The First Heir Chapter 3251 – 3260

Chapter 3250

Hearing Philip’s threat, the cruel and cunning look in his eyes just now disappeared.

The look in Philip’s eyes was terrifying, and his strength was fearsome. It was almost impossible for them to imagine.

“Are you willing to talk now?”

Philip grabbed the man’s collar, and the other party said softly, “They’re in the east corner!”

“Give us a more precise location!”

Lorna wanted to know the specific location, but before she could finish asking, a black arrow suddenly shot at them.

Philip pushed Lorna away and stepped back. He looked up and saw a tall man in black.

With a face full of arrogance, the man said to Philip, “If you want to see your teammates, you have to pass through this first level, but I want to remind you that this can be fatal!”

As soon as he finished speaking, many people with bows and arrows appeared in the building complexes around. They should be the subordinates of the man with the bow and arrow on his back.

At this person’s command, his subordinates started launching their bows and arrows.

Philip grabbed Lorna and ran to one side. Fortunately, the area in Square Cage was quite big, giving Philip and Lorna a place to dodge. However, the feeling of being treated as a plaything was really not good.

Since the other party had made the first move, Philip had to return the favor!

If they wanted to treat this hunt as a game, he would play this game with them until the end!

With that thought in mind, Philip turned around and charged at those people shooting arrows at him. Those people were enjoying the hunt, so no one expected Philip to turn back at this time.

In a panic, they fired at Philip haphazardly!

Philip simply sneered and swept over them with flames on his body. In an instant, the hunter became the hunted.

Philip moved so fast that those people had no chance to react at all. They were engulfed by the flames on Philip’s body in a flash. However, this was not Philip’s objective. He wanted to hunt that arrogant man!

Since the beginning of the hunt, however, Philip did not see that person much.

At this moment, a whistle sounded!

“If you choose to surrender now or submit to Square Cage, I might consider sparing your life!”

That whistling sound was an arrow!

When Philip saw the arrow, the man in black appeared. To Philip’s surprise, the man in black was actually an elemental practitioner and a strong one too. His arrow carried a spark of fire as it shot at Philip.

As his speed became faster, the flames on the arrow got bigger.

When the arrow reached Philip, he grabbed it.

“If that’s all you have, why should I surrender?” Philip snorted coldly and said.

Seeing this scene, the people in Square Cage who were about to cheer were dumbfounded.

Chapter 3251

With one move, Philip appeared in front of the man in black and stabbed the burning arrow into the man’s body at lightning speed!

The arrow exploded!

The man in black was instantly blasted into a bloody mess!

Philip glanced at those people and said, “Tell me where you took my friends! If you don’t, I’ll massacre the entire Square Cage today!”

Suddenly, there was a buzzing sound, and an entrance extending underground appeared on the floor in front of Philip.

“If you want to see your teammates and witness their miserable state, come in!”

Philip was full of resentment and immediately walked down the passage with Lorna.

As soon as he entered, he heard Leopard’s muffled groan.

In a space surrounded by an energy shield, Leopard was fighting against a man many times stronger than him. His face was already covered in blood, but he still tried his best to protect Emily behind him and Iris who looked terrified.

Leopard’s opponent ravaged him repeatedly, and one of his arms was already drooping unnaturally.

Seeing this scene, Philip immediately jumped high and hit the energy shield.

“Open this thing!”

Philip kept bombarding the energy shield, but an old man with a cane glanced at Philip and said, “Don’t waste your energy. You can’t blast it open! This energy shield can withstand the full blow of an eight-star practitioner!”

Philip looked up at the old man and asked, “What exactly do you want?!”

Hearing Philip’s question, the old man smiled and said, “Nothing much. I just want to see your strength. I’ve arranged a few opponents for you. As long as you can kill all of them, I can let your teammates go. 10 in exchange for one. It’s a good deal!”

After saying this, the people around the old man walked toward Philip.


They started by walking slowly toward Philip but suddenly began to run!

