The First Heir Chapter 3191 -3200

Chapter 3191
“Big Boss, our boss has been taken away by the Rain family. They said that if you want Leopard to live, you need to go to the Rain family’s mecha boxing arena now…”

Philip was silent for a while before he said to Emily who was beside him, “Wait here. I need to go!”

Emily took Philip’s hand and shook her head.

“Brother Philip, the Rain family is notorious in the East District. Here, Leopard is a lone fighter, but the Rain family, all of them are bullies.”

Philip just patted Emily’s hand lightly and said, “Don’t worry. It won’t be a problem.”

Although Emily only said that the Rain family members were bullies, if such a simple girl could describe them as so, it only went to show Philip who exactly the Rain family was.

Philip was not familiar with the streets here, but after asking around, he soon found the mecha boxing arena of the Rain family. The scale of this place was simply not comparable to that of Leopard.

As soon as he entered the door, he saw a row of mechas neatly stationed on the side, and Philip also noticed several people were already standing at the door.

At this time, Leopard was hung up on a mecha and treated like a sandbag!

Philip walked slowly into the mecha boxing arena.

Someone immediately stepped up in front of Philip and asked, “Who are you? Do you have permission to enter?”

Philip knew that the other party must have recognized him but said that on purpose to intimidate Philip.

With a glance at the two of them, Philip suddenly lunged up and slapped one of them in the face. The person who just spoke fell to the ground and could not get up after the blow.

Philip then turned his attention to the other person.

The man immediately backed away in fright, and Philip let Leopard down.

Obviously, before Philip came, Leopard was beaten up so hard that he could not even open his eyes now.

Seeing this scene, Philip asked mildly, “Do you recognize me?”

Hearing that, Leopard forced his eyes open and gave Philip an expression that was uglier than crying.

“Boss, you’re here to save me!”

When the two were talking, many people walked out of the arena. The leader was a man who looked a little elderly.

“Are you the one who did that to Kerry?” the man asked Philip.

Philip glanced at him and said, “Yes, but if he didn’t mess with me in the first place, I wouldn’t have done that to him either.”

“Okay, sure enough, you have guts!”

He signaled to the people around him, and they approached Philip.

As for his promise earlier, Philip did not take it seriously at all. To these people, promises were meant to be broken. However, Philip did not expect them to move so quickly.

“If you tell your people to back off now, I’ll take it that nothing happened today. Don’t mess with me, and I won’t mess with you either!”

Hearing Philip’s remark, the man laughed. “You’re here alone. What right do you have to mess with me and tell me what to do?”

However, before he finished speaking, Philip put Leopard aside before he turned and walked toward the man.

“Since you said so, let me show you what I’m capable of!”

With that said, flames burst from Philip’s body.

Chapter 3192
As Philip was about to make a move, a person suddenly came over.

Many people followed behind him.


The people in the Rain family boxing arena looked in unison at the man who looked ferocious. Philip also turned to look at the man.

“I’m the captain of the Shannon family’s guards. This is my badge…”

The captain said to the Rain family’s people and took out a badge.

The leader of the Rain family walked over to him and asked, “What brings the Shannon family here?”

He stroked his mustache as he spoke to the captain of the Shannon family.

The captain of the Shannon family pointed at Philip and said, “This person has helped my young miss before, so I wonder if you can forget this matter today.”

Hearing that, the man with a mustache immediately put on a smile.

“Since the captain said so, we’ll let them go on the captain’s account!”

However, before he could finish his words, Philip sneered. “Go? You beat up my man to a pulp and I’m just supposed to forget it?”

Philip knew that the so-called captain of the Shannon family did not care about Philip at all. He was here not to help but to repay the favor.

“Don’t turn down what’s good for you. If not for my young miss begging me, I wouldn’t be here to save you at all!” The captain spoke arrogantly and looked at Philip as if he was a mongrel.

In his opinion, some people on the lower floor of the underground city were even worse than mongrels.

“When did I say I wanted your help? You think too highly of yourself. “

After saying this, the flame element that had faded from Philip’s body just now ignited again.

Philip turned to the Rain family members and said, “Tell me who started it just now.”

The guy from the Rain family was surprised at this moment.

