The First Heir Chapter 3296 – 3299

Chapter 3296
As the sword in Philip’s hand flashed, the black substance on the beetle dispersed. A crack also appeared on the beetle’s body. It was caused by this sword light.

Panther was extremely shocked, hardly believing his eyes. However, it did happen in front of his eyes.

The abyss golden beetle being injured by Philip’s sword not only caught Panther by surprise but also the host of the coliseum and the real boss.

This was an abyss golden beetle from the forbidden abyss. These beetles were said to be invincible in defense and were also one of the rarest top contenders of the coliseum. However, the beetle’s defense was so easily broken by a sword.

It injured the beetle with seemingly just one strike.

Seeing the sword’s success, Philip charged at the beetle again without hesitation.

No one expected the beetle to be so powerless under Philip’s sword. It was almost fragile to a certain extent. However, Philip’s target was not just to kill the abyss golden beetle but to uncover the curtain behind the coliseum that restricted their movement.

As Philip moved, the sword flashed again.

A booming sound was heard in the next second, and the light curtain originally set up to protect the audience shattered.

Seeing this scene, the boss behind the coliseum immediately said to the host, “Let everyone out. You must take the two of them down for me.”

He spent a bomb to build this light curtain back then, but it was destroyed by Philip and Panther in a split second.

The boss of the coliseum would never forget this.

At this time, the body of the abyss golden beetle glowed with a golden light as if it was transforming.

Seeing this, the crowd in the stands shouted in surprise, “Look, the abyss golden beetle has been resurrected. The forbidden abyss must be opened again. With the blessing of the forbidden abyss, this golden beetle can be resurrected infinitely!”


When someone shouted this, everyone started to flee outside. They were excited when they watched others fight, but it was different when it was their turn.

No one wanted to fight with the abyss golden beetle. After all, it was a creature from the forbidden abyss. It was not something they could go against.

As expected of human nature. Once someone ran, others followed.

The blindly-following crowd turned the coliseum into a mess. Philip also took this opportunity to pull Panther up and ran out with the crowd.

Although he was very interested in the terms offered by the coliseum and the two special treasures, he also knew that he had disturbed the hornet’s nest, so it was better to flee at this time.

After the two left the coliseum, Philip asked Panther, “What kind of place is the forbidden abyss? Why are they so terrified of it? They’re even scared of one abyss golden beetle.”

Seeing that the people of the coliseum did not come after them, Panther said to Philip, “The forbidden abyss is a mysterious place. Legend has it that a holy-tier powerhouse from a distant land once entered that golden land.”

Panther swallowed while gasping for breath and continued, “It’s said that the holy-tier powerhouse wiped out all the exotic beasts in the abyss and left something inside.”

‘A holy-tier powerhouse from a distant land?’

Chapter 3297
Philip frowned. “Can you tell me more about that? Where did this holy-tier being come from?”

Panther said, “I heard that the place is called the Land of the Sinned Blood. Of course, some people also say that the people in that place created the Starfall Continent, or rather, all the people here emigrated from that place.”

Hearing that, Philip realized that Panther was talking about his original world!

Someone came from that place to the land of the shore and was a holy-tier being!

A powerhouse of the other shore!

Was it possible that this holy-tier being was Philip’s mother?

With that thought in mind, Philip also became a little curious about the so-called forbidden abyss. Although rumors could not be fully trusted, there must be some reason for them.

“Do you know where the forbidden abyss is?” Philip asked Panther.

Hearing Philip’s question, Panther’s face immediately changed.

He said, “Boss, don’t tell me you want to go to the forbidden abyss… You are not going to there, right?”

Without looking at Panther’s expression, Philip said, “Why not take a look? Maybe I can find something good there…”

He did not tell Panther that he actually wanted to find clues about his mother. After all, to the people of this world, his identity could be considered shocking. It would definitely invite more and more new problems for him in this world.

As the two walked and talked, someone suddenly stood in their way.

It was a young man with a sinister look.

He walked up to Philip slowly and said with a smile, “Are you the guy who destroyed my coliseum?”

Hearing his question, Philip and Panther stopped walking. Both of them looked at the young man in front of them and knew he was hostile. After all, someone who could operate the coliseum on the middle floor must not be a simple character. However, they did not know that the other party did not just have an extraordinary identity.

“Your name is Philip Clarke, right? You were the one who killed Mr. Cusack some time ago. Am I correct?”

The young man seemed to be talking casually, but Philip felt his heart drop.

That guy knew his details as if he could see previous events before parts of his coliseum came to be ruin. However, the young man seemed unconcerned.

He looked at Philip and said, “By right, since you’re from the lower floor, I shouldn’t make things difficult for you. But you were foolish enough to make trouble in my coliseum, so we need to settle this score…”

While speaking, he signaled to his underling to come over. It took a few of minutes when finally his face showed a cunning smile.

