The First Heir Chapter 3207

Chapter 3207
At Young Master Finn’s command, someone else rushed in before Philip came out. However, as this man had seen Philip’s skills before, he immediately retreated to the edge as soon as he entered the arena.

Similar to the previous opponent, five rays of light exploded from him.

A five-star talent practitioner!

However, although his level was stronger than the earlier guy, he died even quicker. Philip’s punch instantly went through the man’s body.

This time, Philip did not give others a chance to enter the life-and-death arena at all. He rushed out and grabbed hold of Young Master Finn.

“Let go of me. You can’t afford to mess with someone of my identity!” Young Master Finn immediately struggled in Philip’s hold.

“Your identity? Do you really think your identity makes any difference to me?”

Philip punched him hard, and Young Master Finn was about to fly out. However, at this moment, Philip grabbed hold of him again.

To deal with a weakling like Young Master Finn, Philip did not use much strength at all. Even so, with just a few punches from Philip, Young Master Finn was already spitting blood and his life was obviously hanging on a thread.

Seeing this situation, although Young Master Finn’s people wanted to fight Philip, they were no match at all.

They could only snatch Young Master Finn from Philip and threaten him, “Just you wait. The Finn family will definitely not let you off!”

Philip did not chase after them. He knew that even if he killed them all, he could not stop the Finn family from finding out about this matter.

Cougar walked up to Philip and said, “Did you kill Young Master Finn just now?”

Philip nodded and said softly, “Barring any accidents, he’ll die as soon as he reaches home.”

Hearing that, Cougar was surprised. “Are you really not afraid that the Finn family will seek revenge on you?”

Philip just smiled and said, “I’m more worried that they won’t come after me. If they seek revenge on me, I can have the opportunity to earn star dollars and go to a higher floor!”

After hearing Philip’s words, Cougar pondered for a long time and said, “If you want to go to the next floor, I can recommend you, but you need to help me first!”

Philip looked at Cougar and asked, “What is it?”


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