The First Heir Chapter 3300 – 3310

Chapter 3300
As soon as Panther finished talking, Philip felt as if someone was watching them.

He winked at Panther and pulled out a gun from his pocket. He bought this for self- defense.

In fact, based on Philip’s strength, such external tools had no effect on him.

Apart from the exotic beasts in the abyss, only the hunting team that Panther mentioned could be the one watching them from afar. Thus, Philip quietly took out his gun without any hesitation, turned around, and fired in the direction where he felt someone was staring at him.

In this world, this type of gun did not produce much noise.

After Philip fired, he suddenly heard a whistle.

This sharp whistle seemed to be some kind of signal, and a group of people surrounded him in a flash.

There were seven or eight people equipped with unique equipment that Philip had never seen before and some glinting weapons. Philip immediately knew they were not easy to deal with.

“Look what we found. A hunting party of two?”

One of them held a giant scythe in his hand and joked with Philip and Panther.

“But if you’re a hunting team, your equipment seems a little lacking. You only have guns in hand!” Another person mocked.

At this time, Philip had already put away his sword.

Seeing a big skull logo on these people, Panther grimaced and said, “Everyone, we didn’t mean to get in your way. We’re here on Young Master Cosby’s orders and accidentally attacked you. Please don’t take it to heart.”

Seeing Panther’s attitude, Philip knew that these people must be some ruthless characters. However, Philip remained calm and aloof.

Those people burst out laughing and said, “Who the hell is Young Master Cosby? How dare you use him to intimidate us?”

This was a man holding a dagger. Hearing Panther’s words, he rushed forward and put his dagger across Panther’s neck.

Panther’s armor had already been destroyed by Young Master Cosby. Faced with this speed, he had no way to fight back at all.

Seeing this scene, Philip’s pupils constricted.

If they could strike and kill so easily, this hunting team was really as ruthless as Panther mentioned.

People constantly at death’s door generally did not care about other people’s lives.

At this moment, the man with the dagger said to Panther, “Kneel and beg for mercy, and I’ll let the two of you live!”

Philip frowned. This person was not only ruthless but insulting too. Most importantly, he had no intention of letting Philip and Panther go because Philip had already seen the murderous intent in his eyes.

As Panther was about to kneel, Philip grabbed him.

“You don’t have to kneel. Even if you do, they won’t let us go,” Philip said flatly.

The man with the dagger narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, “Since I’ve given you a way out, but you refuse to cherish it, don’t blame me for doing this!”

After saying this, the dagger in his hand suddenly turned around and slashed across Panther’s neck.

Chapter 3301
To the other guy’s surprise, the dagger in his hand suddenly fell into Philip’s hand.

Seeing this, the others stood on guard and quickly made defensive postures.

“Who the hell are you, kiddo?”

No ordinary person could snatch the dagger from that man’s hand.

The members of this hunting party knew this person’s strength best. With six-star strength plus elemental talents, this guy was considered above average even within their team.

Hence, Philip’s action of snatching his dagger so quietly caught them by surprise.

After toying with the dagger for a while, Philip said, “My friend has already told you very clearly just now that we’re here at Young Master Cosby’s request, so our business shouldn’t interfere with yours. Otherwise, this dagger will be your outcome.”

As Philip spoke, the knife shattered and fell to the ground with a loud clatter.

“Let’s stop wasting our breath and just kill this kid. How dare he speak to us that way?”

The person whose dagger was taken away said harshly to Philip.

As soon as he finished speaking, a burly man stepped out.

He smiled at Philip and said, “We have no intention of messing with you. In that case, let’s agree not to interfere with each other’s business.”

After that, he winked at the other team members and left.

Philip led Panther in another direction, and Panther finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“Mr. Clarke, you saved me again. I really don’t know how to thank you…”

However, Philip quickly made a shushing gesture. “Don’t speak. They haven’t gone far. They’re still following us.”

Hearing that, Panther immediately turned pale with fright. He thought they had escaped the other party’s clutches and did not expect to be followed secretly. Panther was at a loss at Philip’s reminder.

“So what do we do next?”

Philip smiled blandly and said, “Just walk forward. Anyway, we haven’t seen an abyss golden beetle yet.”

