The First Heir Chapter 3282

Chapter 3282
Hearing that, the test evaluator said to Philip, “Stand back!”

Then, he started testing Young Master Whittle.

On the testing platform, five rays of light erupted from Young Master Whittle’s body, symbolizing a five-star talent.

Seeing this, the surrounding onlookers whispered disdainfully, “What’s the big deal? He simply relied on his old man’s elixir and evolution fluid to get this far. He has no practical skills at all.”

Philip glanced at the person who spoke and immediately approached him while asking, “Oh? Is Young Master Whittle just all show, then?”

Hearing Philip’s question, combined with what Young Master Whittle said earlier, that person immediately regarded Philip as one of his own.

“All Show? He’s not even good enough for that. If not for his old man, he might have been beaten to death long ago, but he’s still here on the middle floor being a bully.”

Philip nodded without further comment.

It seemed that this young master was not doing well on the middle floor. At the very least, his unsatisfactory actions and behavior had aroused public anger.

Meanwhile, on the testing platform, Young Master Whittle’s elemental talent was also displayed. He was a level 18 gold elemental talent.

At this time, Young Master Whittle deliberately looked at Philip, showing off his elemental talent and star talent level.

Philip had no idea what this man had to show off. In front of him, such strength was no better than dirt. However, he was on someone else’s territory, after all, so he kept quiet.

The test evaluator was still complimenting Young Master Whittle.

After Young Master Whittle got off the testing platform with a smile on his face, the test evaluator pointed to the person behind Philip to take the test first.

However, before that person moved, Young Master Whittle said to the test evaluator, “Let him take the test first. I want to show him the difference between a genius and a wastrel.”

Hearing that, the test evaluator nodded and said to Philip, “Since Young Master Whittle has spoken, you can come up.”

Meanwhile, Young Master Whittle watched with his arms crossed, waiting for Philip to make a fool of himself.

In his opinion, if Philip really had what it took, he would have fought them at the door instead of running inside. This showed that Philip was not strong enough and was afraid of them.

He never considered the possibility that Philip was so strong that he could not be bothered to fight them at all.

However, he was not to blame either. After all, powerful people would usually go through the special passage if they had to go through such an evaluation. Those doing this with the general public were mostly mediocre talents.

With that thought in mind, Young Master Whittle waited for Philip to make a fool of himself. After all, not everyone had the financial resources like him.

He could pop elixirs like snacks every day, which was how he reached five stars. Even his elemental talent was due to a special treasure.

Philip’s expression remained unchanged as he walked onto the testing platform.


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