The First Heir Chapter 3321-3330

Chapter 3321
Moreover, that guy’s talent was not composed of any elements but his strong physique, which was many times stronger than any alloy robot. This was a star talent powerhouse who trained his physique!

When he saw Philip, a menacing grin appeared on his face.

“Kiddo, I don’ t think you’ve heard of Mighty Mammoth from Starfire Alliance.”

A hint of arrogance flashed across his face as he spoke. He was obviously very confident in his strength.

The people of Starfire Alliance were very confident in his strength too. Not only was he a seven-star powerhouse, but he also had strong physical strength, so a normal elemental talent was not his opponent.

To Philip, a seven-star powerhouse was equivalent to the peak of the seventh zone in the world he came from.

In this world, an eight-star talent was equivalent to a half-step to the other shore.

A nine-star talent was the pseudo realm to the other shore!

The holy tier was the realm to the other shore!

According to Iris and Cougar’s introduction before, the emperors of the nine royal families were in the rank of holy tier. As for god-tier, Philip had never heard of one, and neither had Iris or the others. After all, they were people from the lower floor, so their understanding of the world above was quite limited.

Philip was unconcerned as if he did not take the other party as a serious opponent at all.

He merely said, “A self-introduction isn’t necessary. I don’t care about losers.”

Hearing that, the young man’s face immediately turned cold, and he charged at Philip without further delay.

His movements were extremely swift, which caught everyone by surprise.

No one expected that a person’s speed could reach such a level with only his physical body, which even produced sonic booms when he accelerated.

Philip seemed as though he could not react at all. He still stood there blankly.

Seeing this, the people of Montana Alliance were worried about Philip.

Especially the messenger who did not look upon Philip favorably in the first place. He was also shocked at Philip’s actions. However, what happened next was beyond anyone’s imagination.

In the next second, this young man with a speed that surpassed the speed of sound fell, his face plowing a ditch on the ground.

How did this happen?

Did Mighty Mammoth lose control of his speed?

Everyone was puzzled, but Commander Graham saw it clearly.

At the most critical moment, Philip used the rules of space to influence his opponent, causing Mighty Mammoth’s speed on his upper body and lower body to be inconsistent.

This caused him to stumble and fall. However, there was something that even Commander Graham did not see clearly.

At that moment, Philip’s finger seemed to have touched Mighty Mammoth’s body lightly. Thus, the Mighty Mammoth had no chance to fight back and crashed heavily to the ground.

“Seriously? I didn’t even see him make a move. How did he fall on his own?”

Philip pretended to be innocent and looked at these people from Starfire Alliance.

Seeing this, several others rushed to the life-and-death arena immediately. They were a three-person team. After taking Mighty Mammoth away, they turned off the energy shield.

The meaning could not be more obvious. The three of them wanted to challenge Philip. However, Philip still had that nonchalant attitude.

“Is there no one better in Starfire Alliance?” Philip questioned Commander Graham mockingly.

Chapter 3322
Commander Graham’s face turned grim as she gritted her teeth and shouted angrily, “Tear his mouth apart!”

At Philip’s insult, the three people on the stage were furious. They scattered apart and charged at Philip from different directions, shouting curses.

Philip took a sudden step forward, raised his hand, turned around, and raised his hand again.

The three fell to the ground with a crash and could not get up again.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

How strong was Philip Clarke?

He could instantly knock down three six-star powerhouses at such lightning speed.

Not to mention the normal spectators, even Commander Graham did not see his movements clearly.

Contrary to Commander Graham gnashing her teeth, the person sent by Elder Whitmore smiled as if they had found a treasure. If he could be used by Montana Alliance, they might be able to compete with the Starfire Alliance.

After the three of them were taken away, no one else took the stage.

On Starfire Alliance’s side, no one dared to make a sound for a while. Everyone looked at each other before turning to Commander Graham.

As a seven-star practitioner with level 5S elemental talent, she was their last hope.

