The First Heir Chapter 3283

Chapter 3283
As the test evaluator activated the testing platform, Philip’s body started glowing.

However, in order not to attract attention, he chose to suppress his strength, displaying only five stars. Even his fire element talent was suppressed.

According to the display on the testing platform, Philip’s strength was five stars, and his fire element talent was level 2S.

Young Master Whittle felt as if he had swallowed a fly. He did not expect that Philip’s elemental talent would be one level higher than his.

“How is it possible? If you’re so powerful, why didn’t you fight me outside?” He asked Philip viciously as if he had been tricked by Philip.

Philip glanced at him indifferently and said, “Are you sick? Why do I have to fight with you just because I can? Besides, there’s no glory in winning against someone of your caliber.”

Philip wondered if the other party would be scared silly if he displayed all his elements.

He had an all-elemental 5S level.

It might cause quite a commotion here. After all, an all-elemental talent was almost unheard of. The best way to insult a person was to ignore them.

No matter how hard they tried, others would simply ignore them. Just like Young Master Whittle, he felt ignored and insulted by Philip.

He said to Philip, “Good for you. If you have what it takes, I’ll see you in the battle zone. I’ll make you regret being in the same battle zone as me.”

After saying that, he walked in one direction.

Seeing this scene and hearing what he said, Philip asked the man earlier about the battle zone. He was not sure about the rules here, after all.

That person patiently explained to Philip the rules, including the process of combat evaluation.

Outside, Panther was running around anxiously.

With so many people in line, he thought he had time to eat, but when he returned, he saw no signs of Philip at all.

He thought he would bring Philip in for the combat evaluation after he returned. Anyway, with Philip’s strength, no one here should be a match for him, but he never expected Philip to go in alone.

This made him very anxious. He had gone through the evaluation before and knew that when entering the virtual battlefield, one had to bind one’s identity.

However, Philip’s identity was from the lower floor, which was bound to cause trouble.

At this time, he heard the comments from the people around him.

“That kid just now was really awesome. He dared to stand in Young Master Whittle’s way. I think Young Master Whittle won’t make things easy for him later.”

“That’s needless to say. With Young Master Whittle’s spiteful nature, he’ll definitely make things difficult for that kid.”

“I heard that the last person who offended Young Master Whittle was skinned alive and beaten to death by him.”

Panther stepped forward to find out what the person they mentioned looked like.

Hearing their description, Panther felt his head aching.

Based on their description, Panther knew that the person who offended Young Master Whittle was Philip.

He could not hold back any longer and even thought of barging in. Although Philip was powerful, he was by no means strong enough to fight against the entire Whittle family.


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