Super Power Chapter 3459 – Reverse Stream

Chapter 3459 Reverse Stream

Light Goddess saw Crape Myrtle’s body unleash a purple stream. Clearly, his power was also being drained. She quickly said, “Mister, hurry up and reboot the geno hall and universe now.”

The whole geno hall was shaking. It was like it was peeling away from space. All of the God Spirits knew that it wasn’t actually flaking down from space. It was the geno hall being peeled away from the rules of the universe. It had lost control of the universe.

Clearly, this was because the power of the geno tablet was too strong. It had become the new universal management tool. It was now replacing the geno hall.

“Mister, if we do not do the last risky move, it will be too late,” Moment God said in a desperate plea for action. “If we keep waiting, I am afraid we will not have another chance.”

Crape Myrtle looked at the geno hall being peeled away from the universe’s core rules. He then looked at the evolution wall. He looked serious, but he did not say a word.

A purple stream was gathering everywhere in the universe. A weak life power had almost faded away. They then realized their bodies were undergoing weird changes.

After losing their powers, the old and dying creatures started to become young again.

In the beginning, they were very excited. It did not take them long to realize it was something scary was unfolding.

The two universes’ times had reversed. The things that had happened in the past were being reversed. At the same time that the creatures experienced the past, they noticed they were also missing something. While they were trying to remember what it was they were going to forget, they realized it was gone. They questioned why they were even thinking about the loss in the first place.

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They were so weak, so they did not know. When the time and space of their beings reversed, the cause that was related to them was also wiped out. This was just the beginning. Powerful creatures could fight against the power, but they could imagine the creatures around their bodies fading away when they erased and cast off the cause and fates that had already come to pass. It was hard to imagine how shocked they all felt.

“Damn it! What does Qin Xiu want to do?” In God Chaos Party, there was a scary roaring noise. They felt the changes taking place inside their bodies.

They were very strong. Although they were not strong enough to reverse time, they were shockingly able to notice that parts of their memories were starting to fade away.

With how much they had evolved, they could even remember something small quite vividly. They weren’t the type to forget things. Therefore, there was only one possibility. The cause connection was being wiped away, and that was why they could not remember things.

The more powerful the creatures were, the more scared they became. They then noticed how hard it was to evolve. For time and space to reverse like this, it was something of a disaster to them.

The scarier thing about all of this was that no one knew how or when Qin Xiu wanted to reverse time and space too. If he reversed time and space back to a time before they were even born, then that made them question if they would even exist, let alone reaching where they currently were. No one could accurately foretell what was going to happen. “Damn it,” Moon God said as a terrible look cast across her face. “Qin Xiu is not really reversing time and space. He is just trying to wipe out this time and space. He is forcing the universe to go back to the time before his sister gave him her blood.” Tai Yi looked at his power fading away and coldly said, “You are right. Time and space cannot be reversed. The only thing you can do is destroy it. You can wipe the slate clean and start all over again.”

“If time and space really are wiped away, will the time and space of the past also continue?” Moon God asked.

“Nobody knows because no one has done such a thing before,” Tai Yi said. “Even God Spirits can only go back to the time and space of before. They go back to a certain scene. They don’t really reverse things. Qin Xiu is the only one who has ever dared to think this way. By daring to think this way, he also believed he was able to do it. He was right too.”

“So, what? Even if he did believe it, that does not mean we have to throw away our lives on his behalf. No! We must do something to stop him.” Moon God gnashed her teeth as she spoke.

She had just found Tai Yi. Only recently had she been able to be with Tai Yi again. The events that transpired in her past had not been easy for her. Even if Qin Xiu could make things go back, she did not want to revisit her past.

“It is too late,” Tai Yi said. “Now, no one is capable of stopping Qin Xiu.” “Even if you and Crape Myrtle work together, could you not succeed?” Moon God asked.

Tai Yi shook his head. “No. If Qin Xiu did not defeat Bao’er, or if he did not activate Bao’er’s potential, it might have been fine. Now, no one can stop him. Qin Xiu’s power is pretty much like a universe. Plus, he has the geno tablet and its power in his grasp. The geno tablet is the ruler of the universe. It can use everything in the universe. Plus, with a Bao’er that is equal to another universe, in this universe, there can be no other spirit power that is able to compete with such a sheer magnitude of power. We can only take risks with him.”



As Tai Yi spoke, many scary creatures were breaking space and ascending. They were rushing to Qin Xiu, wanting to stop him from reversing space.

God Chaos Party members, God Spirits, Break World elites from two universes, many humans from Space Garden… It did not matter if all these factions were friends or foes. They were all united now. They let bygones be bygones and faced their common enemy: Qin Xiu.

Qin Xiu had become the enemy of every single elite across both universes. No one was willing to be erased from existence.

A scary power was bullying everything in the universe. It looked like it could destroy everything, but Qin Xiu was holding Wan’er and just sitting down atop the geno tablet. He was atop the tablet, but he was softly looking down on Wan’er. He did not really care about the scary elites coming toward him in droves, covering the sky and the ground. He did not even raise his head to look at them.

No matter how powerful those creatures were, the closer they got to Qin Xiu and the geno tablet, the more the power in their bodies faded away. It was fading fast. When their powers struck Qin Xiu, the geno tablet released a halo to absorb all of their powers and leave no trace of them.


The geno tablet absorbed their powers. Although they had become strong and scary, the speed at which they were being consumed was even faster.

The whole universe was experiencing something horrifically scary. Many scary creatures were shaking. They were all angrily looking at Qin Xiu. They were all full of hate for him, but they were also all very scared.

Some people did not want to give up. They kept trying to hit the geno tablet, but that cost them everything. Their powers became just supplied the geno tablet’s power. They made time and space reverse even faster.

Seeing their friends and families, and even enemies, fade away and cease to exist; the ground, rivers, and mountains all change; a sky full of stars move; and the sea and the fields reverse, suddenly, hopelessness struck every aspect and facet of the universe.

“God, please save us!” The sky was full of purple light. Every creature was reversing into nothing. Countless spirits were crying and begging for salvation. The God Spirits they were begging were not safe either. The God Spirits were also starting to fade. The god statues in the god temples were all gone because of the reversal of time. Time was going back to a point before the God Spirits even existed.


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