The First Heir Chapter 3284

Chapter 3284
In the Combat Evaluation Guild, Philip left the testing platform according to that person’s instructions and found the combat zone division.

Although no test was involved here, each person would be assigned a combat zone based on their specialties.

Some people were used to using mechas. Although they had certain strengths, they would choose to use mechas to increase their combat power and improve their combat skill.

Some other people preferred to research, invent, and create machines, so they had mechanical beasts or robots as their combat support. Of course, other than that, there were also many auxiliary combat tools and equipment.

The last group of people was also the largest. They were just like Philip, who fought on their own merits. Young Master Whittle was also one of them.

Philip was surprised to see three other people next to Young Master Whittle. They should be here by special arrangement.

As for why, Philip could tell through Young Master Whittle’s glare that was directed at him. They must be here for him. However, Philip was unperturbed. He would just take things as they came along, not to mention they were not strong enough to pose a threat.

After the zone selection, Philip was assigned to the seventh combat zone. Young Master Whittle was here too.

Based on the introduction, Philip found out that the level of entry into the virtual battlefield was determined by the points obtained from clearing individual battles in the seventh combat zone.

An employee distributed a chip for everyone to insert into their communicators.

“According to your assigned combat zone, walk through the gate of your corresponding combat zone and start your individual fight there.”

Philip was no stranger to individual battles. He had participated in such tests when he was in Cougar Squad. However, when he entered the gate of the seventh combat zone, he suddenly felt his body stiffen, and the scene in front of him changed.

An electronic voice sounded in his mind, “Your individual goal is to prevent the enemy from invading the middle floor. The goal completion time is 35 minutes.”

Hearing this prompt, Philip realized that the middle floor building had appeared in front of him. He was standing right in front of the Combat Evaluation Guild. However, wherever Philip looked, gunpowder filled the air and fights were going on everywhere.

Seeing this scene, he started thinking about how to pass this level.

Such a chaotic scene not only tested an individual’s strength but also the ability to make decisions on the spot, including what should be prioritized and what could be dealt with later. That should be the key to individual battles.

Philip noticed the problem right away.

Mechanical beasts and robots could be seen to the east of the simulated middle floor.

Their combat intelligence was automatically generated through computer AI, and their attack methods were also the most aggressive.

Firearms combined with a metallic body were not to be underestimated no matter where the attack came from.


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