The First Heir Chapter 3311-3320

Chapter 3311
The few people who just tore the beasts apart with their bare hands looked at Philip with hostile eyes.

At this time, Philip was a prized merit in their eyes.

The captain of Draco Corps added, “Philip, I have to admit that you’re very strong, and I can’t beat you. But the Eight Berserks on the upper floor of the ancient dragon royal family aren’t an existence you can easily deal with either.”

Philip was ready to fight with the Caelum Sword in his hand.

Philip was not only powerful in elemental talents but had also comprehended the rules of swordsmanship and space long ago. Although he did not know the strength of the Eight Berserks or what was so special about them, he felt no fear at all.

At this time, the eight people unleashed their overwhelming aura on Philip.

Since they were called the Eight Berserks, they must have their own unique traits. However, when Philip was about to attack, he heard a distant voice coming from the fortress.

It was a woman’s voice, seemingly chanting in a low voice. The syllables were not clear, but the melody sounded ancient and everlasting.

When the others heard the voice, no one felt anything strange about it. However, Philip’s face suddenly changed when he heard the voice. That was because he was very familiar with this voice, including the tune she was singing.

If Philip remembered correctly, this should be scripture from the world he came from.

At this moment, Philip was even more certain he could find some clues left by his mother in this place.

He flicked a glance at Young Master Cosby and the others before he turned around and dashed into the depths of the fortress.

His speed was beyond anyone’s imagination, and the Eight Berserks chased after him.

They wanted to capture Philip in exchange for credit, but Philip never gave them a chance.

The fortress was full of twists and turns, and the subdued exotic beasts always attacked him when he least expected it.

The Caelum Sword in his hand swung continuously, and the rules of swordsmanship blasted at those beasts one after another.

Philip did not hope to kill them in one blow and just hoped to get to the place where the voice came from as soon as possible.

From time to time, the noises of the Eight Berserks fighting the beasts could be heard from behind him.

Just when Philip was about to find that place, one of the Eight Berserks attacked him from behind.

That person’s wood elemental talent had reached level 3S. Seeing that the group of them could not catch up to Philip, he unleashed his ultimate move.

Wooden stakes emerged from the ground one after another. Many vines were wrapped around the stakes, and they were faster than Philip’s running speed.

Seeing this, Philip’s irritable mood made him angrier.

He was so close to finding the clues left by his mother, but these people kept making things difficult for him.

At the sight of all the wooden stakes and vines across the fortress, Philip finally stopped.

He quickly ran back in the opposite direction, and the Caelum Sword in his hand was suddenly covered in scorching flames.


He lashed out with his sword!

In a flash, all the wooden stakes started burning as Philip lashed out at them. However, the Eight Berserks were delighted!

Their speed was simply no match for Philip.

Now that Philip had turned back, they mustered all their strength to run over to him and shouted angrily at the same time, “Arrogant kid, go to hell!”

Chapter 3312
Their actions simply angered Philip more, but they did not know it. They even thought that Philip was surrendering to them.

Only the wood elemental talent had a different idea.

At first, he thought his attack was a success, but he suddenly realized that Philip’s fire element was like a parasite to his element.

It was draining his strength. Seeing that the others were fast approaching Philip, he wanted to stop his attack. However, suddenly, he felt a sword across his neck.

“How dare someone with a level 3S wood element like you make a fool of yourself in front of me?!”

This was Philip’s voice, and he had no idea how Philip appeared here out of the blue.

Even so, hearing Philip’s remark, he said coldly, “Someone like me with a level 3S wood element managed to stop you, didn’t I?”

Philip sneered.

In the next second, the blade of the Caelum Sword slashed across the man’s body lightly, piercing through his armor and cutting his flesh.

The sharpness of the Caelum Sword was beyond their expectation.

At this time, the man suddenly shouted, “Philip Clarke is here with me!”

Philip was unperturbed. He lashed out with the Caelum Sword again, and blood gushed instantly. He was not afraid of them coming. He could take this opportunity to wipe them out.

At this moment, the rest turned back.