Seeing that no one came on stage anymore, Philip scratched his ears, narrowed his eyes at the people of Starfire Alliance beneath the stage, and said tauntingly, “Is there no one else in Starfire Alliance?”

“Commander…” Someone next to Commander Graham reminded.

Commander Graham had not taken her eyes off Philip since just now.

She said, “I know!”

She knew she could not knock down three six-star powerhouses until they could not resist in the blink of an eye.

During the small conflict earlier, the elemental abilities of the two were on par. Moreover, Philip seemed as if he had had some physical training.

For eight-star practitioners and below, physical practitioners were invincible at the same level, so Commander Graham did not rise to the challenge recklessly.

However, thinking about it, during the years when Starfire Alliance and Montana Alliance competed with each other, Commander Graham had never heard of such a person being in Montana Alliance.

Commander Graham adjusted her fiery personality in a flash and said to Philip on the stage with a playful smile, “My friend, please treat the herb today as an apology for our last conflict. If you need anything in the future, you can look for me at Starfire Alliance…”

“Let’s go!”

Commander Graham left with the people of Starfire Alliance amid everyone’s surprised eyes and discussions.

Commander Graham’s individualistic personality made her unafraid of any comments from the public, which was why she could ignore the criticism targeted at Starfire Alliance after their failure.

Philip saw through Commander Graham’s intentions.

This woman was taking a gamble that Philip had not joined Montana Alliance but had only accepted some benefits from Montana Alliance to help them out.

However, she made the wrong bet. Since the very beginning when Starfire Alliance wanted to demolish the house by force, Philip had already stood opposite them.

Philip jumped off the stage and took the special herb away.

“Mr. Clarke, you’re so strong that you simply scared that madwoman away.”

The messenger who came with him stepped forward and smiled flatteringly, wanting to take the special medicine from Philip as he spoke.

“Take me to Elder Whitmore.”

Philip simply turned around and left.

Chapter 3323
The people of Montana Alliance looked at each other.

Was this person not here to help them grab the special medicine?

Why did he take it with him?

The man took Philip back to Montana Alliance.

In the meeting room, Elder Whitmore could not hide his smile when he heard that Philip had defeated those people of Starfire Alliance one after another.

However, when he heard that Commander Graham had given Philip the special medicine, his smile froze again.

Elder Whitmore stood up, took Philip’s hand, and said with a smile, “Philip, if you’re interested in this herb, you can take it. If you want to know more about it, the door of Montana Alliance’s medical hall will always be open for you.”

While he spoke, Elder Whitmore kept rubbing the back of Philip’s hand.

Philip felt all creeped out but dared not show it. However, he was very interested in their medical hall.

Seeing Philip’s interest, Elder Whitmore took out a token and said, “This is my Elder’s Token. With this token, you can go anywhere within the territory of Montana Alliance without obstructions. ”

“Thank you, Elder Whitmore. If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave.”

“Sure, but don’t walk around in case anything happens.”

Although he was being polite, Philip noticed that Elder Whitmore had his guard up against him. It would probably not be long before someone was sent to keep an eye on Philip.

After Philip left the meeting room, Elder Whitmore contacted someone on his communicator.

As he walked in the street that looked very similar to the architectural style of his original world, Philip could not help feeling that something was wrong with his mother’s previous residence.

If the space gate sent him here, the purpose had to be more than just letting him visit his mother’s room. There must be clues that he had not discovered yet.

When he arrived outside the private house again, Philip took out the key to open the door, but he noticed some details this time.

The books on a bookshelf by the window attracted Philip’s attention.

One row was full of ancient medical techniques in Orienta. Compared to other rows, the books on this row were arranged haphazardly, while others were neatly arranged according to publication date.

“This ‘Golden Recipes’ should be in front of ‘Meridian Classics’, so why is it in front of ‘New Herbal Recipes’?”

As he spoke, Philip arranged several books in chronological order.


