene he had seen in the dark cave before. The Bamboo Swordsman’s bamboo sword was slowly destroyed by the enemy’s wild attacks until it lost all luster.

“I’ve been recovering here since that battle…” Bamboo Shoot paused and continued, “But my injuries won’t heal no matter what. I’m probably useless now.”

Seeing Bamboo Shoot so depressed, Philip comforted it, “If I see the Bamboo Swordsman again, I’ll try to clarify the situation.”

“Thanks for your help, then,” Bamboo Shoot said with a smile.

Chapter 3353
On the side, the fat guy finished all the tea without a word.

Philip said in exasperation, “You’re too much.”


A loud noise came from Hiram’s stomach.

He rubbed his stomach and said with an awkward smile, “I’m hungry after drinking so much tea.”

“There’s fish in that stream. You can catch some and eat them!” Bamboo Shoot laughed through its tears.

The two came to the stream, and Hiram said, “I’ll let you taste my special grilled fish later.”

After that, he picked up the bamboo spike he had just cut and stabbed at the fish swimming in the water. After a while, smoke rose beside the stone house. Hiram took out some cooking utensils from his space ring and several bottles of secret sauces.

Bamboo Shoot picked up a freshly grilled fish and said with a grin, “In the past, I’ve always taken care of myself. I didn’t expect to have someone to share my meals with one day.”

Philip took a freshly sauced grilled fish from Hiram.

This aroma spread for several miles, and some animals in the woods even gathered around. With one bite, the juice inside the fish spurted, and the slightly crispy skin was baked just right.

Philip ate a few bites and said, “It’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Not bad, Fatty. You do have some skills.”

“But of course. I’ve been eating dry rations for several days. I’ll go crazy ifI don’t have a change of diet,” Hiram said while eating his fill.

Probably because of the good environment, the fish meat was very delicate with a strong aroma to it. Coupled with Hiram’s secret sauce, the three ate with great relish.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten something so delicious,” Philip said with a sigh.

Since he came here through the stargate, his meals were not very good.

After they were full, they lay down under the shade of the trees. It was so comfortable that Philip and Hiram almost forgot that they were still in the forbidden area.

Bamboo Shoot suddenly said, “How did you get here?”

“After entering the forbidden area, we came here after several twists and turns.”

“Forbidden area? But this place of mine is inside the Bamboo Swordsman’s space ring…” Bamboo Shoot said in bewilderment, “Maybe he modified this space ring before he died.”

“Are we inside the space ring now?”

The two of them could not accept it for a while. By common understanding, a space ring could not store living things, so how could this forbidden area be explained?

“The Bamboo Swordsman is a genius who enjoys life. He added all the living conditions suited for survival into this space ring, such as soil, air, plants, sunlight, and water. It took him several experiments before it worked,” Bamboo Shoot said proudly.

Hiram asked, “In that case, can I modify my space ring too?”

“That’s different. The Bamboo Swordsman has mastered the rules of space, and he succeeded because of that.”

Philip was determined to remodel his space ring, and the Caelum Sword inside should like it too.

“However, this space ring has been damaged, and the world inside has suffered some damage too. Since this place has been opened as a forbidden area, it won’t be far from destruction,” Bamboo Shoot said sadly.

Both Philip and Hiram fell silent.

After a while, Philip said, “We have to keep going.”

Hiram, who was about to fall asleep, sat up despite his look of reluctance.

Bamboo Shoot took out two bags of tea from the stone house and handed them to the two respectively while saying, “If you meet the Bamboo Swordsman, don’t forget to ask him.”

The two bid farewell to Bamboo Shoot and walked toward the artificial sun.

Not far away, they heard Bamboo Shoot shout, “Also, thanks for your grilled fish!”

Philip and Hiram looked at each other and smiled.

“What a nice guy,” Hiram shook the tea in his hand and said.

“It’s a sword spirit, but I agree that it’s very nice,” Philip said.

This bag of tea leaves could enhance one’s mental strength and enlighten one’s mind. As a special herb, it should be grade nine and above. This sword spirit was quite nice, unlike a certain one.

At this time, the Caelum Sword in the space ring seemed to have sensed Philip’s thoughts and threw a tantrum. However, Philip had not noticed this anomaly yet.

Chapter 3354
The two continued to walk into the depths of the passage.

