The First Heir Chapter 3165

Chapter 3165
In short, this world was much bigger than Philip imagined.

As for the powerhouses above the holy tier, Emily had no idea. After all, she was just a commoner of the underground city, and everything she knew, she heard from Iris.

Philip sighed inwardly. It seemed that he had much to learn. As for the middle floor, it was occupied by low-class people and mecha masters.

Philip and the others were now on the lowest floor, which was full of low-class people like them. Anyone with a mecha was considered superior, although those mechas were mostly old and damaged.

Those with magnetic flying aircraft were equivalent to having a supercar. In fact, this place was similar to the original world.

Philip looked around and saw some shops here, but compared to Earth, this place was equivalent to the slums.

Soon, the two arrived at Iris’ bar.

At this time, the bar was full of people, and this was the only place where low-class people could vent their emotions.

Philip followed Emily in. From a distance, he could see the bright lights and hear the deafening music.

As Philip and Emily walked in, the music stopped abruptly.

Iris held the microphone and said, “Everyone, the drinking contest tonight officially begins. All drinks are at half price!”

A burst of cheers in the bar followed the announcement. People on the lower floor could hardly earn a few star dollars a day, and the only thing they could afford was the beer in this bar. Of course, they were happy to hear Iris’ words.

Iris said to everyone, “Everyone, we have a special guest here today, and he’ll be your opponent in the drinking contest tonight!”

As she spoke, she pointed at Philip.

At this time, Philip finally understood her intentions. She had been waiting for him!

Now that she had made the announcement, Philip had no choice even if he wanted to refuse.

Philip smiled, stepped onto the stage, and walked toward Iris.

Before Philip could walk over, however, a young man came out and stopped in front of Philip and Iris.

“Wait a minute!”

He sized Philip up and said, “Before you drink with Goddess Iris, you have to beat me first!”

Iris frowned when she saw him.

“Young Master Curry, this is my drinking contest!”

Young Master Curry was a reputable person on the lower floor. His family was in charge of the underground mecha boxing arena, so he led a pretty good life. As such, he had developed an arrogant and domineering personality.

Actually, he fell in love with Iris at first sight.

Philip realized everything at a glance and immediately knew that he was trying to be a hero saving the damsel in distress.

“It’s okay. I’m not familiar with the rules of this drinking contest anyway, so I’ll go up against Young Master Curry first!”

Philip’s remark was greeted by applause and cheers.

However, Young Master Curry looked at Philip coldly. He wanted to intimidate Philip into withdrawing, but Philip’s courtesy garnered applause from the audience, which made Young Master Curry feel that Philip was stealing his limelight.

“Bring 18 glasses up!” Young Master Curry immediately shouted when he saw his limelight being robbed.

Hearing that, everyone cheered again.

After that, Philip saw a waiter pushing up two sets of drinks with 18 glasses each. One glass was equivalent to two pints.

Philip narrowed his eyes and looked at Young Master Curry in front of him, but Young Master Curry chuckled and said, “The rule of this drinking contest is that you can’t stop. You have to drink continuously until one party can no longer drink!”

Philip’s expression remained unchanged.

However, Young Master Curry continued to smile and said, “If you’re afraid, you can admit defeat now. You should know that this drink isn’t ordinary…”

Before Young Master Curry could finish speaking, Philip interrupted him and said, “Cut the crap and start drinking…”

As he spoke, Philip picked up a glass.


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