The First Heir Chapter 3291 – 3295

Chapter 3291
However, they were different when they were fighting Panther. They were all real attacks.

Nonetheless, those attacks were well-measured. They were only meant to tire him out, not kill.

Figuring out their intention, Philip no longer held any expectations for this coliseum. After all, many things were arranged by the coliseum. Even if someone succeeded in the challenge, it was most likely someone from the coliseum.

They just wanted to garner attention and attract people to place bets.

Of course, Panther would not gain the upper hand in such an unfair battle and soon ran out of breath. However, Philip knew Panther would not come to any harm.

Since his life was not in danger, Philip did not need to help Panther.

If Panther really fought the alpine beast, that was the time for Philip to make an appearance. After all, Panther was his escort. He had not seen the upper floor yet. He did not even know where the passage was, so he would not let Panther die just like that.

Panther was already sweating by now. Obviously, he was not in good shape. If he continued to fight like this, he would be exhausted soon.

At this time, the other challengers ignored him and turned to attack each other.

A few moments later, all of them pretended to be hurt and fell to the ground. Only Panther was left standing.

The host said, “Well done, congratulations to this warrior for gaining the right to challenge the alpine beast.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the other challengers were taken away.

Philip got up and slowly walked to the registration counter.

If he needed a legitimate way to enter the battle, he just had to sign up. However, under such circumstances, Philip guessed that the other party would not let him sign up.

After all, the betting handicap was already out. If he entered halfway through, others would think it was shady and unfair. However, Philip wanted to expose their shady and underhanded operations today.

When Philip finally walked to the registration counter, the person in charge of the registration looked at Philip in surprise and said, “Sir, may I help you?”

Philip pointed to Panther in the stands. “I want to enter the challenge too.”

Hearing that, the man smiled.

“If you want to enter the challenge, you can wait until the last round of the challenge is over before registering. After all, he has already gone through the fight with the other challengers, so it’d be unfair for you to go up like this.”

Philip said, “Why is it unfair? The few of them worked together to tire my friend out, leaving him no time to rest before challenging the alpine beast. By doing this, you might as well just tell everyone that you’re here to cheat their money.”

The man immediately scowled upon hearing Philip’s words. He did not expect Philip to see through their scheme at a glance. However, they could never admit it because once they did, it would be tantamount to telling everyone that everything was a lie and all of them were in cahoots.

Hence, the man decided not to tell the truth no matter what.

He said, “Sir, I have to warn you to take responsibility for your words. If you say that, I have the right to get the coliseum guards to escort you out.”

Philip did not know that his action had been discovered by the person in charge of the coliseum, and he was now staring at Philip closely.

With a wink at the host, the host said loudly, “Excuse me, everyone, it seems that we have a new challenger joining the fight now. In that case, why don’t we play something more exciting?”

Chapter 3292
Hearing that, Philip knew that someone must be manipulating things behind the scenes. However, he did not reject it. If he wanted to save Panther, he had to follow their rules. If he followed the rules and succeeded in the end, the other party would have nothing to say.

Thinking of this, Philip walked to the stage.

Seeing this, the host immediately changed his tone. “Okay, it seems that this challenger is ready. Why don’t we have a two-person challenge today? And these two challengers will challenge two alpine beasts!”

Everyone cheered, and some even started throwing their jewelry and weapons onto the stage.

Very quickly, under the host’s prompting, almost everyone was madly cheering for Philip and Panther. However, Philip knew that this was the time when the other party was placing a betting handicap for him, and this was when they made the most money. After all, with an additional unknown variable like him, more people would be willing to take a gamble.

As for the coliseum, they were in an invincible position where they could make money without making a loss.

Seeing this situation, they would surely resort to some tricks, such as exchanging some exotic beasts.

Seeing Philip, Panther said, “What? Can’t hold back anymore and want to have some fun too?”

Philip looked at the oblivious Panther and said, “Didn’t you notice that the previous challengers were all sent by the coliseum?”

The rest spoke for themselves!

