The amazing son in law Chapter 5316

She opened the window of the viewing balcony, lying on the edge of the bed, watching the night view along the Yangtze River and the slowly moving ships on the river, blowing the evening wind from the river, and instantly opened up her mind a lot.

The top floor has an excellent view, and this house is a side household on the top floor, so it is basically not disturbed by the noise of neighbors, which makes Mia (Liu Manqiong) feel that it is more than worth the money.

She even had the urge to stay in Aurous Hill for a few more days because of this.

However, after thinking about it, she felt that it would be better for her to leave Aurous Hill as soon as possible after signing a contract with Aurous Hill University. She also thought about telling charlie that she had been hired by Aurous Hill University after she officially went to work.

at the same time.

In the villa area of ​​Tomson Yipin, Elaine finally survived the 72-hour ban on the platform.

When she put on heavy makeup and picked up her mobile phone to start the live broadcast again, she encountered the same problem as three days ago in the live broadcast room, and no one watched it.

This time, although there were some netizens who strayed into the live broadcast room and said some sarcasm, Elaine had the experience of being banned last time, and this time she didn’t dare to chase and scold others.

But being unable to fight back means that there is always a breath in my heart that I can’t get out.

Elaine broadcasted live for half an hour, but she didn’t gain a single fan. Instead, she was pissed off by these rude netizens.

Elaine, who was extremely depressed, temporarily closed her live broadcast room, and then began to watch other people’s live broadcasts, wanting to learn from others how to broadcast live and what content to broadcast in order to gain enough fans.

After looking around, Elaine found that in the popular non-delivery live broadcast rooms, the live broadcast content was varied, but each live broadcast room had its own characteristics, such as live broadcasts of playing games, live broadcasts of outdoor activities, and live broadcasts of certain talents. There are even live lectures.

After looking at it, Elaine felt that she was basically unable to do these things.

This is mainly because she has no extraordinary talent at all. She only knows how to sing and dance in piano, chess, calligraphy, calligraphy and painting, and her singing is not very good, far from being able to make people stop and listen.

After pondering over and over again, Elaine still couldn’t find any breakthrough point, which made her retreat a little bit.

After swiping around the live broadcast room on her mobile phone, she couldn’t help sighing, “Grandma, it seems that my mother is really not suitable for eating this bowl of rice…” In

addition to being depressed, she couldn’t help sighing secretly, “It doesn’t matter if my mother can’t eat this bowl of rice, the key I can’t let her souna eat so happily! Seeing her eat and drink, and wipe it off, my heart feels worse than losing a million dollars!” While

feeling depressed, she slid her fingers smoothly, and then slipped again. Into a live broadcast room.

There are more than 30,000 viewers in this live broadcast room. The anchor is an ordinary-looking middle-aged man, and this man is saying impassionedly at this time, “My family, Brother Yong, I have been using my life to crack down on fakes. This live broadcast The family members in the room should all know that the person I want to crack down on this time is the famous beauty doctor on the Internet. After my secret investigation by Brother Yong, she is actually not a beauty student at all, and the name she uses now is also It’s not her real name, but her real education is actually a technical secondary school in a small city in the south, and she was fired for fighting before she graduated! Now the live broadcast has 50,000 viewers and 3 million likes. I’ll release the evidence immediately!”

Someone in the comment area immediately posted a message, “This beautiful doctor, I have long suspected that something is wrong with her, the last time I asked her to do a basic calculus problem in her live broadcast room, she actually blocked me directly Yes! Support Brother Yong to expose her!”

Immediately, a large number of people posted various comments in the comment area, basically questioning the beautiful doctor that the male anchor said.

In addition, there are a large number of bullet screens sending gifts, which look dazzling and lively.

Seeing this, Elaine’s eyes lighted up instantly, and she thought to herself, “Can you live broadcast fans if you crack down on fakes? Then I might as well crack down on fake souna!”


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