The First Heir Chapter 3166

Chapter 3166
Philip did not hesitate at all but picked up a glass and started drinking!

Seeing this, Young Master Curry also picked up a glass and snorted.

Philip’s strength had reached a half-step to the other shore. According to Emily, he might be an eight-star talent in this world, so a few drinks posed no threat to him.

Anywhere in this world, eight-star talents were an existence that all organizations in various countries would compete for and were treated as distinguished guests. Even the speed at which Philip was drinking could not compete with the speed at which his power of the rules could break down the alcohol.

A drinking contest could be seen as comparing strengths.

Young Master Curry was only at the level of a three-star now. He was drinking his first glass now, and everyone cheered when the match began.

However, when Young Master Curry was on his third glass, he found that the speed of his alcohol breakdown had slowed down. On the other hand, not only did Philip not slow down, but he became faster. He was already on his sixth glass now.

At this pace, Young Master Curry knew that he would definitely lose. If he really downed 18 glasses, he would probably be drunk for a week.

Immediately, a cold glint flashed in Young Master Curry’s eyes, and a dagger suddenly appeared in his hand. He looked at Philip while drinking.

As Philip held his seventh glass, the dagger flew out suddenly and stabbed Philip.

Everyone was shocked!

No one expected that Young Master Curry would actually hurt someone because of a mere drinking contest.

“Watch out!” Iris immediately exclaimed.

Emily also grabbed her clothes nervously.

Philip had already noticed Young Master Curry’s movements but did not stop drinking at all.

Seeing the dagger flying toward him, Philip moved his leg and sent the dagger flying back. It stabbed Young Master Curry in his leg!

Young Master Curry screamed and threw his glass on the ground.

Philip finished his drink and said, “Young Master Curry, according to the rules you mentioned, I won!”

Philip never mentioned anything about Young Master Curry’s sneak attack.

Iris’ eyes flashed when she looked at Philip.

However, Young Master Curry had been humiliated and could not help being angry. Combined with Philip’s words, he felt as if Philip was insulting him.

“This matter isn’t over yet. If you’re a man, tell me your name!”

At this time, Young Master Curry, who was on the floor, pulled out the dagger from his leg before he looked at Philip and said resentfully.

Philip smiled slightly and said, “My name is Philip Clarke. If you refuse to accept this, you can look for me anytime!”

After saying that, Philip stopped paying attention to Young Master Curry.

However, Iris said to her subordinates at this time, “Men, Young Master Curry is drunk! Take him back!”


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