The First Heir Chapter 3206

Chapter 3206
As soon as Young Master Finn saw Philip, he looked as if he was going to eat Philip alive.

Philip just looked at him indifferently and said, “Because of me? I don’t think I have that honor, do I?”

Young Master Finn’s face was very gloomy. The men he brought said to him, “Young Master Finn, let’s stop wasting time and just kill him. If not for him, the Finn family wouldn’t have suffered such humiliation.”

Hearing that, Young Master Finn snorted.

“What are you waiting for? Go ahead!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Cougar stepped out.

He looked at the Young Master Finn and said coldly, “Young Master Finn, you’re stepping out of line. How dare you mess around in Cougar Squad?”

Young Master Finn looked solemn and said to Cougar, “Commander Yorkshire, you may not be aware of this, but if it wasn’t for Philip Clarke, Arlene wouldn’t have canceled our engagement and made me the laughingstock of the entire lower floor.”

However, Cougar said with a smirk, “Is Arlene going to break up with you and marry Mr. Clarke instead?”

Young Master Finn shook his head.

“That’s not the case, but if he hadn’t awakened Arlene’ s talent, Arlene wouldn’t have canceled our engagement!”

Philip smiled and said, “Is that why you didn’t dare to kick up a fuss with the Shannon family but came here looking for me instead?”

Philip was right. If Young Master Finn could afford to mess with the Shannon family, he would have kicked up a fuss the moment they canceled the marriage agreement. He would not be looking for Philip either.

Young Master Finn snorted coldly, looked at Philip, and said, “Let’s stop the crap. One of us must die today!”

Hearing that, Cougar laughed and said, “In that case, Young Master Finn, you can go to the life-and-death arena with Mr. Clarke. That’s the fairest way and also fulfills the requirement that someone must die.”

With that said, the people of Cougar Squad also stepped out at this time. Everyone cheered at the sound of a match at the life-and-death arena.


“Let’s go to the life-and-death arena!”

Philip simply glanced at Young Master Finn indifferently and asked, “So, do you dare?”

Young Master Finn snorted coldly. “Let’s go right now!”

The so-called life-and-death arena was not a special place. They simply put two people in a separate space that was covered by a light screen.

After two people went in, they could not come out until one party died.

Without any hesitation, Philip stepped onto the arena of life and death. However, at this time, Young Master Finn just looked at Philip’s back and smiled. Not only did he not enter the life-and-death arena, but he told someone next to him to go instead.

“Philip Clarke, you’re not worthy enough to engage in a life-and-death match with me yet!”

It was impossible for Philip to back out at this point. That was because Young Master Finn’s subordinate had already entered the life-and-death arena.

“Philip Clarke, huh? I advise you not to struggle in vain. Let me kill you now and you can still have a whole body?”

However, before he could finish his words, Philip charged at the man.

Philip’s target was Young Master Finn, so he did not care about this person and just wanted to end things quickly.

Seeing that Philip had already rushed over, the man shouted loudly, “Go to hell!”

With this roar, four rays of light burst out from his body in an instant. Obviously, he was a four-star practitioner. However, the light on his body had just flared up when Philip grabbed his neck.

Immediately after, Philip exerted force in his hand and broke the man’s neck!

Young Master Finn obviously did not expect Philip to be so brutal, but Cougar chuckled at this scene.

Philip was ruthless and decisive. He would obviously be a good helper. Of course, that was if Philip was willing to join Cougar Squad!

Philip was about to come out at this time, but to his surprise, Young Master Finn turned to the person next to him and said, “You’re up next. Take turns until he dies of exhaustion!”


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