He never expected Philip to have such strength, but at this time, Philip’s attack had already begun. The burning flames seared the air around Philip.

Philip moved quickly, grabbed the hair of a person from the Rain family, and punched the guy in the face. In an instant, the man’s hair and eyebrows were burned to a crisp. The bones on his face were shattered by Philip’s fist and his face was deformed.

Philip did not plan to hurt anyone at first, but the Rain family provoked him time and again, so Philip had to warn everyone not to mess with him again. Otherwise, his cram school business might not be successful.

The following were Philip’s own actions.

Philip’s strength had surpassed many people in the Rain family. Immediately, the Rain family members sprawled on the floor.

Philip turned to the leader of the Rain family and said, “I told you long ago not to mess with me. Didn’t Kerry tell you?”

Philip grabbed the guy’s head and kneed him in the stomach.

The leader of the Rain family reacted quickly and blocked Philip’s attack with his hands. However, Philip did not stop but repeatedly used his knees to hit the man’s arms.

When Philip stopped, the man’s arms were broken, but if he had not used his arms to block, his ribs would have been broken.

“I’m telling you one last time, don’t mess with me again. Next time, it won’t end like this!”

With that said, Philip left with Leopard.

Chapter 3193
When they passed by the captain from the Shannon family, Philip just snorted coldly. However, to Philip’s surprise, the captain brought his men around and followed Philip to Leopard’s boxing arena.

In the boxing arena at this time, only Emily, Arlene, and two of Leopard’s underlings were around.

Seeing Leopard, the two underlings quickly walked up to him.

Emily and Arlene approached Philip, and Arlene asked, “How are you? Are you injured?”

Philip just shook his head without a word.

At this time, the captain came up and said to Philip, “State your condition. What do you want to stop pestering my young miss?”

As soon as the captain spoke, Arlene said sharply, “What are you talking about?”

However, the captain said to Arlene, “Young Miss, this kid must have used some method to get you to pass the test of the test tower. I think he must have known your identity a long time ago!”

His meaning was clear. The captain was saying that Philip was a liar, and his purpose was to deceive Arlene after finding out her identity.

However, before he finished speaking, Emily said angrily, “Brother Philip isn’t that kind of person. I won’t allow you to insult him like this!”

Philip walked up to Emily, rubbed her head lightly, and said, “There’s no need to get angry with people like them. They’re just used to looking down on others…”

Arlene also said angrily to the captain, “I asked you for help, not to cause trouble. Have you forgotten your station?”

Arlene trembled with anger.

At this moment, the captain sneered at Philip and said, “Although I don’t know what you did to my young miss, I hope you can admit that you’re a liar soon. In that way, you’ll suffer less!”

Hearing that, Philip looked at the captain with a sneer. “If you want to make a move, don’t find so many excuses!”

Philip glared at the captain coldly as the latter stalked toward Philip with a smile.

“Do you really think that you’re amazing just because you could deal with those scum from the Rain family?”

As he and Philip were about to fight, Arlene stood between them and said, “Captain, I’ll go back with you, but you must promise that I can see my father!”

The captain smiled and said with a nod, “Of course, I promise!”

After he finished speaking, he glared at Philip before leaving with Arlene and his men.

“You’re very lucky. If my young miss didn’t agree to leave in the end, I’d have made you regret being born into this world!”

Hearing that, Philip also sneered at him. “You still have a chance to make me regret it!”

As Philip spoke, he grabbed the captain’s arm, and flames erupted from Philip’s hand.

Chapter 3194
The captain’s expression changed with Philip’s actions. He did not expect Philip to make a move at this time, but the captain was immediately on alert.

The captain shook his arm off and rushed at Philip. In a flash, the two fists collided several times.

Muffled bangs filled the air, but no one noticed that the hand that the captain used to punch Philip at first was a little limp now.

“Enough! I said I’d go back with you!” Arlene rushed up and shouted at the captain.

Finally, Philip and the captain stopped.

“Next time, we can fight in the arena!” The captain glowered at Philip and made a slashing motion across his neck as a threat.

Philip snorted and said, “I advise you to get your arms checked before threatening others if you don’t want to be a cripple for the rest of your life…”

Hearing that, the captain’s expression changed slightly.

