The First Heir Chapter 3168 – 3170

Chapter 3168
The machine guns roared in rapid rotation!

All customers had left the bar, but Philip saw Emily who was stunned on the spot.

Philip immediately rushed over, picked Emily up to the side, and said, “Wait for me outside!”

After speaking, Philip rushed back to the second mecha again. It was still the same operation as the last. He punched the hatch open, dragged out the pilot, and threw him to the ground ruthlessly.

Soon, the four mechas were taken down by Philip.

Leopard gulped as he looked at Philip and said, “Uh, hey, everything is a misunderstanding!”

Although Leopard’s explanation was weak, he still wanted to explain.

However, Philip did not listen at all and just said, “You don’t remember the beating I gave you, huh?”

At this moment, Leopard shuddered at Philip’s question.


Leopard promptly knelt and said, “Bro, I was wrong! Please forgive me!”

Leopard said with tears in his eyes.

Iris stood with Emily and could not help sneering at this sight. Unexpectedly, this tyrant on the lower floor had ended up like this and needed to beg others for forgiveness on his knees.

As she thought about that, Philip suddenly said, “Actually, it’s not impossible for me to let you off, but…”

After a pause, Philip looked at the four mechas.

Seeing this, Leopard immediately said, “Brother, these four mechas are yours now


Hearing that, Philip smiled but shook his head slightly. “That’s not enough!”

Leopard was taken aback and asked, “Just one mecha is enough to pay for this bar. Why isn’t it enough?”

Philip raised his eyebrow and said, “In that case, leave behind enough star dollars for the four mechas and I can let you go!”

Hearing that, Leopard took out the chip on his wrist without any hesitation.

“Bro, I don’t have that many star dollars on

me. Can I give you the money for two mechas first?”

Leopard was holding something that looked like a bank card in his hand, but looking at the complicated interface.

Philip said to Iris, “Come and collect the star dollars!”

Hearing that, Iris was startled briefly before going over.

“I’ve given you the star dollars. Can I go now?” Leopard asked.

Philip nodded and said, “Of course, you can, but you can’t take the mechas away. You can only take the four mechas away when you pay up for the other two mechas.”

Then, Philip followed Leopard outside.

“Bro, I can leave on my own. You don’t have to walk me out!”

Chapter 3169
Philip chuckled and said, “Of course, I have to walk you out. Otherwise, you won’t remember this lesson!”

After saying this, Philip walked to the door and kicked Leopard hard on the butt. In an instant, Leopard flew out. After that, Philip turned around and went inside.

Iris looked at Philip with a look of surprise and said, “I can’t believe that you’re that good!”

Philip merely smiled at Iris’ remark. “You and Emily can share half the star dollars for these two mechas. When he comes to pick up the other two mechas, you can transfer the other half of the star dollars to Emily.”

Philip ignored Iris’ compliments and started to settle the scores.

Hearing that, Iris’ face darkened. She rolled her eyes and transferred some star dollars to Emily.

“What happened today was because of me. When Leopard comes back, you can take the money for the other mecha as compensation for your loss.”

After saying that, Philip walked out of the dilapidated bar with Emily. Anyway, Iris had earned the star dollars for a mecha, so it should not be a loss!

As Philip walked back with Emily, he said, “Tomorrow, we can eat something better!”

Emily nodded vigorously.

Emily asked, “Philip, don’t you have a communicator?”

Philip glanced at a gadget on Emily’s arm, which should be the communicator that included personal information, communication channels, as well as bank cards, and other information.

Philip shook his head and said to Emily, “I don’t have one. Can you take me to get one tomorrow?”

Emily smiled lightly and said, “Why wait for tomorrow? I can help you get one today. Let’s go!”

Immediately after, Philip followed Emily to a place. According to Emily, they could apply for a communicator here. He followed Emily in, and with the voice prompts, Philip provided his information and quickly completed the registration of his communicator.

When Philip looked at his identity data, it was written, [Philip Clarke, lower class citizen of the underground city!]

It seemed that the land of the other shore had a very strong concept of hierarchy!

While thinking about it, Philip started to register his bank card in this underground city.

The only thing different here from the original world was that star dollars were spent here, while on Earth, they used different currencies.

When everything was finally done, Emily spent 10 star dollars on her card as Philip’s processing fee. At this time, Emily touched Philip’s communicator with her communicator.

Philip heard, “You have 300,000 star dollars in your account. Please check!”

Philip glanced at Emily and asked, “What are you doing?”

Emily lowered her head and whispered, “This is what you earned from Leopard. It’s yours!”

Philip stroked Emily’s head, but she did not speak and started fiddling with the communicator instead.

When Emily was not paying attention, Philip transferred 150,000 star dollars to Emily.

Emily froze for a moment and said, “What are you doing?”

Philip smiled at Emily and said, “This is my rent. I’m counting on you for my meals in the future too. You won’t refuse to take me in, will you?”

After teasing Emily, Philip laughed happily.

Emily, on the other hand, said in embarrassment, “I’ll accept the 150,000 star dollars, then. I’ll cook something delicious for you tomorrow!”

At this moment, a cold voice suddenly sounded from beside them, “How amazing, 150,000 star dollars in one shot. How about letting us spend some money for you?”

Chapter 3170
Hearing this, Philip immediately pulled Emily behind him. Immediately, several shady-looking guys appeared in front of Philip and Emily. While these people snorted coldly, they surrounded Philip and Emily.

Seeing this scene, Emily snorted coldly and said, “What do you want? Let me tell you, we belong to Iris!”

Hearing this, these people laughed, “So what? Iris’ bar has been demolished!”

Another man reached out and touched Emily’s face. “Even if her bar wasn’t demolished, she won’t come to a good end after offending Young Master Curry!”

Philip grabbed the man’s hand.

“Are you guys Young Master Curry’s people?”

Those people laughed and said, “It’s not too late for you to find out now!”

“Since you’ve messed with Young Master Curry, you should have expected this today!”

Emily wanted to say something, but Philip stopped her. In this situation, there was no point in talking reason. The person with the bigger fist set the rules.

Philip knew this when he was in the ancestral land. This place was similar to the ancestral land but not as messy.

“Since you’re Young Master Curry’s subordinates, this matter is easy to deal with.”

Immediately, Philip grinned at the people around him.

Philip had always held in contempt someone like Young Master Curry who would even play dirty tricks during a drinking contest, but he did not make a move because of Iris’ sake. Now, however, Young Master Curry was the one who sent people after Philip, so there was nothing else to say.

“Of course, this is easy to deal with. As long as you follow us to Iris’ bar and let us beat you up, this matter will be over! But you have to hand over all your star dollars now!”

As they spoke, they walked toward Philip, and the smile on Philip’s face also disappeared.

With a roar, Philip charged toward them.


A loud thud.

Philip’s fist collided with the leader.

Philip said lightly, “Not bad, I didn’t expect you to be so strong.”

Hearing that, the man laughed.

“Don’t compare me to those idiots who just mess around with those big toys. I’m not them! I’m someone who can tear a mecha apart!” The man snorted coldly and charged at Philip again.

Philip sneered and said, “What a coincidence. Me too!”

Immediately after, a red light emanated from Philip’s arm, and a scorching flame rushed out from Philip’s fist in an instant.

This time, everyone was stunned.

“An elemental practitioner of the fire attribute?”

“No way! Why is there an elemental practitioner on the lower floor?”

However, Philip did not give them much time to be surprised. He took these people down with just a few turns of his body.

Emily’s jaw dropped in surprise.

If Philip really was an elemental practitioner, he would be considered a genius even if he went to the city on the upper ground.


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