The First Heir Chapter 3246 – 3250

Chapter 3246
Hearing that question, Philip asked softly, “Were you away from Cougar Squad just now?”

Everyone could hear the impolite tone in Philip’s voice. Most of them also realized that this matter must have something to do with that guy.

At this time, Cougar came over with a smile and said, “He’s the person in charge of logistics in Cougar Squad, called Old Clarke! Most of the time, he’ll be in Cougar Squad except when he needs to buy some food and necessities.”

However, Philip ignored Cougar.

“I repeat, were you not in Cougar Squad just now?”

Seeing Philip’s severity, Cougar wanted to stop him, but Old Clarke spoke at this time, “I just came back from shopping.”

Philip asked, “In that case, how do you know that I returned victorious?”

Old Clarke was speechless. Since he said that he just came back, how would he know anything about Philip?

If he said that someone told him through the communicator, Philip would definitely check his communicator.

His hesitance and pondering immediately made Old Clarke a lot more suspicious.

The people who were unhappy with this situation now looked at Old Clarke.

They refused to believe that there would be a problem with Old Clarke, who had been doing logistics work for them for many years.

While thinking about it, Old Clarke laughed and said, “The news is all over the streets. You killed the captain of the Shannon family! Everyone knows about it!”

However, just as he finished speaking, he received a solid slap from Cougar on his leg.

“Not everyone knows about the captain. Tell us who sent you here!”

Since they had a grudge against the Shannon family this time, Cougar had issued a strict order that no one was allowed to say a word about it.

Lorna’s people would not talk about it either. Cougar and Lorna were even thinking about how to deal with the Shannon family!

As for the rest, they were now locked in the dungeons of Cougar Squad.

Old Clarke snickered and said, “Very well, Cougar. I’ve been in the Cougar Squad for so long, but you’ve never made a move against me before, so let’s talk about it!”

Something extra suddenly appeared in Old Clarke’s hand.

“If anyone dares to do anything to me today, we’ll perish together!”

While saying this, Old Clarke manipulated the communicator in his hand.

“Cougar, to tell you the truth, I’m not a person from the lower floor at all. If I didn’t have to monitor every move of Cougar Squad, I wouldn’t be willing to stay here!”

Hearing that, everyone realized what was going on. He had obviously been undercover here for a long time.

At this time, Cougar could not hold back anymore and was about to attack him.

After being deceived for so long, no one would feel good about it.

However, Old Clarke smiled and said, “Philip, don’t you want to know where your teammates are now? They were taken away because of you!”

Without waiting for Old Clarke to say any further,

Without waiting for Old Clarke to say any further, Philip stopped Cougar.

Chapter 3247
Old Clarke was Philip’s only hope of rescuing his teammates now, so Philip could not let Cougar make a move. However, Cougar was unwilling to let Old Clarke off just like that, so he said to Philip, “Philip, what do you think is a better way to handle this?”

Philip pondered before he looked at Old Clarke and said, “Tell us who are the people behind you and what your purpose for kidnapping them is.”

Old Clarke just smiled and pointed at Philip.

“The purpose is you, of course. You may not be aware of it, but someone has been eyeing you for a long time. They just want to observe you for the time being, so they haven’t done anything to you yet.”

After a pause, Old Clarke continued, “If you want to keep them alive, follow me to Square Cage. I guarantee you’ll see them there, but it’s up to you whether you can save them.”

Old Clarke was about to head outside after speaking, but Philip would not let him go so easily.

Suddenly, Philip stepped forward and grabbed Old Clarke’s head. With a mighty punch, he broke one of Old Clarke’s legs.

Old Clarke screamed, but before he could react, Philip broke his other leg.

Philip said to Old Clarke, “Don’t think you can threaten my teammates so blatantly! Now, let’s go to Square Cage that you mentioned!”

After saying this, Philip dragged Old Clarke by his clothes and walked outside.

Cougar stopped him from behind and said anxiously to Philip, “Philip, do you know what place Square Cage is?”

Philip turned to glance at Cougar and said softly, “It doesn’t matter. As long as I can save my teammates, I have to go there, come hell or high water!”

“Well said!” A voice suddenly rang at the door!

