The First Heir Chapter 3211 – 3220

Chapter 3211
Emily looked up.

She shook her head and said, “I used to command a lot of respect when I was in the Finn family back then too, but I didn’t expect that I would leave the Finn family one day!”

Emily finally revealed the reason during Philip’s questioning.

Back then, Emily’s father was a popular figure in the Finn family, but he was kicked out together with Emily’s grandfather because he met Emily’s mother in North Battle District. Since then, Emily and her grandfather were left to fend for each other.

Philip looked up and asked, “Do you still want to go back to them?”

Hearing Philip’s question, Emily shook her head and said, “I didn’t have any feelings for the Finn family in the first place, so I don’t care if I go back or not!”

Philip nodded and suddenly asked, “Then do you want to go to the middle floor to look for your mother’s family?”

Emily nodded quickly and vigorously.

She had been longing for her mother’s family on the middle floor, but after that, she lowered her head sadly.

“Do I still have a chance?”

Philip stroked her head with a smile and said, “Of course. Don’t forget, you’re a space elemental practitioner now. No matter where you go, I believe people prefer those with abilities.”

Emily chuckled lightly and said, “Let’s go and find Leopard now.”

Philip smiled and informed Iris before they went to Leopard’s boxing arena.

To Philip’s surprise, when he and Emily arrived at the boxing arena, they found Arlene cleaning up.

When she saw Philip and Emily, Arlene bowed to Philip and said, “Mr. Clarke, I’m so sorry that you were harassed by the Finn family because of me…”

Philip did not comment but looked around and said, “You did all this?”

The boxing arena looked almost as good as new!

At this time, Leopard walked out, which surprised Philip. By right, with Leopard’s physical fitness, he should not have recovered so quickly.

Leopard smiled earnestly and said, “Boss, Arlene said that you prepared some growth fluid to treat my wounds. Thank you!”

Philip was taken aback for a moment, neither admitting it nor denying it.

He looked at Arlene and asked, “Is that your handiwork too?”

Arlene naturally knew that Philip was referring to the growth fluid and the refurbished underground boxing arena.

She smiled at Philip and said, “Just accept it as a token of my gratitude, okay?”

Philip merely smiled wryly. He really did not know what to say to make her forget her sense of gratitude. As he thought about it, Arlene walked up to Philip.

“Um, my father would like to invite you to the Shannon family. I wonder when you’ll be free.”

‘The Shannon family? Arlene’s father?’

Philip was startled. He really had no idea why Arlene’s father would like to see him.

Chapter 3212
However, come to think of it, it was probably related to the Finn family.

“If your father wants me to explain about the Finn family’s incident, I don’t think I have anything to say!”

Hearing that, Arlene was stunned for a moment.

“The Finn family’s incident? Did the Finn family look for you?”

Emily walked over at this time and said to Arlene, “Of course. Philip even got into a fight with Lorna Firm of North Battle District because of this matter. If Cougar Yorkshire or Cougar Squad didn’t step in, I’m afraid this matter wouldn’t be over yet.”

Hearing that, Arlene lowered her head. She whispered to Philip, “I’m sorry, I really didn’t expect that I’d bring you so much trouble…”

After saying this, her head drooped lower.

However, Philip just laughed lightly and said, “You don’t need to apologize to me. It’s not your fault. In fact, it’s not much trouble at all.”

Even without Arlene’s matter, Philip would have joined Cougar Squad. He could not stay on the lower floor forever.

However, Arlene felt more remorse upon hearing Philip’s words.

“Can I still stay here and practice my element with you?” Arlene suddenly looked up with a hint of pleading in her eyes as if she had never yearned for anything else in her life.

Philip smiled and said, “Of course. You’ve already paid for the tuition fees.”

Arlene felt much better as if infected by Philip’s good mood.

However, Emily seemed a little emotional when she looked at Arlene.

Leopard walked up to Philip at this time.

Leopard chuckled and said to Philip, “Boss, I heard from my men that Teddy came here to look for trouble and you dealt with him.”

Philip nodded and said with a smile, “From now on, I want you to focus on your practice and stop messing around with such people.”

Leopard promptly nodded and laughed earnestly.

However, at this moment, someone suddenly broke in. It was none other than the captain of the Shannon family’s first guard team.