Hearing that, Panther had no choice but to follow him forward.

The farther they went, the darker and deeper this place became. There were many caves in the surroundings.

Weird and terrifying sounds echoed from within. Panther felt more frightened, but Philip’s expression remained the same. Even the rhythm of his breathing did not change. Such things did not affect him in any way.

At this time, Panther suddenly felt something soft under his feet. When he looked down, he realized that it was actually a tentacle.

He jumped up with a scream of fear while Philip narrowed his eyes at the tentacle. Immediately after, more tentacles fell from the sky.

Philip looked up and saw a member of the hunting party hanging above his head with a rope.

He was the one who cut off the tentacles of an unknown creature.

“I’ll let you have a taste of this exotic beast from the abyss!”

After saying this, his body was wrapped around with something like a whip. Then, he cut the rope wrapped around him with the scythe in his hand and left the scene.

Chapter 3302
Seeing this, Philip realized what these people did and what their purpose was.

After the member of the hunting party with the scythe left, Philip saw the unknown exotic beast writhing above his head. Before this, it was sprawled above quietly, but because its tentacles were cut off now, it started writhing.

Philip also found that the severed tentacles were slowly growing back.

In the dim environment, a pair of blood-red eyes stared at him and Panther. He quickly realized that they wanted to use the abyssal creature to kill him and Panther.

Philip’s eyes turned cold.

The huge, exotic abyssal beast landed on the ground and swung its tentacles at the surrounding trees, producing muffled echoes. Obviously, this beast viewed Philip and Panther as enemies and targets.

Panther cursed aloud. He did not expect this hunting party to be so despicable.

Although there was no direct conflict between them, they used such underhanded means to deal with Philip and him.

“What do we do now?”

Panther clenched his fists and looked at the exotic abyssal beast warily as he asked Philip.

Philip sighed softly. Judging from the regenerated severed tentacles, this exotic abyssal beast was definitely not easy to deal with.

At the very least, its powerful regenerative ability was very tricky.

Philip looked back at this time. Based on the hunting party’s mindset, they should not be too far away, so Philip immediately made a decision. He was going to lure this exotic abyssal beast to the hunting party.

With that plan in mind, Philip moved quickly, but instead of rushing toward the exotic abyssal beast, he backed away.

Sensing Philip’s movement, Panther followed Philip’s lead without hesitation. However, the beast reacted even faster than them.

Its huge body was very flexible, and its many tentacles made it faster.

Seeing this, Philip’s heart sank, but at this moment, the imprint of the White Marsh royal family on his arm flickered.

Philip immediately sensed something. He knew that this little thing that was in his arm was very interested in the exotic abyssal beast.

Without hesitation, Philip released the little guy from his arm.

The imprint of the White Marsh royal family flickered for a while before a figure appeared in front of Philip and Panther.

It was a docile golden lamb with shiny golden fur all over its body, and it had an arrogant expression.

When the exotic abyssal beast saw the White Marsh, it was obviously a little scared. It howled with fear from the depths of its soul and stopped moving.

The White Marsh bleated like a sheep, and with this cry, Philip clearly felt the exotic beast trembling.

It seemed very fearful of the White Marsh family and dared not move at all.

At this time, the little golden White Marsh took a few steps in the air and jumped on the head of the exotic abyssal beast.

Chapter 3303
As it stomped with its hooves, the beast howled, and the cry of pain spread far away.

The hunting party lurking in the distance was stunned by this sound.

“Boss, this doesn’t sound like a human being. Could they have killed the beast?”

The guy with the scythe was talking to a guy with a saber.

The guy with a saber was the one who spoke to Philip earlier. He was also the captain of this hunting party.

He looked in the direction of the exotic abyssal beast and Philip with a solemn expression.

He said, “I don’t think so. You should know how powerful that tentacle monster is. Not to mention its attack, its regeneration ability alone isn’t something ordinary people can handle.”

Hearing that, the guy with the scythe nodded.

He should be the one who knew this abyssal tentacle monster the best because he almost died under the hands of one before.

The situation was very critical at that time, and it took almost all the strength of the entire team to rescue him from that tentacle monster.

