The First Heir Chapter 3164

Chapter 3164
Philip looked at the middle-aged man, and Emily’s face flushed with anger.

The man walked up to Philip and Emily. He merely took a glance at Philip before turning to Emily.

“Hehe!” A wicked gleam suddenly flashed in the man’s eyes.

“What a good-looking girl. If you take good care of me tonight, I’ll forget the fact that you almost hit my aircraft!”

As he spoke, he reached out to grab Emily.

Emily was frightened and was about to hide behind Philip. When the man saw this, he grabbed Philip’s collar.

“Get out of my way!”

However, the man could not budge Philip.

Philip narrowed his eyes and said to the man, “Didn’t you learn to be civilized and polite when you were a child?”

As he spoke, Philip grabbed the man’s hand and twisted hard.


“Argh!” The middle-aged man screamed.

“You almost hit someone, but you still think you’re in the right?” Philip snorted coldly.

The people around noticed the commotion and gathered around.

Someone immediately recognized the middle-aged man.

“Isn’t he a subordinate of Penn from the middle floor of the underground city? Why is he here?”

After someone recognized him, someone else immediately persuaded Philip.

“Young man, you’d better leave now or there’ll be trouble!”

Philip was twisting the middle-aged man’s arm.

When the man heard that, he said viciously, “Boy, if you dare to do anything to me, you’re dead. Let me tell you, my boss, Penn, is a four-star mecha master!”

It would be fine if others did not mention anything, but after hearing that he was Penn’s subordinate, Philip let go of his hand and grabbed his hair instead. Then, Philip kicked him violently in the face.

Two kicks…

Three kicks…

He kicked until the middle-aged man could no longer say another word.

Philip wiped his shoes on the man’s body and said to Emily with a smile, “Let’s go!”

In fact, even if Philip held back, the other party would never spare Philip. It was pretty obvious. He could not kill Philip on the street, but beating him until he was half-dead was okay.

Emily looked at Philip blankly. She did not expect Philip to take action so decisively and thoroughly.

This man from the wilderness seemed a little brutal. As for the middle-aged man, not only did he almost hit her, but he also wanted her to…

Thinking of this, Emily’s face flushed, and her eyes were sullen.

The two walked on the street while Emily introduced the underground city to Philip. Although they were about to reach Iris’ bar, Emily kept talking.

This underground city was divided into three floors. The upper floor was mostly occupied by mecha masters, businessmen, and all the powerful people in the underground city. Not only mecha masters but also true star talent practitioners.

That was what this world was about.

Only a star talent practitioner would take the golden path and have an unlimited future!

Of course, Emily wanted to be a star talent practitioner too, but she knew it was impossible because she could not even activate her star talent.

Philip nodded. It turned out that the division of classes in the land of the other shore was based on star talent. The lowest was a one-star talent, followed by two stars, and it went up to nine stars.

According to Emily, the most powerful existence in the land of the other shore was the holy-tier star talent!

Those were the leaders of the nine royal families.

These nine royal families each led an area, and each area was even bigger than the original world where Philip lived. Every area had countless large and small countries, and these large countries formed individual alliances or federations. There were also some eternal forbidden places and some areas rich in mineral resources.


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