“I forgot to ask Bamboo Shoot if it has a map of this place,” Hiram said in annoyance.

Philip just thought of it too. If they had a map, it would be much easier to explore. It would be much better than walking around like a headless chicken.

“Listen…” After walking for a while, Philip suddenly stopped and said to Hiram.

“Listen to what?”

Hiram listened for a while before he asked blankly.

Philip had forgotten that Hiram was not a wind element practitioner. Philip followed the wind and heard some noisy human voices from one direction. He led Hiram to the source of the sound.

After passing through several forked intersections, the two finally found the source of the sound.

A group of people wearing black hooded trench coats with crescent moon symbols of different colors were standing by a pool and queuing up for something.

Philip signaled to Hiram not to alert them and shrouded both of them with his mental strength to guard against other people’s detection. The two leaned close to the passage walls and listened quietly.

From their conversations, they learned that this spring water was stone fluid that had absorbed the essence of heaven and earth a thousand years old. Drinking a bowl was said to improve physical strength.

The hierarchy of these people was quite strict too.

Those with white crescents on their chests could take the stone fluid up to the size of a teacup, people with blue crescents could take a ladleful, while those with red crescents could take a bucket and put it in their space ring.

After a rough count, there were 78 people with white crescents and about 40 with blue crescents. As for the red crescents, the numbers plummeted tremendously, with only five of them.

In the middle of the pool, a strange-looking naked man sat cross-legged, and his strange looks were due to his elven-like ears.

Suddenly, one white crescent and one blue crescent said something to a red crescent before they walked toward Philip.

“Buddy, do you have any tips on being promoted to blue crescent?” the man with the white crescent moon said.

“Isn’t it easy to be promoted? Just give the lord something and I guarantee you’ll shoot up like a rocket,” the blue crescent guy replied.

The two were six-star practitioners.

The two came here and were about to relieve themselves. Philip used his rules of space to imprison the two of them and sucked out all of the air.

The vacuum could not transmit sound. The faces of the two men slowly flushed red and hit the space wall in despair when they saw the two suddenly appearing in front of them. Finally, they slowly suffocated to death.

Seeing this, Hiram grinned and gave Philip a thumbs-up while Philip applauded himself for being more flexible in using the rules of space.

After taking off the two’s clothes, Hiram suddenly looked a little embarrassed because the clothes did not fit him very well. Philip slapped his forehead. He had forgotten about this fat guy.

The two managed to get Hiram into the outfit after great difficulty. Fortunately, the outer robe was large enough to cover his protruding belly.

The red crescent who spoke to them earlier muttered, “Those two are really taking their own sweet time at the loo.”

After transforming their appearance, Philip and Hiram put the two bodies into the space ring and walked out slowly.

Seeing the two, the red crescent did not say anything.

“What should we do next?” Hiram whispered anxiously.

Chapter 3355
“Let’s line up first.”

Philip recalled that these two had not taken their share of the stone fluid yet. Except for the few red crescents talking, the others were quiet.

It was finally their turn. Philip wore the blue crescent while Hiram took the white, so Philip took one ladle as he should. Although a naked man was sitting in the middle of the pool, Philip had no complaints about this treasure and drank it in one go.

This stone fluid was extremely smooth in the mouth with a sweet fruity taste. However, before the two of them could react, the stone fluid in their stomachs became scorching hot like flames.

The skin on Philip’s body began to slowly fall off and new skin grew. This process was extremely brutal, and Philip was soon covered in blood.

Next to him, Hiram seemed to be in better condition because he only had one small teacup of it.

Seeing this, the red crescent man from earlier sneered and said, “You two ignorant fools dare to swallow such a large amount of stone fluid directly. Let’s see how you’re going to suffer!”

Under the black hood, Philip’s complexion was pale. Although all his capillaries were broken, Philip felt a little anemic due to the blood loss from the peeled skin all over his body.

Gradually, the stone fluid inside his body calmed down. A gentle water-like energy flowed continuously, and all the skin on Philip’s body grew back.

Looking at his hands with skin as smooth and tender as a baby’s, Philip picked up a stone and scratched himself. The stone fluid was indeed worthy of being hailed as a holy medicine for physical training. In such a short time, Philip’s physical strength had increased by more than one level.

Hiram’s improvement was limited, but due to his low physical strength, his gain could be considered enormous too.