Something under the bed seemed to have opened.

Feeling startled, Philip walked over and moved the bed aside. He saw a long and narrow tunnel which he had no idea where it led to.

After several twists and turns along the tunnel, Philip finally arrived on the bottom platform.

Several faint fluorescent lights dotted the dark metal wall, and the platform seemed completely made of metal. Except for a wooden chair in front of the main panel, all equipment was full of highly advanced technological vibes from the original world.

This should be his mother’s temporary workstation.

Seeing this scene, Philip recalled that when he was a child, he often sneaked into his mother’s work studio. When he was found, his mother would scold him gently.

As Philip felt himself tearing up, an electronic voice brought him back to reality.

“Intrusion of an unknown creature is detected. Identification in progress. Creature identified. Genetic match in progress. Match identified. Welcome home, Philip Clarke…” A cold electronic sound echoed in the room.

“You have a message…”

“Open,” Philip guessed this should be a message left by his mother.

As Philip guessed, a holographic image was projected through the black sphere in the middle of the table.

“Mom!” Philip subconsciously yelled at the vivid image, but the image was still an image.

“Phil, I’m glad you found this place.”

The image in front of him said to Philip, “I was forced to stay in this land of the other shore due to some forces.”

Chapter 3324
“I learned through some channels that a special medicine here can bring people back to life. Your grandfather has been ill for many years, so I had to come here, even if I had to leave my young son…”

“Also, I have many things I need to do here, for the country, for the human race, and you, my child.”

At this point, there was guilt in the image of Philip’s mother. “Phil, I’m sorry…”


Since Philip could remember, this was the first time his mother apologized to him.

“I found the special medicine. It’s in a box under the table. No one can open it except you. I planned to return to Earth after getting everything, but…”

His mother wore a difficult expression before she continued, “Phil, before you reach the pseudo realm of the other shore, don’t come into contact with any members of the royal family. I have to go now.”

With that said, the image scattered into fluorescent light.

Philip was silent for a long while. He calmed his emotions and found the box with the herbs his mother had mentioned.

The box was silver except for a black identification panel in the middle. However, when Philip was about to open it, he realized that the box had already been opened!

The box was empty, and the only sign that herbs were once stored here was by the scent of herbs in the air.

The herbs that his mother had worked so hard to collect had disappeared just like this, and there was no trace of the box being broken by an external force. Even though he was angry, he was also puzzled.

Philip put down the box and hurried to the main panel.

“Has anyone been here before I arrived?”

“Search history in progress. No history found…” The cold electronic voice sent shivers down Philip’s spine.

Philip did not doubt his mother’s words. It was impossible for the medicine to disappear into thin air. Someone must have entered here and obtained the medicine through special means.

Philip leaned on the wooden chair and stared at the ceiling blankly, trying to figure it out.

“The houses here are managed by Montana Alliance. I have to look for Elder Whitmore.”

Philip muttered under his breath before leaving.

After leaving the passage, Philip felt even more uncomfortable as he watched the residents move out.

“Hey!” A girl with two ponytails, looking bright and youthful, jumped out and stood in front of Philip.

Philip was in a bad mood and did not want to speak to her, so he just walked past her.

This was the first time the girl was ignored when talking to a man.

She took out a mirror doubtfully, looked at her reflection, and said, “I don’t look ugly…”

The girl ran up to Philip, opened her arms to stop the scowling man, and said, “Don’t ignore me!”

Her actions attracted the attention of onlookers.

Philip paused, stared at her, and said, “Don’t stand in my way!”

He walked past her again. The girl became anxious.

She went over, hugged Philip’s waist, and shouted, “Are you going to leave me and our child just like this?”

Everyone was dumbfounded, and Philip was shocked.

“How scandalous. He abandoned his wife and kid at such a young age…”

“I can’t believe that a nice-looking young man like him could behave this way.”

“He’s nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing!”