They ran back quickly, but Philip knew the rules of the space. His skills were maybe on par or even better than that space mage.

His sword cut off one head, and Philip promptly left.

Through his comprehension of the power of space rules, he retreated hundreds of meters, leaving behind a headless corpse.

Seeing this, the remaining members of the Eight Berserks could hardly wait to skin Philip alive or crush his bones.

After getting rid of them for the time being, Philip ran to the place the singing came from, but the sound was getting weaker and weaker.

He did not want to miss this opportunity to find the clues to his mother because of these people.

Finally, Philip found the place in the fortress where the sound came from. However, the sound stopped as soon as he entered, and a faint shadow in front of him slowly dissipated.

He knew he had missed this opportunity. At the same time, the rest of the Eight Berserks rushed over, wanting to attack Philip again.

After all, one member had died because of Philip. However, Philip moved, and a scorching sword light glowed in front of him.

Before the two parties fought, Philip suddenly found himself being shrouded by a ray of light that came from behind him.

Without giving anyone a chance to react, Philip was sucked in through the space gate, which then disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Just when he felt the power of the space gate, Philip used that last bit of time to send a message to Panther.

Chapter 3313

Although it was just one word, no one else but Philip could have reacted so quickly at this time.

When Philip finally stood steady, he saw long-awaited sunshine.

This must be the other side of the space gate, a one-way teleportation portal with only one chance to use it.

He realized that this was the same place he had arrived in. This should be the upper floor.

An electronic key appeared out of thin air in his hand, but he did not recognize this key. However, he knew that as long as he inserted the electronic key into his communicator, he would know all the information about the key.

The difference this time was that Philip now had a special pass. Although his appearance was very abrupt and many patrol mechas came forth to question him, they immediately relaxed when Philip showed them his special pass.

After all, people with a special pass had extraordinary identities that patrols like them had no right to question.

Philip looked at his surroundings.

The difference between the upper floor and the lower floor was too great. The middle floor was already much better than the lower floor, but here, the land area of the upper floor alone was much larger than the middle floor. Moreover, looking at the degree of prosperity, the lower floor was no match for it at all.

Although there were quite a few people here, they were clearly well-equipped, and the armor everyone was wearing was not something the people on the lower floor could ever hope to get.

Philip had never even seen this type of armor on the middle or lower floors.

He then tapped the key in his hand and inserted it into his communicator, which displayed that this was the key to a private house.

Following the address given by the communicator, Philip found the house.

To his surprise, however, the house had already been surrounded by people at this time.

Judging by what was happening here, the place did not seem that simple.

Many people crowded around the house, but judging from the situation, two parties were in a confrontation.

One party was a patrolling team with a domineering woman in the forefront. Although the woman did not speak, judging by her expression and the state of the people around her, she was clearly the leader of this confrontation.

The other party was people with relatively simple armor.

“I’ll give you one last chance. Get out of here now and I can spare your lives. Otherwise, even if I want to spare you, Starfire Alliance will never allow it.”

Chapter 3314
“Why? Why make us leave our homes?”

“This place was left to us by the hero back then. Just because Starfire Alliance wants to build a base here, you’re going to chase the descendants of the hero away from here?”

Philip frowned.

He did not know what had happened, but from their conversation, he discerned something.

Starfire Alliance wanted to occupy this land and make them move away. However, he had no idea what the so-called descendants of the hero meant.

In this current situation, he could not go over and ask either.

“What bullsh*t hero are you talking about? If you didn’t have Starfire Alliance to develop various defense systems, you’d have died in the previous turmoil. How dare you speak to me about that useless hero now?!”

The woman spoke without courtesy, and her words aroused fierce disapproval from these people.

“If there was no former hero, how could there be your so-called Starfire Alliance now?”

Questions were thrown out, and the woman scowled angrily.

The patrol team of humans and mechas shouted at those people, “Are you tired of living? How dare you talk to our commander like that?!”

As they shouted, their actions became more excessive.

They began pushing these people. Some even targeted them with their mechas.