Philip’s face was filled with murderous intent, and the flames on his body skyrocketed. In a flash, flame chimeras appeared in front of him one after another. This time, he charged at them without waiting for them to reach him.

The chimeras formed by the flames pounced on those people like cruel and savage beasts.

Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked.

The old man narrowed his eyes and smiled smugly. He had not seen such a powerful person for a while. He was at least a star talent practitioner with six-star elements. Moreover, the elements were at least at level 3S!

‘Very powerful!’

“Use all your strength or you know what’s in store for you!”

Hearing that, the faces of those people changed drastically, and they sprang into action. In an instant, the fire, water, earth, and wind elements appeared on the scene.

The people sent by the old man were all elemental practitioners!

Chapter 3252
When Philip saw these people, a glint of chill flashed in his eyes.

Inside the energy shield, Leopard and the others saw Philip at this time. A look of joy appeared on their faces. However, they saw those people attacking Philip after that, and a look of worry flashed across their faces.

They knew that Philip came to the Square Cage to save them, but only Lorna was here with him.

Philip was putting himself in danger!

At this time, Philip did not care who this person was at all. Although there were many elemental practitioners among the people of the middle floor, their elemental level was too low.

That was why Philip dared to fight them. For one to fight against many, the basis was built on the difference in strength. If there was no difference in strength, it was impossible to fight against many opponents single-handedly.

Although Philip knew that the other party would work seamlessly in a group, in the face of the huge difference in strength, everything was futile.

At this time, water bombs hit the fire chimera, but could not prevent the fire chimera from rushing forward.

Seeing them running away and turning back, Philip was in no rush. He walked to those people slowly while he focused mostly on controlling the fire chimeras. However, at this moment, the ground under his feet suddenly surged, and some vines soared with it.

Like a woven net, Philip was trapped in it. Then, the raised earth collapsed, burying Philip completely.

After that, countless water bombs blasted upon it, reinforcing the firm soil.

This was their teamwork, seamless cooperation without any hesitation.

At this time, they looked at the old man and said, “Mr. Cusack, I don’t think he can survive this!”

Of course, they had a basis for saying so. They had done this countless times.

The combination of the earth and wood elements would trap the opponent first. Then, they would make use of the pressure from the collapsed earth to tighten the vines of the wood element wrapped around the opponent’s body, and finally, the water element to make the surrounding soil stronger.

They believed that no one would survive at this time.

Mr. Cusack snorted and said, “I’m afraid it’s you who won’t survive!”

Mr. Cusack pointed to the sky where those fire chimeras appeared. Following his pointed finger, the fire chimeras swooped down.

Chapter 3253
Several people were knocked to the ground, and the scene suddenly turned into a sea of fire.

The flames were so intense that they almost burned everything to a crisp.

At this moment, Philip finally came out of that cage. The sphere that was wrapped around Philip’s body suddenly exploded while he was still blazing with flames.

In a flash, Philip attacked the energy shield again!


Under Philip’s attack this time, the energy shield shook. The people fighting with Leopard and the others stood in a daze. They could hardly believe that this person had such terrifying combat power.

Mr. Cusack said to Philip, “Philip, let’s negotiate the terms. If you’re willing to submit to me, become my vanguard, and help me invade the upper floor, I’ll release them now. What do you think?”

Philip just glanced at Mr. Cusack without saying a word but walked to the energy shield instead.

“Will you open it or not?”

Philip’s face was very cold!

Mr. Cusack snorted coldly and said to Philip, “Agree to my conditions and I’ll open it for you!”

To his surprise, Philip suddenly rushed toward Mr. Cusack who was high up. However, Mr. Cusack calmly reached his hand out to Philip.

Philip abruptly felt his body sinking, which made him uncomfortable.

“Is this the gravitational element?”

Mr. Cusack smiled slightly and said, “Yes, that’s right, this is gravity. Otherwise, how could I order them around? All of them are powerful desperadoes!”