Amid everyone’s pointing fingers and accusations, Philip’s face darkened.

Chapter 3325
He turned around, picked up the girl, and disappeared between the buildings in a flash.

Philip stopped in an alley. He looked at the snickering girl and wondered if all the girls in this world were so wicked.

“Tell me what you want,” Philip said in exasperation.

“Elder Whitmore was afraid you’d get lost, so he asked me to be your tour guide,” the girl said with a smile.

‘Rather than a tour guide, I think a watchdog seems more like it,’ Philip thought inwardly.

Philip sighed and said, “It just happens that I want to see Elder Whitmore. Lead the way.”

“Elder Whitmore has gone to attend the Alliance Meeting and won’t be back until tomorrow. I’d better show you around,” the girl said.

“What meeting?” Philip raised his eyebrows and asked with interest.

The girl thought for a while as if making up her mind and said, “Don’t tell Elder Whitmore that I told you.”

Philip nodded, motioning for her to continue.

“A forbidden land between the territories of the ancient dragon royal family and the White Marsh royal family is about to open. Everyone is getting ready to recruit people and compete for resources…”

“Elder Whitmore is representing Montana Alliance to attend the meeting…”

“A forbidden land? What sort of forbidden land?” Philip asked.

“There’s a huge gorge between the territories of the ancient dragon royal family and the White Marsh royal family. According to legend, it was created by a sword strike from an ancient power, and there’s a long and narrow bunker in the middle of this gorge…”

“At first, there was a terrifying pressure around it that made even nine-star powerhouses not dare to approach it easily, but the guards recently noticed that the pressure is gradually receding, and there are signs that the bunker is about to open.”

The girl did not treat Philip as an outsider at all and spoke incessantly, “The person who carved a gorge hundreds of miles long with a single strike of a sword must be a holy-tier powerhouse, so the treasures inside must be extraordinary.”

After saying that, the girl stood there in a daze, her face full of admiration and yearning.

“I see. You can go now.”

Philip guessed that the two parties were about to fight for the treasures.

If he was not mistaken, Elder Whitmore would definitely ask Philip to go along, and the information this girl told him was most likely disclosed by Elder Whitmore to Philip on purpose.

“Huh? I can’t go. I have to show you the way. By the way, my name is Claire Sonnet.”

With that said, the girl tried to pull Philip with her.


Before Philip could finish saying his name, Claire interrupted him mercilessly. “Philip Clarke, I know! You’re very strong!”

As she spoke, she raised her fair and tender arms in a front double biceps pose.

Philip suddenly felt exasperated and powerless.

“Where do you want to visit?” Claire asked while blinking her eyes.

“Take me to the alliance’s medical hall first,” Philip said.

Along the way, Claire spoke about everything under the sun while Philip looked at a loss for words.

The two arrived at the medical hall of Montana Alliance. Next to the medical hall was the forging hall, practice hall, mecha hall, and so on.

Compared to the quaint and classic wooden signboard of the medical hall, the signboards of the other halls were made of different types of metals. The writing looked a little familiar, almost like his mother’s handwriting.

Philip spaced out as he looked at the medical hall’s signboard.

Seeing that Philip was fascinated by the words, Claire said smugly, “That was written by the benefactor of Montana Alliance. It looks good, huh?”

“Yes, it does…”

After saying that, Philip took out the token given to him by Elder Whitmore and walked in. Maybe he could find clues his mother left behind here.

Chapter 3326
Facing the entrance was a small garden full of flowers, very similar to the ancient courtyards back in the country.

Several people in the yard went about their own business. There was some vibrancy amid the elegance.

At this time, an elderly but powerful voice came from the inner hall. It sounded quite gruff.

“Who’s there?”

Soon, an old man dressed in linen walked out. Except for the communicator on his wrist, he looked like an ancient elder.

He slowly walked up to Philip and said smilingly, “It’s been a while since the medical hall received any guests.”