The two looked up at the naked man in the pool drinking sips of the stone fluid one after another. He should be a body-building practitioner with a physique strong enough to support him sitting in such powerful stone fluid and drinking it non-stop.

Hiram gulped and sighed that this person might have stronger physical strength than some beasts.

As the two hid behind the crowd to plan their escape, the man in the pool slowly walked out. Two red crescent guys on his two sides put on a similar black trench coat on him, except that the crescent on his chest was silver at the edges and dark in the center.

“Congratulations to the holy son on his great achievement!”

Everyone bent in a half-kneel, and Philip and Hiram quickly followed suit.

“It’s not quite a great achievement yet, but do you guys know that two little mice have made their way in here?” The man narrowed his eyes and said coldly.

Philip and Hiram were shocked. They were found out in the end.

The red crescent who was closest to the man was shocked, but before he could refute it, he suddenly remembered something and turned to look at where Philip and Hiram were standing.

“Come out, you two!” the red crescent guy shouted.

Philip grabbed Hiram and was about to rush into the tunnel.

The man stopped in front of the two of them as if he had teleported, and Philip felt chills up his spine as he was stared at with eyes as white as the moon.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for the two of you to barge into the Moon Worship Creed and leave as if nothing happened.”

Philip kept trying different escape routes, but that ghost-like figure could always stop them immediately.

“Excuse me!”

Philip’s body was covered in wind, and his speed increased several times for a while as he turned and rushed to another passage.

“What I hate the most are practitioners like you who only know how to use elements!” The man suddenly looked ferocious and rushed toward Philip and Hiram like a cannonball.

Chapter 3356
Seeing that the other party’s speed could still increase, the two were about to collide again when Philip tossed Hiram from his shoulder.

A fight was inevitable. Philip turned around, covered his fists in flames, and punched the man behind him.

Philip was blasted backward, while his attack only slowed the other party down a couple of steps.

Feeling the pain in his wrist and the numbness in his arm, Philip lamented the guy’s tough hide. He could not conceal his strength any longer. Philip took out the Caelum Sword and the black turtle shell, ready to fight.

Seeing the two treasures Philip took out, the other party’s eyes lit up.

He said, “Those things are not bad. I’ll accept them!”

After that, the man raised his hand and rushed toward Philip.

Philip raised his shield and withstood the attack from the man, his arm going numb from the impact. After each partying attack, Philip tried to raise his sword and slash the other party but to no avail because the other party was too fast.

Seeing that Philip was suppressed by the holy son of the Moon Worship Creed, the creed members shouted in unison, “The holy son is invincible! The holy son is invincible!”

“Invincible is carrying it too far.”

Right before the attack landed on the turtle’s shell, Philip held the shield sideways, and the man’s attack landed in thin air.

The man was unsteady for a moment. Philip raised his sword and stabbed at the man’s ribs. The sword stabbed firmly into the man, and he looked up at Philip in shock.

The sword penetrated only two or three centimeters in, and not even the tip of the sword was completely pierced in. This was beyond Philip and the man’s expectations.

Philip thought this attack had to seriously injure the other party no matter how tough his body was. On contrary, the other party was surprised how someone could hurt him so easily.

The man grinned and said, “After so many years, you’re the first person to hurt me…”

The man jumped to the side and added, “You have some skills. Tell me your name. I won’t kill an unknown person.”

“Carter Marsden,” Philip frowned as he watched the man’s wounds begin to heal.

“Remember, my name is Leroy Feldman. Don’t forget it when you arrive down there.”

As he said that, the man pawed the ground with his foot and raised his leg in a sidekick. Philip quickly activated the rules of space, trying to block the attack before it landed.

Leroy felt the anomaly on his leg and looked at Philip in shock, but the rules of space did not stop him as Philip thought.

Philip spat out a mouthful of blood. The barrier was shattered by that kick, and the backlash hit Philip in an instant.

Although Leroy‘s leg trembled slightly, Philip’s state was worse as far as the current situation was concerned.

Philip cursed his luck. He did not expect this body practitioner at the peak of eight stars to be so powerful. He was still thinking about how to deal with him when the next bout of attacks arrived.

“Starmoon Fist!”

Starlight gathered on Leroy’s right fist, glowing like silvery moonlight.

This punch vibrated the space as it approached. Philip cursed and dodged to the side, and the energy blasted from that punch shattered the walls on one side.

