The First Heir Chapter 3281

Chapter 3281
After the test was over, they would be matched to a battle zone of corresponding strength to carry out the combat level evaluation.

This young master was clear about the rules here but not Philip.

He wandered around like a headless chicken but still found a place that looked like the test tower in the end. Philip knew that this basic test had to be carried out first no matter where. Hence, he headed here directly.

Before him, many people were going through the test.

At a glance, he noticed the contrast between the middle floor and the lower floor.

The population on the lower floor was the densest, but there were few strong people with elemental talents. However, the middle floor was different. Most of the young people had the strength of about four stars, while a few outstanding ones could even reach five stars.

That was the biggest difference. On the lower floor, people with five stars could already form a stronghold. Nonetheless, few people had elemental talent.

It was like a special talent. Some lucky people would have elemental talent, while others would never awaken their elemental talent in their lifetime.

No one knew that this could be made up for by acquired methods.

Philip observed his surroundings while waiting. When the queue reached him, he took a step forward.

At this moment, someone tapped him on the shoulder. It was the young master he had seen earlier.

“I didn’t expect to run into you again!”

The young master looked at Philip with a smile. His intention was obviously to provoke Philip. He stopped and spoke to Philip to provoke him into making the first move.

The evaluator conducting the test urged, “Step forward if you want to do the test. Don’t waste other people’s time.”

However, the young master held Philip’s arm tightly, not letting him go at all.

Philip did not want to miss this test because of him, so he shook his arm violently and said, “Let go of me…”

The young master let go and almost stumbled.

Philip did not look at him and walked forward.

Seeing this, the young master was about to attack Philip, but the test evaluator saw him.

“Oh, it’s Young Master Whittle. Come to the front,” The test evaluator waved to the young master enthusiastically and said with a smile.

He said to Young Master Whittle, “Is this your friend?”

He pointed at Philip as he spoke.

Philip’s face turned cold. He did not expect the test evaluator to know this young master but concurred after thinking about it.

If the young master had no connections, he would not be so arrogant.

At this time, the young master narrowed his eyes at Philip and said smugly, “I don’t know this blind and ignorant thing.”

As he spoke, he stepped onto the testing platform. It was similar to the test tower on the lower floor, except for two additional elements, the light and dark elements.


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