While this gravitational element was uncommon, Philip knew a thing or two about it.

When on the lower floor, Philip learned a lot about the elements of this world with Emily and Iris.

“I’ll ask you again, will you let them out or not?” Philip’s voice was full of chills as if he wanted to freeze Mr. Cusack in front of him.

Anger appeared on Mr. Cusack’s face.

“Do you think you can challenge me with your strength? On your knees!” Mr. Cusack bellowed.

However, to his surprise, instead of kneeling, Philip stood there unaffected.

Mr. Cusack could not believe that someone could deal with his gravity element.

He promptly unleashed stronger gravity on Philip. However, not only was Philip unaffected, but the energy shield actually cracked at this time.


Following this loud noise, everyone was startled, and the energy shield exploded.

Mr. Cusack frowned and asked Philip, “You’re a dual talent elemental practitioner!”

Philip ignored him but walked into the energy shield and helped Leopard up.

Leopard said to Philip, “Boss, I didn’t embarrass you, did I?”

Philip knocked him on the head and said, “You were beaten up so badly. How dare you say you didn’t embarrass me!”

After Philip and his team came out, Philip released a raging flame at the wrecked energy shield.

Almost instantly, Philip got rid of all the people inside. After doing all this, Philip said to his team, “Okay, let’s go back!”

“Wait a minute!”

Before Philip and the others could leave, Mr. Cusack said coldly, “Where do you think the Square Cage is? How dare you come and go as you please?”

Leopard took a step forward and said, “Old man, I didn’t want to come here in the first place. Your people are the ones who brought me here!”

Chapter 3254
Mr. Cusack’s face turned cold and said, “You ignorant fools. I gave you a chance to come to the middle floor but you didn’t appreciate it. In that case, don’t blame me for this!”

Philip looked up at him and said, “Who are you to give us a chance?”

“We don’t care about that chance at all!” Lorna was even more valiant.

She drew out her big saber and rushed at Mr. Cusack

At the same time, Mr. Cusack waved his hand lightly, and countless people and mechas appeared in the Square Cage.

They were all Mr. Cusack’s subordinates and under his control. As long as Mr. Cusack gave the order, they would tear Philip and the others into pieces without hesitation.

No matter how strong Philip was, he could not withstand such a large number.

Everyone knew this!

Mr. Cusack said to them sternly, “Except for Philip Clarke, kill everyone, and leave no one alive!”

The machine guns on the mecha were aimed at them in an instant, firing frantically at Philip and the others.

Smoke billowed, after the machine guns stopped attacking, Mr. Cusack’s men rushed into the smoke.

To their surprise, however, they flew out faster than they went in.

Almost as soon as they rushed in, they flew out again!

For a time, no one knew the situation inside, so no one dared to make another move.

When the smoke cleared, they saw that Philip had turned into a burning chimera humanoid with the shadow of an ancient beast behind him.

Seeing this scene, Mr. Cusack’s expression changed drastically.

No one expected Philip to have such strength. Even on the upper floor, there should be few people like Philip.

Was that the shadow of the royal chimera family?

Did he come from the royal chimera family of the nine royal families?

“Come on!”

Philip, the fire chimera humanoid, roared at the people around him at this moment.

No one dared to make a move.

To Philip, those guns on the mechas posed no threat to him at all. Just because they would not attack did not mean Philip would not.

At this moment, Philip was like a tiger rushing into a flock of sheep.

Howls and sounds of breaking mechas immediately resounded throughout the Square Cage.

Under Philip’s terrible attack, some buildings in the Square Cage were destroyed by Philip too.

Mr. Cusack roared, and his body floated up.

“Oh Philip, I wasn’t wrong about you at all. If you agree to be my subordinate, I’ll let you go today!”

However, the answer he got was Philip’s chimera claws.


Philip’s chimera claws were blocked by Mr. Cusack, who used gravity to form a shield in front of him. A loud friction could be heard from the tussle between him and Mr. Cusack.

