The First Heir Chapter 3209 – 3210

Chapter 3209
At this time, Emily said, “Lorna Finn? Didn’t you go to the North Battle District? Why are you back?”

Hearing that, the woman sneered.

“You’re very well informed to know that I went to the North Battle District.”

Lorna smiled at Emily and said, “But you used to be a member of the Finn family too, so having some news is normal.”

Philip was taken aback and looked at Emily. He did not expect Emily to have another identity, and it seemed that she ended up like this because of a special reason.

At this moment, Lorna said to Philip, “You, if you know what’s good for you, come out now and don’t be a nuisance!”

Philip just chuckled and walked out of the bar.

Emily kept pulling on Philip’s clothes and said, “Philip, don’t do anything to her. North Battle District is a battlefield between the lower and middle floors. She must be very strong if she could return alive from that place.”

Philip shook his head with a smile and said, “Even if I want to, it’s impossible to avoid this, so I’ll just play along with her!”

After saying this, Philip walked out.

Lorna chuckled lightly and walked outside while dragging her big saber. “You’re right about that.”

With that said, she was already on the street.

As soon as she walked outside, she took off the cape she was wearing and revealed the battle uniform that represented North Battle District.

Lorna’s slender figure and outstanding appearance were enough to attract the people on the street. Her battle uniform surprised everyone further.

“Look, isn’t that the uniform from North Battle District?”

“I heard that there’s only one woman in the North Battle District known as the Queen of The Doom!”

The crowd chattered incessantly when suddenly, someone approached.

Philip saw Cougar from a distance. Maybe he heard of the news and came here to rescue Philip.

Lorna noticed the Cougar too.

She no longer hesitated and burst out with seven rays of light, which meant that she was a seven-star practitioner. When the light flared, she rushed toward Philip.

The big saber in her hand exuded cold light as if about to tear Philip apart.

However, Philip was not slow either. As her saber was about to slash him, Philip knocked the side of the saber with his forearm.

Lorna had to shift her momentum to avoid the powerful impact.

“Not bad. If you didn’t have such strength, you couldn’t have killed my brother!” Lorna said mildly.

However, when Philip heard her say that, he just said indifferently, “It really didn’t take much effort to kill him.”

Lorna sneered and slashed Philip as she said, “You have a sharp tongue!”

As Philip was about to dodge again, he suddenly found that his feet were trapped. At some point, vines had sprouted from the ground.

Chapter 3210
The First Heir

Lorna smiled and said to Philip, “Oh, I forgot to tell you that I’m a wood elemental practitioner too.”

She seemed pretty smug about it. She picked up the big saber again as a flash of ruthlessness crossed her face.

As she was about to slash Philip with that big saber again, Cougar shouted, “Hold your attack!”

However, no one paid attention or noticed him because a ball of fire blazed from Philip’s hands at this moment.

Philip clenched his fists and threw out a chimera fist. A chimera made of flames rushed toward Lorna, who still held the big saber!

That flame also burned the vines on Philip’s body in an instant.

When Lorna saw the flame chimera, she was also surprised, or rather, shocked. She did not expect Philip to be so strong and also an elemental practitioner, which happened to be the fire element that counteracted her wood element too.

Lorna lashed out with her saber continuously. It was not to attack but to defend. Even so, she was engulfed by the flame chimera. If the Cougar did not help her in time, she might have been burned alive.

“Lorna, I witnessed the entire event when your brother died. If your brother hadn’t asked for it, Philip never would have killed him!” Cougar shouted.

Lorna snorted coldly at Cougar’s words. She knew that she was no match for Philip now, so she no longer attacked Philip mindlessly.

At this time, Cougar said with a laugh, “Lorna, I know you returned because of Blackwater Forest. Philip is the main force for us to enter Blackwater Forest, so let’s put aside our personal grievances for now…”

Although Philip could kill this woman, Cougar had stepped in, so Philip would not go further.

Lorna knew that Cougar was giving her the chance to back off, so she promptly snorted and said, “Let’s end this matter for today. After the matter of Blackwater Forest is solved, I’ll settle the score with you!”

After saying that, Lorna left with her big saber on her back.

Philip looked at the Cougar. “Why should I let her go?”

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that Lorna stood no chance if Philip really wanted to deal with her. However, Cougar stepped in at this time, no doubt asking Philip to let her go.

“She’s an important player of the North Battle District. If you kill her, they won’t let you off, so it’s better if you don’t mess with her.”

Philip rolled his eyes upon hearing that.

Cougar walked up and put something in Philip’s hand. “I’ll give you this as compensation…”

As he spoke, Cougar took out a stone and handed it to Philip.

‘A stone?’ Philip was taken aback, but Iris beside him recognized it.

“Philip, this is an energy stone that we can extract growth fluid from. Hurry up and keep it safe!”

Since Iris recognized it, Cougar smiled and said, “Since someone recognizes it, this matter is easy to deal with. When the time comes, Cougar Squad will look for you and go to Blackwater Forest together.”

With that said, Cougar left.

Philip held the stone and fiddled with it but could not figure out how to use it.

He simply handed it to Iris. After Lorna spoke to her, Emily was in low spirits and did not speak.

Philip walked up to Emily and teased her, “What’s the matter? Are you thinking of something delicious for dinner?”


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