Panther finally came to his senses. He knew that he had fallen into a trap, and the only thing he could think of now was how to escape from here. Some things seemed simple but were complicated when done. People without certain strengths could not handle such a situation.

Finally, amid loud cheers, everyone started betting frantically, hoping to make a fortune from this highly unpredictable fight.

Of course, they had selfish intentions too. What they really wanted to bet on was for Philip and Panther to escape from the coliseum smoothly.

There was no regret on Panther’s face but a trace of determination.

Philip did not expect that Panther would have such a strong desire to get that level 5S fire elemental equipment.

After the host announced the start, the two steel gates slowly opened, which seemed a little far-fetched because a steel gate could hardly contain these imposing beasts.

“Mr. Clarke, I really didn’t expect that you’d be here too!” Panther felt very touched.

He realized now how ridiculous his earlier thoughts about wanting to get something from the coliseum were.

At this moment, the alpine beasts appeared before their eyes.

This so-called two-person challenge was actually nothing more than an opportunity for the coliseum to trap Philip and Panther here so that they could sit back and reap the benefits.

Panther said to Philip apologetically, “Mr. Philip, don’t worry about me later and just run away by yourself. Don’t get dragged down because of me.”

As soon as he finished speaking, they heard two roars from the beasts. The roars resounded through the sky, making everyone feel at a loss.

The gates slowly closed, and Philip finally saw the so-called alpine beasts.

Chapter 3293
The two great beasts were about the same size-four meters tall. They looked like gorillas that were staring fiercely at Philip and Panther.

Philip patted Panther’s shoulder lightly and said, “Cut the crap and get ready to fight. I don’t want to kick the bucket here.”

As he spoke, flames exploded from Philip’s body. This also attracted the attention of the two alpine beasts.

Seeing the flames on his body, the two alpine beasts glanced at Philip curiously before turning all their attention to him.

They felt no fear of the flames but a surge of interest instead.

Without any hesitation, the two exotic beasts slammed their strong bodies against Philip, who had already released his flames at them.

Not to mention how powerful the alpine beasts were, just this simple action accompanied by the whistling sound was comparable to the strength of a six-star powerhouse. Now, Panther had no chance to make a move at all and could only keep dodging.

Soon, Panther was forced to a corner by the beasts. The alpine beasts, which looked exactly like gorillas, regarded Panther as an obstacle to their goal.

Seeing that Panther had no room to fight back, everyone thought that he would die under the beasts’ paws at any second. However, at this moment, a figure full of flame elements blocked the beasts’ attack.

It was none other than Philip.

He was not used to hiding behind other people’s backs. It was just two exotic beasts, which Philip did not take seriously at all. Moreover, they did not seem very formidable, just stronger compared to some other exotic beasts.

With this thought in mind, Philip’s flame element formed several flame chimeras, which crashed into the two alpine beasts.

The two alpine beasts did not seem interested in dodging the flame chimeras at all, allowing the two to crash into them. Flames sparked on their bodies.

The two attacked Philip and Panther more frantically.


Suddenly, there was a muffled sound followed by a painful howl from an alpine beast.

Watching how the fight going, the spectators cheered loudly. They were happy because they saw a great entertainment as just the show had begun. On the other hand, the host of the coliseum was a little anxious to see the current show.

Chapter 3294
At this time, Philip’s hand transformed, and his sharp chimera claws penetrated the body of the alpine beast.

Following this violent impact, his entire arm went through the body of the beast.

The beast was nearly four meters tall, and Philip had chosen to attack an area that the beast could not reach at all.

The alpine beast kept howling and jumping in anger, and the pain drove it into a state of frenzy. It even raised its fist and punched the other alpine beast beside it.

This time, everyone was dumbfounded at this unexpected situation.

Seeing the two alpine beasts attacking each other, the audience felt their blood boiling again. This was even more exciting than seeing people fighting with the giant beast.

The onlookers started cheering more wildly, throwing their things on the field to vent their excitement.

Philip had achieved his goal at this time. After all, Panther did not seem to be in any danger now as he was no longer a target for the two alpine beasts.