With this block, Philip’s attack became more frantic.

His chimera claws kept attacking and the shadow of the beast behind him gave him a boost, so Mr. Cusack had to back away.

Everyone in the Square Cage looked at Mr. Cusack. No one expected this godlike man in the Square Cage to be overwhelmed by Philip.

Chapter 3255
Mr. Cusack ordered sternly, “He won’t last long in this state, so attack him now!”

Although he gave this order, no one was a fool. Going against Philip at this time was tantamount to courting death.

Sure enough, as Mr. Cusack expected, Philip’s frantic attack did not last too long, but Philip was still in a fire chimera humanoid form.

Philip was also surprised. He could not unleash his full strength here. There seemed to be a certain limitation.

Looking at the people in the Square Cage, Philip moved again, but this time, the target was not Mr. Cusack but his underlings.

All his subordinates scattered. Even Mr. Cusack dared not fight Philip head-on now.

Mr. Cusack kept looking for an opportunity. Finally, Philip’s fire chimera humanoid state disappeared!

He returned to his normal form, but his body immediately weakened. Iris and Lorna rushed over to help him, which kept him from falling.

Philip felt weak all over. It was not a good feeling.

His strength could not be fully unleashed here as if a lot of power of rules had been absorbed.

Mr. Cusack smiled and said, “Philip, it’s over for you! Since I cannot make use of you, die!”

Mr. Cusack rushed toward Philip.

Due to his special gravity element, the ground under his feet cracked into a huge ravine. If Mr. Cusack took another step, Philip would be crushed!

However, he could not take this step.

That was because Cougar appeared in front of Philip. Not just Cougar but the entire Cougar Squad!

Cougar bore the full brunt of Mr. Cusack’s attack and roared. The armor on his body shattered and his muscles bulged, looking as if he grew one size larger.

“Get lost!”

Cougar threw a punch and sent Mr. Cusack flying.

That was not the end.

Cougar chased after Mr. Cusack like a raging cougar. He exerted force on his feet, spun around, and sent Mr. Cusack flying with another punch.

Seeing Mr. Cusack flying at him, Philip mustered all his strength. His right hand turned into a chimera claw again, and he grabbed Mr. Cusack fiercely.


There was a scream and Mr. Cusack spat a mouthful of blood, his chest pierced by Philip’s chimera claws.

He looked at Philip in disbelief.

“Aren’t you exhausted? How can you still attack me?”

As he spoke, Philip’s hand turned normal again, and Philip fell to the ground.

“Yes, although I’m spent, I still have enough to kill you.”

Cougar walked over. Just as he was about to say something, Philip’s vision went dark and he passed out.

No one expected this.

“We can’t stay here. Let’s go,” Iris said, and asked everyone to leave.

When Philip opened his eyes again, he found himself in Iris’ bar.

Leopard, Emily, and Iris stood around him.

“Is Mr. Cusack dead?” Philip asked.

Seeing Philip wake up, Leopard hurried to him and said, “Boss, you’re really amazing. Can you teach me that move you used?”

Iris knocked Leopard on his head and said, “He just woke up. Be considerate.”

Chapter 3256
Hearing Iris’ words, Leopard immediately scratched his head and smiled a little embarrassedly.

It was the first time Philip entered the inside of this bar. He did not expect Iris’ room to be so pinky. Many things were decorated with pink with many plush dolls too.

“It’s okay, I’m fine now,” Philip said while getting up.

Although Emily was also very concerned about Philip, the worry on her face was apparent.

Philip knew it was due to her missing grandfather so he said to Emily, “Emily, don’t worry. Let’s go back and check if there are any other clues about grandpa.”

Emily shook her head.

“Your priority is to take good care of yourself. We need to think and plan about grandpa’s matter.”

Hearing that, a smile crossed Philip’s face.

“Look at this…”

Philip took something out, which was a badge belonging to Emily’s grandfather.

