The First Heir Chapter 3162

Chapter 3162
Philip pulled Emily into the house and said, “Don’t worry, I’m fine. I just had a few words with Leopard, that’s all.”

At this moment, a tall and slender woman suddenly walked in. Several men followed behind her.

Although they also held guns in their hands, Philip could see that they were a little weaker than Leopard’s men.

“Emily, we’ll go to Leopard’s place for the rescue now…”

However, before she finished speaking, her eyes fell on Philip’s hand that was holding Emily.

“Jerk, let go of Emily!” the woman shouted angrily.

Philip finally took a closer look at this woman, who had light makeup on her delicate face. Although she was not exactly gorgeous, she still had her charms. With her curvy figure, she was enough to be considered a first-class beauty.

Emily quickly broke free from Philip’s grab and said to the woman, “Iris, you misunderstood!”

Before Emily could finish speaking, Iris shielded Emily behind her.

“Don’t be afraid, Emily. With me around, no one can hurt you!”

Then, Iris walked to Philip with a gun in her hand. The men behind her also guarded Emily on the side and walked toward Philip.

Philip was unperturbed.

He sighed lightly and said, “What a pity to be a beauty with no brains!”

Iris did not have to think to know that Philip was referring to her. She immediately got angry and kicked Philip. However, Philip grabbed hold of Iris and made her jump into the air.

Philip also held her leg with one hand. It seemed like she was not kicking Philip at all but jumping into his arms instead.

Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned.

What the heck?

He dared to touch Goddess Iris’ leg?!

Philip said with a smile, “You have such long legs. Are you a model?”

At Philip’s teasing, Iris was furious and pressed the gun on Philip’s chin.

At this moment, Emily jumped out and said, “Iris, stop! He’s the one I wanted you to save. Don’t do anything to him.”

Hearing this, Iris and the guys she brought were amazed.

“Didn’t you say he was taken away by Leopard’s men?” Iris asked.

Emily nodded and said, “Yeah, but he came back on his own. I was just asking him what happened.”

Iris lowered her gun upon hearing that. However, at this time, she realized that she was still in the other party’s arms.

She immediately got away from Philip and said coldly, “Why didn’t you make it clear?”

Philip said indifferently to her, “What could I have said when you pointed a gun at me as soon as you walk in?”

After saying that, Philip raised his hands in mock surrender.

Seeing this scene and knowing what happened, Iris wished that she could dig a hole to bury herself in. After thinking about how Philip’s tricky scheme succeeded, however, she wanted to tear Philip into pieces.

“Since it’s a misunderstanding, I’ll be leaving, then!” Iris said coldly.

She promptly turned to leave.

Emily wanted to say more, but seeing this situation, she had no idea what to say. She was the one who asked Iris for help, but a misunderstanding nearly happened.

While she pondered, Iris suddenly turned her head and said to Philip, “Today was a misunderstanding. If you want, come to my bar this evening. We’ll have a drink and forget everything with a toast!”

At this time, Iris suddenly changed her attitude and said to Philip with a smile.

The speed of this change surprised everyone. Not even Emily could react.

Philip looked at Iris and said intriguingly, “Okay, I’ll definitely turn up tonight!”


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