Philip wondered if the turtle shell could withstand this punch. The snake imprint on Philip’s chest glowed. A three-headed snake with wings flew out, and the three heads bit Leroy.

“What?!” Feeling his declining strength, Leroy’s eyes became sharper as he said, “Carter, you bring me many surprises!”

This lasted for about five minutes, and Leroy’s strength dropped from the peak of eight stars to the early stage of eight stars.

“A genius like you should die by my hands!”

Although Leroy’s strength had decreased, he was still very violent.

Philip judged that he could not kill his opponent this time, so he gave up the idea of using the chimera mark. He would continue posing as Carter.

Philip jumped into the air and put away the turtle shell. He closed his eyes, and a gust of wind swept through the cave.

A large green formation appeared in front of Philip with nearly a hundred swords dancing rapidly inside.

Chapter 3357
“Greenpeak Sword Formation!” Philip smashed the sword formation down violently and even tossed the Caelum Sword into it.

Leroy stood in the middle of the sword formation and resisted the sharp attacks, but these hundred swords left him no room to dodge at all.

The green swords formed by the Greenpeak Sword Formation could only cut through his skin while the Caelum Sword concealed within kept attacking Leroy’s vital points and weak points, so the Caelum Sword managed to cause some considerable damage.

Seeing the increasing wounds on the holy son’s body, the people of the Moon Worship Creed yelled as they rushed toward Philip.

“Everyone back down!” With blood trickling from his mouth, Leroy ordered them back, “This fight is between the two of us!”

They stopped not far from Philip.

Leroy gradually slowed down, and Philip was almost exhausted from supporting the Greenpeak Sword Formation.

The strength suppression seal produced by the flying snake suddenly dispersed. Five minutes was up.

Philip retracted the sword formation. Leroy stood there like a man who had just crawled out of hell, all covered in blood with several gaping wounds on his body where his bones could be seen.

Although Leroy was in a bad shape, Philip was exhausted too. Philip believed that neither of them could do anything to the other at this moment and prepared to leave.

“Let’s leave it at this for now!”

After saying that, Philip was about to turn around and take Hiram away.

“It’s impossible for you to leave!”

Philip turned his head and was about to say something when Leroy raised his hands to form a triangle. Intense silver-white moonlight glowed brightly from within. This moonlight could make people go berserk!

Philip wanted to take advantage of his last shred of sanity to summon a space door, but inside the Bamboo Swordsman’s space ring, Philip’s space door was shattered the moment it appeared.

“You have no chance!” Seeing that Philip’s trump card was useless, Leroy laughed.

At this time, Philip’s eyes were red, and Hiram reminded him, “Carter, close your eyes!”

However, his reminder came too late, and Philip fell into a frenzy.

The two jumped up and exchanged blows in the air. Philip’s left arm cracked, but he just frowned and continued to fight Leroy.

Despite that, he was no match for a body practitioner at all. Very soon, Philip was beaten so badly by Leroy that he was covered in blood.

Leroy slammed Philip to the ground and shouted, “Where’s your cockiness just now?”

With all his bones almost broken, Philip still wanted to get up and attack in his berserk state.

Hiram scrambled over, grabbed Philip, and shouted, “Stop fighting! We won’t fight anymore!”

However, Philip could not distinguish friend from foe at this time. He raised his unsightly fists and punched Hiram’s back. This attack was harmless.

Hiram burst into tears and exclaimed, “We surrender! We surrender!”

Leroy walked over slowly, pulled Hiram away, and said, “How can a warrior surrender just like that?”

With that said, he grabbed Philip’s head and lifted him. A punch landed on Philip’s chest. His bones sank, and blood gushed from his mouth. He was seemingly about to die.

However, when Leroy threw him to the ground, it seemed as if magma covered Philip’s skin and the surrounding air began to heat up.

Chapter 3358
The wounds on Philip’s body sizzled with white smoke and disappeared after a while. His sunken chest also puffed up and returned to normal.

“What the hell is this?!” Seeing this, Leroy’s heart trembled, and he began to panic.

He promptly kicked Philip’s head, but this time, Philip made a move and raised his hand to grab Leroy’s foot. He slowly opened his eyes, and his eyeballs turned orange like the sun, scorching people’s hearts and souls.

“Let go of me!” Leroy’s foot was deformed under Philip’s grab.

