The First Heir Chapter 3201 – 3205

Chapter 3201
One of the men from the Finn family snorted coldly and said, “Someone like you isn’t worthy yet. Get away from me!”

That guy was full of arrogance and disdain.

When Penn’s people heard this, they hurriedly laughed and left.

Philip just looked at those from the Finn family. He knew that this matter could not be settled amicably today, and he got ready to fight.

At this moment, a voice suddenly rang.

“Oh, Philip Clarke, just look at how many enemies you have!”

It was another group of people and the leader was none other than Young Master Curry.

“I heard from my guys that you wanted me to come in person, so here I am. Let’s see how capable you are!”

Philip narrowed his eyes, looked at the people around him, and said, “Very good. Since all the troublemakers have assembled, I’ll take care of you in one fell swoop!”

With that said, Philip burst into flames. However, out of Philip’s expectation, a dozen or so mechas landed on the ground at this time.

“Philip Clarke, huh? I still remember that you broke one of my arms!”

Philip knew it was Penn’s voice.

After meeting Philip, Penn’s underling contacted his boss. When Penn got the news, he promptly brought his mecha team he formed to the lower floor.

Philip nodded. This time, all the enemies he made since he came to this new world had truly gathered in one place.

“Since everyone is here, let’s stop wasting time!” Philip roared and jumped into the air in a ball of fire.

His first target was the mecha team that Penn brought. These mechas were equipped with artillery. If a dozen mechas fired at the same time, the pressure on him would be the greatest.

Everyone was taken aback at Philip’s fast speed. Especially those people brought by Penn, they started firing at Philip frantically. However, their aiming speed was too slow. When the firing started, Philip had already jumped on a mecha and punched the hatch.

Scorching flames instantly incapacitated the mecha. Philip did not stop at this mecha but headed to another target. It was the same move, igniting the mecha with one punch.

The people of the Finn family also reacted at this time and charged toward Philip as he attacked the mechas.

Rays of light that represented their talent level also glowed from their bodies.

Philip saw several practitioners with elemental talent approaching him. However, to their surprise, Philip seemed to have anticipated this.

Immediately, the flames on his body turned into a shape of a chimera.

“Flaming chimera fist!”

Everyone in the Finn family was shocked, and the elemental talent practitioner who came with them made his move at this time.

A wall appeared in front of the members of the Finn family. It was a wall made completely out of water!

The chimera formed by the flames hit the water wall, and a burst of steam filled the air.

Chapter 3202
However, the water wall could not stop the flaming chimera. In just a few seconds, the water wall shattered and vanished into nothingness.

These few seconds bought the Finn family a chance to escape. However, as the water vapor filled the air and obstructed the other party’s vision, Philip used this opportunity to attack them one by one.

Screams were heard in the mist from time to time.

At this time, the large number of people became a disadvantage. They were afraid of hurting one of their own, so they dared not shoot indiscriminately.

Philip did not have that concern. He could just do as he pleased. Anyway, those in the mist were all his enemies.

At this moment, a strong wind suddenly cleared away the water vapor.

After everything returned to clarity, it turned out it was the doing of someone brought by Young Master Curry. He was a talented practitioner of the wind element. Seeing this, everyone was startled and could not react for a while.

Philip sneered. In the original world, he had gotten rid of countless powerhouses with various elements. Moreover, Philip was a gifted practitioner of the five elements himself. However, there was no need for Philip to display too much strength to deal with these small fries.

“Kill him!” the Finn family shouted at this time.

During the attack just now, members of the Finn family suffered the most losses. No one expected that they would lose one-third of their people in such a short time.

Philip turned into a flaming chimera again, but his target this time was Young Master Curry and his people.

Seeing this, Young Master Curry immediately dodged. The wind elemental practitioner brought by Young Master Curry released a strong gust of wind at the flame chimera at this time.

The flame chimera seemed to be attracted by the wind. Following the strong wind, it rushed toward the wind elemental practitioner. Soon, the flame chimera engulfed that man.

Everyone was shocked at this sight.

The man had been reduced to ashes.

