The First Heir Chapter 3208

Chapter 3208
“It’s nothing special. I just need you to join Cougar Squad for the time being and go to Blackwater Forest.”

Philip thought about it and said, “I need to think about it.”

That was Cougar’s objective, to get Philip to join Cougar Squad. However, Cougar knew that Philip should be more suitable to display his talents on a larger platform and a higher floor.

The underground city was realistically divided into different classes. Even if Cougar Squad was considered one of the strongest organizations on the lower floor, it could not stand a chance on the middle floor.

“Alas! What a waste of talent!” Cougar Yorkshire sighed.

Philip left after a casual chat with Cougar.

Cougar’s eyes were dark and troubled as he watched Philip leave. He knew that a person like Philip would look for an opportunity to achieve greater heights no matter what.

Philip did not go far before he saw Emily and Iris running out.

They were surprised at the sight of Philip.

“Brother Philip, did you go to the life-and-death arena just now?” Emily immediately asked Philip.

Philip nodded, but he wondered how they found out. Emily took out her communicator, which showed Philip’s fight record just now. Some people had placed bets too.

This surprised Philip a little.

Iris said to the two at this time, “This isn’t the place to talk. Let’s go to my bar.”

Hearing that, they went to Iris’ bar.

In the bar, Philip told them why he had to go to the life-and-death arena and how he beat Young Master Finn to death.

When Iris heard the news, she stood up. “What did you say? You killed the only son of the Finn family?”

Philip nodded.

At this moment, Iris anxiously paced back and forth in the bar.

“Philip, why were you so impulsive? Don’t you know that Young Master Finn is the only son of the Finn family? Your action will definitely anger the Finn family!”

Philip said indifferently, “Was I supposed to just stand there and let them kill me instead?”

Hearing that, Emily said to Philip, “Okay, let’s stop with the meaningless words. I’ll get someone to forge you a fake identity so that you can go to the middle floor!”

However, before she could finish her words, a clear female voice rang out.

“It’s too late to run now!”

Hearing this, all three of them turned to look at the door

A woman stood at the door with a large saber on her back that was not suitable for her figure at all.

Philip frowned at the sight of this woman and asked, “Who are you?”

The woman held the big saber and slashed out at Philip. “I’m the elder sister of the Young Master Finn you mentioned, Lorna Finn!”

Philip grabbed the woman’s hand and avoided her saber.

Philip finally had a good look at this woman. She was exceptionally tall and slender with no trace of fat on her body at all. There was also a hint of wildness on her.

“Let go of me!” The woman suddenly shouted as a stern aura exploded from her body!

Philip took advantage of the situation and stepped aside.


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