After Philip finished speaking, he realized that he could not even clench his fist with the arm that Philip grabbed earlier.

“Just you wait!”

Finally, Arlene left with them. However, before leaving, Arlene bowed to Philip and said, “I’m sorry for what happened today, but once everything is settled, I’ll come to you again!”

Philip merely smiled without a word.

After they left, Philip went up to the Leopard. Although Leopard did not say anything, he knew that Philip went to the Rain family to save him.

He looked a little thrilled when he saw Philip again. “Boss, I…”

Philip said, “Take care of your injuries. I’ll teach you how to use the power of the elements later.”

Hearing that, Leopard nodded vigorously.

Then Philip said to Emily, “Emily, as your elemental talent is quite special, let me teach you some simple methods to perceive your spatial element…”

Emily nodded and tried the method Philip taught her to sense the surrounding space elements.

At this moment, a message came from the communicator. Everyone’s communicator beeped as well.

When he saw this message, Philip immediately frowned.

Of course, Emily received the message too. After one glance at it, she looked at Philip.

It was a notification message. Black water was surging under the underground city as if something was about to come out. It was a call for all practitioners of the underground city to go to Blackwater Forest to prevent the attacks of those unknown creatures.

However, it would happen in half a month.

“Brother Philip, are you going?” Emily asked.

Philip said, “I can take a look, but I need you to learn how to use your space elements first.”

Philip also gave some pointers to Leopard’s underlings. However, to Philip’s surprise, many people suddenly turned up!

“Boss Philip is here!”

Following the shout, everyone rushed in.

Leopard had been taken inside and the place had been cleaned up.

Philip looked at the people in front of him and asked, “What are you guys doing here?”

The person in the lead said to Philip, “Leopard told us to come, saying that you’ve modified the boxing arena into a cram school for elemental training, so we came here to learn!”

Chapter 3195
Hearing that, Philip chuckled lightly. He had not seen the effect of his publicity yet, but Leopard was quite efficient.

“In that case, all of you should come inside. I’ll test you out first!”

After that, Philip got ready to test these people, but his mind was not fully focused on this matter.

While testing, he thought about Blackwater Forest. However, at this moment, a loud noise came from the door.

“Leopard, are you hiding and pretending to be dead again? I heard that you were beaten by the Rain family. Is that true?”

Hearing this, Philip stopped what he was doing. The people who were here to support Leopard had a change of expression.

“Oh no, it’s Leopard’s rival!”

Philip looked at the door. A man bigger than Leopard was walking in. When he saw Philip, he spat at the ground near Philip.

“Why is Leopard taking in every Tom, Dick, and Harry now? Doesn’t he know how to pick and choose?”

He walked in while talking, but he was not civil at all, pushing and smashing everything in his path.

His subordinates followed suit. However, when he saw Emily, he laughed oddly and said, “Whoa, Leopard’s taste has really changed recently. He actually likes little girls now! But I haven’t tried this before, so let’s give it a try today!”

He was slapped on the face right after saying this.


Everyone was stunned by that crisp and loud slap!

Philip looked at him and said, “No matter who you are, this is not the place for you to run wild.”

Hearing that, the brawny man touched his face and glowered.

“D*mn it, how dare you hit me? Bash him up!”

At his command, his people rushed to this side while Leopard’s underlings rushed up too. The brawny man made a grab for Philip. However, before he could catch Philip, Philip grabbed his hand and threw the brawny man to the floor.

Then, Philip stomped hard on the brawny man’s shoulder blade.


With an ear-piercing crack, Philip dislocated his shoulder blade. The brawny man screamed in agony.

The brawny man tried to support his body up with one hand but Philip snorted coldly.

With another brutal kick, Philip stepped on the other party’s other shoulder blade.

“Boy, how dare you…”

The brawny man wanted to say something, but Philip snorted coldly and said, “How dare I what…?”

Chapter 3196
Leopard’s underlings were subdued by the other party by this time.

The brawny man’s underlings hollered, “Let go of our Boss Teddy or all of you will die here today!”

Philip let go of the brawny man named Teddy. He snorted and pulled out a long part from the mecha next to him.