Seeing this badge, Emily was startled, and said, “Isn’t this my grandpa’s badge? Why is it with you?”

Philip said, “I found this in the Square Cage. I think your grandfather’s disappearance must have something to do with Mr. Cusack.”

Philip was telling the truth. He discovered it when he was fighting Mr. Cusack. He had an impression of it because Grandpa once showed off this thing to him.

Based on Mr. Cusack’s character, he must have taken Grandpa away for a particular reason. However, since Mr. Cusack was dead, nothing could be verified now.

If they wanted to know Grandpa’s whereabouts, they had to go to the Square Cage to see if they could get some information from Mr. Cusack’s men.

Emily clutched the badge as she pondered.

Iris said, “Let’s put that aside and fill our stomachs first.”

Hearing that, Leopard promptly nodded and said, “Yeah, I agree!”

Philip got off the bed and stretched his body. He was all tired out from fighting Mr. Cusack.

After some simple stretching, Philip started attacking the food on the table without further ado.

Although Iris’ cooking skill was a little inferior to Emily’s, it was better than no food at all.

Seeing that Philip had started to eat, the others also gathered around.

During this time, Philip also found out the reason why his strength could not be brought into full play. According to Iris, it was because Philip came from the wilderness and could not fully adapt to the environment here.

Of course, the wilderness was simply Philip’s excuse. He came from another world altogether.

Hearing that, Philip finally understood a little. The rules of the two worlds clashed with each other, but fortunately, it was not a big problem.

While they were eating, Lorna walked in.

She walked up to Philip as if nothing had happened and asked, “How are you? Do you feel better?”

Philip was focused on eating and his answer was muffled, “Except for being famished, I’m alright.”

Chapter 3257
At this time, Lorna noticed the badge in Emily’s hand.

“How did you get that thing?” Lorna pointed at the badge in Emily’s hand and asked.

Emily glanced at Lorna in puzzlement and asked, “Why? Do you recognize this badge?”

Lorna nodded. “Not only do I recognize this badge, but I also know where it came from.”

Immediately after, Lorna told everyone about the origin of this item.

It was a symbol of status in the Finn family, and only those who had reached the level of a warrior had the right to get this badge. The basis for being a warrior was to stay in the Aqualuna Cave for a week alone.

Hearing that, Philip stopped what he was doing and asked, “What’s this Aqualuna Cave all about?”

Leopard quickly said, “It’s not a place for humans at all. There are exotic beasts everywhere with pretty strong combat powers.”

“Where is this place?” Philip asked Leopard.

Leopard scratched his head and said hesitantly, “I heard people saying that it’s on the middle floor, but we haven’t been to the middle floor before, so I don’t know the exact location.”

At this moment, there was another knock at the door. This time, it was the head butler of the Shannon family.

When he saw Philip, he narrowed his eyes and said, “I heard that you killed the captain of our first team.”

Philip raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, that’s me. Any problem?” Philip said lightly.

The head butler snickered and said, “No problem, but the people of the first team want to avenge their captain!”

Hearing that, Philip told Leopard and the others not to move. “This is my business so I’ll take care of it. No one is allowed to go out.”

After saying that, Philip walked out of the bar. Outside the bar, the head butler had brought along the first team of the Shannon family.

Everyone looked fierce and vicious. When they saw Philip coming out, they immediately surrounded him.

Seeing this scene, Philip narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Are you sure you want to fight me today?”

A sinister look flashed across the faces of those people.

“Cut the crap. Why should we come here if not to fight?”

After saying this, they were about to charge.

The head butler crossed his arms and stood aside as if he was unconcerned about them fighting Philip.

Seeing that, Philip snorted coldly and flames erupted from his body again.

He watched helplessly as the mine was snatched away right under his nose and he got no benefit at all. Now, they still wanted to find trouble with him.

Philip suddenly rushed at the people of the so-called first team.

Even their captain was no match for Philip, so how could they?