“Philip Clarke, huh? Didn’t you understand what I said last time?”

He snapped at Philip as soon as he came in.

Philip just glanced at him and did not say a word. He obviously turned up after finding out that Arlene was here.

Leopard frowned and asked the captain, “Who do you think you are to talk to my boss like that?”

However, before Leopard could finish speaking, the captain of the First Team snorted coldly. Immediately after, a strong gust of wind swept over Leopard.

Philip narrowed his eyes. He naturally noticed that the captain had used the wind element to attack Leopard. At his current level, Leopard could not resist at all.

Philip promptly stepped in front of Leopard and said softly, “It doesn’t seem honorable to sneak an attack on someone like this!”

Hearing that, the captain said coldly, “Let’s go to the life-and-death arena, then. That’s the most honorable thing to do!”

Arlene walked up to the captain.

“I’ve told you many times that you don’t have to worry about my affairs. Why do you still meddle around?”

The captain’s eyes swept over Arlene’s body before he said, “If not for the patriarch, I wouldn’t bother!”

Of course, the patriarch of the Shannon family was Arlene’s father.

Chapter 3213
At the mention of her father again, Arlene’s face became sad.

“Patriarch said that he’d only give you three days. If you still don’t return to the Shannon family after three days, I can’t guarantee what will happen next!”

The captain left Leopard’s boxing arena after saying this.

Philip pondered and felt that the patriarch of the Shannon family’s purpose in wanting to see him was probably not just because of the Finn family.

Arlene walked up to Philip, and he asked her, “Do you know why your father is looking for me?”

Arlene shook her head.

Her father made all the decisions at home, and no matter what he decided, no one could change them on a whim. Moreover, not everyone knew the reasons either.

Philip nodded without a word.

For the next two days, Philip kept guiding Leopard and the others. Arlene was very hardworking these days, but the one with the biggest improvement had to be Emily!

Her comprehension of the rules of space always seemed better than the others.

Iris also came here several times during this time, but it was because she practiced at the bar by herself after testing out her elemental talent.

Philip tested others for free in the morning for the next two days.

Since he would be going to Blackwater Forest soon, he could not train the others, so the cram school was temporarily put on hold.

He had just arrived at the test tower today when he was stopped by the old man from the test tower.

“Mr. Clarke, it’s almost time to go to Blackwater Forest. You should be reporting to Cougar Squad by now and testing your star power to determine your position in the squad!”

Hearing that, Philip was startled and asked, “What? I need to test my strength before I go to Blackwater Forest?”

The old man said with a smile, “Of course. It’s not only to test your level but also your elemental talent so that the battle teams can be determined!”

Just as the old man finished speaking, Philip saw the domineering captain of the Shannon family.

He first nodded to the old man before he turned to Philip and said, “You really have guts. The patriarch asked to see you, but there’s been no news from you for two days in a row. Are you waiting for our patriarch to invite you in person before you go?”

Hearing that, Philip just smiled lightly and said, “Doesn’t your patriarch know that I’ve been busy training his daughter these two days?”

The captain snorted upon hearing that.

“Whatever. Cut the crap and come with me now. It won’t do you any good to keep our patriarch waiting.”

The old man also whispered to Philip, “If you want to go to the upper floors, you’d better get in touch with the Shannon family. They have a close relationship with the medical traders on the middle floor.”

Philip definitely would not have gone if he did not hear about the medical traders.

He hurried to the Shannon family now. However, when he arrived there, Philip found out that the Shannon family had prepared three challenges for him!

Chapter 3214
The captain of the First Team soon brought Philip to the Shannon family, which was unlike most buildings on the lower floor.

The style of the Shannon family’s building was more primitive, mostly decorated with wood instead of useless steel accessories. Just looking at the architecture and decoration set them apart in terms of status.

What Philip did not expect was for the door to close behind him as soon as he entered this quaint building.

At this time, a voice rang from the side. “Philip Clarke, the Shannon family has set three challenges for you. You can only meet me, the patriarch of the Shannon family, if you pass these three challenges.”

As soon as the words ended, the whole area turned dark.

Philip frowned. Since he came to the land of the other shore, Philip had learned a lot about elemental talent from Emily and Iris.