Philip saw Leopard and the others on the other party’s communicator screen.

“What do you mean by this?” Philip asked that person coldly.

He did not expect his teammates on the lower floor to be captured by this guy so quickly right after the coliseum had just been wrecked. However, right after he said this, Philip realized something.

Chapter 3298
Since the other party could find his teammates so precisely, he must have planned to deal with him long ago.

Philip promptly figured it out. After he dealt with Mr. Cusack, he must have been targeted by various forces on the middle floor.

“My meaning is very simple. Since you killed my abyss golden beetle in the coliseum, you can go to the forbidden abyss and catch another one for me.”

Although the young man said so, Philip knew that if he did not obey his wishes, Leopard and the others would be harmed.

At this time, Panther said loudly, “The forbidden abyss has been activated, and the abyss golden beetle has been resurrected, so why should we catch another one for you?”

A sneer appeared on the young man’s face. “Well said.”

His underling walked up to Panther and abruptly punched him in the stomach.

This punch destroyed the armor on Panther’s body and made him curl up like a shrimp. However, that guy was not about to stop there and raised his fist to attack Panther for the second time.

As he was about to make a move, his hand was grabbed by another powerful hand.

“Tell me the location of the forbidden abyss,” Philip said coldly.

The young man smothered his smile and stared at Philip seriously.

Their confrontation had already begun when Philip grabbed his hand. Although others did not notice it, the two knew that at that moment, the young man had unleashed his strongest fighting power. Even so, Philip was unmoved.

Philip’s hand was like an iron vice.

“Don’t go too far, or I don’t mind going all out,” Philip looked at him coldly, not caring at all how strong his fighting power was.

“Fine, go with my man and he’ll take you to the forbidden abyss.”

Philip finally let go, and the young man breathed a sigh of relief.

Philip’s action was well-measured. He did not push the young man too far, which was also another level of protection for his teammates and Panther.

Although the young man looked sullen, he really could not find the opportunity to make things difficult. He asked his underling to take Philip to the forbidden abyss.

After Philip and Panther left, he looked at their backs and said coldly, “Philip Clarke, huh? How dare you make an enemy out of me? Just you wait. I have the final say on this middle floor.”

Philip and Panther followed the young man’s underling and did not speak much along the way.

At this time, Philip asked Panther through the communicator if he knew who this young man was.

Panther was not sure either and replied through the communicator: [I heard that there’s a Young Master Cosby on the middle floor with great power and influence. Although I’m not sure, it should be him.]

Philip nodded. The forbidden abyss was actually more attractive than the upper floor. After all, there might be clues left by his mother there, so he was eager to find them.

They did not go far before Philip saw a stone forest.

The shapes of these stones were weird, and the place was obviously unpopulated with no one in sight.

Chapter 3299
Of course, Philip and Panther saw this through the exit of the underground city. The middle floor also had other exits that did not just lead to the lower floor.

At this time, the man said to the two, “This is the forbidden abyss. You can go in now.”

After speaking, he was about to push them inside without waiting for them to react.

However, Philip glared at him and said, “Since I promised your young master, I’ll naturally do my part. You don’t have to treat us like this.”

While speaking, Philip observed this man’s expression.

He wanted to make sure that the person who made things difficult for them was Young Master Cosby.

Looking at the calm expression on this person’s face, Philip confirmed it. After all, problems had to be solved at the root. Philip had to take revenge on anyone who dared to lay a hand on his teammates.

So what if Young Master Cosby was the strongest force on the middle floor?

Philip walked out with Panther.

It was the so-called the forbidden abyss, but Philip and Panther did not see any abyss.

They slowly made their way forward.

These strange stones seemed to be conveying some kind of signal with a special meaning, but Philip could not figure it out.

As they went farther inside, the soil under their feet began to change from soft earth to rock hard. It even produced a clinking sound when they stepped on the soil.

Before they had gone far, Philip suddenly heard a gunshot. He frowned.

Was there anyone else here besides him and Panther?

Panther’s expression changed drastically too.

“Mr. Clarke, let’s hide. They must be hunters…”

They hid behind a stone before Panther explained to Philip that these hunters were here to hunt the creatures of the abyss. It was rumored that these creatures had a special substance that could enhance human strength.

Hunting and killing a high-level abyssal creature would likely increase a person’s strength by one level.

A hunting team here meant that all of them must be at a certain level.

Hearing Panther’s explanation, Philip was even more surprised. If that were the case, it would be easy to catch an abyss golden beetle per Young Master Cosby’s request if Philip and Panther joined a hunting team.

It was not impossible to pay some star dollars for it either.

However, seeing the expression on Philip’s face, Panther explained to Philip, “All of them are ruthless killers. If they find us here, we’ll definitely be killed and robbed by them.”


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