They did not believe that Philip and Panther could deal with this tentacle monster.

No one could have imagined that Philip had a White Marsh with him. Although it was only a small lamb now, it was a member of the royal family, after all. Its majesty could hardly be shaken by the exotic beast.

Soon, everything went quiet in the distance.

The hunting party members looked at each other in bewilderment, having no idea what had happened.

On the other side, Philip’s little golden White Marsh had returned to his arm, turning into the gold imprint of a lamb again.

Panther was completely dumbfounded. In his opinion, Philip was a godlike existence.

The royal White Marsh!

He actually had the mark of the royal White Marsh family on him!

Was he from the royal White Marsh family?

What was he doing in the underground city?

To experience life?

The White Marsh had devoured that tentacle monster, but rather than swallowing it whole, the White Marsh cut its body open, took out its core essence, and transformed it into the energy it needed.

Philip did not quite understand such things. He just looked at the dead tentacle monster in front of him and slowly frowned.

He not only saved some energy by not killing the monster himself, but he also had a better understanding of the forbidden abyss. After all, any random beast in this place was extremely strong, so he could imagine the level of danger.

Philip took out Caelum Sword from his space ring. He had to keep going farther in to look for the clues his mother had left behind. Moreover, there was also the threat of Young Master Cosby.

He had no choice but to find the abyss golden beetle in exchange for the lives of Leopard and the others.

Nonetheless, the hunting party on his tail was really a nuisance.

Chapter 3304
With Caelum Sword clenched tightly in his hand, Philip walked deeper into the depths of the forest.

He would leave a little something for the hunting party. After all, he had to return the favor.

Philip already had a plan in mind. With the carcass of the exotic beast here, the hunting party was sure to check on the outcome. However, Philip and Panther were definitely not as familiar with the forbidden abyss compared to that hunting party.

He could only wait for the opportunity to take revenge. After all, Philip did not think that they were here just to mess with Panther and him.

Although it was a bit dim here, Philip could still see the path, albeit vaguely.

He continued to walk forward one step at a time.

Without the interference of the hunting party, Philip and Panther did not encounter any beasts, merely a few random insects and such.

Philip found this a little odd. They had already reached the depths of the forbidden abyss, so it was impossible for them not to bump into any beasts.

Panther also seemed to have noticed something was wrong and said to Philip, “Do you notice something wrong around us?”

As he spoke, he looked around as if trying to see what was wrong.

Not far away, he spotted a wall with black stones that looked translucent.

He stroked the black stones. The stone wall stretched far away, and more and more black stones were found.

Seeing this, Philip said, “You’d better not touch those black stones.”

Panther turned his head and said, “Why? Did you notice something special?”

Philip did not speak but pried off a stone with the Caelum Sword in his hand.

The moment the black stone fell to the ground, it turned into a faint blue light and started burning.

At this sight, Panther dared not speak or move.

Philip said, “These black stones contain special energy. If you’re not careful, you might get burned to death.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a voice behind him.

“I didn’t expect you to be so clever, and you’re quite lucky to find this place too.”

Philip immediately recognized the owner of this voice.

It was none other than the guy with the scythe from the hunting party. This time, he was alone.

Philip merely narrowed his eyes at him, having no idea what he meant by that remark. However, that guy seemed to understand some of the peculiarities here.

Philip asked, “It doesn‘t matter whether we’re lucky or not, but if you’re here alone, I can only tell you that your luck isn’t very good.”

The man sneered and gripped the scythe in his hand.

“Are you threatening me? Do you know where this place is? If you dare to fight here, the stone wall will explode in an instant. Do you want everyone to die here?”

Chapter 3305
The man seemed confident when he spoke. After hearing his words, Philip frowned, while Panther looked surprised and uncertain.

Although the man’s words might not be completely true, Panther saw with his own eyes how the stone had turned into a blue flame when Philip knocked it down.

Philip sneered and said, “Everyone will die? That’s too good for you.”

He snorted coldly and approached the man with a scythe.

Seeing this, the man with a scythe started feeling a little scared. He was not afraid of Philip but feared setting off that chain explosion he spoke about. If they really fought here, they would die without their bodies intact.

Philip forced him into a corner.