This should be a scenario created by a dark elemental practitioner!

Only practitioners of the dark element had this ability to make someone be in complete darkness.

At this moment, something sharp stabbed Philip.

Philip could not see anything at all, so he could only dodge this attack by instinct. However, a red light promptly exploded from Philip’s body!

Flames blazed on Philip’s body, but he still found no way to illuminate his surroundings!

“Although the fire element has some characteristics of the light element, it’s still not the same. You must be delusional to try to use the fire element to defeat my dark element!” A voice floated in the dark.

Hearing this, Philip merely chuckled.

Of course, the fire element could also deal with the dark element, but it had to be done in a different way.

Philip abruptly stomped his feet. Flames spread out in all directions under his feet like wildfire.

“Since I can’t defeat it, let’s see if I can engulf it!” Philip said lightly.

Under the constantly burning flames, the thick dark element finally weakened.

Something sharp stabbed him again in the darkness. However, Philip did not dodge this time but merely stomped his feet. A fire chimera stood up from the flames on the floor and blocked the attack

Several fire chimeras followed suit.

In the blink of an eye, the dark element was cut open one after another.

At this time, Philip realized that the captain of the First Team was standing in front of him.

“Count yourself lucky!” he said disdainfully to Philip.

However, in the confrontation just now, Philip did not thwart his dark element due to luck. It was a display of crushing strength, but Philip was also aware of the captain’s thoughts. Although no one was around, someone must be watching the fight just now.

At this thought, Philip made no comment.

“Even if you passed the first challenge, the next one won’t be so easy!”

After saying that, the captain of the First Team snorted coldly and waved his hand.

A group of people in thin armor appeared in front of Philip.

At the captain’s command, these people rushed at Phillip without further ado. Philip also charged at them.


Chapter 3215
With a muffled sound, Philip’s punch landed on someone. However, this punch only created a ripple on that person.

Philip was taken aback. Since he was here just to pass the challenges, he thought of holding back his attack. He never expected his attack not to hurt his opponent at all.

At this time, the captain laughed and said, “Philip, are you surprised? This is the protective armor newly produced by the middle floor, which is specially used to defend against attacks by star talent practitioners!”

Philip looked at everyone. Since this thing was used for defense, he could attack them without scruples.

Philip promptly rushed toward these people again, but to his surprise, they suddenly dispersed at this time.

In sudden, waves of ripples spread across them, and Philip saw them disappearing from his side one after another. In the next second, they appeared behind Philip.

Philip turned around and threw another punch. This time, the armor of the person who was hit burst into flames.

Next, Philip moved quickly as he blasted out at these people, and fire broke out continuously.

Seeing this scene, the captain of the First Team laughed and said, “I didn’t expect your attacks to be so powerful that even the armor can’t stop them. In that case, let them try your defense!”

After he finished speaking, those people removed their armor and reassembled them. It became a machine gun!

Philip made no move. The machine gun pulsated for a while, and Philip’s expression changed. This blow was so powerful that even Philip had to defend himself!

In an instant, Philip waved his hand, and a wave formed by the water element wrapped around the attack.


The blast was deafening, and Philip had already retreated far away. However, he really did not expect that the Shannon family would dare to launch such an attack.

At this moment, he heard a voice. “That’s enough! This so-called challenge is just a joke I made with Mr. Clarke!”

Seeing this person walking out, Philip’s eyes were slightly cold.

This should be the Shannon family’s patriarch who wanted to see Philip.

“Are you Philip Clarke who Arlene has taken a fancy to?”

He looked at Philip seriously, but Philip frowned in exasperation.

Why did that sound wrong?

What did he mean by ‘Philip Clarke who Arlene had taken a fancy to’?

When did Arlene take a fancy to him?

Philip was startled and asked, “What do you mean by that?”

Hearing Philip’s question, Patriarch Shannon said indifferently, “The Finn family has already turned up at your doorstep, haven’t they? Don’t you know that Arlene canceled her marriage with the Firm family because of you? Don’t tell me you don’t know about this.”

Although Patriarch Shannon spoke calmly, there was an indisputable tone in his voice. Moreover, his eyes were fixed on Philip.

If Philip dared to say that he did not know, Patriarch Shannon would make a move immediately.