Seeing this, Philip stepped forward and said, “Excuse me, I want to go in…”

This sound was so abrupt that no one reacted, including the woman from Starfire Alliance.

The patrol team said to Philip, “Who are you? Don’t you know that this place belongs to Starfire Alliance now? Get lost!”

As the man spoke, he took an electromagnetic gun in his hand and aimed it at Philip.

Philip chuckled and said, “Even Starfire Alliance has no right to chase people away from their homes, right?”

As soon as he finished speaking, someone came over and gently tugged on Philip’s sleeve.

“We’ve been confronting them for many days. Starfire Alliance is too arrogant. Unfortunately, Montana Alliance is too weak and can’t resist Starfire Alliance at all.”

Hearing that, Philip wanted to ask him about this so-called hero.

The woman said at this time, “Since you don’t know what’s good for you, don’t blame me for doing this.”

“Do it…”

At the woman’s command, the patrolling team behind her did not attack anyone but started shooting at the house.

At this time, the role of the cannons and mechas came into full display. To deal with buildings, such destructive equipment was the most efficient.

Chapter 3315
Philip had just received the key, and there might be clues left by his mother hidden in this house, so there was no way he would allow them to destroy it.

He quickly used his earth element to build an earth wall right in front of the house. Although this method blocked Starfire Alliance’s attack, it also angered that woman.

“I really didn’t expect that someone from Montana Alliance would dare to oppose Starfire Alliance. In that case, I don’t have to hold back anymore!”

After saying this, she was about to rush toward Philip.

He felt a strong fluctuation of the water element from her.

Several water jets gushed out next to the woman like water dragons and pierced through the earth wall. They circled around and swirled toward Philip.

Seeing this, Philip’s face turned cold. He could see that this woman went all out with this move.

He decided not to hold back either. In that case, everyone would go all out!

Water dragons also appeared beside Philip, swirling toward that woman.

Philip also moved constantly, jumping on the dragons formed by water jets and rushing toward the woman.

A collision happened at this time, but to Philip’s surprise, the other party was also a level 5S elemental talent. He had never encountered such a situation on the middle and lower floors before.

“Starfire Alliance is pretty overbearing to fight with our people on our land!” Suddenly, an elderly voice was heard, and Philip saw an old man standing in front of him.

His appearance was definitely not unintentional. He completely blocked the attacks of the two.

Unknowingly, both attacks were neutralized.

The woman restrained herself upon seeing that old man and said, “Since Elder Whitmore of the Montana Alliance, you’ve arrived. Let’s talk about this.”

Philip knew that this was not the time for him to say anything, so he stepped back immediately. However, the old man just glanced at Philip without speaking.

Then, he turned to the woman and said coldly, “Commander Graham, as the commander of Starfire Alliance, you came to our land and messed with our people. Are you trying to trigger a war between Starfire Alliance and Montana Alliance?”

At this time, the woman lowered her head and operated her communicator.

A virtual document appeared in front of everyone.

“This is the approval document given to us by the ancient dragon royal family. This place is no longer your territory. It has been assigned to Starfire Alliance.”

The old man glanced at the document and frowned.

This document could not be forged, so it must be an order given by the ancient dragon royal family.

“Elder Whitmore, since you’re here today, I’ll give your people three more days on your account. If you still refuse to move after three days, don’t blame me for showing no mercy.”

After saying that, the woman left with her people.

Then, Elder Whitmore turned to everyone and said, “Montana Alliance has already arranged new accommodation for you. At this point, there’s nothing we can do about it, so I hope all of you can give this place up.”

Everyone lowered their heads at this. They were unwilling to leave, but they had no other choice.

Elder Whitmore turned to Philip and asked, “I don’t remember someone like you in Montana Alliance. Where did you come from?”

All eyes turned to Philip. They thought that Philip was one of them, but that was not the case.

Chapter 3316
Philip knew that since the other party could say that in front of everyone without hesitation, it meant he had noticed something special about Philip.

Philip replied blandly, “I never said that I was a member of Montana Alliance.”