With that said, the old man raised his head and opened his eyes under his bushy white eyebrows.

He opened his eyes wide and looked at Philip carefully, muttering under his breath, “Oh, very similar, indeed…”

Claire imitated the old man and looked at Philip’s face but did not notice anything.

She asked the old man blankly, “Similar to what?”

It was uncomfortable being scrutinized by two people like this.

Philip said helplessly, “That will do.”

“Ahem, my name is Timo Keppel. You can also call me Old Man Keppel.”

The old man returned to his senses and introduced himself to Philip.

“My name is…”

“His name is Philip Clarke!”

Philip was interrupted again by Claire. Seeing that she had not learned her lesson yet, he slapped her on the back of her head.

“Enough is enough,” Philip said.

“You don’t have to be so fierce. Boo!”

After that, Claire ran away, afraid that Philip would slap her again.

The old man smiled and said, “Hehe, it’s good to be young…”

Since he stepped into the medical hall, Philip had decided to dig for clues here, so he said, “Mr. Keppel, it’s getting late. I wonder if you have empty rooms? I want to study here.”

“Yes, of course.”

Timo led Philip to the depths of the corridor. “Here, come this way.”

Timo gave Philip the room at the very back and told Philip that he could walk around by himself before going back to his work.

Seeing that Claire had jumped onto the bed first, Philip sneered and said, “Aren’t you leaving?”

The neat bed was quickly messed up by Claire rolling back and forth.

She yawned and said, “I’m tired. I’m not leaving.”

“I’m going to close the door.”

With that said, Philip turned around and was about to close the door.

Seeing that, Claire stopped fooling around. She sat up from the bed and said in horror, “I’m leaving now!”

Philip smothered a laugh at the girl’s defeated look.

He stood at the door in Claire’s way and said, “Is this a place where you can come and go whenever you want?”

No matter how Claire pushed or pulled Philip, he did not budge.

Claire was a little scared and begged for mercy, “I was wrong. Please let me go.”

Seeing her teary eyes, Philip stepped aside and said, “Goodbye.”

The moment Claire ran out, Philip closed the door instantly. Then, Claire asked Timo for the room next to Philip’s room.

After a while, Timo knocked on their doors, told them that dinner was ready, and invited them to the living room.

This medical hall treated its guests quite well, and all the dishes were made with a hint of special medicine. Although the taste might be a bit strange, the effects of the herbs were good.

“This is pork chop in black plum sauce. Eating this can make your skin even more beautiful.”

Chapter 3327
Claire’s eyes lit up, and she turned her focus on this dish. She said, “I’ll have that.”

“Pebble grass with mixed vegetables can help in physical growth and development, but…”

Before Timo could finish speaking, Claire had already put a spoonful into her mouth and promptly screamed.

Timo continued with a smile, “But pebble grass is hotter than chili peppers.”

Following that, more than a dozen dishes were introduced, each with its own special effect. Even Philip, whose realm had been stuck in the early stage of a half-step to the other shore, felt as if there was a slight advancement.

In the next two days, Philip read all the books in the medical hall and asked Mr. Keppel about some herbal knowledge.

The herb he got from Commander Graham the other day was a grade-seven herb to prolong life. This herb mostly grew in obscure places, and herbs were also divided into grades, from grade one through 11.

The higher the grade, the rarer it was!

Grade ten was also called the holy grade, While grade 11 only existed in legends. It was the god grade. Almost no one had ever discovered a god-grade special medicine.

The herbs’ age, appearance, and efficacy were comprehensively judged and graded. Most of the herbs used for normal practice were grade five.

Philip also found that the books about herbal records in the medical hall were not comprehensive. Most of the herbs only had a picture without detailed information, but the Multidew Herb that Philip was looking for did not even have a picture.

At the end of a book, Philip found several herb records that were obviously added later.

[Zombie Herb: It can bring people back from the dead, but the resurrected will be irritable and attack both friend and foe. Grade nine.]