Chapter 3216
Seeing Patriarch Shannon with such a serious expression, Philip narrowed his eyes. This was blatant intimidation.

No matter how Philip looked at it, he was hostile!

However, Philip said steadfastly, “Why are you doing this, then?”

Suddenly, Patriarch Shannon’s expression changed, and he said to Philip, “It’s nothing more than entrusting my daughter to you!”

Hearing that, Philip’s expression changed immediately. If he refused outright, Patriarch Shannon would feel insulted. However, how could Philip promise the other party and be with Arlene?

This was really a dilemma!

“What? Don’t you want to marry my daughter?”

Philip adjusted his expression and said, “Patriarch Shannon, it’s not that I don’t want to, but I’m not worthy of your daughter. Please withdraw your request!”

“Outrageous!” Patriarch Shannon suddenly shouted, and Philip felt a strong wind sweeping over him.

Patriarch Shannon’s aura raged. His clothes also fluttered without wind.

Philip looked up calmly, his eyes fixed on Patriarch Shannon. He did not speak or move. He just stood there.

However, even if Philip said nothing, his meaning was obvious. If they came to blows, Philip would not hold back either.

At this time, Patriarch Shannon’s communicator suddenly rang. He looked down and said to the captain of the First Team, “Open the door!”

The door had just opened when Cougar walked in with a laugh.

“Patriarch Shannon, we haven’t seen each other for a long time since the last time we parted!”

Cougar was already in front of Philip as he spoke. Patriarch Shannon looked at the person in front of him with searing eyes, snorted coldly, and asked, “Cougar, are you here for him?”

Cougar chuckled and said, “You know about Blackwater Forest too. He’s the main force of my Cougar Squad now.”

With that said, Patriarch Shannon’s aura abruptly dissipated.

“Is his test in Cougar Squad over?” Patriarch Shannon asked.

Cougar shook his head and said, “It hasn’t started yet. If you’re interested, you can come to Cougar Squad with me now. We’re just about to start the test now!”

Patriarch Shannon smiled and said, “In that case, I’ll go with you to see how strong this kid is!”

Philip did not say anything but just followed Cougar out. He did not expect Cougar to know Patriarch Shannon, and they seemed to be on good terms too.

Soon, the three arrived at Cougar Squad.

Various tests were in progress at this moment. Philip walked with them. At a glance, he could roughly tell that the test was done in several parts.

The first was physical strength, followed by elemental talent, and lastly, actual combat!

However, when everyone saw that Philip was brought by Cougar personally, there was some dissatisfaction in their eyes. When they looked at Philip, they were not friendly either.

Cougar said to Philip, “Philip, you should join the test too. On one hand, it’s to let everyone know your strengths, and on the other hand, it’s to let your teammates get familiar with your abilities. It’s better to form a team and work together in combat! “

Philip nodded. Since he had joined Cougar Squad, the test was unavoidable.

Philip walked to the area to test his strength and reflexes.

There were people taking the strength test at this time. It was two men in Cougar Squad who looked like steel towers. They were each carrying a mecha that was taller than them.

The muscles on their bodies bulged, and the two of them said to Philip with a smile, “Hey, with your small stature, we hope you won’t die of exhaustion before testing your strength!”

Philip just smiled without a word.

This strength test had always been simple and crude. It was nothing more than letting people pick up various mechas of different weights to judge their strength levels.

Philip glanced around roughly, and his eyes fell on the last black iron mecha, which should be the heaviest here.

The two burly guys who saw this scene smiled and said, “I advise you not to overestimate your strength. That black iron mecha isn’t something someone like you can handle!”

Chapter 3217
Philip said lightly, “If someone like me can’t handle it, can you?”

After speaking, Philip had already arrived in front of the black iron mecha. Philip grabbed the black iron mecha with both hands.

Everyone looked at Philip. They had not seen such a sight in a long time.

Although this mecha had long since become a testing tool in Cougar Squad, the weight of these mechas was no joking matter. Especially the black iron mecha. Maybe no one in the entire Cougar Squad could move it except Cougar.

At this time, Philip’s hands exploded with force. He wanted to test the weight of this black iron mecha. The weight of this black iron mecha was incredible, indeed!