With a few jumps, Philip already took down these people.

Everyone was dumbfounded at this sight. Even the head butler was stunned for a moment. He had expected that these people were no match for Philip but he did not expect them to lose so quickly!

They could not even react before they were knocked to the ground.

A smile appeared on his face.

He clapped his hands and said with a laugh, “Not bad! Since you have this strength, I think they won’t have any objections if you become their captain!”

The head butler walked up to Philip while he spoke.

Philip turned to look at him suspiciously.

Chapter 3258
“What do you mean by that?”

Leopard and the others had been watching from the window. If Philip was in danger, they would not sit idly by in the bar. However, at the thought of Philip’s strength, they did not believe anyone could be Philip’s match. That was why they stayed in the bar and watched the fun.

Hearing Philip’s question, the head butler laughed and said, “Since you killed the captain of the first team, there’s no one to manage them now, so I brought them to you.”

Philip frowned and said to the head butler, “I don’t care if there’s someone to manage them or not, and I have no obligation or interest to be the captain of your first team.”

Hearing that, the head butler’s expression remained unchanged.

He said, “What if I said I can let you manage the elemental mine?”


Philip could manage the element mine?

Was the Shannon family so generous?

At this time, the head butler added, “You don’t have to decide right now. You can think about it first. Once you have decided, you can look for me at any time.”

With that said, he left with his people.

Philip was left bewildered. He simply could not figure out what was going on.

The words of the head butler and the people of the first team were too bizarre. However, the mine was simply too attractive!

If he could control that mine, he would have controlled half the strength of the lower floor.

While he thought about it, Cougar arrived with his men.

Seeing Philip at the door, he asked, “Philip, are you alright?”

Philip nodded and invited him into the bar.

In the bar, Philip told Cougar what happened.

After hearing that, Cougar frowned and asked, “Is the Shannon family really willing to give up this mine? Although a dark element mine is not widely used, it’s still a mine after all. If you can use it well, it’ll definitely be of great help, but I’m afraid you’d have fallen into the Shannon family’s trap by then!”

If it was just for himself, Philip would not lower his head for this mine at all. However, at the thought of the scarcity of this mine, which could definitely provide a clue to the herb of Wynn’s cure here, Philip became enthusiastic.

Cougar expressed that no matter what Philip decided, he would support Philip unconditionally.

With Cougar’s promise, Philip counted his lucky stars to meet Cougar here.

After Cougar left, Philip went to the test tower.

He had not been here for the past few days so there were many people here, most of them still waiting for Philip to test their talents. However, Philip’s objective was to recruit more people for his elemental cram school.

Now that he had gained a lot of popularity on the lower floor of the underground city, those people followed when Philip walked over.

If Philip agreed to test them, they would pay Philip the star dollars without hesitation.

“I know what everyone is waiting for, so let’s make up for the time lost when I’m not here for the past two days. Everyone can come to my elemental cram school and I can give you the test for free!”

Hearing that, joy spread on their faces, and cheers erupted from the crowd.

Chapter 3259
This was simply unheard of on the lower floor of the underground city. Anything free would overturn the entire concept here. For people on the lower floor of the underground city, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Everyone promptly surrounded Philip and walked toward Leopard’s boxing arena.

This was an instant sensation in the underground city!

Almost everyone flocked to Leopard’s boxing arena.

At the sight of these swarming people, Philip felt his scalp tingling. He wondered how long it would take to test them one by one. At this time, he regretted his decision to make the test free. Moreover, he never thought that there would be so many people on the lower floor of the underground city.

However, everyone’s spirits were high, and Philip had no way to refuse them, so he could only patiently test them one by one.

At this time, several families on the lower floor could no longer sit still.

The Rain family, the Curry family, and the Finn family!

They thought that Philip had shaken their position by doing this. Although they had the Shannon family above them, the Shannon family had been suppressing them for many years due to their strength.