Hearing that, everyone looked at Philip warily because the only other people here were those from Starfire Alliance.

Philip looked at Elder Whitmore. He could not explain himself either.

Elder Whitmore said to Philip, “Then who are you? And why did you come to Montana Alliance?”

Although he spoke the words slowly, his tone was heavy. Obviously, if Philip could not give Elder Whitmore a reasonable explanation, something would happen.

Philip said softly, “I came here from the forbidden abyss through a portal. If my guess is correct, this place should be related to my mother.”

Hearing that, Elder Whitmore’s expression changed. “Did you say your mother?”

Not only Elder Whitmore but the others were also surprised. Everyone was taken aback and looked at Philip in disbelief.

“What did you say? Are you her descendant?”

Almost everyone exclaimed, their eyes a mixture of surprise and doubt.

Elder Whitmore walked up to Philip and asked, “Do you have any proof that you’re her child?”

Philip shook his head at his question. He did not have any proof apart from the key in his hand.

“I only have this clue now.”

While saying that, Philip handed the key in his hand to Elder Whitmore.

The latter reached out for the key and observed it carefully.

“Although I can’t confirm your identity with just this key, if you’re really related to her, please come with me…”

After saying this, he walked into the house with the key in hand.

Philip followed him inside. The style of this house was antiquated with a combination of architectural features of the original world.

At this sight, Philip immediately decided that even if there were no clues about his mother here, there must be some connection between it and the people from his original world.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Philip finally entered the house. Elder Whitmore had already opened the door with the key in his hand.

As soon as the door was opened, a musty smell wafted over.

Clearly, no one had lived here for a long while. Although it looked tidy, Philip could tell that not only was there no one living here but the door had also not been opened for a while.

Chapter 3317
Looking at the room and furnishings, Philip sighed heavily.

Everything seemed so familiar yet far away.

Philip touched everything one by one. There were many nostalgic things around, such as an old record player.

Philip wiped the player gently and put a record on it. He felt very close to everything here without any sense of unfamiliarity at all, and Elder Whitmore sighed softly at this sight.

“It seems that you have an affinity with this place, but I have to explain some things to you. If you want to gain a foothold on the upper floor, look for me at Montana Alliance.”

After Elder Whitmore finished speaking, he gave Philip a card. Philip looked at the card without speaking and just took it.

Elder Whitmore left and closed the door behind him.

Philip started digging around, trying to find some clues about his mother. However, he only found some traces of daily activities here and no clues at all. Moreover, maybe due to the room being closed off for many years, there was no reference value either.

Philip left the room after the record finished playing.

He had thought it through. If he wanted to get the medicine and find the clues his mother left behind, he had to gain enough influence on the upper floor.

Before this, Panther wanted to take him along to report the situation about the underground mine, but ever since he lost contact with Panther, he had no idea if Panther had even left the forbidden abyss.

With Elder Whitmore of the Montana Alliance around, it was considered an opportunity for Philip.

When Philip walked out, the crowd in front of the house had already dispersed.

Philip found Montana Alliance following the address on the card.

This territory that belonged to the ancient dragon royal family was actually divided into countless small forces, such as Montana Alliance and Starfire Alliance. They were small forces divided under the rule of the ancient dragon royal family.

Although Montana Alliance seemed a little weaker than Starfire Alliance, the building that housed Montana Alliance was quite magnificent too.

Philip was stopped by the guards at the door. Before he could say anything, Elder Whitmore walked out. Philip smiled lightly.

Philip practically followed Elder Whitmore right after he left, and not much time passed before Philip found him again.

“I didn’t expect to see you again so soon,” Elder Whitmore raised his eyebrows as he said to Philip.

“To gain a foothold here, I need to find strong support, of course,” Philip did not hide his intentions as he said to Elder Whitmore.

In fact, based on his strength, he did not have to find a backer at all. However, it would be more convenient for him if there was a person who was familiar with the upper floor.

Elder Whitmore said, “Since you’re so straightforward, I’ll cut to the chase too.”

Elder Whitmore led Philip into Montana Alliance’s meeting room.