Philip was ready to change his posture and lift the black iron mecha in one fell swoop. However, when everyone saw Philip let go, they thought Philip was going to give up.

Boos immediately rang out.

Even the two big guys from earlier laughed and said, “As I said earlier, you’re simply out of your depths!”

However, just as he finished speaking, he saw Philip grabbing the black iron mecha again.

“Up you go!” Philip bellowed!

Philip slowly lifted the black iron mecha.

“What the heck?!”

“He actually lifted that black iron mecha!”

Exclamations rang out in Cougar Squad in an instant.

At this time, Philip put down the black iron mecha and walked to the area where reflex speed was tested without a change in his expression.

“This kid is so petite. How could he actually lift the black iron mecha?”

“What a freak!”

The area for testing reflex speed was a corridor. Various contraptions that controlled various attacking weapons were placed in this corridor.

Philip just took one glance and was about to head inside.

He did not notice that a man had set the attack interval to a minimum from outside just before Philip entered.

Chapter 3218
It was a corridor to test the speed of reflexes, but as soon as Philip walked in, he realized that something was wrong. That was because based on the speed of an average person, the pendulums, weapons, and even the swinging speed of the guillotine and giant ax would not be so fast.

After all, it was a test, not something meant to kill.

Philip walked in slowly before he smiled and shook his head. To be honest, this level of testing was nothing to him at all.

Since he agreed to the test, Philip would do it seriously.

The man outside laughed oddly as Philip walked in, and the two burly men came over at this time.

“How is it? Did you add something extra for that kid?”

Hearing that, the person who had adjusted the attack interval to the minimum said with a smile, “Of course. Otherwise, how could I call myself your buddy?”

“That kid is in for a good time!”

However, before they could finish their words, they saw Philip standing at the door looking at them calmly without a hair out of place.

“You came out so soon?” The three asked in unison.

Philip nodded lightly and said, “Of course. I saw that the exit on the other side was closed, so I went back the same way!”

“How could you be so fast? Is it possible that you didn’t go in at all and you’re just telling us that you passed?”

Philip said indifferently, “If you don’t believe me, you can go in with me and see for yourself!”

As he spoke, Cougar walked over.

“Philip, you came out so quickly from the reflex test. Did they not turn on the protection switch for you?”

Philip shook his head. “I don’t know about that, but Commander Yorkshire, I discovered a flaw in the design of this place. There’s no exit inside, so I could only go back the same way!”

Cougar looked at the switch on the wall of the reflex speed test area and snorted.

He said, “The exit is closed, the attack interval is the shortest, and the protection switch is off. You guys are really the best subordinates I have!”

Hearing that, the faces of those people went pale.

“Now, based on Philip’s speed just now, you guys can go in and take the same test too. If you can’t reach his speed, none of you is allowed to come out!”

Philip did not speak up or stop him.

Since they made a move on him, they should be prepared to pay the corresponding price. Even if it was a scheme.

Watching them walk in with glum faces, Philip said to Cougar, “Commander Yorkshire, may I know if I can form a team myself?”

Cougar raised his eyebrows and asked, “Are you saying that you don’t like my people?”

Hearing that, Philip smiled and shook his head.

“I just don’t want my teammates to be strangers. They don’t understand my habits, and I don’t understand their battle formations, so I prefer to bring in my own people!”

Chapter 3219
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Hearing what Philip said, and thinking of what happened earlier, Cougar finally sighed and said, “Well, since that’s the case, you don’t need to continue your test. Once your team is formed, I’ll let you have a group test!”

Cougar had just finished speaking when Philip thanked him, “Thank you, Commander Yorkshire!”

Cougar said, “Don’t take that group test too seriously. As we don’t know how strong the enemy is, I don’t want unnecessary casualties. If your team fails the test, I hope you can agree to my arrangement and enter another team!”

Philip simply nodded.

In fact, Philip already had a candidate in mind. Although Cougar decided that Philip only had one day before he had to take on the fight on Cougar Squad’s virtual battlefield, with Philip’s means, he believed that one day would be enough.

After leaving Cougar Squad, Philip headed to Iris’ bar.

When he walked into the bar, Philip found that the bar was no longer in business. After all, Iris had developed into a star talent elemental practitioner. Since then, Iris had been trying to comprehend her elemental talent.