[Revival Twig: It’ll take about an hour to revive a person who just died, but all practice bases will be lost. Grade nine.]

Philip sighed and closed the book. His mother probably left this behind when she was looking for special medicines.

In the research room, Philip asked the old man who was grinding the medicine, “Mr. Keppel, what does your benefactor look like?”

Timo kept his eye on the special medicine that was gradually being ground into powder in his hand and said, “She has been of great help to our medical hall. I can even say that she saved Montana Alliance’s medical hall all by herself…”

“At that time, our alliance had just been established, and it was the period of expansion. The resources in our medical hall were no higher than grade five, but we had countless casualties. That was until she appeared…”

“Every seven days, she’d turn up with a lot of special medicines and relied on her superb medical skills to bring many people back from the brink of death. Some of the herbs stored in the medical hall now were left over from that time.”

Seeing that a portion of the medicine had been ground, Timo got up and bottled it.

He then added another portion of dried herbs before he continued, “She has done more than that. By virtue of her strength alone, she intimidated several established alliances and won us a suitable living space. Not only Montana Alliance but also the development of several other alliances nearby has to do with her, such as the Starfire Alliance.”

At this point, Timo sighed and said, “But after the growth of those alliances, they were afraid that her existence would affect the status of their leaders, so they joined forces to drive her out of this area. However, for some time after that, she’d still return to the medical hall and bring some prescriptions with her for us. This happened more than ten years ago…”

The old man stood up and massaged his back, lamenting how time flew by.

Hearing that his mother was driven away by joint coercion, Philip clenched his fists.

After calming his emotions, he continued asking, “Where did she go later?”

“She seemed dissatisfied with the effects of many herbs, so she set off to the depths of the land belonging to the ancient dragon royal family. There has been no news of her since then.”

Philip muttered under his breath, “But she already found it.”

“Found what?” Timo was puzzled.

Philip was startled and thought about it. If there was a special herb that could resurrect someone without any conditions, the entire land of the other shore would be in an uproar if they heard about it. There must be some reason why his mother did not disclose it.

Philip replied, “Nothing…”

At this moment, a message from Elder Whitmore popped up on Philip’s communicator: [Come to the meeting room as soon as possible].

Chapter 3328
After receiving the message, Philip said goodbye to Claire and Timo and quickly left for the meeting room.

In Montana Alliance’s meeting room, Elder Whitmore stood at the head of the table, talking to everyone about the battle plan formulated by the ancient dragon royal family. As this meeting was held urgently, Elder Whitmore could only find time to send Philip a message.

The territory of the alliance was not big, and Philip and Claire only took five minutes to go from the medical hall to this meeting room.

To Philip’s surprise, Claire was able to keep up with 50% of his speed. Although she seemed to be struggling, it was incredible enough.

At the entrance of the meeting room, Claire pushed the door open before Philip could. Everyone in the meeting room turned to the two.

Everyone’s reaction was different, but Philip was caught off-guard by the greetings calling the Alliance Master. Although some people said it reluctantly, everyone still said it.

Claire ignored Philip who was still at a loss. She waved her hand and said enthusiastically, “Good morning, everyone!”

After that, she ran to the empty seat next to Elder Whitmore and sat down.

She patted the other empty seat next to her and said to Philip at the door, “Philip, sit here!”

Philip nodded to everyone with a smile and walked over.

“So this is Philip Clarke whom Elder Whitmore has mentioned several times.”

“He doesn’t look any special to me.”

“Is he a spy sent by another alliance?”

“That’s hard to say…”

Philip’s arrival caused quite a commotion among the crowd, and everyone talked about him without any qualms.

