The First Heir Chapter 3285

Chapter 3285
Many people were found in the west, all of them simulated. Their attack methods consisted of elemental talents. These two waves of enemies were rapidly approaching. Even without the electronic notification to remind him, Philip knew that once he was captured by them, his individual fight would definitely be considered a failure.

What should he do?

Philip tried to activate his fire element to attack those elemental talents, but the attack was canceled out by the same elemental talents in their party before it landed on them.

This was quite unusual. With so many elemental talents around, it was impossible that their attack was launched just to counteract his elemental fire attack.

This meant that Philip’s method was wrong. Immediately, Philip launched another attack at the robots and mechanical beasts. Although his attack had an effect, the speed was very slow.

The attack effect was limited. Obviously, this was not the optimal method either.

Suddenly, Philip had a bold idea. ‘Would it be effective if the two parties attack each other instead?’

Philip immediately rushed toward the robots and mechanical beasts, but the difference this time was that his attack was not meant to destroy them. That was because Philip found that every time he attacked them, he could bring them closer to him.

When Philip turned to the side, the robots and mechanical beasts would also run toward him.

At the current speed, it was possible to bring them together. However, Philip felt that this individual battle was a little strange.

Based on this idea, Philip led the robots and mechanical beasts to the elemental talents.

Following the final attack, Philip jumped into the crowd of elemental talents. This time, a weird change came over the elemental talents. They began to attack each other, and the robots and mechanical beasts also joined the melee.

In just five minutes, Philip’s individual fight was over.

His vision promptly went dark. When Philip opened his eyes again, he was already standing at the door of the seventh combat zone.

Seeing that Philip had woken up and was standing at the door with his hand raised in signal, none of the staff reacted. They simply looked at him doubtfully.

“Are you done with your individual combat test so quickly?”

It should be known that the strength of the testers would be weakened during the individual battle so that they could have the determination to fight the middle floor to the end.

No matter who it was, every individual would fight to the death in the end.

This was a lesson to all participants in the combat evaluation to have a spirit of sacrifice and to give up on themselves at critical times.

“Yes, my prompt told me that the test is complete,” Philip said flatly.

Hearing that, everyone was taken aback for a moment.

Then, they found the video of Philip’s individual battle. The more they watched the video, the more shocked they became, and it was to the point that no one knew what to do.

“Is this a loophole?”

“That’s right. After so many tests, we’ve never had this problem.”

“No way. Let’s go to the elder of the Whittle family now and see how he evaluates this case.”

Originally, whoever persisted longer in this test would get a better result, but because of Philip, everything changed.


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