It was Lorna Finn!

She had arrived at Cougar Squad at some point and heard what Philip just said.

“I need to go to the middle floor too, so let me take you there!”

Philip frowned and glanced at Lorna. Without a word, he dragged Old Clarke who was about to pass out, and left.

Along the way, Philip found out about Square Cage by interrogating Old Clarke.

It was the bloodiest and cruelest existence on the middle floor, and everyone there was strong and vicious. They kidnapped Philip’s people just to force him to enter Square Cage. Moreover, the people who controlled Square Cage had placed their bets early on.

Philip was nothing more than a plaything to them. They wanted to see how long a person from the lower floor like Philip could last in Square Cage.

The distance from the lower floor to the middle floor was not too far but required harsh conditions to enter. For example, Philip and Lorna were now blocked at the entrance, especially since they had a crippled Old Clarke in tow.

A cold light flashed in Old Clarke’s eyes.

He grinned at Philip and said, “You still need me to enter the middle floor!”

After saying this, he turned on his communicator and scanned it at the entrance of the middle floor. There was a flash of light at the entrance.

“We can enter the middle floor now. Philip, once we get to Square Cage, I shall settle the score with you for breaking my legs!”

Chapter 3248
Old Clarke did not even glance at Lorna, who stood aside. It was as if she did not exist.

Old Clarke’s disdain made Lorna unhappy. “If you can keep your mouth shut, I can guarantee that you’ll at least get to Square Cage alive!”

Hearing that, Old Clarke glared at Lorna.

He knew that Lorna was telling the truth. To be honest, they could kill Old Clarke right now if they wanted. They could simply ask their way around to find Square Cage. As long as Philip was not there, those people would not do anything to Leopard and the others.

Hearing that, Old Clarke also thought things through, so he stopped talking.

The middle floor was obviously much better than the lower floor, with more resources to choose from and trade.

There was even equipment made by elemental practitioners, which showed that this place was much more developed than the lower floor. Even the mechas here were not comparable to those scrap metal on the lower floor.

At this moment, Lorna whispered to Philip, “Don’t look like you’ve never seen the world before. If others notice that we came from the lower floor, we’ll get into a lot of trouble.”

Philip nodded at Lorna’s warning.

Unfortunately, they had a crippled Old Clarke with them, so even if they did not want to be too conspicuous, the three of them together were quite an eye-catching sight.

People kept looking at Philip and the others, but Philip acted normally, carrying Old Clarke and walking in the direction he pointed out. However, before long, they saw a group of people, obviously guards, approaching them.

Lorna’s expression changed a little.

She did not expect trouble to come looking for them so soon, but Philip did not even look at the guards at all.

Lorna saw no trace of panic on Philip’s face at all.

The guards arrived in front of Philip. They stopped, glanced at Old Clarke in Philip’s hand, and asked, “What’s going on here?”

Philip just glanced at the other party coldly and said, “This is a traitor we just captured. We were afraid that he would run away, so we broke his legs!”

Hearing that, the guards looked suspicious.

“How can you prove that he’s a traitor you captured?” the other party asked coldly.

Philip smiled and slapped the face of the person who just spoke!

The other party was stunned by this slap.

“How dare you attack the guards?”

As soon as that was said, Philip took Old Clarke’s communicator, showed them his Square Cage credentials, and said loudly, “You have no right to interfere in Square Cage’s business!”

Hearing that, not only were the guards not angry, but they even saluted Philip and said, “It’s our fault for stopping you and wasting your time. We’re sorry!”

Chapter 3249
Lorna looked at Philip in disbelief, at a loss of what to say.

If not for Philip’s quick wit, they might have let the cat out of the bag under these people’s cross-examination.

Old Clarke coughed lightly at this time. When he was about to speak to the few guards, Philip hit him on the back of his neck.

Old Clarke passed out promptly, but when the guards saw Philip’s action, they were startled, thinking that they had angered Philip.

This time, Philip truly felt the respect given to Square Cage by these people. However, Philip also had questions about Square Cage.

After dismissing the guards, Philip woke Old Clarke up and said, “If you dare to play any tricks again, I’ll kill you outright!”

