The First Heir Chapter 3286 – 3290

Chapter 3286
Philip had no choice but to wait on the spot.

At this time, he also noticed that most of the people who had finished quickly were shaking their heads in frustration. Philip was the only one who was not depressed.

Instead, he looked bewildered. He was waiting for someone to give him a result.

“Buddy, you were so fast!” A man next to him smiled at Philip.

Philip nodded and said to the man, “If I’m not mistaken, I should be the first.”

Hearing that, everyone smiled.

“It seems that we don’t even have the qualifications to enter the virtual battlefield.”

Hearing that, Philip frowned. “Why not? The prompt told me I completed this battle and passed the test.”

The man froze for a moment before he laughed.

“Don’t be ridiculous, buddy. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, you know. Failing the test is no big deal. Just work harder next time and try to persist for a longer time.”

However, before he finished speaking, he saw the staff leading an old man out.

The staff pointed to Philip and said, “That’s the guy… Not only did he not die in the individual battle, but he also completed the so-called protection mission. He said the system prompted him, saying he completed the battle.”

The old man looked grim as he walked up to Philip without a word.

Hearing what the staff member said, the person who comforted Philip just now had an immediate change of expression.

“Buddy, you really passed the test. Are you serious?”

Philip simply smiled. Although he did not speak, he nodded.

At this moment, the so-called elder of the Whittle family, who was none other than the old man in front of him, started sizing Philip up.

“Come with me. We need to talk about your test in detail…”

Having said this, he left with his hands behind his back He had no doubt that Philip would follow. Seeing this, Philip smiled. No matter what, he should have passed this test.

When Philip was about to follow, Young Master Whittle walked out. Seeing Philip out before him, he mocked coldly, “I thought you were very strong, but it seems that I was mistaken.”

Philip ignored him and went after the old man.

Young Master Whittle wanted to say more, but seeing the direction Philip was heading, a look of surprise appeared on his face.

‘That is a special passage for the powerful people. Why is he heading there?’

Chapter 3287
“Ignorant fool, how dare you run around? Your life is mine!”

He kept yelling, but the man who spoke to Philip earlier said to Young Master Whittle, “Young Master Whittle, do you know the guy who cleared the individual battle just now?”

Young Master Whittle snorted coldly and said, “Why would I know that rubbish? Wait a minute… What did you say? He cleared the individual battle?”

Young Master Whittle finally came to his senses during the second half of the sentence.

No one had ever cleared the individual battle before.

What was going on?

He asked the person who spoke just now, but there was no definite answer because that person did not know the details either.

When Philip came into the room with the old man, the old man said, “I hope you don’t let anyone know what happened today. As for the loophole you used, we’ll fix it as soon as possible. As your reward for discovering this loophole, I can personally award you with a certain amount of star dollars. You may leave here today…”

Philip frowned.

Was he trying to drive Philip away and cover up their mistakes?

However, Philip’s purpose was not just to clear this level or earn star dollars but to get a special pass.

He refused the old man’s request and said, “I don’t need star dollars. I just need a special pass.”

Displeasure crossed the old man’s face.

On the middle floor of the Combat Evaluation Guild, only he would talk terms with others, not the other way around.

“I’ll just say it once, either take the star dollars and leave or just get out!”

As this was his territory, he always had the final say here, so he was not afraid of offending someone like Philip at all. After all, he had seen the test results just now. Philip was just an elemental talent with level 2S, and his strength was only five stars.

Hearing that, Philip knew that the old man was playing tough. However, he was not afraid. After all, he had already caused a commotion at the Square Cage once, so he did not mind doing it again.

At this moment, Panther suddenly walked in.

Seeing the old man, he saluted and said politely, “Elder Whittle, our grand commander asked me to show you this…”

While speaking, he flicked his finger on his communicator in the direction of Elder Whittle. Elder Whittle hesitated for a moment before he raised his communicator.

Seeing this scene, Philip frowned slightly. He did not know how Panther got in, but he must have used the connections behind him.

At this time, Elder Whittle’s expression changed rapidly.

He snorted coldly before saying to Panther, “Today’s incident will only happen once. I’ll give him a special pass right now. In the future, don’t come looking for me again.”

While saying this, Elder Whittle took Philip’s hand, but his purpose was the communicator in Philip’s hand. He docked his communicator with Philip’s communicator before operating his communicator for a while.

After that, Philip saw the display on his communicator: [Special identity and special pass have been activated].

Then, Panther pulled Philip outside.

Seeing the two leaving, Elder Whittle snorted coldly and said, “How dare you use the grand commander to pressure me? I’ll get back at you sooner or later.”

With that said, he punched the wall next to him fiercely, leaving a sunken fist mark on the alloy wall.

Chapter 3288
When Philip and Panther walked out again, Panther said to Philip, “Say, boss, you’re simply amazing. It’s just a combat evaluation, but you were able to attract the attention of the great elder of the Whittle family.”

While walking, Philip asked Panther, “Why? Is the status of the great elder very special?”

Panther sighed and said, “It’s not exactly special, but he’s one of the few dual elemental talent practitioners.”

Hearing that, Philip was also surprised. He did not expect this great elder to be a rare and powerful dual elemental talent.

He asked Panther, “Let’ s not talk about him. Can you tell me how you found me?”

Needless to say, the room the great elder brought Philip must be a secret existence.

For Panther to find it, there must be some special reasons. Philip also realized that Cougar Squad did not seem that simple after all.

Linking back to the previous incident where Mr. Cusack deliberately arranged an undercover agent in Cougar Squad, Philip suddenly recalled some unusual events.

By right, Mr. Cusack had done pretty well on the middle floor, so why would he send an undercover agent to the lower floor?

Moreover, the undercover agent was not the strongest force on the lower floor, which emphasized the problem. Cougar’s identity became more mysterious now.