This time, Young Master Curry felt fear. He finally realized that he had messed with someone that he should not, and because of this, he lost one of his family’s elemental practitioners.

Once his father found out about this, what awaited him would not only be a simple punishment.

Seeing this, Penn ran away with his men. Such an opponent was not someone like him, who started up mechas, could deal with.

Philip ignored Penn who had escaped. He was alone, after all. As long as they stopped messing with him in the future, he would not take the initiative to mess with them.

His priority now was to keep a low profile.

In a flash, Philip was already in front of Young Master Curry.

Philip grabbed Young Master Curry by his neck and said coldly, “You’re such an obedient boy to come here as per my order!”

With just a little force in his hand, Young Master Curry’s eyes started rolling to the back of his head. As for the members of the Firm family, they just looked at Philip from a distance and dared not approach at all.

At this moment, the old man who looked after the test tower appeared.


Chapter 3203
Seeing the old man, Philip merely glanced at him without loosening his hold.

The old man said, “Philip, I know you’re angry, but do you know what the price will be if you mess with these few big families from the lower floor of the underground city?”

Philip did not speak, but he knew very well that if he really made an enemy of these families, all the forces on the lower floor would undergo a reshuffle. With turmoil on the lower floor, countless innocent people like Emily would die tragically.

In the end, Philip let them go.

Philip said to them, “Listen well. If you mess with me again, I won’t be merciful anymore. Remember, this warning extends to everyone!”

After speaking, Philip loosened his hold. Young Master Curry coughed violently.

No one expected this to happen. Philip listened to the old man completely because of the middle-aged man behind him.

In the previous communicator message, Philip noticed that the message about Blackwater Forest had a pattern of a dark golden cougar at the end. This pattern was the same as the photo on the dark golden card that the middle-aged man had given him.

That caught Philip’s attention.

Seeing that everyone was about to leave, the old man looked at Philip with a smile and asked, “Now, are you interested in meeting the commander of our Cougar Squad with me?”

This was what Philip had been waiting for. He immediately said, “Lead the way!”

With a few simple words, Philip followed the old man to another place.

Soon, they arrived at a place that could surely be called a mansion on the lower floor.

When Philip walked in, he saw many people in this so-called mansion wearing the same clothes. They all had the pattern of a dark golden cougar on their clothes!

The old man whispered to Philip, “This is where I shall leave you. Wait here. I think he’ll be out soon.”

After speaking, the old man turned around and went out. Philip started observing this place.

It was not very big. As there were a lot of people here, it did not seem big even if it was a huge area.

At this moment, someone suddenly walked up to Philip.

“Hey, rookie, it’s your first time in Cougar Squad, huh?”

Philip glanced at the man who had a particularly well-defined body.

“Hyena, don’t frighten the rookie. If he bursts into tears, we don’t have a nanny here!”

Hearing that, Philip merely frowned.

Those people laughed loudly. However, that man approached Philip with a wicked smile.

“Come on, rookie. Let me see what you’re capable of. This is a mandatory lesson to join Cougar Squad!”

The man named Hyena immediately grabbed Philip from behind. Philip stepped back, but the man managed to pull Philip’s clothes apart.

At this time, he saw the snake pattern on Philip’s chest!

“Guess what I saw? This rookie actually has a very beautiful tattoo on his body. Let everyone see it!”

After saying this, Hyena was about to tear the clothes off Philip’s chest.

Chapter 3204
At this moment, Philip reached out and grabbed the man’s hand.

“If you dare touch me, I won’t mind turning you into a dead hyena! ” Philip said coldly as he grabbed Hyena’s wrist.

Although he knew that this was a special welcome ceremony in certain places, he did not like it. Especially since Philip did not want to join the Cougar Squad at all. However, the people who were here to watch the fun applauded and cheered on Philip’s words.

“Hyena, it seems that the newcomer doesn’t take you seriously at all. You need to teach him a lesson!”

Hyena smiled and said, “My thoughts exactly!”

While speaking, he reached out to lift Philip high in the air, but to his surprise, Philip’s feet seemed rooted to the floor. However, Hyena was all the more provoked by this.