Elder Whitmore smiled somewhat apologetically to Philip. He raised his hand and said, “Everyone, quiet down…”

As everyone quieted down, Elder Whitmore continued, “As the alliance master and Mr. Clarke arrived a little late, I’ll summarize the battle plan. Anyone who doesn’t really understand it can listen again…”

“The seventh continent we’re on is governed by the ancient dragon royal family, and the east to the border is the territory of the White Marsh royal family, the eighth continent. Our main priority this time is to compete for secret treasures in the neighboring Peerless Sword Tomb.”

Elder Whitmore paused before continuing, “However, we have received reports that the green ox royal family in the south has also heard the news that the forbidden land will be opened. They’re likely to intervene.”

Philip looked at the map of the area behind Elder Whitmore and roughly memorized it.

“This time, Montana Alliance is assigned as the first vanguard. While the mission is risky, the rewards can also be huge! The last time secret treasures of the forbidden land appeared in the auction house, the lowest price was in the range of 100 million.”

Everyone perked up at the sound of this, wishing they could enter right now.

“This sword tomb was created by a god-tier sword practitioner from a thousand years ago. After being seriously injured, he struck out with his sword and produced a gorge hundreds of miles long and finally died within this sword mark.”

“What?! There’s a god-tier supreme powerhouse in this forbidden land? It’s not a holy tier as rumored!”

Everyone was amazed!


A supreme existence beyond the holy tier!

In the land of the other shore, there had not been a god-tier supreme powerhouse for thousands of years!

That was an existence that could destroy galaxies and continents with a lift of their fingers. That was an existence that could crush the ancients and defy the heavens.

To the people of the world, a god-tier powerhouse was a god. A true god!

Chapter 3329
For a god-tier sword practitioner to die of serious injuries, it went to show how ridiculously powerful his enemy must be. That opponent must surely be a god-tier too!

“Many forces have been keeping an eye on the sword tomb ever since its inception, and now the sword coercion surrounding it is slowly fading. We must quickly take the lead before it completely dissipates.”

“The briefing is over. Let’s start the combat assignment.”

Elder Whitmore turned off the projection behind him, took a sip of water, and continued, “I, the alliance master, Philip, and Mr. Carter Marsden sent by the royal family will form the first team. We’ll be located in the center of the main troops to conduct the battlefield command…”

“The second team…”

Philip did not pay attention to the details but narrowed his eyes at the man sitting opposite him.

He was wearing a tight-fitting silver combat uniform with a metallic luster, looking extraordinary at first glance. His face was quite handsome too.

When he realized that Philip was staring at him, Carter smiled, and his gaze sharpened.

Seeing that the other party had a certain degree of hostility toward him, Philip did not back down and stared back at him with a slight smile in the corner of his eyes.

“This is the end of the combat meeting. Everyone will gather in the central square this afternoon. Bring your equipment along, and the consumables will be provided by the alliance.”

Elder Whitmore placed his hands on the table and said to everyone.

Everyone quickly left, except for the four members of the first team.

“I’m tired.” Elder Whitmore was first to break the awkward silence.

Claire looked back and forth between Philip and Carter, who were staring daggers at each other.

She whispered, “Are you going to fight it out?”

Hearing Claire’s nonchalance, Philip rolled his eyes at her and said, “I’m not interested in fighting a boy toy.”

Carter slapped the table and stood up while shouting, “Who are you talking about, you low-class citizen?! Claire and I are childhood sweethearts. If you dare harbor any thoughts about her, I’ll skin you alive and break every bone in your body!”

“Oh? What thoughts should I harbor about her?” Philip propped his chin on his fists and said with a cheeky smile.

Next to him, Claire went red as she called Philip a creep under her breath.

“You! How dare you?!”

Seven rays of light glowed behind Carter’s body.

A seven-star talent!

His aura was stronger than any seven-star practitioners Philip had ever met before. It seemed that he was not easy to deal with, so Philip’s gaze became serious.

“Don’t fight here. I have to pay for the repairs if the meeting room is destroyed!”

As he spoke, Elder Whitmore held back the red-eyed Carter.

Carter was furious at being held back. He flung his hands, opened the door, and marched out.