At this time, Philip just wanted to crack these secrets quickly. After all, no one wanted a ticking bomb around, and Philip was in the middle of this ticking bomb right now.

If any accident occurred, who knew what else would happen?

As Philip thought about it, Panther added, “The commander told me before that if I encountered any trouble, I could go directly to the grand commander.”

‘The grand commander?’ Philip glanced at Panther in confusion.

At this time, the two had already walked back to the hotel yesterday, but Philip did not want to go back.

He said to Panther, “Can you bring me around the middle floor? I still don’t know why the middle floor is better than the lower floor.”

Panther accompanied Philip reluctantly. Before he knew Philip’s strength, he would never have accompanied Philip like this. However, everything was different now. When he told the grand commander of Philip’s strength, the grand commander told him that he must get Philip to join the Animal Brigade.

That was right, the Animal Brigade.

Following Philip’s inquiry, Panther told him about their establishment.

This so-called grand commander led the Animal Brigade, under which were several major forces such as Cougar Squad, Eagle Squad, and Claw Squad. They were spread across the lower floor, middle floor, and upper floor.

Hearing Panther’s explanation, Philip realized what a huge organization and terrifying fighting force it was. The person who could command them must have an unusual status.

No wonder even the elder of the Whittle family had to show him respect and let Philip get that special pass.

Since the communication between the three floors was interrupted with no way to communicate through the communicator, the case of the underground mine could only be reported by sending Philip to the upper floor.

Chapter 3289
At the same time, Cougar also wanted to recommend Philip to the grand commander.

At this moment, Panther suddenly saw a beast’s head carved from steel, and his interest was piqued.

“Shall we have some fun at the coliseum?”

‘The coliseum?’ Philip was a little puzzled.

In the original world, the so-called coliseum only existed in ancient times. It was a place where the upper echelons sought entertainment by toying with the lower echelons.

By using financial resources, they let people fight wild beasts. They thought watching the bloody and exciting scenes was good entertainment. It was a form of entertainment that trampled people under their feet.

They often took pleasure in this, but Philip never expected that such a bad habit would exist in this foreign land of the other shore.

Seeing Panther’s excitement, he seemed no stranger to this activity.

“What’s the fun in this?”

Philip did not think there was anything good about this so-called coliseum or saw any value of entertainment in this.

However, Panther said, “You may not be aware, but the poor can get star dollars and even some treasures by fighting those exotic beasts here. This is a rare opportunity to attract some unwanted attention…”

“Although there are casualties, just think about the rewards. There are even some special medicinal materials that can change the body’s constitution.”

Philip became interested when he heard about the special medicinal materials.

Seeing Philip stop walking, Panther smiled, pulled Philip, and walked through the door.

Just as he entered, Philip heard a burst of cheers like a tsunami.

Panther pulled Philip to the stands. At this time, a battle had just ended in the arena. A burly man had taken down a mechanical beast.

Philip was startled at this scene. It never occurred to him that people not only fought with exotic beasts in the place but also mechanical beasts.

Seeing Philip’s surprise, Panther smiled and said, “How about it? Isn’t it shocking? I felt the same when I first came here. If you have enough star dollars, you can also let your mechanical beasts or captive beasts fight with other people, exotic beasts, or mechanical beasts.”

Hearing that, Philip nodded slowly. There were not that many restrictions here.

At this time, the host stepped onto the stage and said, “I’m sure this fight is not enough for everyone, so in order to let everyone enjoy it to the max, the collector of the coliseum will offer a level 5S fire element equipment.”

Level 5S fire element equipment!

“Anyone here who can successfully challenge the alpine beast will get this piece of equipment!”

His voice was very loud and spread throughout the venue.

Cheers broke out again. It was not because these people wanted this piece of equipment but because they were looking forward to the next battle.

To Philip’s surprise, Panther seemed all geared up for the fight.

Chapter 3290
Seeing that, Philip asked, “What are you doing?”

Panther smiled and walked to the registration counter.

“I’ve encountered an alpine beast before, so I want to give it a try.”

Seeing the confident look on his face, Philip did not stop Panther but looked at him as he walked inside. After all, if he won the battle, the reward was a piece of equipment that was level 5S fire elemental.

Other than Panther, many people coveted this equipment too and wanted to give it a try. More people signed up for it.

Seeing them standing in front of the registration counter, Philip found a place in the stand and sat down. He was not interested in the fire elemental equipment but in the medicinal materials and treasures.

He dared not forget his purpose of coming to the Starfall Continent. He was here to save his wife.

While thinking about it, he looked at the few people who were ready at this time.

The host announced, “We seem to have many brave warriors today, but there’s only one alpine beast. Should we let these brave challengers fight one round first?”

Philip frowned upon hearing that.

If these people were really allowed to compete first, they would definitely not be in their best state when fighting against the alpine beast. That meant they would be in danger. However, at this moment, he noticed a few challengers winking at each other.

Seeing this, Philip’s heart jolted.

He suddenly had an inkling that these people were actually arranged by the coliseum. Their main purpose was to exhaust Panther and the others.

If they were not in their best state when fighting the alpine beast, the advantage of doing this was to avoid any losses to the coliseum. Furthermore, the coliseum’s profits had always been inseparable from betting handicaps.

Encouraging people to place bets was their main objective and the way they made money.

After figuring this out, Philip could not help worrying for Panther. It seemed that Panther would suffer today. However, based on Panther’s experience, he could not be oblivious to this. After all, he was not a rookie and should have had several experiences on the middle and upper floors.

At this time, the host made an announcement and the battle in the coliseum began.

Panther and several other challengers stood in a group. Although it looked like they were fighting each other, Philip could tell that those challengers were just faking it. They were not really attacking each other at all.


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