Seeing that, Teddy’s underlings were about to rush to Teddy’s side, but Philip was standing next to him.

Philip pressed the long mecha part on Teddy’s body at this time.

“What are you doing? If something happens to our boss, everyone here will die!”

Hearing this, all the cheering onlookers just now fell silent. They were here to watch the fun and had nothing much to do with Leopard, so they chose not to get involved at this time.

Philip said to Teddy’s underlings, “Let’s do this. One of Teddy’s body parts in exchange for one of Leopard’s buddies. Do you agree?”

Philip said to those people with a smile.

“What do you mean?” one of Teddy’s underlings asked.

Philip picked up the long mecha part and jabbed one of Teddy’s fingers mercilessly.

“Argh!” A miserable scream!

Teddy lost one finger just like that.

“That’s what I meant!”

“Let’s see if Teddy’s body parts are worth more star dollars than Leopard’s underlings!”

After Philip finished speaking, he began to draw circles on Teddy with the mecha part in his hand.

At this moment, Teddy roared, “Release Leopard’s men!”

However, before he could finish his words, Philip slapped him hard in the mouth. After that blow, Teddy spat out some loose teeth.

Philip said lightly, “You’d better not speak if I didn’t give you permission to do so!”

In fact, Philip had noticed that Teddy’s underlings were bluffing. If they dared to kill the Leopard’s people, they would have done so long ago without waiting until now.

Sure enough, Teddy’s underlings panicked and let go of Leopard’s underlings.

“As long as you let our boss go, we’ll do whatever you want!”

Hearing that, Philip raised his eyebrows and said, “Really? Then you can restore this place to the way it was before you came here?!”

Teddy’s underlings quickly got to work and cleaned up the mess they made earlier.

Philip looked at their quick movements before he lifted Teddy and asked with a smile, “You came here to smash things and intimidate others. It’s not too much ifI asked you to compensate with some star dollars, right?”

Hearing that, Teddy pointed to his communicator without opening his mouth.

Philip stretched out his communicator. Teddy decisively transferred all the star dollars in his communicator to Philip. Then, Philip tossed Teddy back to his underlings.

When Philip turned around and returned to the boxing arena, he snorted coldly upon seeing the onlookers who were here to support them.

In the situation just now, none of them was willing to lend a hand, but they called themselves Leopard’s friends.

Chapter 3197
Seeing Philip’s expression, those people could hardly remain here any longer.

Philip waved to the crowd and said, “Let’s end things here today. You guys take good care of Leopards. If anything happens, let me know on the communicator as soon as possible!”

After that, Philip left with Emily.

To Philip’s surprise, Emily seemed to have a strong affinity for space elements. Along the way, she kept sensing the space elements in her surroundings. Moreover, she mastered the space elements very quickly!

Philip totally did not expect this. If she continued to practice the space element, it would evolve into spatial rules!

Based on Emily’s speed, it should not be long before she could become a very good star talent practitioner of space elements.

Soon, Philip and Emily returned home. Iris was not there, it seemed that she had already left. Only Emily’ s grandfather was in the house with his walking cane.

Seeing Philip, he just greeted Philip quietly and went back to his room.

At this time, Emily said to Philip, “Brother Philip, can you test Sister Iris too?”

Hearing that, Philip just smiled lightly.

“Do you really think I’m so petty and unwilling to test Iris?”

If Philip did not trust Iris, he would never hand over the mechas to Iris.

“Then why didn’t you test her before?”

Emily tugged at Philip and was about to head outside. “Come on, let’s go to Sister Iris’s bar. We’ll see if we can help out, and you can test her there.”

Emily said to Philip without giving him the chance to refuse.

Philip smiled wryly and said, “Actually, Iris can test her elemental talent at the test tower, so I didn’t waste my time testing her. Besides, I’ve hinted to her that the test will cost 100 star dollars.”

Hearing Philip’s explanation, Emily suddenly realized.

“So you’ve thought of everything. Brother Philip, you’re really a villain!” Emily laughed and said to Philip.

As they chatted, they arrived at Iris’s bar, but there were a lot of people outside the bar at this time.