He said to Philip, “Can you tell me about yourself in more detail now?”

Philip pondered. There was no way he could explain his background in detail, but looking at Elder Whitmore’s aggressive stance, it was clear that Elder Whitmore would not help him if Philip did not tell the truth,

“If I can help you deal with Starfire Alliance, can you not pursue the matter about my identity?”

Chapter 3318
Elder Whitmore’s face darkened.

For a person with an unknown identity to make such a request, he could not help but wonder.

However, Elder Whitmore suddenly changed the subject and said, “Starfire Alliance isn’t a big problem, so you don’t have to worry about it. Why don’t you just stay here at Montana Alliance and get familiar with this place first?”

Elder Whitmore spoke very naturally as if he did not care about Philip’s identity at all. However, Philip knew that the other party clearly doubted his identity and wanted to restrict his movements within Montana Alliance.

Even so, Philip decided to go with the flow. Besides, Philip had to gain a better understanding of the upper floor too, so he was not concerned about this arrangement.

“In that case, I’ll accept your kindness.”

Without further ado, Philip was prepared to stay in Montana Alliance, but Elder Whitmore was obviously worried about Philip and deliberately arranged for someone to keep an eye on him.

“In that case, enter your personal data here.”

As he spoke, Elder Whitmore aimed his communicator at Philip’s.

This was a common method of collecting information.

If one was willing to enter their personal data, it represented absolute trust in the other party. Philip knew about this and did not hesitate at all.

At this time, Elder Whitmore finally learned about what Philip had encountered in the underground city and the changes in his identity.

He also knew about Philip’s connection with Cougar Yorkshire of the underground city. To be precise, Philip was a member of Cougar Squad.

Suddenly, someone walked in. He first glanced hesitantly at Philip, then at Elder Whitmore.

It was clear he had something to say to Elder Whitmore.

Of course, Philip realized it immediately, so he said to Elder Whitmore, “I’ll get myself familiar with this place first. After all, it’s my first time on the upper floor, so I won’t take up any more of your time.”

Surprisingly, Elder Whitmore said to the other party, “It’s okay, Philip isn’t an outsider. Just speak your mind.”

With Elder Whitmore’s permission, although the man still hesitated, he said, “Elder, the people of Starfire Alliance are in a conflict with our people on the borders again, but this time, it’s because of an herb.”

He paused slightly and added, “Because of this, a fight has broken out with some casualties!”

Hearing that, Elder Whitmore frowned and glanced at Philip without speaking.

Philip knew that it was a deliberate attempt to test him.

Since Philip wanted to join Montana Alliance, he had to make some contributions, which was why Elder Whitmore told him to stay and allowed the other party to disclose the situation.

“Why don’t I go and take a look?” Philip said after he glanced at the man and then at Elder Whitmore.

The man looked at Philip doubtfully and said, “Do you know how powerful the people of Starfire Alliance are? Even the top experts on our side can barely maintain a tie with them.”

Chapter 3319
Philip merely smiled.

“I think I can give it a try. If I can deal with them, it won’t be too late to tell them that I’m from Montana Alliance. If not, they won’t know any better. Either way, there’s no harm. What do you think, Elder Whitmore?”

Philip tossed the ball to Elder Whitmore’s court, knowing that Elder Whitmore wanted to take this opportunity to test his skills.

If he was strong enough, the other party would actively recruit him. If not, the other party might even kick him out.

Perhaps out of respect, he would let Philip leave of his own accord.

Philip had realized the other party’s intentions, but he could not care less. It so happened that he would be able to see what the herb was and also get an initial estimate of the strength of these people on the upper floor.

Elder Whitmore narrowed his eyes and said, “In that case, let Philip go with you.”

Hearing that, Philip left the meeting room without hesitation. The messenger who brought the news followed in bewilderment.

Some things did not have to be said explicitly, only a tacit understanding would do.

Philip and Elder Whitmore were obviously in this situation now.

With the messenger’s brief explanation, Philip found out about the scattered layout of all large and small countries and forces within the territory of the ancient dragon royal family.

