The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 5198

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She grabbed the three copper coins at the bottom left, and hurriedly threw them on the table. She said with an even more horrified expression, “The hexagram is extremely bloody, and there will be killings today…”

Speaking of which, she couldn’t help but mutter, “That’s not right… I The hexagrams started last night, and although the hexagrams indicated that I was bound to be doomed, it was a near miss…”

After all, she quickly grabbed the remaining three coins and threw them on the table.

However, due to nervousness, one of the three copper coins slipped from the table to the ground due to excessive force. After the girl saw the two coins on the table, she was about to get up to see clearly what was on the ground. Suddenly, someone outside screamed and shouted, “Quick! There is a killer!”

Immediately afterwards, the sound of bullets venting and being shot in all directions was heard.

The old man’s expression suddenly froze, and he blurted out, “Miss… they’re here…” The

girl’s expression couldn’t help but be extremely horrified. She was about to see the last copper coin, but the old man had already pulled out a pistol from his waist and stepped back. She stood in front of her and said with a stern expression, “Miss, don’t worry, as long as this old servant is still alive, he will protect you with all his might!” As

soon as he finished speaking, he heard footsteps approaching gradually, and many bullets even hit him. on the wall of the study.

Immediately afterwards, the door of the study was suddenly kicked open, and several men in black with carbines rushed in quickly.

Without hesitation, the old man immediately shot at the man in charge, but the man in charge easily dodged the bullet fired by the opponent’s muzzle, then rushed forward, grabbed the wrist of the old man holding the gun, and made the old man unable to move.

Immediately afterwards, a cruel smile appeared on the face of the man in the lead, and the other hand suddenly took out a dagger from nowhere, raising his hand and preparing to cut off the old man’s arm at the root.

The girl hurriedly said loudly, “You can do whatever you want.Take it, just don’t touch my grandpa! The

headed man looked at the girl with a sneer and said, “Sorry little girl, we are not here to rob, we are here to take you two away.” There was a trace of panic in the

girl’s expression, but she pretended to be calm and said, “We are just ordinary people, we don’t have much money and we don’t have much money. Kidnapping us will not bring you any benefits…” The

leader smiled. He said, “Little girl, when I came in just now, I found that the bowls you feed the cats are Yuan blue and white from the official kiln. The blue and white porcelain in this house alone is worth at least several hundred million dollars, right? Do you really think that I don’t know anything and will be played around by you, a hairy girl? When the

girl heard this, she said without hesitation, “Since you know the goods, then take all those blue and white porcelains away, just let me and my grandfather live together!” “The

headed man said coldly, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you, because the order I got is to bring you two back alive!” ” Once the

old man heard this, he quickly said, “Okay! It’s hard for me to go with you. My granddaughter is still young, so you should raise your hand and let her go! “The

headed man smiled disdainfully, “Old man, everyone outside of you is dead, what qualifications do you have to negotiate with me?” Having

said that, his expression instantly changed to a look of reverence, and he said reverently, “The British Lord has a destiny, I want you two to live to see him!” Remember, this is an honor for both of you! Even I have no chance to see the true face of Yingzhu! Speaking of

which, he suddenly couldn’t hide his excited smile and said, “But thanks to the two of you this time, maybe after I make a great contribution, I will have the opportunity to meet the British Lord!”

At this moment, a stern voice suddenly came from outside the door, “I’m sorry, you don’t have this chance! ” “


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