The First Heir Chapter 3163

Chapter 3163
Iris looked at Philip meaningfully and said, “Emily knows the place. Let her bring you there at night. Don’t be too late!”

This time, Iris finally left.

As Iris left, her men asked her, “Madam, what are you doing?”

Iris said with a smile, “Over the years, no man has ever touched me. He actually dared to take advantage of me. I’ll make him drink his fill tonight and let him make a fool of himself!”

Iris was very smug. Thinking of Philip’s silly antics after he got drunk, Iris almost laughed out loud. On the other hand, Emily looked at Iris’ departing back and muttered, “Iris is so strange today…”

Philip touched Emily’s head and said, “I’m starving. Is there anything to eat?”

Hearing that, Emily returned to her senses.

“Oops, Grandpa hasn’t eaten yet!”

Only now did Emily remember that she still had to take care of her grandfather in this dilapidated house.

Emily moved quickly. Perhaps it was because she was taking care of the elderly, but the food she prepared mostly consisted of a soft diet. However, due to a lack of money, the food was very simple.

Looking at the meager food, Philip simply took a few bites before he said he was full. The old man and Emily continued to wolf the food down.

Philip looked at the two of them. He had just arrived at the underground city of this new world, so he might have to stay here for a while. Emily’s place seemed to be his only choice at present. He had to earn some money in this world, or food would be a problem.

Finally, after Emily finished eating and cleaning up, the two of them went out. This also allowed Philip to see what this underground world was like.

In fact, it was not very different from the ancestral land with crisscrossed streets and a few occasional tracks in the air. Although the streets were also bustling, it seemed more like a no man’s land.

Here, everyone had to follow a set of rules.

As the two walked, Emily suddenly pointed to a bar in the distance and said to Philip, “Philip, that’s Iris’ bar. Let’s go there!”

As the two were about to cross the street, a magnetic flying aircraft suddenly passed by in front of them.

If Philip had not pulled Emily, the aircraft might have hit her.

“Damn it, are you blind?! Can’t you see my aircraft?!”

The aircraft gradually slowed and stopped. The door of the cockpit opened and a man started cursing at Philip and Emily.


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