When she saw Philip walking into her bar, Iris chuckled and said, “What a rare visitor. I’m sure you aren’t here for nothing, so tell me what brings you here.”

Without further ado, Philip promptly went behind the bar counter, took out a bottle of beer, opened it, and took a sip.

“Let me contact Leopard and Emily. We’ll talk after they arrive.”

Philip made a Video call to Leopard and Emily on the communicator at the same time.


“What’s up?”

Once the video was connected, Leopard was sweating profusely. Obviously, Leopard was training on his own, and Philip nodded when he saw this.

Sometimes, bad people just have not found an opportunity to become better people.

“Come to Iris’ bar. I need to tell you something face-to-face…” Philip downed a bottle of beer and said.

At this time, Emily also connected the video.

“Brother Philip, are you coming home for dinner tonight? I bought a lot of delicious food!”

Hearing that, Philip just smiled and said, “Let’s put that aside. Come to Iris’ bar first. I want to tell you something.”

Emily promptly agreed and ended the call.

Soon, Leopard and Emily arrived.

Philip said to them, “I got an opportunity in Cougar Squad for you to form a combat team with me to go to Blackwater Forest. I’m not sure if you want to go with me, so I want to discuss this matter with you guys.”

Leopard immediately looked eager. “Boss, are you serious? Cougar Squad?”

Leopard’s face was full of excitement and anticipation.

Iris glanced at Philip meaningfully and said, “When did you think of us?”

Philip said mildly, “I want to make it clear that I’m not forcing you to go. I just feel that if I have to fight in an unfamiliar place, I’m more used to leaving my back open to the people I know. The decision is entirely up to you.”

Philip could not be clearer about it.

Iris rolled her eyes and said, “Who cares about your open back? Since there’s a chance to join Cougar Squad, only a fool would refuse!”

Chapter 3220
Philip was fully aware of Iris’ character. She would always say something different and portray her individuality. However, he was not concerned about it. He knew that she was a woman of faith and loyalty. That was why he chose her to form a battle team with him.

At this time, Philip looked at Emily who had not yet made a decision.

He smiled and said, “Emily, I know you may need to take care of Grandpa, so I won’t force you. Just follow your heart…”

Hearing that, Emily nodded and said to Philip, “Let me talk to Grandpa first!”

After that, Emily jumped out of the chair and went to the side.

At this moment, Iris looked at Emily who was on the phone.

She said softly, “Philip, don’t you think Emily is too young? It’s still a little early for her to get in contact with such things now.”

Seeing the worry in Iris’ eyes, Philip said, “If her experience through all the hardships and people’s attitudes toward her on this lower floor can’t mature her, she can only stay here for the rest of her life!”

Iris said no more. She knew Philip had a point.

After a while, Emily walked back to the three of them with a smile and said, ” I spoke to my Grandpa just now, and he told me not to hesitate for his sake. I deserve a better future.”

Leopard said to Emily, “Emily, don’t worry. Although we’ll be going to Blackwater Forest together, my buddies are still here. I’ll ask them to take care of your grandfather!”

Hearing that, Philip poured a bucket of cold water over them at the right time.

“Don’t get too excited yet. We still need to go to the virtual battlefield and go through the test for the combat team, so we need to be as familiar as possible with each other’s attack methods and pass the test before we can enter Blackwater Forest.”

Philip clapped his hands and said, “Let’s go to Leopard’s boxing arena now to familiarize ourselves with each other as much as possible.”

With that said, Philip took the lead and walked out.

Soon, they arrived at Leopard’s boxing arena.

Philip’s method to familiarize themselves was to fight!

The fights were on a one-on-one basis.

Among the three of them, they would take turns fighting each other. The loser would be replaced by the next person, and they continued fighting for an entire afternoon.

When all three of them were exhausted, Philip said, “I’m going out to buy some food. When I return, the three of you will start fighting against me!”

Hearing that, the three of them complained almost at the same time.

Philip merely chuckled.

The three of them had already gained some understanding of each other during the fights, and more feelings were mixed in too.

After walking around the streets, Philip found a fast food restaurant. The things sold here were quite simple.

Philip finally bought some food after walking for a while.


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