Old Clarke finally realized that Philip was no easy person to deal with and promptly behaved well.

At least, he was well-behaved for the time being. Finally, under Old Clarke’s direction, the three arrived at Square Cage.

Square Cage was actually an abandoned factory area on the middle floor isolated from the outside world, forming two separate worlds between the inside and outside.

Seeing this scene, Philip immediately frowned.

Old Clarke opened the entrance to Square Cage through his communicator.

Standing at the door, Philip said to Lorna, “This has nothing to do with you, and it might be dangerous inside, so it’s better if you don’t go in with me.”

Hearing that, Lorna said, “Emily and her grandpa are also members of my Finn family. No matter what, I’m duty-bound to save them!”

At Lorna’s persistence, Philip said no more and dragged Old Clarke inside.

As soon as they stepped into Square Cage, a black shadow suddenly flashed past, and Old Clarke was taken away. Although Philip was equivalent to an eight-star practitioner here, Old Clarke was snatched away while he was off-guard.

After his escape, Old Clarke laughed and said, “Oh Philip, as I told you, as long as you come to Square Cage, I’ll settle the scores with you!”

However, before he finished speaking, someone stabbed his neck with a dagger. It was none other than the person who took him away.

Philip was taken aback and said coldly to the man, “Since you’re going to kill him, why bother saving him?”

The man chuckled and said, “You may not know the rules of Square Cage. Here, wastrels can only end up like this, just like your teammates!”

He laughed as he spoke.

But, to his surprise, however, Philip moved faster than he imagined.

In an instant, Philip was beside him. Philip lifted him and said, “What happened to my teammates?”

Not only was the man not afraid of Philip, but five rays of light erupted from his body. He clearly intended to fight Philip. Philip simply punched the man again and again until the light disappeared.

Philip asked, “I’ll ask you again, where are my teammates?! If you don’t tell me, I don’t mind turning you into waste!”

Chapter 3250
Hearing Philip’s threat, the cruel and cunning look in his eyes just now disappeared.

The look in Philip’s eyes was terrifying, and his strength was fearsome. It was almost impossible for them to imagine.

“Are you willing to talk now?”

Philip grabbed the man’s collar, and the other party said softly, “They’re in the east corner!”

“Give us a more precise location!”

Lorna wanted to know the specific location, but before she could finish asking, a black arrow suddenly shot at them.

Philip pushed Lorna away and stepped back. He looked up and saw a tall man in black.

With a face full of arrogance, the man said to Philip, “If you want to see your teammates, you have to pass through this first level, but I want to remind you that this can be fatal!”

As soon as he finished speaking, many people with bows and arrows appeared in the building complexes around. They should be the subordinates of the man with the bow and arrow on his back.

At this person’s command, his subordinates started launching their bows and arrows.

Philip grabbed Lorna and ran to one side. Fortunately, the area in Square Cage was quite big, giving Philip and Lorna a place to dodge. However, the feeling of being treated as a plaything was really not good.

Since the other party had made the first move, Philip had to return the favor!

If they wanted to treat this hunt as a game, he would play this game with them until the end!

With that thought in mind, Philip turned around and charged at those people shooting arrows at him. Those people were enjoying the hunt, so no one expected Philip to turn back at this time.

In a panic, they fired at Philip haphazardly!

Philip simply sneered and swept over them with flames on his body. In an instant, the hunter became the hunted.

Philip moved so fast that those people had no chance to react at all. They were engulfed by the flames on Philip’s body in a flash. However, this was not Philip’s objective. He wanted to hunt that arrogant man!

Since the beginning of the hunt, however, Philip did not see that person much.

At this moment, a whistle sounded!

“If you choose to surrender now or submit to Square Cage, I might consider sparing your life!”

That whistling sound was an arrow!

When Philip saw the arrow, the man in black appeared. To Philip’s surprise, the man in black was actually an elemental practitioner and a strong one too. His arrow carried a spark of fire as it shot at Philip.

As his speed became faster, the flames on the arrow got bigger.

When the arrow reached Philip, he grabbed it.

“If that’s all you have, why should I surrender?” Philip snorted coldly and said.

Seeing this scene, the people in Square Cage who were about to cheer were dumbfounded.


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