Seeing this scene, the host of the coliseum was unhappy. This was not the result he wanted. This exciting battle was nothing more than a gimmick.

Their real purpose was to make money and compel others to bet irrationally. This result was now disrupted by this stranger.

If he did not step in and control it, this fight would surely be a major loss.

He quickly said to the crowd, “It seems that these two warriors are really strong. In that case, why don’t we double the score?”

He wanted to pin the losses of the two alpine beasts on Philip and Panther.

“Let’s have these two continue to challenge the abyss golden beetle without leaving the coliseum. What does everyone think about it?”

Hearing that name, Panther’s face changed drastically.

“No way, we refuse!” Panther shouted loudly, but no one paid attention to him.

Under the host’s instigation, everyone started to bet on the following challenge.

Philip patted Panther on the shoulder and said, “Forget it, they won’t let us go. We’ve made them suffer losses, so they’ll pin this on us.”

Hearing that, Panther’s face was ashen. He could hardly believe that he was about to face an abyss golden beetle.

“An abyss golden beetle isn’t an ordinary exotic beast. Its defense is simply impossible for anyone to penetrate, unless…”

Hearing what Panther said, Philip knew that Panther must have an understanding of this exotic beast.

He promptly said, “Tell me about this abyss golden beetle.”

Panther nodded and told Philip all the characteristics of an abyss golden beetle.

The so-called abyss golden beetles came from the forbidden abyss. Their bodies were only about two meters long, but they were covered with a layer of special material, making them harder than an alloy.

No one could deal with them, and they were also immune to all elements. Even level-5S elemental practitioners could do nothing to them at all.

Chapter 3295
They could only rely on physical strength or attacks to crush them before they could kill them.

Hearing Panther’s explanation, Philip merely nodded.

At this time, the two alpine beasts were almost dying as they fell to the ground. Their strength was on par, so both parties suffered injuries during a confrontation.

Philip saw the staff taking the two beasts away.

The host turned his attention to Philip and Panther in the arena.

“Two warriors, for your back-to-back challenge, the coliseum will offer two special treasures as your reward. If you can defeat the abyss golden beetle, the fire element equipment and the two special treasures will be yours!”

He never gave Philip and Panther a chance to stop the challenge, nor did he intend to.

Philip’s face turned cold.

Since they refused to let him out, he would fight his way out later.

Thinking of this, a sword appeared in Philip’s hand. However, after special camouflage, this sword had become simple and dull with nothing special about it.

It was none other than Philip’s Caelum Sword.

The host was still boosting the atmosphere at this time, and the betting handicap went on. It would not stop until the abyss golden beetle took to the stage.

The host kept delaying the time just to encourage others to keep betting, trying to earn back the coliseum’s previous losses.

Finally, the abyss golden beetle appeared by breaking out of the ground.

This appearance method alone was enough to make everyone exclaim. After all, anything unknown was shrouded in mystery, which could also excite people more.

The host announced, “Let the following challenge begin!”

At this time, Philip said to the Panther, “Go to the side and take a break. Leave this to me…”

He never retracted his flame element.

Seeing the abyss golden beetle appear, he turned his flames into fire chimeras and attacked the opponent. However, as Panther mentioned, abyss golden beetles were indeed immune to the fire element.

Philip kept adjusting his position, trying to see if he could find a weakness in the beetle from all angles.

Nonetheless, he discovered that every time he attacked with the fire element, an unknown black substance would rise from the beetle’s body, and it was that substance that resisted his elemental attack.

At this time, Philip realized that his elemental attack had no effect at all.

He tightened his hold on Caelum Sword and charged at the beetle under everyone’s incredulous eyes. His movement was so fast that it went beyond everyone’s expectations.

The beetle constantly rubbed its wings, and the unknown black substance slowly spread around.

Philip’s eyes narrowed. He was not just an elemental practitioner. He had also mastered the rules of swordsmanship.

He did not take this beetle seriously at all.

Thinking of this, he made his move. The sword in his hand flashed.


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