Suddenly, the scythe in the man’s hand began to change. He shook it lightly and a huge blade appeared. It was just like the Grim Reaper’s scythe.

“I’m warning you, kiddo. If you really trigger an explosion, none of us can leave here alive.”

Philip narrowed his eyes and chuckled. He did not stop but continued walking toward the man.

“If you don’t want me to fight with you, tell me where this place is.”

Seeing the other party’s hesitance, Philip shook his sword lightly and pierced it through a stone, turning it into a blue flame.

This also triggered some changes to the other stones on the wall.

Seeing this scene, the man shouted, “You must be crazy!”

Philip blocked the scythe with Caelum Sword.

“Forget calling your team members here. Compared with your life, I believe they’ll find their own more important.”

Hearing that, the man with the scythe finally stopped shouting.

“Tell me what exactly this place is…”

The man replied, “This is Abyss Lair, and these stones are actually the original forms of those exotic abyssal beasts, but they haven’t hatched yet.”

Philip frowned. This never occurred to him.

These exotic abyssal beasts were really strange, hatching from stones.

While the man told Philip about the forbidden abyss and the situation here, his hands moved imperceptibly all throughout.

Some dark red powder floated out of his hands, which fell on the stones and started corroding them.

When more and more stones were corroded, he jumped away from Philip and said loudly, “I’ve wasted so much time with you here, but you still dare to threaten me. I’ll let you have a taste of my methods!”

After he finished speaking, he jumped away.

Philip did not look back but chased after him.

With just a slight swipe of the tip of his sword, he smashed the scythe in the man’s hand.

The man never thought that Philip would charge at him at this moment, which was simply a reckless move. However, Philip did not care at all because he was aware of the other party’s tricks.

Chapter 3306
Philip was already on guard and knew the man must be trying to lure an exotic beast over.

Philip’s counter-attack came so fast that the member of the hunting party had no time to react at all.

He pressed his sword blade across the other party’s neck.

“Are you thinking of doing the same old trick by drawing a beast here?” Philip asked.

The guy wanted to say something at first, but seeing that Philip had seen through his trick, he had no way to hide it now. Even so, he was unwilling to give up.

After being a member of the hunting party in the forbidden abyss for so long, it was impossible for him to walk around here freely if he had no means at all.

“Don’t think that you can threaten me. You have no idea what I just did. At worst, we’ll die here together.”

Philip merely sneered. No matter what the man did, Philip was not afraid.

At this moment, Panther pulled Philip’s sleeve with a terrified expression.

He said in a trembling voice, “Philip, look at what’s behind us.”

Philip did not react. The golden lamb imprint on his arm started to flicker again but did not come out. He did not have to look behind at the exotic beast to know that it must be motionless now.

Panther was surprised.

Philip looked at the other guy and asked, “Do you still think you can die with me?”

The person from the hunting party was full of disbelief. He had no idea how Philip did it.

He raised his hands high above his head and said, “Please let me go. I just joined the hunting party not long ago. I don’t want to die yet!”

There was no way Philip would let him go because he was the one who made the first move to kill Philip and Panther. Even so, Philip decided to change the tactic and let him live a little longer.

Meanwhile, the other members of the hunting party had gathered together.

When the man with the scythe shouted loudly just now, everyone heard him.

“Boss, Old Siete’s voice should be coming from the direction of the devouring beast.”

The guy with the big saber from earlier simply listened to his subordinate without moving.

As the captain of the hunting party, he gave all the orders.

“Based on Old Siete’s speed and reflexes, he shouldn’t have gotten discovered by the devouring beast. But things seem a little different this time…”

The captain narrowed his eyes and looked in the direction of the devouring beast.

“The devouring beast is very sensitive to its surroundings, so Old Siete must be trying to lure it out by talking so loudly. Does it mean that he’s in danger now and wants to take the risk and perish with the enemy?”

Chapter 3307
At this time, a woman walked out. Her face was stern with murderous air.

Hearing her words, the boss nodded and said, “I’m afraid he’s in trouble.”

“Let’s see what’s happening.”

The group of six headed in the direction of the devouring beast, but when they arrived, they discovered something astounding.