Philip frowned as he walked over. By right, this bar should be under renovation at this time. No matter how he looked at it now, someone was deliberately trying to start trouble now!

When Philip approached, he saw Iris holding a gun in front of the mechas, facing a group of men.

“If anyone dares to touch these mechas today, I’ll fight you to the end!” Iris pointed a gun at the people around and said.

However, the leader said to Iris, “Iris, as long as you promise to accompany Young Master Curry for one night, forget these four mechas, Young Master Curry can give you whatever mecha you want!”

Hearing that, Philip walked up at this time.

“Any mecha will do? What about a mecha like those from the patrol brigade?”

Everyone was startled when they heard Philip’s voice.

When they turned around, they saw Philip walking over with a smile on his face.

Chapter 3198
Hearing Philip’s words, the man immediately snorted coldly before he pointed at Philip and said, “You should be the one Young Master Curry said who stole the limelight from him!”

After a pause, the man walked up to Philip. His men followed.

Emily knew that the other party was hostile and immediately pulled Philip back However, Philip just smiled faintly, signaling Emily not to be afraid.

The man said to Philip, “We’ll give you a chance now. If you’re willing to break one hand, Young Master Curry can spare your life, or else…”

Philip said, “Or else what?”

The man suddenly turned to the mechas at the door of Iris’s bar with Iris standing in front of those mechas.

“Show your strength to Miss Iris and this ignorant brat!”

As soon as he finished speaking, one guy jumped up from behind him and landed next to the mecha behind Iris.


With one explosion, the mecha was smashed to bits by the man.

Seeing this, Iris was about to shoot the man, but Philip walked up to Iris and said softly, “Your gun won’t do anything to him!”

Hearing that, Iris’s face darkened, and asked, “Are we going to let them bully us like this?”

Philip said indifferently, “Bully us? How is that possible? I have to make them pay for our mecha!”

Philip walked up to the mecha and kept shaking his head while checking it.

At this time, the loud commotion had attracted many people.

Seeing those people who destroyed the mecha just now, the onlookers exclaimed, “Isn’t this the six King Kongs of the Curry family? They have always been the trump card of the Curry family on the lower floor. Why are they here to start trouble with Iris today?”

“I heard that it was because of that man. He was involved with Iris and made Young Master Curry angry!”

“Isn’t that Mr. Clarke who was helping people to test their abilities at the test tower? We can expect a good show now!”

The crowd chattered ceaselessly. However, Philip turned a deaf ear and kept fiddling with the mecha.

The six King Kongs of the Curry family sneered at this sight.

“Miss Iris, I really can’t think of any reason for you to ignore Young Master Curry for such a useless man instead!”

“Just look at his unsightly appearance!”

The King Kong in the lead pointed at Philip and said.

The others roared with laughter. In their opinion, mechas were only useful in the eyes of ordinary people. However, Philip actually examined those mechas so carefully, which really made them look down on Philip.

Iris’ expression changed from pale to flushed. She really could not understand what was so interesting about that destroyed mecha.

Philip walked over at this time.

“It doesn’t matter if I’m worthy or not. I just want to know who will be paying for this mecha!”

Philip had just finished speaking when he heard a burst of laughter from those people.

Chapter 3199
“Are you even aware of your current situation now? How dare you ask us for star dollars?”

“I’ll kill you!” Several people shouted and rushed toward Philip.

They did not care if they looked like they were bullying or what others would say!

This was the rule of this underground city. Everyone knew the law of the jungle. No one would complain about fairness or justice. Everything was determined by the might of one’s fist.

At this moment, the so-called six King Kongs suddenly burst into rays of light-four-star talent practitioners.

Philip merely glanced at them with narrowed eyes.

At this time, Philip’s hand suddenly burst into light too!

Fire element!

The color of the flame was like brilliant fireworks. However, in the eyes of these six King Kongs, they did not think it looked beautiful. They merely felt a chill spreading up from the soles of their feet.

This guy was actually a fire elemental practitioner.

“You’re an elemental practitioner?!” the leader yelled.

Philip said, “You speak too much!”

Philip threw a punch, and the man burst into a ball of fire. The light that represented the level of his practice could not prevent that exploding fire.

Philip turned to the others and said, “Next!”

