The First Heir Chapter 3241 – 3545

Chapter 3241
Cougar said sharply, “Alright then. Philip, take your team back and get someone to send us some communicators and equipment. I don’t want to hear another word from you.”

Philip left with his people.

On the way back, Emily and Iris looked very angry.

They said to Philip, “What’s wrong with the commander of Cougar Squad? Doesn’t he want to take revenge for his people?”

Philip put his hands behind his head and did not answer.

On the other hand, Leopard, who had not spoken a word before this, said, “Boss, have you experienced a similar situation before?”

Philip looked at him and said, “Did you notice something?”

Leopard scratched his head and said with a wry smile, “I can’t really say I noticed something. I was disgusted when I learned about such a dirty deal at first, but after I experienced more later, I now just simply wonder how much a human life is worth!”

Hearing this, Philip just nodded slightly.

Leopard had always been exposed to this environment, so he was no longer bothered about such transactions after some time.

Philip was full of passion when he first started too, but after seeing too many of such things, he gradually became numb. However, Emily and Iris were very puzzled.

Leopard explained to them, “Facing those forces that you can’t resist at all, there’s no way you can put up a fight, so the final outcome is usually to put forward various conditions.”

In fact, this was the nature of this world.

When someone was strong enough, they could decide the life and death of some people and even influence the world. However, when someone was not strong enough, they could only choose to compromise.

At most, they could add a small condition to their compromise. Therefore, one must always strive to improve.

Only when one stood at a certain height could one understand the benefits of standing at the top of the food chain.

If one had not reached that position, one could not look down on anything or anyone, simply because one had no right at all.

The group of four quickly walked to the passage of the lower floor where the aircraft landed before.

Some people from Cougar Squad were waiting there. From a distance, someone saw Philip and his party of four wearing Cougar Squad’s uniform.

The passage opened and Philip, and his team re-entered the lower floor.

Philip passed on Cougar’s message before they headed to Iris’ bar.

Philip had played his part in acting with Cougar, so he chose to take a break. There was no need to go back to Cougar Squad anyway. It was not too late to go there again when Cougar and the others returned.

Philip took a bottle of beer with ease and started drinking. Although he felt nothing unusual about going to battle this time, it was the first time for Leopard, Iris, and Emily.

This battle left a lasting impression on them. This was a very important lesson for their future growth.

While they were chatting, someone knocked on the door.

Iris walked to the door and said as she opened the door, “The bar is closed. You…”

However, Iris stopped before she finished speaking. Then, she walked back inside with an ugly scowl.

She held a walking cane in her hand, which belonged to none other than Emily’s grandfather!

Chapter 3242
Emily’s expression changed drastically when she saw the walking cane.

She stood up and asked anxiously, “Who sent the walking cane? What happened to my grandpa?”

Iris held the walking cane in her hand and said in confusion to Emily, “When I opened the door, I only saw the walking cane. There was no one outside.”

Hearing that, Philip stood up and walked to Emily’s side.

“Don’t worry. Let’s go back and have a look.”

After saying this, the group of four walked to Emily’s house. At this time, Emily’s house was already in a mess. There was no sign of Grandpa in the room at all.

Emily panicked at this sight.

Philip frowned and explored carefully as he walked around the room.

On the lower floor of the underground city, Emily and her grandfather did not have any feud with anyone. The only possibility was the families on the lower floor that Philip had offended were here to seek revenge.

Philip said to Leopard, “Tell your boys to find all the people who might be involved in this matter.”

Although Philip also knew that Leopard was not a powerful person on the lower floor, he was born and raised here, after all. It would be easy for him to find some clues.

After giving Leopard the order, Philip told Iris to stay here with Emily.

Philip headed to Cougar Squad. After all, Cougar Squad was quite reputable on the lower floor of the underground city. Although they had not returned yet, Philip wanted to go there and wait for Cougar to come back.

No matter what, Philip had acted with Cougar and helped him in Blackwater Forest, so Cougar should not refuse if Philip made such a small request.

Unexpectedly, when Philip arrived at Cougar Squad, the scene was quite chaotic. Philip frowned as he found someone who was busy preparing equipment and asked, “What happened?”

