The First Heir Chapter 3237 – 3540

Chapter 3237
Lorna approached. It seemed that she wanted to make a move just now, but Cougar did not give her the chance.

“Members of Cougar Squad, listen up. From now on, we’ll set up camp here and triple the lookout range!”

As Cougar gave this order, Lorna followed suit.

Cougar then waved his hand to Philip and said, “Philip, come here. I want to talk to you.”

Philip walked to Cougar.

Cougar sighed and said, “I think someone must have premeditated this attack on us today. Our equipment is now useless. I want you to go back and get some people to bring us some gear.”

Philip knew that Cougar was feeling resentful at being ambushed. However, he did not believe that the other party went to such efforts just to trap them here.

“Commander Yorkshire, do you really think the other party will let us go just like this?”

Cougar frowned at Philip’s question. “Oh? What do you mean?”

Philip said softly, “If I’m not mistaken, the people you sent out just now are engaged in a battle right now, and it should be with those people who ambushed us!”

Since the first step was to shoot down all the aircrafts and the second step was to disengage all their equipment, the third step must be to deal with them.

Philip had just finished speaking when bursts of light came from not far away.

Cougar snorted coldly and said, “Another attack? Do they really think I’m a pushover?”

Cougar bellowed, “All teams get ready to fight. Once you find the enemy, kill!”

Lorna had rushed to the periphery with her people. Although Philip knew that things were not so simple now, he did not think that Cougar gave the correct order.

In Philip’s opinion, everyone should assemble and act together. After all, the enemy was still in the dark. If this went on, they might slowly be encroached upon. However, Cougar was the commander of Cougar Squad, and Philip could only obey his orders.

He returned to his team, but he made adjustments to their positions with Leopard beside Emily and Iris. Philip took up the offensive position.

“Let’s go over and see who’s attacking us!”

After that, the four-person team led by Philip walked in one direction, but before they had gone far, they saw groups of black humanoids approaching them.

Philip frowned and looked at the time. It was time for those black humanoids to appear again. However, there seemed to be a lot more of them this time!

While thinking, Philip rushed toward them.

“Emily, prepare a space barrier to protect my back!” Philip said to Emily before flames burst from his body as he rushed to those humanoid creatures.

At this time, Philip noticed a black light bursting out from the bodies of the humanoid creature!

It was the black silk threads on those black humanoid creatures, which were gathering together at this time. In a flash, the black humanoid creature in the middle became a giant.

A rumbling sound came from the giant’s mouth as it rushed toward Philip.

Philip snorted coldly as the flames on his body gathered in front of him before bursting out!

Chapter 3238
With a whistling sound, the flames rushed toward the giant black humanoid creature.


The giant opened its mouth and swallowed the fireball thrown by Philip.


The body of the black humanoid swelled and burst into flames. It quickly became a huge fireball. Due to the connecting black threads, the flames spread to the rest of the black humanoid creatures too.

In an instant, the entire area was drowned in flames. However, Philip’s flames could not stop the giant. It took one step forward and punched Philip!


Philip quickly jumped. However, in the next second, the black silk threads of the black humanoid creatures wrapped around Philip’s back like snakes.

Philip’s body burst into flames again, and a flame chimera appeared under Philip’s feet.

“Emily!” Philip shouted.

Emily reacted at this time and released a space barrier behind Philip.

Philip charged toward the black humanoid giant with the flame chimera.

The black threads behind him were all blocked by the space barrier. The black silk threads in front of him were burned by the flames on Philip’s body and the flame chimera. Although the giant raised its fist to block the attack, it was still knocked down by the flame chimera.

Immediately, Philip’s fist fell on the top of the giant’s head!


Flames exploded in a sea of fire!

With a miserable howl, the giant turned into ashes.

At this time, Philip realized the origin of these black humanoids. They were formed by dark elements, and their formation was due to the dark matter elements here.

To form such a large-scale attack, there must be a mine with dark elements nearby, which should be the main purpose that Cougar and the others were here.

An elemental mine could greatly improve the resources of star talent practitioners!

It was an existence that everyone would strive for in the land of the other shore!

Moreover, mines were exceptionally rare.

Once a clue of a mine was found, even the high and mighty nine royal families would send their soldiers to find and grab it!

After cleaning up the black humanoids, Philip looked around.

Fights were still going on, but they were very scattered. Each team fought on its own. As such, not many people paid attention to Philip and his team.

Philip was about to head deeper with his team. The most important thing now was to find out who was attacking Cougar Squad. If they kept being dragged down by the other party like this, it would only result in their final demise.

After discovering the existence of dark element star talent practitioners lurking in the dark, Philip wondered if someone had already taken over the mine.

As for those who stopped them from moving forward, they probably did not want them to discover this mine. With this conjecture, Philip’s team had a clear direction. As long as they could find the mine, they would have a bargaining chip to negotiate with these people.

If the other party refused to agree, it could result in a no-win situation.

Chapter 3239
While thinking, Philip walked forward.