The devouring beast was out of its lair, its round body covered with purple lines. Its jaws were wide open, and Old Siete was hanging right in front of it.

Seeing this scene, the six members of the hunting party were dumbfounded. However, no one dared to make a sound for fear of harming Old Siete.

The boss of the hunting party looked grave.

He could tell that Old Siete was deliberately hung in front of the devouring beast, and someone with such strength was not a person they could deal with. After all, few people could tame the devouring beast.

Although the devouring beast seemed to have no other powerful features except for its mouth, everyone in the hunting party knew that its round body, which looked harmless to humans and animals, was not only strong in defense but also poisonous.

Even if they attacked as a group, it was impossible to fight against this devouring beast.

Thus, they always went around the beast, which fortunately did not move fast.

“Hello, everyone. We meet again.”

Philip stood on top of the devouring beast, looking at the hunting party with a smile.

This surprised everyone. No one expected Philip to be so powerful to fight against the devouring beast and even make it obey him.

The captain of the hunting party took a step forward and asked Philip, “What exactly do you want?”

Philip said to him smilingly, “Before this, you wanted to use that tentacle monster to deal with my friend and I. I’m just returning the favor now.”

Hearing that, the hunting party members took out their weapons and got ready to fight.

As soon as their boss gave the order, they would strike without hesitation. However, their boss kept quiet.

He knew that things could not be resolved now, but since Philip had not taken action against Old Seite, there must be room for negotiation.

“Tell me what you want before you’re willing to let Old Seite go.”

Hearing that, Philip jumped off the devouring beast, which was more than five meters tall, and made a loud thud upon landing.

“You’re a sensible person. My request is simple. It’s just for you to bring me an abyss golden beetle. You do that and I’ll consider letting you go.”

The captain was startled for a moment. He had no idea why Philip wanted an abyss golden beetle, but he knew that the area where the beetle was located was extremely difficult to enter.

If they went there recklessly to catch it, one bad move could destroy them all.

Chapter 3308
“You probably don’t know that the abyss golden Beetles live in the depths of this forbidden abyss, a place where even our hunting party dare not enter.”

Philip snorted coldly and said, “Do you think you have a choice?”

Philip spoke to the captain bluntly.

No matter what the captain was up to or how dangerous he thought that place was, Philip would not give him the right to refuse.

Of course, if they did not care about Old Siete’s life, everything would be naught.

“This is no joking matter. The danger there is beyond your imagination, and you can only find the abyss golden beetles after entering the forbidden fortress.”

Hearing that, Philip felt that he had to go there.

Since there was a forbidden fortress here, someone must have been there before, and his mother’s clues might be hidden inside.

Philip said, “You don’t have anything to consider. I want you to take the risk, and I’ll be going with you too.”

Hearing that, the captain of the hunting party realized that something must have attracted Philip for him to appear here and want to enter the forbidden fortress in the depths.

His mind started racing again.

A person who could control the devouring beast in the abyss must be quite powerful, and whatever it was in the depths of the abyss, it was good enough to attract Philip’s attention.

The objective of their hunting party was to go to places that others dared not go and seek a livelihood, including better practice resources and special treasures.

A hint of eagerness filled his eyes.

“Okay, since you said so, we’ll go with you, but Old Siete…”

While talking, he looked at Old Siete who was still hung by the devouring beast’s mouth.

Philip turned to Panther and said, “Keep watch here. You can let him go when I return.”

The other members of the hunting party had a mind of their own too. From the captain’s words, they caught a hint of interest, so they did not refuse but got ready to follow the captain into the depths to take a look.

“After you, then,” Philip said to the captain.

The captain gave an order, and the group of seven walked toward the depths of the abyss.

Along the way, Philip did not speak to them but followed them from afar.

Since there were free guides and labor, it would be a waste not to make use of them.

Although they encountered some small obstacles along the way with some unknown exotic abyssal beasts rushing out to attack them all the time, they quickly got rid of them each time.

The group stopped in front of a dilapidated fortress.

Chapter 3309
Philip felt quite emotional at the sight of this fortress because the style was similar to the fortresses in his original world. However, it looked very old and dilapidated now.

Only a small section still retained its complete shape.