Montana Alliance could only be regarded as a small force in the country. It was not too powerful.

Such friction would only occur in these small forces, either because of medicine or resources. That was because they had control of very few things, while the strong forces had various businesses under them.

Currently, Montana Alliance had not reached that level yet.

Following the messenger, Philip saw from a distance the forces of the two parties in a conflict. This was an ungoverned area, or rather, it was an area controlled by all the big forces.

Montana Alliance and Starfire Alliance could only come to blows for some medicinal materials at the very edge.

Philip immediately saw the woman from before, Commander Graham, leading Starfire Alliance to attack Montana Alliance. However, the method of fighting surprised Philip because both parties fought with mechas or robots.

No elemental talents were involved.

By right, there should be more elemental talents on the upper floor, so why would they choose to fight this way?

While thinking about it, Philip asked this question aloud.

The messenger beside Philip said, “I’m afraid you don’t know that there’s a rule on the upper floor. If an elemental talent wants to fight, they must go to the life and death arena…”

“And once the fight starts, there’s no way to stop it.”

Hearing that, Philip chuckled. It seemed that he had a way to deal with them already.

Philip jumped up and landed in the middle of the two fighting parties. He used his comprehension of the rules of space to block the attacks of the two parties.

Seeing someone in their way, Commander Graham immediately shouted, “Who dares to interfere in the business of Starfire Alliance?!”

Chapter 3320
Philip grinned at Commander Graham.

“We just parted ways not long ago, but you’ve already forgotten me.”

Philip’s tone sounded a little frivolous as if he was teasing Commander Graham.

How could Commander Graham lose her dignity in front of her subordinates?

“So it’s you, you reckless fool. Get out of the way, or I’ll make you…”

Commander Graham’s face was frosty.

Such friction and probing were not uncommon on the upper floor.

Philip said, “It’s impossible for me to get out of the way, but if you want to have your way with me, I don’t mind.”

If it was just a hint of teasing just now, but it was blatant provocation now.

Hearing that, everyone on Montana Alliance’s side burst into laughter.

Of course, Philip did it on purpose. He was not such a frivolous person but just wanted to infuriate this woman. His purpose was to get Starfire Alliance to fight him in the life-and-death arena.

The woman jumped in fury and ordered all the mechas and robots to aim at Philip.

Philip chuckled. Before the mechas and robots attacked him, his figure flashed several times and destroyed all the mechas and robots.

Sounds of breaking metal coupled could be heard while sparks from burning wires were seen.

Seeing Philip’s quick attack, everyone was taken aback.

“You have the cheek to bring this useless pile of scrap metal out. Aren’t you afraid of being a laughing stock?”

Philip had already shown his strength when he attacked, but under his intentional control, his level was limited to six stars.

This simple remark completely angered the members of Starfire Alliance. They even thought of attacking Philip at this time.

Philip said, “Why don’t we go to the life-and-death arena? The winner gets the herb. No matter how many people you send, it’s fine.”

His words were extremely brazen, and his meaning was obvious. He simply did not take Starfire Alliance seriously at all.

Hearing that, Commander Graham said coldly, “Okay, you’re the one who said that!”

Philip said that because he could see that Montana Alliance was no match for Starfire Alliance, and the herb was already in the other party’s hands.

At the messenger’s signal, the people of Montana Alliance did not raise any objections either. They headed to the life-and-death arena, which was not too far away. To put it bluntly, it was just a ring surrounded by an energy shield.

When Commander Graham walked up to the life and death arena, she said to Philip, “You said just now that we can send as many people as we want, so don’t you regret it.”

Philip merely smiled and walked to the life and death arena.

The people from Starfire Alliance were not to be outdone and said to Commander Graham, “Commander, let me teach this ignorant brat a lesson!”

A young man of average height but with bulging muscles walked up.

Seeing this young man, the people of Starfire Alliance looked at Philip as if they were looking at a dead person.

The strength of this young man was famous among Starfire Alliance. He was able to tear apart mechanical beasts with his bare hands.


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