After several more attacks, only one so-called King Kong remained!

As he stepped back, he said, “Don’t come near me!”

At this time, Philip retracted the flames from his body and said to the man, “Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to you as long as you pay the star dollars for destroying my mecha just now.”

Looking at the smiling Philip, he nodded immediately and said, “Okay, I’ll pay you now!”

As he spoke, he began to fiddle with his communicator and said, “Here are 150,000 star dollars. I’ve made the transfer!”

Philip patted the man on the shoulder.

“Go back and tell your Young Master Curry, if he wants to make a move again next time, he can come here himself…”

After saying this, Philip turned around and walked into the bar. Emily and Iris followed.

At this time, the bar had undergone simple repairs and was no longer a wreck. However, normal operations had not resumed yet.

After Philip walked in, he transferred 75,000 star dollars to Iris and said, “I have to give you the money for selling the mecha. You deserve this!”

Philip said as he sat on a chair.

Although Iris did not say anything, she was pleased with Philip’s way of doing things. She promptly served Philip a beer.

Seeing this scene, Emily chuckled lightly and whispered something to Iris.

Iris’s expression changed immediately and asked, “Are you serious?”

Emily nodded affirmatively.

Iris turned to Philip and said, “Did you really tell Emily that as long as I go to the test tower now, I can test my elemental talent?”

Philip took a sip of beer and said with a smile, “Of course, you can take the test now. If you’re not a level 2S wood elemental talent, I’ll compensate you with another bar!”

This was what Philip discovered through his rules of insight.

Hearing this, Iris immediately jumped up excitedly, grabbed Philip’s face happily, and kissed him on the cheek.

Chapter 3200
Maybe Iris was so excited to learn that she had awakened her elemental talent. She could hardly contain her emotions but Philip was dumbfounded.

He did not expect that Iris would do such a thing in her excitement and Philip immediately felt embarrassed.

However, Iris said, “Don’t overthink it. I’m just so happy!”

As she spoke, Iris also kissed Emily on the cheek.

Philip drank his beer in one gulp, and said without looking back, “I’m going out for a walk!”

Seeing that, Iris and Emily looked at each other with a smile.

Philip had garnered a certain reputation on the lower floor of the underground city now.

Especially after Philip defeated the six King Kongs of the Curry family and after the incident involving Arlene Shannon and Young Master Finn, Philip’s fame spread far and wide on the lower floor. However, this was only the lower floor of the underground city after all.

To find better medicine and better training resources, Philip must go to the upper floors.

The entire underground city was actually nothing more than a prison for the people of the lower floor.

Philip’s objective was to go to a higher floor or even above ground. From Emily’s description, Philip knew that not only could the star talent practitioners enjoy better resources on the upper floors, but also access to mineral mines.

As Philip thought about it, a magnetic flying aircraft suddenly stopped in front of him. When Philip looked up, he realized that it was not one but four or five aircraft.

“What a coincidence to bump into you here!” A person came down and said coldly.

Philip realized that this person was the one he and Emily met the last time.

Philip frowned. He knew that these people belonged to Penn.

Although Philip had a certain reputation on the lower floor of the underground city now, he had a grudge against Penn in the first place, so he did not want to invite more trouble. Therefore, Philip said nothing but got ready to leave.


A gunshot!

Philip stood still. Although a gun posed limited harm to people like them, it was a threat and a provocation.

“What do you want?” Philip asked.

The person who was injured by Philip before sneered at Philip and said, “Nothing much, I just want to bash you up and vent my anger!”

After saying this, his followers rushed over. However, Philip snorted coldly and sprang into action!

They were just a few 3-star practitioners. It would not take much effort for Philip to deal with them. However, before Philip could act, another group of people appeared, and their target was also Philip!

Philip was startled briefly at the sight of them.

As far as he could remember, he never saw these people before.

“Philip Clarke, right? I heard that you’re quite famous on the lower floor recently, but since you messed with the Finn family, you’re really out of your depth!”

Philip was really unlucky today. It turned out to be people from the Finn family.

When they saw the other party, Penn’s subordinates said solemnly, “So it’s the Finn family. Please excuse us. We’re Penn’s people, also here for Philip Clarke!”


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