“We’ve reached the deepest part of the forbidden abyss now. Once we pass through this fortress, we’ll have completely entered the abyss. It’s a passage connecting us to another world, but I don’t think we can use it anymore.”

Hearing the captain’s explanation, Philip simply nodded.

In this place, he could sense a different atmosphere.

That should be the abyss passage connected to another world mentioned by the captain.

Before they entered this huge fortress, Philip had already sensed from the outside that there should be many powerful exotic abyssal beasts inside.

In a flash, he discovered many things inside that constantly sent out danger signals.

The hunting party did not seem to receive the signals, but Philip could clearly feel them.

Without a doubt, this place had been abandoned for a long time and had long been occupied by these exotic abyssal beasts.

Now, Philip’s goal was not just to get an abyss golden beetle.

He wanted to enter the fortress and find the clues that his mother might have left behind.

When he got closer to the fortress, he noticed something unusual. There were traces of battles here. Through these traces, he judged that only people from his original world could use such fighting styles.

He wondered if anyone was still alive.

It was possible they had just integrated into a new life and had a new identity in this land of the other shore.

Suddenly, a member of the hunting party shouted, “Watch out, everyone! Something is heading our way!”

Philip jolted back to his senses. At this moment, he saw some lizard-like creatures walking upright like humans approaching them from a distance.

They wore armor and had weapons in their hands. Obviously, they were not humans.

The members of the hunting party looked terrified, and Philip knew that they must have encountered powerful opponents.

Without waiting for their reminder, Philip dodged from afar.

The members of the hunting party could not escape even if they wanted to. The lizard men were too fast and attacked without warning.

Seeing this scene, Philip frowned because he realized that the hunting party was no match for these lizard men at all. However, he made no move to save them.

While they attracted the attention of those lizard men, Philip walked toward the fortress.

Seeing that Philip was about to walk to the fortress, the captain promptly ordered, “Rush over there!”

They ran while fighting and quickly led the lizard men to Philip!

Chapter 3310
At this moment, everyone from the hunting party followed Philip and rushed into the fortress.

Those lizard men gave chase. However, they obviously seemed more frantic now as if they were afraid that Philip and the others would enter the fortress.

Seeing this, the hunting party ran faster.

Suddenly, a space gate appeared in the sky.

Philip narrowed his eyes slightly upon seeing this gate.

The captain of the hunting party shouted, “Is there a space mage around?”

The so-called space mage was a special profession in the land of the other shore.

Space mages were proficient in space magic and powerful practitioners of elemental talents. Almost every space mage was the prime target other forces vied for.

As the captain spoke, several people walked out of the space gate.

Philip recognized them immediately.

One was Young Master Cosby, while the other one was the captain of Draco Corps, but he had no idea why they were together.

Philip halted. Upon seeing those people appearing in front of them, the lizard men charged toward them, but they were torn to pieces by a few burly guys with their bare hands.

Young Master Cosby also saw Philip and laughed aloud.

He said, “I wanted you to die here, but I didn’t expect you to find this fortress by accident. Well, in that case, I’ll let you see more before you die!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the captain of Draco Corps said, “Young Master Cosby, I’m afraid you don’t know that this Philip Clarke in front of us belongs to the White Marsh royal family…”

Hearing that, the look in Young Master Cosby’s eyes changed abruptly.

What did it mean to find someone from the White Marsh royal family in the territory of the ancient dragon royal family?

Regardless of whether Philip was a spy sent by the White Marsh royal family, as far as the rules within the several royal families were concerned, sneaking into the territory of the ancient dragon royal family was an act of provocation.

If Philip was captured alive, it would be a great achievement no matter what Philip’s purpose was.

“Oh, Philip, I really didn’t expect you to be a member of the White Marsh royal family. In that case, I think you should know what you’ll be facing next!”

Due to the appearance of these people, this forbidden place became much quieter, and the exotic beasts dared not make a sound either.

The sole reason was that the people brought by Young Master Cosby and Draco Corps were too powerful. Moreover, all of them released their aura with no intention of hiding it at all.

“Everyone, you have a mission of great merit in front of you right now, so I don’t think I need to say anymore,” Young Master Cosby said to the people around him.


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