They could tolerate being suppressed by the Shannon family but not by a rising newcomer. Thus, they were vexed about Philip’s big commotion.

“Hmph, what free test is Philip doing? I think he’s trying to establish his authority,” the Finn family member said angrily.

However, he did not know that Lorna of the Finn family worshiped Philip very much now. After all, Philip fought against the entire Square Cage single-handedly.

“Even so, what can you do?” the Curry family member said.

“The entire lower floor of the underground city sees Philip as a hero now. Do you think we can fight the whole lower floor?”

The Rain family member suddenly smiled and said, “It’s not impossible.”

Hearing that, the other two families were curious.

“What’s your plan? Tell us quickly!” They looked at the Rain family member and asked eagerly.

The member of the Rain family walked to the window at this time. From this angle, he could see the crowd in front of Leopard’s boxing arena.

“As long as we can let them know that Philip is a liar, they’ll no longer believe him.”

The Curry family member immediately refuted this.

“That’s easy for you to say. His test results are as accurate as the test tower. How can we make them believe that he’s a liar?”

The Rain family member sneered and said, “Let’s get him to take the test then. As long as the test doesn’t show any results, he must be a liar.”

The Rain family member turned around and took out a bead from his pocket.

“As long as we make him eat this, even if he’s an elemental practitioner, I can destroy him.”

The Rain family member’s expression looked ominous.

Chapter 3260
Philip had no idea that his unwitting action had attracted the attention of various forces on the lower floor. Even after he promised everyone that he would test people in this boxing arena for free every morning starting tomorrow, they were unwilling to leave.

This made Philip realize how much these people wanted to get out of the rut of the lower floor.

As such, Philip relaxed the conditions a bit and allowed everyone to observe as he instructed Leopard, Emily, and Iris in their elemental practice.

At this time, those who had detected their talent elements followed Philip’s method and began to practice here.

Philip did not stop them, but this place seemed too small to accommodate so many people now.

Thus, Philip said to everyone, “If you like this elemental cram school so much, you can help us transform it into a bigger place, making it more convenient for everyone to observe and learn.”

“After all, our manpower is limited, so I need your help.”

Philip thought that this would reduce the number of people here. After all, not everyone was willing to give.

People were only willing to give their time or money if they knew what they could receive.

This was human nature. However, to Philip’s surprise, these people on the lower floor started working without further ado. Moreover, their division of labor was clear and detailed, and some people even went home to fetch some materials that could be used.

As soon as this work started, it instantly became a major event on the lower floor.

As too many people were involved, Philip and the others gave up practicing but started expanding the boxing arena instead.

After a bout of busy labor, the original boxing arena disappeared, replaced by an empty space two or three times larger.

Philip’s heart brightened at this sight. With such a large scale, even if they could not recruit so many talents, there were at least dozens of talent elemental practitioners.

Not only Philip, but the Curry family, the Finn family, and the Rain family realized this too.

The relationship between Cougar and Philip was quite good. They had gone through thick and thin together, so Cougar would not stop Philip.

The Shannon family wanted to win Philip over too, so they would not stop him either. However, these three families were different. If they allowed Philip to develop like this, his influence might surpass the three. So they turned up at the door to impede Philip.

The Rain family was the first to arrive. Although few people turned up, everyone knew they were up to something

In just a short time, they pushed away many people who were busy working and walked up to Philip.

“Philip Clarke, do you know that the people on the lower floor are already living a hard life? Why are you still exploiting them like this?”

As soon as the leading Rain family member saw Philip, he said sharply.

Everyone stopped and looked at him.

As the saying went, trouble always turned up when one least expected it.

Seeing this scene, the Rain family member continued his verbal attack, “I’m telling you, although they don’t know what you’re trying to do, I do.”

“You want everyone on the lower floor to worship you so that you can rise above the rest and become the best on the entire lower floor. This is wishful thinking!”

Hearing that, Philip frowned. “May I ask how did the Rain family develop on the lower floor over the years?”


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