At Philip’s command, the other three followed Philip from a distance. However, before he got far, Philip found many traps under his feet, which were laid out by wood and fire elemental practitioners.

Lush greenery was wrapped around the violent fire element. If the greenery was triggered, the fire element would be released.

With this discovery, Philip dared not move on a whim. Although he could find these traps, the three teammates behind him could not. Once they touched the trap, a chain explosion awaited.

Philip took a deep breath and motioned for them to stop. However, at this moment, two people suddenly appeared behind a tree not far away.

One was short and the other was tall.

When they saw Philip stop, they said to Philip, “Not bad. You actually discovered the traps we set up. It seems that the people of Cougar Squad have made a lot of progress!”

Philip frowned. It seemed that they were quite familiar with Cougar Squad and must have fought with them before.

“Who are you?” Philip stood still and looked at the two men.

The tall man laughed and said, “You look unfamiliar. You should be a new member of Cougar Squad. We, the Wild Pythons, and you, the Cougar Squad, are old rivals, but I advise you not to throw your lives away for no reason. As long as you leave immediately, we won’t kill you today.”

Philip sneered upon hearing that.

If they could really deal with Philip and his team, they would have attacked instead of wasting time talking.

With that thought, Philip signaled for his teammates to step back Then, he touched the connecting traps. With a series of loud blasts, the expressions of the two guys changed.

“Kid, you’re playing with fire!”

The tall man burst into flames and waved his hands, throwing fireballs one after another at Philip.

The short man also controlled the vines to tie Philip up.

Seeing this, Philip merely chuckled and kept moving around to avoid the exploding traps on the ground. They could not attack Philip at all. They could not even stop Philip from approaching them.

As he got closer, a raging fire surged from Philip’s body.

Philip reached out and grabbed the necks of the two. In just a few seconds, Philip beheaded both of them.

Under such circumstances, Philip did not hold back at all. This was a battle between life and death. Giving the enemy an opportunity meant more danger for him.

Upon seeing this, Leopard was full of envy and excitement.

“Whoa, you’re so strong, Boss. If I work harder, can I become as strong as you in the future?”

Although he was thinking about it, he could not help speaking aloud.

“As long as you’re willing to work hard, maybe you can become stronger than me in the future!” Philip walked up to them at this time and said with a smile.

Emily asked, “Brother Philip, shall we go further ahead now?”

Philip immediately shook his head and said, “We’re all alone now. Even if we find the other party’s main force, it’s useless.”

Chapter 3240
As soon as Philip finished speaking, someone laughed and said, “If you want to turn back now, I can only say that you’re too naive!”

Philip turned around abruptly and saw the captain of First Team from Arlene Shannon’s family!

“It’s you…” Philip was startled.

The captain smiled and said to Philip, “It’s me alright. I’ve been planning for years in the Shannon family, just waiting for this opportunity!”

Philip immediately realized. This captain was a dark elemental practitioner. Now that he found this dark elemental mine, he would never let it slip through his fingers.

“So you mobilized so many people to ambush us just to occupy this dark elemental mine?”

Hearing that Philip knew about the mine, the captain’s expression changed immediately.

“You know too much. I wanted to spare your lives at first, but now, it seems…”

Before he could finish speaking, Philip saw Cougar and the others.

“Now it seems that you can’t occupy this dark elemental mine after all.”

Philip laughed mockingly. Not only Cougar but Lorna was here too. He chuckled at the sight of them. It seemed that Cougar and the others were not too stupid after all.

Philip jumped so high just now because he wanted Cougar and the others to see him.

Coupled with the chain explosions of the traps just now, if Cougar and the others still could not find him, then they would be left to their own devices.

“Philip, good on you. If you hadn’t made such a big commotion, we wouldn’t have found this place!” Cougar walked up and patted Philip lightly on the shoulder.

A stern look flashed across the captain’s face at this time.

“Kid, I’ll remember this. Let’s settle the score next time!” The captain snorted coldly and said into his communicator, “Patriarch, I found the mine’s location, but we’re now surrounded by Cougar Squad and the Finn family!”

Philip immediately knew that the captain would live for now.

Since he had contacted the patriarch, it meant that he had given up the idea of occupying this mine. Moreover, seeing that Cougar and the others remained motionless, they were obviously afraid of the patriarch of the Shannon family.

Philip shook his head and said to Cougar, “Commander, Cougar Squad has lost so many comrades. Are we just going to forget it?”

At this point, Philip glanced at Cougar Squad.

The number of members had been significantly reduced. However, Cougar’s face was grim, and he did not say anything.

Philip knew that Cougar Squad had lost a lot of people this time, but the Shannon family’s power was simply too great. He could not deal with them even if he wanted to.

Since that was the case, they could only ask for more compensation, and Philip was aware of that too. Thus, when he said that, it was to allow Cougar to put forth better demands. It could also allow other members of Cougar Squad to better affiliate with his team members.

Although Philip knew he could not stay in Cougar Squad forever, Leopard and the others were different.

They needed to go through a long growth process, so they had to stay in Cougar Squad for a while.


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