However, Philip’s change was far from over. His body began to swell and grow bigger, nearly reaching the top of the cave, which was about 40 to 50 meters high.

No one had ever seen anything so horrifying, and they fled in all directions. Philip took one step and the earth shook.

Almost every one of the Moon Worship Creed died under this attack except for the five red crescents. They still had a little loyalty to the creed and attacked Philip with their individual moves.

Philip waved his hand and slapped them into the wall like swatting a fly, and their outcome was unknown.

Leroy struggled under Philip’s hold but could not get free from that big hand. Philip grabbed him over and clasped his hands together, smacking Leroy into a pile of mincemeat.

With one strike, he killed an eight-star body practitioner at his peak!

This was the mighty power of Philip’s bloodline. The invincible Divine Wilderness Physique!

However, Philip did not notice that a white crescent from the Moon Worship Creed had escaped.

Hiram put his hands on the ground and scrambled back in horror for fear that the giant Philip would accidentally trample him to death.

Calm was restored in the cave again, and Philip caught a glimpse of the stone fluid still left in the pool. The giant dug out the layer of stone containing the stone fluid and held it like he was drinking out of a bowl.

Philip burped loudly after drinking everything in one gulp before his body gradually shrank. He finally lay naked on the floor. Philip glowed brightly as the stone fluid transformed his body.

With lingering fear, Hiram quickly took out some clothes and covered Philip up. Then, he took all the space rings from the members of the Moon Worship Creed.

They could not stay here for long. The huge commotion was sure to attract others, and it would be hard to explain by then. Hiram put Philip on his back and ran to a passage that was still intact.

Not long after the two left, several groups of people arrived from other passages. Among them was the White Marsh royal family that Philip had rescued Hiram from earlier.

While everyone was amazed at the giant handprints on the wall, one person found Leroy’s clothes covered in blood and human tissue.

Several people with low tolerance threw up on the spot.

“These clothes belong to the holy son of the Moon Worship Creed!” The man grimaced.

“Are you referring to the cult?” one person asked doubtfully.

“Don’t be rude!” A man from the White Marsh royal family nearby rebuked.

Chapter 3359
At this time, Ayana Wisteria slumped to the floor sadly, and people from other groups whispered, “There, that woman is the third princess of the White Marsh royal family. She and the holy son of the Moon Worship Creed are childhood sweethearts. They were engaged to be married!”

“Is that so?”

“But why did someone say that the Moon Worship Creed is a cult just now? And what has it got to do with the White Marsh royal family?”

That person continued, “Every year, the Moon Worship Creed selects newborns from the information database and trains them. At a certain age, those kids will be put together to kill each other, and the last one who survives will have the chance to become the holy son.”

“What savages!”

“Will their family members agree to such brutality?”

The man shook his head and said, “Those who agree will be given compensation. I have a distant relative who disagreed, which ended up in the deaths of the couple while their kid was taken away.”

After that, a bout of curses rained on the Moon Worship Creed.

“Alas, these kids are really pitiful, going through such suffering at a young age.”

Not far away, the people of the White Marsh royal family took care of the bodies. After Ayana calmed down, she put away Leroy’s clothes and made up her mind to ask her father to find Leroy’s killer and tear him into pieces when she returned.

The commander of the White Marsh royal family was a holy-tier existence, and Ayana did not think there were stronger existences in this world besides the nine royal families.

At this time, Hiram carried Philip and found an unopened secret room. They hid inside.

Just when Hiram breathed a sigh of relief, the voice of an old man next to him startled him.

It was none other than the Bamboo Swordsman, who stroked his beard and said, “You seem to have encountered some danger.”

Hiram had seen the remnant soul of the Bamboo Swordsman in other secret rooms earlier and recognized him immediately.

He patted his chest and said, “Your sudden appearance nearly scared me to death…”

The Bamboo Swordsman chuckled and said, “Before I left, I left nine remnant souls in this world. You’re lucky enough to have seen me once.”

The Bamboo Swordsman stepped forward, checked Philip‘s condition, and said, “This kid has extraordinary luck He’ll definitely grow a lot after such an ordeal.”

Hiram chatted with the Bamboo Swordsman before resting, waiting for Philip to wake up.

After about half a day, the glow on Philip’s body finally died down. His body was like white jade, and his skin was crystal clear.

Hiram said in amazement, “Whoa! I’d have taken more stone fluid if I’d known earlier.”