The man looked up and said to Philip, “Don’t you know? The commander and the others were attacked in Blackwater Forest.”

‘Attacked?’ Philip did not expect this.

Was everything not over?

The next step was just to put forward conditions with the Shannon family, so how could they have been attacked?

Did something happen between Cougar Squad and the Shannon family?

When Philip wanted to continue asking, he heard Cougar’s voice from the communicator of the man who was busy preparing equipment. “All members of Cougar Squad are to head to Blackwater Forest now, fully armed!”

Fully armed meant going to war!

Philip immediately said to Cougar in the communicator, “What’s going on? Aren’t you negotiating terms with the Shannon family?”

Cougar heard Philip’s voice and said, “The Shannon family joined forces with several other families to deal with us and the Finn family. They even captured an old man from the Finn family!”

Hearing that, Philip frowned.

An old man from the Firm family? Could it be Emily’s grandfather?

After taking a communicator from Cougar Squad, Philip walked to Blackwater Forest without taking an aircraft.

Chapter 3243
At the outskirts of Blackwater Forest, Philip found traces of battle.

It was a fierce battle too!

The area was full of severed body parts and various damaged equipment. Some came from Cougar Squad, some from the Finn family, and some from unknown families.

Philip contacted Cougar on the communicator, but there was no response.

He decided to follow the earlier route and walked in the direction of the mine. However, before reaching the middle area, there was a burst of light!

Few members of Cougar Squad remained around Cougar, and Philip saw that Cougar was injured quite badly.

Lorna stood next to Cougar with many chinks in her saber. Although she was not injured, Philip saw fine beads of sweat on her forehead.

The captain of the Shannon family was surrounding them with a group of people, and many mechas were aimed at them too.

Obviously, as long as the captain gave the order, they would be wiped out.

At this time, Philip, who came alone, was also discovered by the captain of the Shannon family.

He glanced at Philip from a distance and said with a sneer, “I was looking for you. I didn’t expect you to come of your own accord!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Philip saw several members of the Curry family surrounding him. He looked at them coldly. There was not only the Curry family but also the Rain family!

It seemed that they had planned this long ago just to deal with Cougar Squad and the Firm family. Philip even saw Young Master Curry.

When Young Master Curry saw Philip, there was a harsh look in his eyes.

“Oh, Philip, weren’t you very arrogant before? Today, I’ll show you the outcome of messing with me!”

After saying this, Young Master Curry ordered the people surrounding Philip, “Kill him!”

Philip’s eyes hardened, and flames exploded from his body.

Philip sneered and said, “Kill me? Are you guys worthy?”

His body moved quickly like a ghost in the dark night. As Philip was moving constantly, the flames on his body continued to spread on the ground and surrounded those people like a huge wall of fire.

Fire chimeras sprang out from the wall of fire one after another.

Philip bellowed, and the fire chimeras pounced on the others!

This was the first time that Philip had used his fire element to such an extent, and everyone was surprised at this scene. They had never seen such a powerful fire elemental practitioner. And they had never fought against such a powerful fire elemental practitioner either.

The people from the Curry and Rain families were only five-star practitioners, so they did not even have a chance to escape. They were engulfed by the fire chimeras and turned into ashes.

With the wall of fire blocking their line of sight, Philip also disappeared from their eyes.

Seeing that, the captain immediately rushed in that direction. However, halfway through, Philip crashed into him from above the sky with a chimera under his feet. The captain’s expression changed slightly as he unleashed his dark element.

He looked at Philip coldly and said, “Do you think you’re the only one with elemental talent?”

Then, his dark element swept over Philip in the sky like a tornado!


The tornado hit the fire chimera violently!

Chapter 3244
A huge explosion!

The fire element collided with the dark element!

In the next second, to the captain’s surprise, Philip’s hand went through his chest. It was no longer a normal hand but the sharp claws of a chimera.

The captain’s face was full of disbelief as blood spilled from his mouth. “Impossible. What level is your fire element? Why is it so strong?”

Philip withdrew his hand and said flatly, “There are many things in this world that you don’t know and you won’t have the chance to know.”

Philip glanced around. He had killed the most powerful captain with one strike, so no one else dared to mess around.

People from Cougar Squad and the Firm family appeared not far away. With Philip around, no one dared to move either.