“So that’s your little boyfriend?” Philip tilted his head and asked the flushed Claire with a smile.

Claire hurriedly waved her hands and said, “He and I were just playmates when we were young. ”

Seeing the good relationship between the two in just a couple of days, Elder Whitmore laughed and said, “Let’s go to the cafeteria. Lunch should be ready.”

The three walked out of the meeting room.

Philip suddenly thought of something and said to Claire next to him, “Are you the alliance master of Montana Alliance?”

“What? Don’t I look the part?” Claire pouted.

Looking at Claire, who had just come of age, Philip replied with a face full of disbelief, “Yeah, definitely not.”

Claire slowed down and became depressed.

Her voice also became lower as she said, “My father was the previous alliance master of Montana Alliance, but not long after its establishment, he died on the battlefield.”

Philip was startled and said, “I’m sorry to have reminded you of something sad.”

“It’s okay. I heard from the others that my father was a very hardworking and imposing alliance master during his time, and his every action could inspire everyone. I want to lead Montana Alliance like that too!”

Claire wiped her tears, and her gaze seemed more determined as she looked at the busy members of Montana Alliance around.

“The previous alliance master entrusted her to me before he died and asked me to help her become a qualified alliance master. The alliance master is also working very hard to become stronger, and she can already take charge of many things.”

With a kind smile, Elder Whitmore looked at Claire, who was walking in front, and said to Philip, who was beside him.

After a simple lunch, everyone had just assembled in the square when a surprising figure landed steadily beside Elder Whitmore from a hover car.

What an imposing demeanor and fearsome strength!

Chapter 3330
The newcomer’s face was stoic, and his height was close to two meters tall. He wore a khaki combat uniform with a crest of the ancient dragon royal family as a symbol of his status.

His eyes had nearly no whites as his gaze swept over the audience. Even Elder Whitmore seemed quite surprised by his arrival.

He hurriedly stepped forward and asked, “My lord, why are you here?”

“Why? Am I not welcome?” When this person spoke, everyone felt as if they were trapped in an ice cellar.

“We welcome you, of course.”

Elder Whitmore broke out in a cold sweat and said, “What orders do you have, my lord?”

Except for a few steady people in the crowd, most of the people started whispering among themselves.

“Hasn’t the royal family already sent us someone?”

“This person looks like a member of the Shell family, a true member of the ancient dragon royal family.”

“Really? Do they value us so much?”

The gloomy man coughed and said aloud, “I’m Hardy Shell, here today to go with all of you to the forbidden land and help you in getting the secret treasure.”

Before he finished speaking, everyone lowered their heads and remained silent.

In the middle of the line, Philip asked Claire in puzzlement, “Why is everyone so quiet?”

Claire shushed Philip, pointed to the communicator on her wrist, and signaled Philip to use the communicator to communicate.

Philip: [What’s the matter?]

Claire: [This person is very ruthless. He’s said to be the fangs of the Shell family, and he hates it when others talk about him behind his back.]

Seeing the silent crowd, the person on the stage twitched his mouth slightly and snorted coldly.

He turned to Elder Whitmore and said, “Elder Whitmore, let’s set off after you’re done arranging the teams.”

After that, Elder Whitmore sent a combat record to Hardy Shell, who glanced at it before smiling wickedly.

He pointed to the first team and said to Elder Whitmore, who was making arrangements for the teams to set off, “I’ll join this team.”

Elder Whitmore’s expression darkened, but he dared not make any comment and merely replied, “Sure…”

After all the teams got on hover cars, the first team set off. Even Carter did not look too good.

Philip guessed it was very possible that the royal family already knew of his existence, so they sent someone to capture him. However, as long as they did not send a holy-tier powerhouse along, they could not do anything to him.

Teams of hover cars flew out of the city, one of which Philip was familiar with. It belonged to Starfire Alliance.

Claire said from the side, “This time, all the big and small forces are mobilized.”


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