Hyena roared, and six rays of light burst from his body!

A six-star talent practitioner?

Philip frowned. He was not surprised by the strength of this man but by the middle-aged man instead.

How strong could he be if all his subordinates were as strong as Hyena?

Even so, Hyena could not move Philip in the slightest.

At this moment, almost everyone present booed.

What a letdown!

Hyena felt very embarrassed. Immediately, his blows became heavier.

Philip just moved his body slightly and knocked Hyena down with a backflip.

Later, Philip pointed at Hyena and said, “I told you, if you mess with me again, I’ll turn you into a dead hyena!”

Hearing that, Hyena sneered and said, “Good for you. I didn’t expect you to have some moves. Do you dare to play against me in the life-and-death arena?”

Everyone’s expressions changed at that question. Seeing this and hearing Hyena’s remarks, everyone stopped talking. No one expected that Hyena would invite a newcomer to go to the life-and-death arena.

“Hyena, no one has ever challenged the rules set by the boss, so don’t overdo it!”

Someone kindly reminded Hyena at this time. However, at this time, Hyena did not care about the rules at all.

Philip spoke up instead. “Okay, let’s do it! “

Without any hesitation, Philip looked at the square ring. Everyone was dumbfounded. No one expected this outcome!

Philip was faster than Hyena and walked to the square ring.

Hyena looked at Philip fiercely and said, “Are you ready?”

Philip said, “If you’re ready, so am I!”

As soon as Philip said that, Hyena charged at him. He was very fast. However, he was sent flying even faster. As Hyena rushed over, Philip kicked him out.

Philip looked at everyone present and asked, “Anyone else willing to come up and have a go?”

Chapter 3205
Without exception, no one was Philip’s opponent, and no one could even survive one round under Philip’s hands.

“That’s enough. Stop messing around. Mr. Clarke is just teasing you. Can’t you see that?”

When Philip heard this voice, he also saw the middle-aged man who gave him the dark golden card.

The middle-aged man smiled at Philip and said, “Mr. Clark, please excuse them. They’re just a bunch of rowdy people.”

Philip flipped out of the ring and signaled to the middle-aged man that he was not offended.

This middle-aged man was quite diplomatic. Not only did his remarks remove Philip’s unease, but he also elevated Philip’s status and allowed his subordinates to preserve their dignity.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I’m the leader of Cougar Squad, Cougar Yorkshire. I’m a seven-star talent practitioner of the wood element.”

Philip looked at the other party’s hand and shook it, but he merely said, “Philip Clarke.”

Cougar smiled at Philip and said, “This isn’t the place to talk. Let’s go to my office.”

Philip followed Cougar to his office.

Philip sat down on the chair and said to Cougar, “Tell me why you brought me here.”

Cougar sighed and said, “You should have received news about Blackwater Forest.”

Philip nodded.

Cougar said, “To tell you the truth, something good is about to appear in Blackwater Forest, which attracted those unknown creatures. The reason I’m looking for you is to request that you bring my people to Blackwater Forest!”

Philip looked at him in exasperation.

Why would he entrust Philip with such a task?

Was he not afraid that Philip would take that so-called ‘good thing’ for his own?

Moreover, why not bring his men there himself?

Before Philip could ask, Cougar laughed and said, “You don’t have to find it strange. If not for the fact that I have to stop the people on the middle floor from snatching this thing from us, I’d have brought my men there myself!”

Philip asked with a smile, “Are you so sure that I can get the good thing you mentioned?”

Cougar laughed.

“Actually, I’ve been observing you for a while. If someone with your capabilities can’t get that thing, I’m afraid others stand no chance at all!”

At this moment, the door was suddenly pushed open.

Hyena hobbled into the room. “Boss, people of the Firm family are here, looking for Philip. They said they want to settle scores with him!”

Philip sighed and said, “It seems that some people refuse to show respect to Commander Yorkshire. Okay then, let me go out and bash them up!”

With that said, Philip went out.

As soon as he walked out, Philip saw Young Master Finn.

Young Master Finn was shouting, “Philip Clarke, my engagement got canceled because of you!”


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