Cougar and Lorna glanced at Philip.

Cougar laughed loudly and said, “You really bring me luck. If not for you today, it won’t be that easy for me to escape!”

Although he had the idea of fighting it out with them, this was not what Philip really wanted. After all, it would cause too much damage to Cougar Squad. This incident would also send shockwaves through the lower floor.

Lorna said to Philip, “I didn’t expect you to have such strength!”

Philip just glanced at her without a word.

Although Lorna did not speak her mind, Philip knew Lorna was aware that if he had not been merciful the other day, Lorna might have ended up the same way as the captain.

Philip looked around before he asked, “Where’s the old man captured by the captain?”

Everyone looked at Philip in puzzlement.

“What old man? We haven’t seen any old man!”

Philip tensed. If the captain did not capture Emily’s grandfather, what about what was said to him on the communicator earlier?

“Follow me back to Cougar Squad!” Philip’s face changed as he said to Cougar.

There must be something wrong with that person!

He must have a purpose for delaying Philip for so long.

Seeing the strange look on Philip’s face, Cougar knew that something had happened in Cougar Squad, so he followed Philip back to the lower floor without saying a word.

Lorna was surprised at this. She wanted to chase after them and ask what was going on but felt that this was too abrupt, so she followed them to the lower floor from a distance with her people.

Philip was very anxious at this time because he did not know the other party’s purpose.

When they reached the lower floor, Philip quickly headed to the bar. However, he found no one there!

He frowned and looked around. No one had any communicators now. Even if Philip wanted to contact them, he could not get in touch with them at all.

Although there was no sign of a fight, Philip found the walking cane on the table, which was now broken.

Seeing this, no matter how confused Philip was, he knew that someone must have taken the three of them away.

As he thought about it, Cougar walked in.

Philip turned around, glanced at Cougar, and asked, “Commander Yorkshire, can you do me a favor?”

Cougar immediately smiled and said, “Just speak your mind!”

Chapter 3245
Philip said, “I want to thoroughly investigate the people in Cougar Squad and find the mole hidden inside!”

Cougar’s expression promptly changed. He never expected Philip to say that.

“What did you say? Are you saying that there’s a mole in Cougar Squad?”

Philip told Cougar about his encounter, including how he met the man who was preparing the equipment in Cougar Squad and how he heard Cougar ordering them to be fully armed!

Although Philip had his suspicions about that as Cougar did not have a communicator at that time, at the thought of the two scout teams sent out before, Philip disregarded this doubt.

They were far away from the main troop just now, so they were not affected by the electromagnetic bomb.

Cougar frowned when he heard Philip’s words.

“Come with me to Cougar Squad now!”

Philip immediately followed Cougar to Cougar Squad. On the way, he tried to contact Emily and the others more than once, but there was no response.

In Cougar Squad, Cougar gathered everyone together.

“Philip, look at them and find out who gave that order at that time!”

Cougar said to Philip as he looked at everyone in front of him. However, before Philip could speak, those people said impatiently, “Commander Yorkshire, how long have you known this kid named Philip? We’ve been through thick and thin with you for years!”

“That’s right. Would you rather trust an outsider than us?”

Philip had anticipated this scene but did not take it to heart.

“Cut the crap. Someone dared to falsify my order. If this matter is verified, the whole Cougar Squad may be destroyed. Don’t you know what that means?”

Cougar snorted coldly before saying to everyone.

Philip looked at them one by one and said, “Everyone who went to Blackwater Forest before, step forward!”

Although some people were reluctant, Cougar was here, after all.

Philip’s eyes flicked over them before he checked the others.

Philip did not find that person.

He then asked Cougar, “Commander Yorkshire, is everyone here?”

To be able to access the equipment of Cougar Squad meant that this person was definitely not an outsider but a member of Cougar Squad. However, Philip could not find that person after looking around.

At this moment, someone suddenly returned with a lot of things.

It was him!

Philip looked at the person who came back and was sure that this was the person he was looking for. Moreover, he was not the only one present at that time!

“Who’s that?” Philip looked at the man and asked.

The man looked at Philip with a slight smile on his face and said, “You must be Philip Clarke who just returned in victory!”


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