The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 5202

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He really wanted to know who charlie was and how he mastered such deep secrets.

However, he ultimately failed to do so.

Because of his life, after a painful struggle with his expression, it came to an end.

charlie threw his corpse aside without any pity, then looked at the remaining seven people, and said coldly, “I believe, you guys are shouting that you are willing to give everything for the British Lord, but in your heart you should Just like the group of dead men, they are full of hatred for the hero that you have never seen before, right?”

When charlie said this, the expressions of the seven people were very complicated.

Hatred is natural.

Moreover, it is a deep-seated hatred, a deep blood feud!

Their ancestors, for over a hundred years, could only be reduced to the killers supported by this organization, and lived a life without the light of day every day. Although they later took a step up through hard work, the unforgettable hatred was not enough. How could it be forgotten.

At this time, charlie continued, “I’m giving you a chance now, not a chance to live, but a chance to take revenge! As long as you can find your way back and tell me everything you know, I am here to tell you everything you know. You promise, you will definitely avenge your companions and your ancestors!” When the

seven people heard this, their expressions suddenly froze.

And charlie’s super strength made them understand that today’s seven people are bound to die. If they can help charlie fulfill the promise of destroying the organization before they die, it will be considered as a sacrifice for all the dead, as well as the current dead and them. The descendants have done a great deed for the future!

Thinking of this, one ofThe man knelt on the ground with a thud, choked and said, “Just ask what you want to know, sir, and I will tell you everything!” When the

other six saw this, they immediately knelt down with him, and said loudly, “I will tell you what to say!” No words, no words!”

charlie nodded and asked, “The first question, where is your base?”

The person who knelt first said, “Our base is located in the port city of Cyprus. Near Marsol, there is a copper mine called Candace.”

“Copper mine?” charlie frowned and continued to ask, “Is this copper mine operated by your organization? Tell us about the specific situation inside! The

man hurriedly said, “The copper mine is operated by Xiaoqiwei. There are more than 200 people in Xiaoqiwei. The copper mine is closed and managed. These 200 people live and train internally. In addition, the copper mine is a few hundred meters deep.” At the bottom, there are more than 1,300 dead people and their families living there, which are complicated and have a total length of more than 80 kilometers.”

charlie asked again, “Then your main task is to guard these people. Dead soldiers?”

“Yes.” The man said without hesitation, “Guarding and managing dead soldiers is our main job, but we are usually ordered to go out to perform tasks. In today’s case, it is a sudden incident, and the above requires We immediately organized the eight best people to come over, and before we set off, we also made a mold for us to make us look like stevedores when we arrived.”

charlie continued to ask, “The goal of your mission this time is to What?”

The man turned around, pointed at the nervous-looking old man and young man not far away, and hurriedly said, “Our mission goal is to bring the two of them to Sweden alive, where there will be a plane waiting for us.”

charlie asked, “What about after you arrive in Sweden? Where is your next destination?”


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