Philip woke up after his eyelids twitched a few times.

Hiram asked him if he remembered what happened. Philip said that he only remembered what happened after he went berserk due to the moonlight.

Hiram described the events in detail, and Philip felt some lingering fear. If not for the power of his bloodline, he would probably be dead by now. Then, Hiram took out all the space rings he collected earlier and handed them over to Philip.

“These are the things you have obtained by virtue of your strength. I won’t take any of it.”

Philip smiled and shook his head. After breaking the restriction of several space rings and taking a few items, he gave all the space rings to Hiram.

“These things are not very useful to me. Just take them.”

The few items Philip took are the secret manual to Leroy’s body practice, the Nine Lunar Technique, a human skin mask that could change various appearances in the space ring of a red crescent member, a pile of precious metals, and several communicators belonging to the White Marsh royal family. These items were enough to support the practice of a small faction.

Hiram said gratefully, “I’ll never forget your kindness and generosity!”

After checking his body to make sure that he was alright, the two called out the Bamboo Swordsman.

“Bamboo Shoot asked us to bring you a message. He wants to know why you’ve been refusing to see him for so long.”

The Bamboo Swordsman was startled. He did not expect to hear this.

After a moment of silence, he found a place to sit down and said, “During that battle, it was due to my incompetence that Bamboo Shoot was almost destroyed.”

The two looked at each other in surprise.

Chapter 3360
Philip chuckled and said to the Bamboo Swordsman, “Sure enough, like master, like sword spirit. Bamboo Shoot thinks that he’s not good enough, while you share the same thought. As a sword practitioner, you should have full confidence in yourself. Otherwise, how could you wield a sword?”

“Bamboo Shoot thought you left without leaving a remnant of your soul. He was very excited when he heard that we had seen you,” Hiram added.

The Bamboo Swordsman patted the shoulders of the two and said with a smile, “I’ve received his heartfelt words. Thanks, both of you…”

“After this place closes, I’ll return to that stone house and live there in peace. I haven’t had that tea for a long time.”

After that, the Bamboo Swordsman looked at ease as if he was already sitting at the table in the stone house, drinking the tea made by Bamboo Shoot.

Philip asked, “I wonder how we can get out. These passages are so complicated.”

“Don’t worry. This place is only open for five days. When the time is up, I’ll toss everyone who’s still alive out the entrance you came in.”

In that case, they still had more than a day left.

Just as Philip was about to bid farewell to the Bamboo Swordsman and continue walking into the depths, the swordsman stood up and stopped him.

“You don’t have to work so hard. We’re already very close to the entrance, and you’ve explored this area thoroughly enough. If you go any further, you’ll just end up coming back the same way.”

With a smile on his face, the swordsman continued, “Just stay here with me, and I’ll give you a present each. What do you think?”

This swordsman usually acted like a tough guy, but he now behaved like a withered old man. It was not his fault. It would happen to anyone if they stayed in one place without any company.

The two happily agreed.

Philip took out the sword with a dragon’s head he got from the test tablet and handed it to the Bamboo Swordsman.

The swordsman exclaimed, “You must be pretty talented to have obtained this.”

Next, the Bamboo Swordsman told Philip about the origin of the sword.

This sword had almost replaced Bamboo Shoot’s position and could also be regarded as the Bamboo Swordsman’s accompanying sword. Truth be told, this sword could not do much in Philip’s hands, so Philip gifted it to Hiram whether the sword agreed or not.

One day would be over soon, and the swordsman said to Philip earnestly, “You’re one of the rarest talents I’ve seen since I traveled the world. I won’t say too much, but if possible, I hope you can stand out at the critical moment.”

Philip knew quite well what he meant by the critical moment, so he nodded heavily.

After that, the Bamboo Swordsman took out three things and presented them to the two of them, a short robe, a sword, and a sword technique.

Two items were handed to Philip as he explained, “This was my favorite night outfit back then. Not only does it look good, but it can also block other people’s detection. I obtained this sword from a renowned family of blacksmiths, which you can use as a token…”

“If you need any equipment, you can go to the First Continent and look for the Divum Guild.”

The book of sword technique was handed over to Hiram as he said, “Although you’re intelligent by nature, you have ordinary talents. As long as you can put some effort into learning this technique, even a fool can achieve something.”

“Thank you, sir!” Hiram gratefully accepted the book.


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